Evacuation of Humanity

Asana Mahatari
Jahn J Kassl,  28.Mai 2013
first published in German on May 30, 2013 in

Translation by Georgi Stankov

Dear George,

many thanks for your letter and the words that testify to the events of the time.

Had today, Noah and I, a special outing with the lilliputian railway – full of magic and synchronous events to the completion of the 3D split, about which you have reported to me. Will try to send you this message as soon as I can.

Ascension goes into the next phase, it may be getting easier, more sublime and self-evident – as far the 5D is our new life –

With love and joy
And light by Jahn

Dear Jahn,

Thank you very much for your confirmation of the final cleavage of 3D and I am looking forward to your next report.

I have just published the three Elohim messages from Carla (Canada), beginning with a similar dream like yours.


Let us hope that the conclusion of this cosmic event is soon followed by another spectacular phenomena. Although I now feel that this month may finish uneventfully. But all the more in June.

My daughter is back from Vienna for the holiday after she has passed her exams, but is still on a visit to her school friends in Munich, so I only briefly met her in Munich with my other daughter yesterday (May 26).

Much love to you and your family.

Dear George,

Thank you for your letter with the always accompanying greetings of love to my family.
I thank you for your latest message, the link to the Elohim messages and your assessment of the current situation.

For me, the situation is currently presenting in such a way that the ascension of those people who have qualified for it is now continuing, and that the large number of people will still dwell on this vibrational density of 4D, then a little bit more of 5D.

The dividing lines of vibration pervade everyday life, I realize clearly that I perceive more and more the collective madness that’s going on the 3D and 4D earth, but try to remain untouched by it in my core. To become invisible and not perceived, should be the message of the day until the next ascension thrust occurs.

We must wait and see, this trip is very challenging and I know that it is my last trip to this world – we go into light – when, in which way and how does not matter – but that is for sure.

With the latest messages I wish you much joy – for me the first message, “THE ARRIVAL OF THE BIRDS” and especially the third message “3D PLANET OF THE DOGS” (still to be published) are a real gem –

In love up and until next time. And by the grace of God,

Dear Jahn,

I thank you for the latest reports and messages that miraculously fit into the cosmic events and make us aware of them.

The separation of the two timelines 3D from 4D / 5D has already happened on May 25th and it was related to the simultaneous ascension of other dense planets like the earth in this universe, as we have been informed by the Elohim. It was a very difficult coordination and planning work to accomplish this. Now it’s done. This separation was predetermined by the decision to wait with the disasters, as the masses developed many fears and this would have jeopardized the ascension process. I was as always fully engaged in this wave full of fear – we speak in this context of ascension test run – between May 18th – 22nd, which was very uncomfortable and the worst in cleansing intensity ever reached in 2012. Only those who have been through this dirty work, know how it feels. Now the disasters commence at any moment from now on.

Yesterday was another big boost of energy / descent wave of source energy on the earth, that paralyzed me, but now my body already vibrates with the 5D and higher dimensional energies in joyful harmony. The feeling is indescribable, as all that will soon come upon us, and yet very familiar to the other side.

As it seems, I will ascend to the source, and I may not appear on the earth anymore, because I will be involved from the higher realms into the further development of mankind. I’ve learnt about this just two days ago, but the final decision has yet to be made.

The final message is really very strong and unadorned, even if we know already very well  the conditions on the catastrophic “Dog Earth”. But given its final separation, it is important to revive this fact in our memory one more time, and the comparisons of Asana Mahatari leave no doubt about how horrible life will be on this soulless planet.

Let us hope that very soon we will enter with our beloved ones the paradise of the new earth, and will leave all this forever behind us.


Dear George,

I thank you that you let me share the internal operations leading to your ascension. What’s more sublime than to be able to return to the source?

Yes, the message of ASANA MAHATARI leaves no doubts about the dire situation on earth B. It can’t be clearer and to me it is always demonstrated in everyday life how profound these processes will be.

Also today, I dreamed, namely of how I took off with a small spaceship and I saw the devastation. This experience was followed by a message and I will send it soon.

All in all – the time has come – and everyone will now be asked to put on the exact pair of shoes that he has chosen for himself among many others – The offer was really plentiful.

I send you love and happiness

Dear Jahn,

a brief information that we have received today from the Elohim. The disasters will come very soon, they were only postponed, but not canceled, then our ascension will follow immediately thereafter. Today (May 28) was a huge energy boost from the source at noon, the last cleansing of the dross from Europe came like an avalanche over me and then there was a big ascension thrust. I have just returned from Freising, where I was when this happened and it blew us away before we got this information. Since then there are no more chemtrails in the sky, even though we have a blue sky and at that time the sky is already contaminated with chemtrails. This could be the physical evidence that the separation was completed and the 3D world can no longer intervene. The separation and the changes will, according to the information from the Elohim, now run much smoother for the people who will go to 4D and 5D, where the old order will soon be replaced by new advanced forms of social life.

Best wishes to you all and watch out for the signs of nature that show the ascension and the ID split.


Dear George,

I am sending you with pleasure this latest messages now, before my lightreading, which takes place in Vienna tomorrow.

Yes, the sky opens up also here in Vienna, and there is no trace to be seen of the long and wide, never disappearing chemtrails spray plumes. And even the air breathes differently – like fresh mountain air, and in the middle of the city.

This is a great work in the making, that now reveals to all people, while the old elite continue with their insidious work on the old levels as before  – how strange.

I send you love and the light of heaven, and the bliss



I’m sitting in a kind of aircraft that resembles a flying saucer. With me, about a dozen people have taken place in this saucer. It is rather cramped and uncomfortable. We take off and I look down and see that there are military actions ongoing below…, smoke rises and fires spread around… (end of dream)

Loved ones,

Before those, who will ascend to 5D, will be harmed by the events on the fourth dimensional density, they will be brought away by spaceships, so that the plans that your  brothers and sisters have chosen can be fulfilled. This dream sequence describes a very likely scenario on the 4D earth (for the majority of the people!), because at these levels there is still much destructive potential to be released in fact. That it is why it is so “uncomfortable” in the spaceship, it points out that this possible “evacuation” will be such a surprise to the people that they will need a little time to realize this whole happening.

The “evacuation of part of the human race” is part and parcel of the original plan of spiritual realms of light in case the events dramatically worsen and there will be no escape from the occurrence of certain dramas. So that those, who will ascend, can proceed with their development without having to go through the process of physical death. This potential scenario has been postponed for about one and a half decades 1990-2008 by the spiritual realms of light because it seemed as if mankind would manage by itself to overcome all evil. But this scenario gained new significance again when it became clear that those leaders (stars seeds) in religion, economics and politics, who were supposed to blow up the systems from within failed and succumbed completely to the dark forces (as is the case with Obama, George).

In the messages from the spiritual realms that have been channelled to Jahn, we have always told you that you are the ones who should take full responsibility for the coming transformation and ascension. And nothing, absolutely nothing has changed in this respect.

In addition to this, it has been decided that in case life should become intolerable for you in this reality, you, who will inherit the fifth dimension of being and beyond that and shall find a direct entry into heaven, that you will receive help from the light through the direct intervention of the Galactic Federation.

All masters and also many people who are now entering the mastership, will stay on 4D as to assist this plane of existence in all its transformations. This will last to the point where even here, the Dark may win a temporary victory, which certainly represents an option.

This vision shows that is all taken care of, so do not worry. While you, who are awakened, will witnesses the events of this world, you will remain untouched by the  actual destructions because verily: you have decided to reject every drop of bitter drink of suffering and never to drink from the cup of pain again.

The above mentioned option is announced. Continue to work in the garden of the Lord, because your harvest is great, infinite – and the day of Thanksgiving is close, infinitely

We are one in God
We are the light, love and life
I am



One hour after I posted this message, I drive on my scooter through the city. Before me, a line of cars that moves forward at a walking pace. Suddenly the car in front of me, a massive van rolls back without noticing me – I, being wedged between two cars, make an unorthodox evasive maneuver and thus escape the dangerous situation.

The woman who drives the car notices the danger only after I drive past her, but without any regret, only with a little fright on her face did she registers this situation. Just escaped, I see only two meters in front of me that another driver ignores the traffic and gets out of his car parked on the roadside, so that he brings a cyclist almost to fall because she drove directly into the opened car door. Also, this cyclist had to perform a daring evasive maneuver, so that she does not fall headlong onto the asphalt. Also in this scene the driver remains completely cool, following the motto: “Why excuse myself, why being upset, nothing has happened anyway!” (Report I end)


Loved ones,

there is lack of awareness and an absolute lack of self-reflection that can transform the level of 4D into a mad house. This “mirror image” shows that these people have not developed any feeling for wrongdoing and this will keep them in a constant cycle of death and rebirth.

These observations reinforce the message just given, because life on 4D will be very turbulent  before light will shine and before peace will reign. The successful evasive maneuver reflects the dream again when you ascends with the spacecraft, which means that nothing bad can happen to you. That two men (you and the driver) and two women (the motorist in front of you and the cyclist) are involved in the accidents, means that the calamities will affects all levels of this world.

Life on 4D is carried by people whose minds are not cleared, unresolved and messy, by people, who have have so far neglected their spiritual homework, although a large part of these people know that this mattered in the past and now matters more than ever. Those people who behave recklessly or neglect this behavior with respect to themselves, are the same people who most loudly cry for help, who unmistakably declare their sorrow the world over, when they themselves are embroiled in trouble. What they will not even notice in their neighbor, is immediately recognized in themselves and declared as a huge catastrophe.

This symbolizes the world on 4D. Casual unconscious blind eye on one’s own blindness, about one’s own unredeemed state is the trademark of this world and is also part of the solution if it is detected. This means to take responsibility for themselves and as a result for the whole planet. Heavy work that awaits the people on 4D. The outcome is certain, only the point in time is uncertain, at which these entities will all return to the light.

Beloved brothers and sisters of light, a new big scene begins to unfold, in which you are neither part of nor prisoners therein. You are the providers of spiritual energy, so that everything can evolve to Spirit, and you will be taken away from this scene, so that this world of ignorance will be forfeited, as the level of 4D doors open, where they need to be closed and bring the events rolling, which should have never been unleashed in the first place. We are the keepers of many worlds, except of those levels of being that have chosen to go through still unexplored valleys and barren plains.

God is great – Mankind will find the light. Notice the little things on your way out because these things make you aware of the big picture. Everyday miracles are given to you, everyday the creators commit their work on yourselves as you perform your work of creation. In infinite love for the humanity


Report II

Then I go into a store to buy food. As I bend down to my shopping bag, a woman stumbles over my foot and almost falls. As if she had not noticed this, she goes away undeterred and my excuse fades in the middle of nowhere. (End Report II)

My conclusion: Unconscious is unconscious, whether “victims or offenders”, irrespective of which side you are on.

Dear Jahn,

I have carefully read your last message. In particular, the second message “Evacuation of Mankind” is very informative and confirms my assessment of the situation. First of all I must say that I am extremely happy that you have accepted this collaboration with so much understanding and personal endeavour, of course, for the benefit of all our readers and ascending masters.

I would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the following statement, announcing our massive intervention on earth 4D as ascended masters:

“All masters and also many people who are now entering the mastership, will stay on 4D as to assist this plane of existence in all its transformations. This will last to the point where even here, the Dark may win a temporary victory, which certainly represents an option.”

According to my interpretation, many people like the PAT, who will ascend, will stay in light body on the 4D Earth A / B in order to initiate the transformation of society and to lead the people to build a new responsible, light-filled society. This has always been our view and this is now confirmed by Asama Mahatari, namely those people who will go to 4D, still need a lot of spiritual work to unfold fully. Their consciousness is not yet advanced that far as one can easily witness in everyday life.

In this context, could you please specify in the next conversation with your sources if the people, who will ascend now and return to the 5D and higher dimensions, will indeed show up immediately as Ascended Masters in light bodies on the 4D Earth, as to guide the people on this timeline. This is not not so clear from the above quotation.

For two days in a row a very massive wave of ascension is ongoing, with severe pharyngitis and broncho-pneumonitis for me, as I have not had it for more than half a year – at least since Dec 21 and also before, when we opened the Lion’s Gate in July/ August 2012. Both times we did not reach the ascension peak because of the reasons stated above – the unwillingness of the masses to awaken – and this time there seems to be problems with the masses again. Hence the latest delays and possibly the bigger disasters for the Earth 3D and even 4D.

I am very pleased that Asama Mahatari has confirmed the complete separation of the 3D from the 4D / 5D, as we were informed by the Elohim, and then also confirmed by our observation of the lack of chemtrails on May 28th. That alone is a reason to celebrate.

I wish you and your family all the best and a gentle drifting into the 5th Dimension.


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