Dorie’s Third Message From her HS on PAT Ascension

by Dorie Bowlin, July 20, 2012, copyright 2012


Dear Georgi, I received the following messages from my higher self over the course of the last two days. I think this message offers validation to your recently posted “Important Information On the Date of Our Ascension”, and Daniel’s “PAT Mission as Ascended Creator God’s” both of which I just read this morning prior to emailing you this latest message. As always, my messages reflect questions or concerns to my HS, and the responses that I receive in return.

Much Love and Light to you!

The Message: Preparation Time for Ascension

While there has been a longing your entire life for truth, and while you have searched and found that truth, what has been most discouraging is that you have, up until now, been unable to change your reality in order to see that truth. But that has all changed, and while the vision of the current reality still “seems to be” slowly fading, just like the Berlin wall, it WILL come crashing to the ground.

One of the biggest questions is what you will experience as your physical body fully ascends and becomes the crystalline body it has been transforming into. “Euphoria” is the word that bests describes the “feeling”. There is nothing to fear, however, you MAY feel a very brief moment of fear as you experience separation from the ego mind. This is similar to what people move through when experiencing the “death” process, but know if you should experience it you will move through it quickly.

It is understood that you have concerns for leaving your loved ones behind during this transformational process. How will people react to your “sudden” disappearance? To best explain, you have already ascended in frequency many times within the last eight months (which means to higher and higher dimensions. George), so much so, that you have “disappeared” to many of your friends and family. Even though your physical vessel still remains within 3D reality, to many you have already left. Although the reasons behind your leaving appear to others differently, the fact is, you have increased your vibrational frequency to an energy that no longer allows you to interact with them, thus you have already become “invisible”.

But what about those to whom you are the closest to? What about co-workers that you see day in and day out? It will be a shock for those who are unprepared, who have no idea of ascension, but it will serve to get conversation going, it will be the proof that is needed to get the ball rolling. However, your loved ones will be wrapped in a loving light of protection, so that intuitively they will know that you have come to no harm, that you are safe, as if you have left on a trip and will be back soon. As there is “no time” in the new energies you reside in, the adjustment period can last as long as needed without your physical presence being gone from 3D reality for a long period of 3D “time“.

In the remaining days/weeks prior to your ascension, 3D events will be streamlined from the coordinated efforts of the ascension team’s consciousness that resides within the 5D realms and beyond. Even while remaining on the ground prior to ascension, there will be events that will take place that are the results of coordinated efforts of the PAT working together as one unit to create specific outcomes, targeted in such a way that it creates a domino effect.

Specific strategy is required to understand and interpret, which domino has to fall first in order for the effect to continue with most force, so that all dominoes fall with precision. Emergence as Ascended Masters will indeed herald a time of revolution, but understand that revolution is created within the mind first. Understand that your part is to ensure that the minds who are prepared to move into frequency A/B will be your target group- that group has already been decided.

Make a conscious intention NOW to speak to the minds who are ready and they will hear you. Waste no energy on the minds that are closed to growth, in other words, your intention cannot be targeted to “humanity” as a whole, but instead must be targeted to those who will embrace enlightenment. As Ascended Masters you already understand this.

The point of this whole discussion is to help you understand that the preparation period may be filled with some of the biggest challenges you have yet to face in letting go of 3D reality. To put your mind at ease about the ascension process and alleviate the worries or concerns you have for your loved ones is of utmost importance – it is imperative that the members of the PAT continue to actively participate in focusing their thoughts on the mission at hand – ASCENSION – which will be THE domino that will put all of the other dominoes (global events) INTO MOTION until they ALL topple.


Dear Dorie,

Thank you for this latest message, which brilliantly confirms our forecasts and assessments of the most probable End Time scenario.

For instance the statement:

“As there is “no time” in the new energies you reside in, the adjustment period can last as long as needed without your physical presence being gone from 3D reality for a long period of 3D “time”.”

I have just published in the latest PAT comments my answer to Boyd from yesterday that after our ascension our crystalline bodies may remain as physical vessels in the 3d reality and be used by our soul families as a container /conduit of their combined energies on the ground, while we, as individual sentient beings, will reside in the higher dimensions and repose from our earthly sufferings. This is what multi-dimensionality is all about. We must discard our current perceptions of distinct sentient beings, limited by our skin and bones, and begin to regard us as powerful energetic functions of cosmic proportions that can take any holographic or other form.

The last statement of your message is also a leading thought in my recent considerations:

“it is imperative that the members of the PAT continue to actively participate in focusing their thoughts on the mission at  and – ASCENSION – which will be THE domino that will put all of the other dominoes (global events) INTO MOTION until they ALL topple.”

I analyse all the time which weak points of the Cabal strategy should be targeted by the PAT first as to achieve the best results with a minimal effort. By “targeting” I mean illuminating their heinous criminal nature by discussing them and thus making them invalid as future probability alternatives. Any criminal plan of the dark Cabal that is perceived as such by us has no chance of success in the current End Times.

This is a very effective effort that is realized in the higher realms, where our higher selves are very active containing the criminal deeds of the remaining human cabal, which are now severed from their Orion masters and in a full disarray, as the recent events clearly show.

This was the reason, why I wrote today an article on the terror attack of the criminal Israeli Mossad agents on their own citizen in Bulgaria with the aim of triggering a new WW3. This heinous crime is very easy to expose as such and thus to obliterate its objective – to start first war against Iran and then against the rest of the world by the western Cabal in cahoot with the Zionist terrorist clones of Jehovah. This  was the reason why my soul urged me to write an article about this story today.

According to me, there are a number of events where the fissures and the cracks in the old facade are already breaking apart and each one of them can be the first domino to fall. I will list below some of the most precarious situations and events that may trigger the collapse of the whole old matrix. Most probably it will be a combination of these events that will lead to the long desired result of eliminating the Orion system.

1. Collapse of the Euro currency due to severe illiquidity and fiscal crises in the PIGS states, augmented by a legal blockage of the rescue package by the German Constitutional court.

2. A similar fiscal crisis of the British pound due to the criminal activities of the biggest banks on the island, such as HSBS and Barclays, which are already bankrupt since 2008 and exist on huge life-supporting financial injections from the Treasury that have already ruined the finances of this country. At the same time GB has already entered a new depression and the unemployment is skyrocketing. This is a very explosive mixture and I hope that the British population will wake up from their perennial slumber and unleash the first true revolution on this island.

3. The same holds true for the USA, where the financial disaster is much bigger than in the UK. All the biggest US-banks are also illiquid since October 2008 and have no real collaterals as real value. At the same time they have created bogus virtual derivatives, such as CDOs and CDSs, which were defined by another bankster Warren Buffet as lethal weapons of mass financial destruction as early as 2003.

The total sum of the CDOs created exclusively by US-banks with an unprecedented criminal energy amounts to estimated 1000 trillion $. This is more than 50 times the world industrial GDP. These debt obligations are not covered by any real assets. JP Morgan has alone 90 trillion CDOs in its books, while the current stock exchange value of this bank on Wall Street is less than 1000 times smaller than the CDOs they hold. And these derivatives are only one single form of debt obligation of this Orion bank. For further information I recommend you to see the latest excellent and very funny program of the Russian television performed by Max Kaiser, Episode 316 as of yesterday, July 17:

where the Russians for the first time allowed Max Kaiser to openly speak about the alien Reptilian origin and connection of all US-banksters, which in itself is already a big sensation!!!  We are definitely entering very exciting times and all members of the PAT  should see this latest episode Max Kaiser’s show.

Hence before a true revolution can explode, we must focus our intention on collapsing the financial system, which is already on the brink of a total infarct and only needs the last critical push. This may come from Greece, if they decide all of a sudden to exit from the Euro treaty. Or it may come from the money donor Germany, if the 80% of the German population, which are now against the Euro bailout at their expense, revolt on egoistic grounds and topple the current ruling parties. Let me just mention that the ruling CSU from Bavaria is already against the Euro bailout at the expense of Germany and may decide to leave the ruling coalition with CDU and FDP, thus triggering new elections, which the governing parties will definitely lose. I am simply listing all the possible dominoes that may fall first.

Let us concentrate on a possible scenario, where all the banks simply close their doors before the opening of the Olympic games. This will be a huge blow to the plans of the dark western cabal to explode a dirty bomb at the opening ceremony and start a new WW3. Without any money due to a worldwide financial infarct, there will be no Olympic games and no dirty bombs and no WW3. Instead a total paralysis of the crumbling old Orion economy. Think about this scenario.

Then comes the revolution as an emotional reaction of the collective existential fears of the masses, followed by an intensive search for the culprits. All these events must happen this month.

Parallel to this, we will ascend. From your HS message, I read what I realized since long time ago. The higher realms need us as observers and analysts on the ground. We are now fully linked to the Great Central sun and our decisions will immediately materialize into tangible effective probability alternatives for humanity and Gaia that will trigger the ID split and ascension to the higher 4th dimension.

It is no longer necessary that these decisions are made exclusively by our higher selves, by omitting us as incarnated personalities, in conjunction with the other forces of light, as it has been recently decided that we will be the new Earth Keepers. In this case  we must begin with our coordination and analytic work now in an active and conscious manner and carry out this obligation on a grander scale after our ascension. This all make perfect sense to me.

With love and light

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