The Abyss of Ignorance and the Ladder of Knowledge

by Georgi Stankov, September 2, 2012

A casual conversation (August 27) with a young French lady, who was our guest for several days amidst the moving chaos, led me to the idea to write some final words on the current ladder of knowledge, which very few human beings have climbed so far and the abyss of ignorance that engulfs humanity on the cusp of the ID split and the ascension of Gaia and humanity to the higher dimensions. This state-of-the-art analysis is necessary on the one hand to gauge the enormity of the evolutionary leap, which the PAT Supernova will bring to humanity, and on the other to explore the profound ignorance, in which humanity still dwells to the very end of the current End Times. 

Let us put it bluntly: humans are the most primitive species in the whole universe. They are even at a much lower level than the first genetic human product of the Anunnaki, when they created the Neanderthaler as a slave to work in their gold mines. Notwithstanding the fact that this initial genetic product was slightly improved by entities from the GF, notably by Sirian genetic engineers, human species is still not much more evolved than its predecessor, the Neanderthaler, who, as it is known, was first found in Germany.

Especially in the region of Bavaria, where I now live, there are more Neanderthalers among the indigenous Bavarian population than normal human beings. Whereas even this comparison is an affront against this species. The reason namely, why the Anunnaki asked the Sirian engineers to improve the Neanderthaler was that he was very rebellious and declined to work in the gold mines of the Orion empire under the same terrible conditions as many human miners still work worldwide and regularly come to death due to numerous accidents.

The Anunnaki wanted a more docile species that was more adequate as a slave force and they got the current homo sapiens. The information that the Sirian engineers had introduced in a clandestine manner a secret gen, which, when activated, would trigger the quest for freedom in this new human species is one of the many myths we encounter throughout this rather dark galaxy. The current developments in the End Time scenario are the best proof that this human species will continue to be a perennial slave of the Orion/Reptilian empire, unless it will be catapulted by heavenly force to a higher dimension and will be energetically completely renewed during the three days of darkness as to acquire a higher consciousness.

Let me be clear on one issue. I, myself, and surely most of you, we have sacrificed ourselves as highly evolved souls, coming directly from the Source to save this dumbed down human civilization on this toxic planet out of unconditional love and pity for these derailed souls, but this devotion does not forbid us to make a sober analysis of the debased object of our salvation. If the Anunnaki and the Reptilians are right on one single issue, it is that this human species is so primitive and stupid that it has not deserved to live better than a slave. This has been the case for the last 10 000 – 13 000 years after the fall of Atlantis, and this will still be the case for one third of humanity that will stay on the catastrophic earth B and will continue its incarnation cycle as future slaves of the former PTB and their dark human minions – until they learn to revolt.

Of course this conclusion is made from the particular point of view of the dark off-world forces – the unholy six – who have played so far the role of the PTB on the earth, until we, the PAT, flooded this planet and two third of humanity with cosmic light and high frequency light codes and forced them energetically to surrender. We did this as huge vacuum cleansers of dark human dross and Gaia’s dark magma and have every right to talk critically about this issue.

For this reason we had to be dispersed the world over and commit our mission /sacrifice completely detached from the Orion society and most of the time without any connection to other members of the PAT. This changed only after we connected the dots prior to the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, which was the game changer in our epic battle against the former PTB.

Let me mention at this place that the future enslavement of one third of the current incarnated human souls by these same PTB is a foregone conclusion of the Source and the Divine Dispensation in the current End Time scenario for this planet and galaxy, so that any moral indignation about the sober character of the present disquisition will be absolutely misguided.

I must admit that I am fed up with the arrogance of some ill-guided individuals, who write indignant emails to me, criticizing my cunning analysis and want me (not they) to save the entire humanity allegedly out of unconditional love, while they are not even able to love themselves or to display any decent compassion in their everyday life for the suffering of billions of human beings on this planet. Or have you ever read any compassionate esoteric article about the millions victims of the brutal Anglo-Saxon capitalist order as a social epitome of the clandestine Orion slavery system in the New Age literature?

I am seeking for years in vain for a single example of a clear-cut, open condemnation of the criminal predator US and British foreign policy the world over from the allegedly “enlightened” Anglo-Saxon community. And how could one expect such an illumination from these dumbed down Anglo-Saxon New Age cretins, when they still believe that Obama is a highly evolved soul and will announce disclosure as soon as his dark masters behind the scene allow him, while at the same time his hands are stained with blood. Only with his daily decisions to allow US drones to strike a sovereign country as Pakistan that is in addition an official ally of the USA, he kill hundreds of innocent citizens every month since he came on power. And this is just one example of the numerous atrocities of this black president with the arrogance of a white slave-master and an even darker soul than his skin, whom his surreptitious masters even gave the Nobel Prize for Peace. Could there be a greater scorn towards the human slave masses on the part of the elite and the PTB?

Even to existing international law, which is known to be Orion tainted and of little value, Obama should have been immediately sentenced – as the evidence is known to everybody and beyond any doubt – by the International criminal court at the Hague to a life-long imprisonment, as the Western Orion Elite behind this court did with some petty Serbian politicians for less clear war crimes, only because they were friends of their enemy – the Russians.

Now, before I hear another criticism on the part of anyone of these dumbed down US New Age idiots that crowd the Internet, I urge them to show me first a single decent esoteric article that deals with these key ethical issues, which should be in the center of any true spirituality, and makes similar compelling comparisons and conclusions, which should be the basis of any true enlightened society.

Duplicity is one of the most despicable traits of this failed New Age movement that is so inherent to the Anglo-Saxon culture and mentality of double standards, which they try to impose in an imperialistic manner on the rest of the world. This is by the way the only export, in addition to their fraudulent derivatives as financial weapons of mass destruction, of these bankrupt economies, which they are able to produce in excess, while their foreign trade deficits soar in the skies. At the same time, the USA and GB vehemently reject the idea of applying these same double standards to these ruined countries, even only to prove the idiocy of their lumpen citizens and the insidiousness of their masters. So much about one of the infinite aspects looming from the present-day abyss of human ignorance.

If we must establish a simple criterion of enlightenment in the current End Times, it must include in the first place an intimate and correct knowledge on what is going to happen this year with mankind and this planet.

I know that all of my readers are also arduous readers of other esoteric websites in the search for additional information, and I do not make any exception in this respect, although we all lament about the futility of such efforts. The fact of the matter is that no one outside the PAT has a clear idea of what is going to happen this year, even in a few days from now on, although there are numerous incredible and wild speculations on this topic on the Internet. None of the conventionally thinking light workers who comprise the vast majority of the New Age movement have so far realized the dramatics around the last decree of the PAT on August 13, which has already changed significantly the course of the coming events.

Although it was half an year ago, since we decided to create a third timeline for the earth and thus introduced the three-earth-scenario for the current End Times, until today there is not a single light worker outside the PAT and this website who has grasped the scope of this decision, as this can be seen paradigmatically among the CAC group. It was their source (CA), who first mentioned this fact, although many of us already knew about this decision in the dream state several weeks before that. I am resorting in my argumentation to the chronology of the events in the course of this year for the purpose of highlighting the ongoing ignorance of the whole light workers’ community compared to the full awareness of the PAT.

Now, this knowledge is not the product of a single source. If it would have come only from myself, none of you would have ever believed it, as you all have a direct contact to your higher selves and know many things even better than I do. This is what most external observers do not seem to get when they try to criticize our website and its content. This, I must admit, happens very rarely as the coward Anglo-Saxon New Agers have realized in the meantime that we are strong in our arguments and never fear an open “clash of ideas” even a “clash of civilizations”, as all members of the PAT come, indeed, from much higher evolved civilizations than the ones pertaining to the GF, who do some of the channelings in addition to the overwhelming dark Orion channels and thus only mire the light workers’ community with their trivial esoteric trash.

But above all, none of the usual light workers have your energetic experience and make-up as huge vacuum cleansers of humanity’s dross and as powerful energetic spenders of new light codes. Thus they have no idea of the immense sacrifice we are all committing on a daily basis for many years for this ungrateful and ignorant humanity, and first and foremost, for this New Age idiots, who have failed to awaken yet, but still rely on us to heave them to a higher dimension.

Even though we all know that “no pain, no gain”, to quote our PAT member Boyd, our pain for humanity has already surpassed X-times the proverbial pain of Jesus on the Crucifix, which only lasted for a few minutes, while some of us carry our crucifix twice as longer as this entity spent on this earth, if we believe the Bible. The real Jesus, Apollonius of Tyana, was however not a great friend of futile acts of sacrifice for the sake of humanity, which is, by the way, an Orion insinuation and a central piece of unfounded Christian beliefs, and lived subsequently much longer.

But in the whole history of this galaxy, there has never been such an incredible cosmic ascension of a group of souls from the densest 3d-reality on this earth to the highest dimensions of the Source, as the PAT will very soon demonstrate with the detonation of its Supernova. Please observe that in the simultaneity of All-That-Is our ascension is a fait accomplit and the greatest victory ever won against the worst darkness of all times.

The primary goal of this ascension is, however, not the personal achievement of the soul. It is only an energetic prerequisite for the detonation of the PAT Supernova and the ascension of a whole planet and its population to the 4th and 5th dimensions. There is not a similar precedent in the whole galaxy, where so few souls have saved a whole planet and its population from such an abyss of darkness and ignorance in such a short period of linear time.

The LBP of the PAT members is hence the most unique experiment in the whole universe and it has never been accomplished before in this form and to this highest level of perfection. This is another major gnostic topic, on which there is a profound ignorance among all light workers. This is also the reason why only you will be the new Earth Keepers, while the other star seeds will learn from your experience in future eons of simultaneous time.

The ladder of knowledge is the Jacob’s ladder to infinite ascension. We will realize this truth only after we have detonated the PAT Supernova. After that our knowledge will be infinite compared to the very limited knowledge of the people on the balanced 4d-earth A/B and still unattainably advanced compared to that of the ascended human beings on the new 5d-earth. The gap between these two levels of knowledge can be described as the “abyss of ignorance” that we, the new Earth Keepers will have to fill in carefully and diligently with small pieces of information and new insights, until the ascended human masses grow organically to responsible creators of their own destiny.

This may take indeed some time and space in the simultaneity of All-That-Is. When we will return to our pristine existence of infinite awareness, our duties as future demiurge of humanity and Gaia will no longer be the drudgery we currently endure, but a natural and spontaneous realization of our original creative potential.

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