Elohim’s Three Messages: The Final Separation from 3D Is Complete

by Carla Thompson, May 27, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I have received three messages from the Elohim over the past 3 days and would like to share them in case you are interested in their point of view. I have also provided an example of the energetic experiences that I was sensing at the time of each of these readings.

This first reading was received when I had experienced extreme cleansing of the emotional levels, following a very dark dream where I was living in a very crowded boarding house, where there was no light, no beds, no food, no heat and very little clothing. The treatment of everyone in this home was borne of denigration, humiliation and subjugation (see also Jahn’s dream). They wish us all to only hold the highest frequencies within our fields at all cost.

“Greetings!  We are the Elohim.

This day (May 24th) brings new awareness on a level never before achieved upon this planet during this now moment. Legions of angels that have been identified and assigned to this honoured undertaking stand at the ready to support those Beings who demonstrate faith in this, the ascension experience.

In the last message we spoke of the importance of holding clear joy within your hearts as this intention serves to build the creationary measures needed to promulgate an upward expansion.

Clear joy held within the heart and mind attracts Divine Presence, the source of all beauty and understanding of one’s uniquely personal evolutionary path.”

This next message on May 25th followed extreme energetic patterns which felt much like wormholes in that the in-flows were extremely intense and relatively short-lived. They came in waves and with each wave I had severe dizziness.

“Correct conditions stipulate return to upper dimensions through ecstatic pathways of attainment to levels chosen by each soul of this realm.

Final preparations underway now to move Gaia into full and final position for cosmic alignment, cosmic fulfillment, cosmic birth.

Gaia is full of joy knowing her objective destination is at hand.

Drop all expectations of the unfoldment because as we have said before, all is in perfect alignment.

Each soul has now attained the maximal frequency level necessary to initiate lift-off from this plane of existence, each according to the soul’s destination (whether it is 3B, 4D, 5D, or higher, including Source).

Your director has reached heights of rarely-before-seen accomplishment against difficult environmental/societal conditioning methods where on-going success in ventures taken was threatened by stark unawareness. His path has now reached full completion.”

This third message came after a very deep and blissful dream state early this morning on May 26th, where I spent several hours in the Higher Realms.  I had a difficult time waking up and beginning my day, not wanting to drop the pureness of joy and love I had experienced for several hours during the night. I sensed a  sudden and remarkable release in the tension that I had felt over the past three days.

” Gaia holds firm in her desire to move upward/onward in this expansionary process as part of her evolution through the planes of higher density. She is overjoyed today as a milestone is now reached whereby the net of density of restraint is overcome. She has been released from the chains of density now and all experiences/objectives that are now aligning are doing so in greater harmony with the Whole, with the One. Her sigh of relief has been felt/ understood by you (me) as you journeyed outward to the many mansions in the Universe during your last sojourn in dream time.

The veil has been lifted, the final separation is complete. All is revealed to those who wait. The determinism prevails as all who engage this reality, experience a great and ultimate shift in alignment with the One, All-That-Is. Many of you now, today (May 26th), notice the release of the final severe/ strikingly painful final contractions. The rubber band has snapped. Gaia and all her inhabitants, mankind, animal kingdom, plant kingdom and crystal kingdom, are released to the wind like the flower that has gone to seed.

Gaia is but one seed, among millions, that is now released from the containment field of the third dimension. The release is clear, unequivocal and irreversible.

Rejoice and join the creators of All-That-Is in the knowing that Gaia, and You, are now interminably free from any linkage to third density energetic constructs of any kind.”

Wishing you love and light!

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