Conversation with my HS on Ascension Date and Semantic Serendipity

by Ann Marie, July 25, 2012, copyright 2012


I received more clarity regarding my calendar message of July 20th/Friday in the last few days. I have not read the posts and PAT comments “completely”for the past two days. Each time I read a new post, I realize “Hey, I got that thought this morning” or “word”, or “idea” of what is transpiring with this Ascension process. So, as I am writing my update, please know if I use a word or phrase, or idea that has already been posted, I am acknowledging YOU, the PAT, for your “inspiring” inspirations. 

It is much easier to receive the information, coming now “fast and furious”, with little effort on my part. Then to have to convey it in words from a keyboard is “downright tedious”! And then to name who said it previously, becomes more so. A good thing is, it seems the PAT is growing towards “Oneness”, with many now receiving similar information and “knowings”. 

On July 23rd /Monday, early a.m., I asked HS about this past weekend and the July 22/23 “portal”.  For me, personally, I did experience a dis-connect and detaching from my own family. Other PAT members had also noticed a separating, a tearing /torn away, splitting going on.  What happened and what was accomplished, I asked my HS?

HS: For the individual … varied and substantial, for the “collective” … HUGE. For the collective what happened was “a separation from separation.

Ann Marie: And July 20th was a” beginning”?

HS: It was a beginning of preparations, an energetic building-up of/for “the harmonizing”. 

*(Note/amf: Presently, I have no idea what this means.) 

A.M.:  And July 25th?  Done … Resolution?

HS: With resolve comes … resolution. You can thank yourselves (the PAT) for this.

*(Note/amf: I thought it would be revolution, probable at this point, instead it’s resolution).

My American Century Dictionary defines:

     resolve – make up one’s mind; decide firmly; firm mental decision or intention (for      

                    Ascension July 2012, as per PAT members)

     resolution – solving of a doubt, problem or question, thing resolved on, intention.

A.M.: Again, for Ascension July, as per PAT members – Confirmation: Done Deal!    

HS: It is known you are feeling let down, frustrated, disgusted even, however, All is … as was planned. Everything is happening exactly the way you/the PAT planned for it to go!

A reminder here: Ascension is more than a “date arriving”. Consider the process like a set of inter-locking gears, moreover , as a sequence of events, with each event “clicking into it’s rightful place”. There is no certain timing for each event “taking place”, only that it does, and then sequences into the next necessary event happening. It takes as long as it takes! 

Synchronicity now comes into play. Gathering papers that accumulated next to my copier, one paper “leaps” out of the pile, onto the floor. Turns out, it was the last part of Georgi’s “New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 8″ .  

The first word I noticed was “harmonization”. I smiled to myself and thought “OK, there’s more for me and here it is. Thanks, HS.” 

*From: New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 8,  Georgi Stankov
Chapter 7, 
January 27, 2012

“The principle of the Evolutionary Leap is well known: inside as outside and outside as inside, that is say, the principle of self-similarity. In the physical sense, the principle of self-similarity is the establishment of constructive interference between the spiritual principles of energy conversion in the 7F-creation levels with the principles of social organization of mankind on the earth, which will also be spiritual in nature.

This harmonization includes the following concrete steps: The collective view of the world has to make a departure from the principle of separation before the principle of unity, which is also the principle of love, is established on earth.  (*Note: italics and underline for emphasis are mine/amf). The principle of separation, which was represented by the young souls in the Christian era, has produced the following wrong collective conceptions (N-mental quantities):

  1.  The doctrine of evolution and the empirical constraint in science;
  2.  The principle of competition;
  3.  The principle of power and secrecy, which has produced the following phenomena:
a)    The supposedly “free” market economy, which is in reality an oligopoly power structure;
b)    corruption;
c)    secret services, stirring up the most wars;
d)    the collective compulsion to constantly lie and suppress the truth:

4.    The principle of state sovereignty, which causes a division of mankind;
5.    The principle of scarcity: In order for the few to have very much, the masses are supposed to have very little and they must believe in this faulty principle of distribution (through ideological brainwashing of the mass media, which are dominated by a few moguls of the Elite, relying on dubious economic and social theories), etc.

These collective perceptions that build powerful energetic patterns in the astral field of the earth and have a lasting effect on the individual human behaviour, must vanish for ever, so that the new principles of love and solidarity, transparency, unconditional honesty, voluntary refusal to use power, generosity, faith in the cosmic abundance, etc., can be firmly established and develop new energetic frequency and behaviour patterns in humanity.” 

HS: Taking note of keywords here? Harmonization, “collective” view, “departure” from the principle of separation”… 

I realize now, this is what I was getting back on July 20th  – “a separation from separation”, and it all starts to make sense now. From what we (the PAT) have come to know, the first part sounds like Planet B to me, which, ideally, we have now separated from, energetically, as of this last portal July 22/23. The last paragraph sounds like Planet A/B, where the principle of unity, which is also the principle of love, is established on earth. I loved the sound and feel of the words when I read it! (Italics for emphasis are also mine/amf)

A.M: So … what’s next?  

HS:  Harmonization … Illumination … Revelation. 

Step away from disappointment. Focus on the principles of unity and love. Look with new eyes  and see this” new” world  already created, presenting itself to all of you. 

To summarize: At this point, I personally, am sure that Ascension is a “done deal”. I don’t feel the need for a revolution and the Olympics are irrelevant. I am convinced that with our ascending the ID split happens at the same time. Focusing on the new principles of love and solidarity, transparency, unconditional honesty, generosity, faith in cosmic abundance … I’m ready for whatever comes next. It can only be good!


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