End Time Thoughts

by Georgi Stankov, September 1, 2012


“What is the purpose of all the 3d-endeavours which our souls impose on us in these last days?” I was asking myself, while doing this inutile move shortly before our ascension. Then my soul does not spare me the tense night shifts, widening the portals and cleansing the rest dark dross of humanity, while I am constraint to carry heavy luggage during the day. Apart from the symbolic character of this move for my intransigent and denying ascension family, I cannot find any other meaningful purpose. But even in this case, there are infinitely more effective means to open such people for the truth. At least this is what I firmly believe.

Normally I live a reclusive life on purpose and do not communicate much with other people, although I am a very social person. I have given up discussing any issue of some relevance, as I have repeatedly made the experience that before I start with a spiritual topic, the soul of my interlocutor clamps down his mind for any meaningful and constructive conversation whatsoever. During the move I had to converse with a number of people, with whom I would not normally share my opinion. I took this opportunity willingly as a test case to see how far humanity is prepared for the coming big events.

We are talking a lot about the growing awakening of the masses, after the huge cosmic waves in July and August flooded earth and its population. These energies are not our fiction as we all have felt them in a most profound physical and psycho-mental manner, and even those light workers, who have not yet fully entered the LBP, also experienced them in a more or less dramatic way, when one considers their writings and complaints on the Internet.

I must admit that I could not find any evidence that the past mentality of the average citizen has changed in any tangible way in the last few days. This does not mean that some significant changes have not taken place under the radar of their limited daily consciousness, which may manifest in the near future as a radical shift in their world view. But for the moment being, life on earth goes on the same old way as ever. This is my objective conclusion during my move, and I must admit I was somewhat disheartened by this finding.

How much of the broader changes we have extensively discussed on this website are real and how much are they wishful thinking of the light worker community, which is the only tiny part of society that has vested interests in a radical spiritual revolution? This was the recurrent question that tormented my mind during the move.

Let us assume that we have indeed flooded through our portals this planet and its human population with the “celestial waters”, as April’s HS informed us, which are now washing out all negativity and filling the barrel to the last “capstone”, so that the PAT Supernova can explode, why then, for heaven’s sake, do we not see some more tangible results on the ground? I have lived through several revolutions and know very well how the collective mood can change all of a sudden, but I cannot find a single symptom of this revolutionary change during these last days.

Quite on the contrary, what I met was a depressing graveyard stillness and the people wandering around behave more like zombies than consciously thinking entities. Either I have indulged too much in the enlightened conversation on this website with the members of the PAT for the last one year and this has mired my awareness for the general situation, or we are indeed facing a kind of a total anesthesia of the mindset of the masses before the coming of the three days of darkness, so that most people now walk like somnambulists between the dimensions and stick more stubbornly than ever to the old crumbling matrix. Which of course does not mean that it will not collapse or is on the verge of collapsing.

But again: try to convince a single average person that this world is coming to an end and a new reality is dawning and you will be immediately confronted with the annihilating fact that they will simply consider you a crazy person. Your own words remain stuck in your throat and all your elaborated arguments lose all of a sudden their deeper meaning.

This may be the proverbial silence of communication between the dimensions, when the 3d-matrix is fully severed from the Source. In this case we are like frustrated angels who try in vain to help the incarnated entities in trouble, while they do not even perceive any trouble, but believe to live in the most perfect of all worlds, as the famous French philosopher Voltaire wrote contemptuously in “Candide” against the Germans, and in particular against Leibniz’ optimistic point of view almost three centuries ago.

And no entity in All-That-Is can be so profoundly frustrated than an angel who cannot help. This is the eschatological origin of all “fallen angels” in this universe. When they realized that they cannot help the humans from above in their self-inflicted, 3d-illusory hell, they decided to enter this hell, as my countryman, the legendary Thracian singer Orpheus did in order to save his beloved wife from Hades according to the ancient Greek Mythology. This is the most succinct description of the PAT’s mentality and explains its perennial frustration with the object of their salvation.

There is no doubt that the experience of the PAT is not the experience of the masses, although it anticipates their future way of life. Just as we cannot deny the huge cleansing we are doing all the time, and even more so in the last days, to prepare Gaia and humanity for their final lifting, we should not resort to wishful thinking and assume that these developments are part of the reality of the masses. They are not and when they finally materialize, it will be as if God’s wrath has struck humanity with a punishing intent.

If you are not sensitive for the imperative of the coming energetic changes before humanity can ascend to a higher dimension, the only interpretation left for you is to consider yourself a helpless victim of unpredictable cosmic processes. This is the underlying concept of any Armageddon End Time scenario that has been multiplied in numerous films from the “Orion-wood dream factory”, and there is really nothing “Holly” in these horror picture shows. Human semantics has always been an object of perversion by the insidious Orion empire to dumb down the correct perception of their human slaves by saying “black” to “light” and “light” to “darkness”: And this “New Speak” (Orwell) has fabulously worked so far in order to mire the minds of the masses.

I have shown in my books on physics how this kind of deliberately introduced faulty semantics in human language by the Anunnaki, the former PTB, has led to the total confusion in present-day physics (and science), where, for instance, “geometric area” is called “charge” and its Si unit “one coulomb” is a substitute and a camouflage for “one meter”. In this sense there are no such physical disciplines as “electricity”, “magnetism” and “electromagnetism”, but only applied geometry to space-time, which is always sacred geometry of the higher realms.

Let us assume that 96% of the world population does not have the faintest idea about the imminent ID split and the ascension of the majority of humankind to the higher 4th dimension, where the former PTB will no longer be present. This event will change completely the conditions of human life. At the same time these ascended human masses will still be the psycho-mental end-product of prolonged Orion enslavement, leading to a downward spiral of ethical and spiritual degradation.

When the people will wake up after the three days of darkness in the new simultaneous reality of the balanced 4d-earth A/B, they will have put aside their darkest Orion behavior and thought patterns due to the recalibration of their brains, minds and bodies, but much of their basic personality structures will still remain the same, as they are reflection of the soul archetypes for this kind of human incarnation. The ascended masses must therefore undergo a profound re-education before they will be able to cope with the new 4d-reality on the balanced earth A/B and prepare for mass ascension on the 5d-earth A.

Of course they will be helped by infinite loving spirits acting still from behind the veil, before the masses reach the necessary level of awareness to meet other transgalactic civilizations without being overwhelmed by their superior way of life. In this sense, our activities on the balanced earth A/B after our ascension may not be as overt and spectacular as some of us envision now. It may take some time before the masses realize who has heaved them to the new paradise and whom they should be thankful for this heavenly present. At present, we are namely the scapegoats of the society and it may still remain so for a while after ascension, before the world view of the masses will begin to shift to a more objective and expanded perception.

These people will ascend to the 4th dimension from such a low level of spiritual awakening that it will take normally at least one earthly year before they will adopt to the new way of life. This is the usual quarantine time for all souls after death experience. This time the awakening of the ascended entities through revelations and enlightenment must be accelerated substantially to meet the target for mass ascension to the 5th dimension in December 2012.

I know that there are many dark channels of confusion and false propaganda promoting currently the idea that humanity is only in preparation for mass ascension at the end of this year (or even later), while they tacitly omit the imminent ID split of the two timelines – the catastrophic earth B and the balanced earth A/B. In fact this website is the only one worldwide that consistently discusses the ID split and its repercussions since last year, when we began with our preparation for ascension through the opening of the stargate 11.11.11.

The only other channeling source that also mentions the three-earth-scenario is Cosmic Awareness, but it has not said anything about the pending ID split so far. This may be due to the chronic intellectual under-performance of the questioners of this group, lately in particular of our former PAT member Callista, who went through a spiritual crisis some time ago and stopped believing in cosmic ascension. This gnostic and intellectual deficiency of the CAC group is well known, as it is paradigmatic for the whole New Age movement that is now in a total disarray and dissolution.

One can observe this inevitable spiritual crisis of any esoteric community, when the reality surpasses their narrow point of view, while at the same time these people have failed to develop the intellectual propensity to fill in the growing perceptual gap with new cognitive concepts of a higher spirituality.

Therefore, it is an important, fundamental fact that the PAT is the only group that is mentally prepared for the ID split, simply because this is our mission on the earth, while all the other light workers will be carried as “deadweight” by us to the 4th and 5th dimensions during the ignition of the PAT Supernova, without them being actively participating in this colossal operation.

There is a basic cosmic law: One always gets as much information as one is able to process. And no incarnated entity can process more information than he is able to implement in his life. No entity who is not directly participating in the detonation of the PAT Supernova is in the position to comprehend the ID split and its sweeping consequences for Gaia and humanity, just as nobody outside the PAT has the faintest idea of the enormous cleansing work and sacrifice we are doing for this dumbed down civilization. Hence the principal ignorance of the whole New Age movement with respect to the ID split and the three-earth-scenario.

For this same reason they are unable to comprehend the huge battle we are fighting against the dark archons in the dream state and our role in the upgrading of the DNA and other light codes of the masses in preparation for their ascension, which are transmitted through our personal energetic fields at the expense of our health as vulnerable physical human beings. They take all this as a kind of a “free lunch” – as a heavenly mana. None of the light workers outside the readers of this website has realized, for instance, the huge change in the cosmic plan for the current End Time scenario, which we introduced with our last, resolute decree on August 13 to stop helping the souls of the fence straddlers to ascend.

In fact, all light workers outside the PAT have not yet grasped and internalized that we are the creators of our reality and that our decisions on the ground shape the destiny of all mankind. Most of them simply think that we are guessing what heaven will deliver in the future, just as the non-spiritual “Beckow and company” are doing all the time. Such people are then as preposterous as to make us aware of allegedly discrepancies in our previous statements.

For instance, some New Agers obviously did not get it that with our last decree we actually sealed the destiny of at least one billion people who will now perish in the course of the magnetic pole reversal that will accompany the ID split. Under different circumstances, for instance, if the gray zone of souls would have awakened sufficiently under our intensive help and protection, mankind would have experienced a completely different ascension scenario, where such a massive destruction as the magnetic pole reversal would not have been necessary to awaken this portion of humanity.

However it is important to stress that such natural disasters were always planned for the catastrophic earth B, where the dark elite and the minions of the Orion/Reptilian empire were supposed to stay for another incarnation cycle, until they finally purify and be ready to ascend when the next Kali Yoga cycle of 26 000 years will come to an end. Most New Agers have a serious problem with the constant changing scenario for the End Times, as they do not grasp its inner meaning and logic, and substitute announced dates with principal facts and continuous, ongoing developments under rapidly changing energetic conditions.

The reason for this is that they are only spectators or mere bystanders in this cosmic drama, while the PAT members are the main protagonists. This is the huge difference between the few truly enlightened star seeds as the PAT members are and the rest of the light worker community, which comprises only several percents of the slumbering world population. If this small fraction of humanity is so ill-informed about what is coming next, what should one expect from the broad population?

This analysis leads us to the only possible conclusion that this ascension is an extremely lonely affair, which is accomplished by a handful of creator gods, who have come directly from the Source and have tarnished themselves as normal human beings only to be able to implode the dark citadel of the Orion empire on the earth from within, whereas the whole Ascension scenario is an unconditional heavenly dispensation for the masses of incarnated souls without them making any active contribution whatsoever.

Strictly speaking, ascension is the elimination of the free human will at the collective level, as the vast majority of the human beings, who are scheduled to ascend during the ID split, do not even know that there is such a possibility and hence will not be even allowed to make any conscious choice. The situation would have been much different if the PTB have surrendered in the early 2000s, as it was originally planned, and a broad enlightenment of the masses would have taken place.

We were told that all parties of the light have under-performed according to the initial End Time scenario – the GF and its ground crew with ill-guided New Age gurus and numerous obscure channellers, as well as the masses of unaware souls who were planned to ascend. The only small group that out-performed is the PAT and we are still carrying the heaviest burden of all, much to the dismay of the rest of the light worker community and our relatives, who have no understanding for our physical and psycho-mental tortures.

In addition, we were regularly cheated by out souls to out-perform as we are the only trump, the forces of light have in their sleeves against the dark ones from the Orion/Reptilian empire. Even now, when the energetic situation has radically improved after we have opened so many crucial cosmic portals since 11.11.11, and enabled the new high frequency energies from the Great Central Sun to pour into earth’s atmosphere like cosmic torrents, we are still the only ones that actively contribute to the merging of the 5d-cities of light with the 3d-reality, so that the ID split and the ascension of Gaia can be successfully accomplished in the coming days.

We have widely opened and extended our portals as to encompass the whole globe and thus have helped many angels, ascended masters and forces of light from the GF to enter the earth’s atmosphere and conduct successfully their rescue operation for the ascending masses of souls during the three days of darkness, when the magnetic pole reversal will take place and the “shit will hit the fan”.

The mission of the PAT has been, and still is, the most unrewarding job in the whole universe, and I can only hope that those souls in the higher realms, who have taken the responsibility for the preparation of our arrival, know well how to organize a good cosmic party. I do not want to be a party spoiler, but if they fail to organize a really good party for us, just as they have failed to awaken their soul brothers and sisters on the ground, I will definitely take care that they will have to rehearse their party service during next Kali Yoga cycle as to better welcome the next PAT, when the ascension of the catastrophic earth B will be due to come.

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