The Difference Between a PAT Member and a Doubtful Thomas

By Georgi Stankov and Travis Brown, July 25, 2012


Georgi – It was not my expectation that you rely on the 2016 ascension date as given by the Central Sun Transmission – it is only to mention that there is that date given. Not asking you to believe it. I’m just the messenger – not the message.  Still, it’s food for thought.

I DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING I READ INCLUDING YOUR WRITINGS as far as ascension is concerned. Not you, nor anyone else. Until proven otherwise, so far, everyone has been wrong and we shall see if you fall into that category also. Sorry. Your predictions are no better or worse than any of the light worker channels I’ve read so far.

If you believe that the spiritual hierarchy is “playing with us”, then why on earth would you believe your HS?  It makes no sense to me whatsoever. Use some common sense Georgi.

Love and Light

Dear Diane,

from your comments I gather what I suspected for some time with respect to you – you are  unable to think dialectically as the soul does and hence you systematically misinterpret and misunderstand my articles. I always consider the sarcasm of the soul when she deals with her incarnated entity in my analysis. This is part of my view of the spiritual world. This does not however offset the validity of my gnostic insights. Quite on the contrary, It is your human duality, which you have not overcome yet, that makes you  believe this.

Besides, each time I try to enter a serious discussion with somebody like you, who has decided to play the role of the doubtful Thomas and can only offer his personal scepticism, I am confronted with a kind of intellectual laziness to present any facts that support this scepicism. This attitude alone proves that in this case I am actually confronted only with subjective, unfounded prejudices, born by deep-seated, unrecognized and unresolved, fear-based pattern. There is nothing bad about this, as soon as one has the right diagnosis and makes effort to change this unfavourable situation.

Of course, it is an undeniable fact that my statements have been much more reliable than any other source I know, and I can prove this with respect to any source you can offer me as a comparison. You should only read the last publication about the conversation of Ann Marie with her HS, where you will see that her HS has actually proved to her what I have said and written 12 years ago. What better proof do you need for the accuracy of my forecasts?

However you are obviously not interested in serious, objective, factual discussions, but only in projecting your doubts about ascension on other people’s statements. I am sorry, but  I am not the right address for such doubts. Your doubts are your own feelings, and I and the PAT have nothing to do with them.

We, the PAT, have gone through terrible pains during the last one year to bring humanity to the point of ascension and we will soon leave this earth, as we have ascended long time ago and have only stayed here till humanity is also ready for this shift. However, we have no doubts about the coming of our ascension all the time, as you do, but do instead the dirty job of cleansing collective dark patterns, so that humanity also reaches the light quotient necessary for its ascension.

You cannot cleanse dark patterns with doubts – doubts only show that you have been overwhelmed by such dark patterns. This has always been the aim of the PTB in order to disempower humanity by forgetting that they are powerful creator gods.

We, the PAT, never doubt our ascension because we know that we are the creator gods of this ascension process, which you obviously doubt. In this you are not different than most other LW, who, as Mara recently wrote “fell of the wayside on this website” as they cannot vibrate with the higher frequencies of the PAT. What do you think doubts are? – They are lower frequency, fear-based, emotional reactions when confronted with coherent thoughts of much higher vibration.

I must clearly say at this place that I am not responsible for the ascension of those, who read my website, but do not belong to the PAT and believe in its mission. I only know that doubts are the most effective way to hinder ascension. If you have carefully read our website, you should have noticed long time ago that all the PAT members know that they will ascend and have no doubts about it, as they write, but only try to fine-tune the date of their ascension. What is wrong about this, even if they are wrong with their predictions? They do not get their conviction, reading and believing my writings (I am not so stupid as to put that much importance on my writings), but because they simply know this irrevocable truth from their HS. Your HS obviously does not give you this information, as you yourself has written to me.

By the way, such doubts are not knew to me. Only yesterday my cousin, who is an enlightened old soul, but not involved in the PAT project and hence not really in the individual LBP yet, wrote a similar letter to me, full of doubts about the ascension process, and even advised me to stop editing this website. Such reactions will stipulate in the coming days, when the people begin to feel the pressure of the first ascension wave, but must realize that they cannot belong to it, as they are not ready yet.

I then decided to  tell young Travis about this episode with my cousin Christo Stankov, who lives par time in the USA and in Europe.,Now I would like to quote his response with respect to my cousin, which brings into a focus in a formidable manner the whole dilemma of all doubtful Thomases in the current End Times. Read it very carefully, as you can learn a lot about personal confidence from this crystalline young man with a crystal-clear mind.

With love and light

Dear George

To me, it is my light-body-process itself, and the fantastic experiences of cosmic energy, which transform my very existence, if only for a moment before that awful return to 3D, that are irrefutable evidence of Ascension. Our- and especially your – extrapolation of that into a cohesive gestalt that explains every facet of 3D, our experiences, and the greater cosmic mechanism….. that is all merely icing on the cake. And the most delicious icing at that. Your efforts make my extreme experiences, which only the PAT can relate to, less alienating, and more bearable.

My experiences have never been explainable to anyone that hasn’t had something similar. There is simply no corollary. So it’s a complete waste to try and justify anything. Admittedly, the timing of the actual final physical transmutation is a conundrum,but I see our ascension as the only accessible truth left. So we or you may look like we’ve totally gone crazy, but we know full well that only a person’s subjective experiencing of the light-body ecstatic energies can ever ‘convince’ or ‘prove’ to them the validity of our discussions, and why we are so desperately hoping for the end.

Christo will have to wait. To him and the disapproving others, we will be mistaken until the end. Such a situation really is deplorable, but alas, anything else for me would be false. It’s not like I made this whole thing up just to placate myself in my paranormal surreality. We really are ahead of the curve. The latest acceleration is not toward an asymptote. We will jump beyond. Or perhaps Christo can do something constructive like find an idyllic asylum, where the PAT can gather, and in the meager solace of each other’s company, experience our nutzo la-la-land together.

Take care dear George. You have done your very best.


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