by Arthur Seletse, January 17, 2012

As many a PAT member know by now, we are proceeding, albeit in a circular-forward motion towards the finish line of this complex energetic ascension process. All of the PAT members have given and tried their very best in this process of the PAT, humanity and Gaia, but now it is time for us to lay out our own optimal ascension solutions which will quicken the rate of all related processes.

We have indeed spent months trying to uplift and remove this specific “hypnotic grip” that the Orion-Reptilian faction have had on humanity for ages. We have completed processes from behind the veil of illusion, unseen by the usual/typical human eye and even far beyond the expectations of anyone whether human of multidimensional.  We have been the Light warriors for the Higher Realms and humanity throughout the entire previous year.

As always is the case with 3-D, such advanced processes, such as ascension, do not go according to how one planned/plans it from their diminished/limited human spectrum of thinking. The Higher Realms have strategically kept all fundamental changes adrift from the unawakened human perspective so as to “ Hold afloat the storm” from their Higher vantage point due to humanity’s unpreparedness for such landslide changes.

Of course we as The PAT were going to feel irritated due to the continual delays in our ascension but much to our credit we have managed to bear with it and continue steadfastly and wilfully as there is simply no one else, carbon-based or crystalline light based who could replicate our achievements because we are the ones at “ The Right place at the Right time at the Right Level on the Right (Light) side of the universe”. I will not go into any detail about this but that nobody else meets such accurate requirements and therefore we have had to grin and bear all of the ascension process difficulties, trials, dramas and tribulations that most humans would never endure in any one single incarnation of theirs.

Now that we are at a very critical time in the end times scenario where ideas must become manifestation either from the PAT or the Higher Realms, surely not from Humanity or even worse the dark ones that are approaching the end of their nefarious rule. We are the Higher Intelligence of humanity and all responsibilities must fall directly to us, at least those we can handle considering our current limited state of energetic quarantine. I will propose a few of my ideas as to how we should proceed with this ascension plan from this point and on.

1) The ascension of Capt. Georgi Stankov to the Higher realms and his appearance as an ascended master in front of humanity immediately awakening the masses from their spiritual prison by directly “breaking through the glass” and the confused human mental state by transforming their mental impairment into a state of mental-morphosis. This includes the extermination of all past doctrines, dogmas and bogus knowledge as well as the Orion science taught by all institutions, universities, colleges, schools, laboratories.

This can all happen simultaneously and not in a slow, regimented way. The ascension of the entire PAT and it’s appearance in front of humanity announcing the beginning of the New Age and the Quantum Leap of mankind. They will shine with the power of 1000 suns and humanity will look up and see the “Soul of man” who will lead the ascending herds of masses in the correct, spiritual path/direction. Humanity is informed of the approaching ID split, magnetic pole reversal/shift and mass ascension all happening simultaneously and synchronistically. Next follows the complete fall of the infamous Orion Matrix system as it will be realized to be an energetic limitation instrument used by the Dark forces to further dumb down humanity so as to have them under complete control.

2) The final build-up process of the ID split and all inter-related processes such as the ascension of Gaia etc. reaches its culmination point leading to the great separation of humanity into two distinct pathways 1) The ascending humanity which moves to Earth A in the 5th Dimension and 2) The future sufferers and inhabitants of catastrophic Earth B.  The full convergence of all timelines, past, present and future which leads to the final splitting of the timelines. This will be the end of the great ascension process.

This is my ascension plan which I have kept to for a while now and I hope many of you will have yours as well to share. The combination of our ideas is a great plan by George as this will actively accelerate and increase the rotational velocity of the ascension process, which, as I have already said, move in a circular-forward way.

One last thing:


Love and Light

Dear Arthur,

excellent essay on the optimal ascension scenario for the PAT and humanity. I will publish it today.

Surprisingly, on the same day I wrote my essay on the optimal ascension scenario, another channeling was published that addresses exactly this scenario.

Coincidence! I do not believe! I think that the astral channeling sources now jump on the speeding train as not to lose their last credibility and to participate as marginal figures in the coming big events, which we will unfold on the earth very soon.

With light and love

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