Cosmic Awareness Explains the New Balanced Earth A/B. A Conversation With the PAT Member, Valeri Djukov on March 13, 2012

Valeri Djukov, March 22, 2012

CA:  “But at this time this Awareness will further explain what it is talking about when it speaks of a balanced planet A/B consciousness. That this present planet that is also planet A/B was an experience or experiment in dualistic thinking, where the light and the dark co-existed, but what was built into this experiment is, what type of world would be formed if those, who are in darkness, who have committed to darkness, gained control and have the power. That it is seen for example that those in unlimited power become corrupted, that there is a saying that says that ‘’power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely’’ and that is what has occurred in the experiment of planet A/B, where the dark energies, the dark conscious force, was allowed to have superiority.

At the same time those of spirit were limited in their response against the darkness. Many, who are in the light, find it intolerable to consider oppressing anyone else, even those in the dark, they are forgiving, they are loving, but they are also therefore ineffective and naive on a planet, where the darkness exists and controls and manipulates.

The dark ones have no conscience, the dark force of this planet at this time will destroy the light, for to those of darkness any glimmer of understanding awareness or higher consciousness is an abomination, to those in the dark. They will kill, mutilate, they will rape, imprison, they will enslave, so that they continue to have their way.

This was part of the experiment, for you must remember that the soul has many chances to have many, many experiences, and that many of the experiences on this particular planet have been invaluable for the souls’ growth and for God’s growth, but God understands that this experiment was only for a limited time, several eons, and not for eternity and the timing is coming to an end, where in a dualistic level of consciousness, a dualistic planet and Universe, those in darkness have all the power and all the control over the light and the light must always struggle against them simply to survive. This experiment is that, which is the planet A/B scenario coming to the end.

But many still wish to have an experience of dualism, an experience of physicality, where they can still have their physical homes, their physical possessions, money, job, status, love as it is known in the physical world, the planet A/B, but do not want any longer not to be able to stand up to those dark energies. The balanced planet A/B will be one, where those dark forces are not allowed to simply take control, where they must be accountable for their actions, not in superiority to the force of light and light consciousness, not to be able to manipulate, control, bend and mutilate those in the light. That this Awareness asks you, is there anything wrong with night time?’’

Me:  “No, of course not’’

CA:  ” Why is this?’’

Me:  “Well because… for example, if I look out of the window right now, darkness is not evil or controlling in any way, it is like comparing apples and oranges. Darkness in this sense is not evil, so, duality yes, it’s like cold/hot and old/young, that is duality as well, but it is not evil.”

CA:  “There you have it. Night is not evil, it is simply the other half of the coin of dualism. That night brings rest and restoration, that a plant must grow in darkness underground, the seed must still gestate underground in darkness before it springs into the light. It would be foolish to say that the seed in the darkness is evil. It is simply existing in a state of energy that allows it to grow in certain ways and restore itself in certain ways. Night is the same, it is not evil and yet many do attribute to the night evil energies, but it is neutral, it is but a balanced force comparable to the light.

Equally, if the light existed 24 hours a day, the seed would not be able to grow. Rest and nurturing that is provided through sleep would not occur as easily, there would be a tremendous imbalance if only the light, actual daylight, shone 24 hours a day. By having both, this is what Awareness would call “balanced dualism”. Evil is not in existence, it is simply part of the balance.

There will be those, who will see for example that physicality is the way they wish, and others, who will see that the light is what they wish, spiritual awareness. They co-exist, those in the light will teach those in the dark and they will be able to be reached. Governments will no longer have those power-brokers, those ones of evil, who control everything and have hidden agendas. Everything will be clear and transparent. There will be balance in that. It is not that the dark will be evil as it is now, it is more that the dark will simply be the other side of a coin for educating those, who are choosing that experience. Does this begin to make more sense to you?”

Me:  “It does fully, yes”

CA:  “That further to that it is seen for example in the nature kingdom, there are those creatures who pray on others, are predators to the smaller creatures, yet in the order of things those who are the larger predators are not evil. They are part of the chain of life, the balance of life and that there are even bigger predators that would stop them. And even if they are at the top as a lion would be for example or a shark in the waters, that even they will come to their natural death and they will again feed mother Earth and return their body and their nutrients of the body back into the mother Earth soils. This does not make those who are the predators evil, it simply is part of the balance of the circle of life as it is often called.

This is the experience and experiment that this Awareness is talking about when it talks about a balanced dualistic world. It will allow many, who are oppressed now from seeking spiritual awareness, to actually move forward, to gain spiritual understanding and awareness that at this time is often not allowed due to old religious standards and dogmatic beliefs. That those beliefs will be much more enlightened and therefore planet A/B, as this Awareness is describing it, would be a precursor to planet A, making it easier for those who have the wish to find spiritual understanding and awareness to do so.

And those, who simply wish to have a physical life, based on their own beliefs of how to create in physicality without imposing this on others, forcing it on others, enslaving others to it, will be free to experience their physical reality without that spiritual energy pressed down their throats. This would be balance, this would be harmony, this would be almost Eden to what is now the case. It most definitely would allow growth and development and stagnation would only occur, where those who do not wish  to grow or expand could choose to experience stagnation as part of their novel experience, but it would not be the case for everyone and most definitely those of a spiritual nature would be free to pursue this without worry or fear of persecution or torture or death as sometimes even occurs at this stage of the game on this present planet. Does this more completely explain a balanced planet A/B dualistic world?”

Me:  ” It does. One thing I would just like to ask. What about war, hunger or any crimes that people themselves commit almost daily, violence, rape and those kind of things, people would still have the dualistic concepts in their own heads, would they not? How would that play out, would war just not exist at all there, would they stop imposing their own ideals like some fanatics in the world in general? Would they stop doing it all of a sudden on the new planet A/B ?”

CA:  “This is an excellent question, for it most definitely displays how deeply ingrained dualistic thinking is at all levels on the present planet and that your question makes sense to compare that which is so now to what may be on planet A/B.

The first thing this awareness would say to you is, you must remember that the physical world is illusory, that it is simply a stage set up for individuals to have an experience before they return back to the soul. This will still be so on planet A/B and it may be that there are those, who would wish to go into that kind of reality, but it is not the ground rules of that collective consciousness, therefore those who are of that nature will simply not exist on planet A/B, they will go to planet B to have such an experience, where they can follow their dark thoughts and wishes and desires in accordance to the rules of that planetary consciousness, where all are there to have such experiences, either as oppressors or those who are oppressed.

But on planet A/B, dualistic balanced planet, there would be negotiation when there is conflict. For example, if there were conflict between two nations, they would not go to war with each other, that is the reptilian influence, this awareness spoke of, that is the influence of the dark unbalanced nature that exists currently, and in the balanced A/B scenario there would be disagreement, but there would be negotiation to come to resolution and solution for all. Those who would try to oppress, would be taught this is not the way, for you must understand a new experience and experiment in consciousness will have different ground rules.

On the present planet A/B, where the dark forces have no conscience, where they are allowed to oppress, the ground rules existed that would enforce this, that would create this to be so that those souls who came into this reality would understand why this was immoral, unjust and unfair. They would see the unfairness, but they would not necessarily live in a reality, where they could do anything about it, unless they themselves expanded their consciousness to a state, where they could escape or where they went into physical death to escape.

Yet, it is simply an experience, everyone comes unto this planet to have an experience in consciousness, to step unto the stage but for a brief moment before exiting and taking the memories of this experience, even as drastic as they often are, back into the soul.

On that, which is the balanced A/B planet, the experience will be that rather than allowing those of darkness to take over, it would simply be a counterpoint to those who would seek to create experiences that are unbalanced in the light, therefore it would give the zealous ones, the fanatical ones the chance to cool down, this Awareness is talking of those zealous ones in the Light, who would perhaps go on to push their beliefs unto others. Those in the darkness would oppose that and would say this is not balance, this is not harmony. That simply because you believe that this is how it exists, that this is what everyone should believe must exist.

Can you see that in a very strange way the Light can become oppressive if it turns on everyone and forces those in a dualistic experiment to accept what it is, when they do not wish to accept it, for they are there to have a different experience. On planet A everyone is in alignment to the Light, it is not oppressive, it is of the highest nature, but in a dualistic world, one over the other can be that which is corruption. It will be balanced. Does this answer your question?”

Me: “It indeed does and lastly I would just ask, since you’ve explained this scenario of planet A/B so well, I got the image of those who will go to that level, new planet A/B of balanced duality, they too will experience an expansion of their own consciousness in a way, because if there won’t be any violence or war, then obviously the people on that level as well won’t force anything upon each other, so does that mean that nobody on that level, on planet A/B, will not… there won’t be a situation where somebody goes and rapes a woman or somebody punches someone, things like that, that occur every day currently, how would that express itself, would there not be anyone oppressing each other in that way? ”

CA:  “This is again an excellent question and it is enabling this Awareness to put greater detail into what it presented initially, but a few weeks ago. That this Awareness would start by saying that each experiment comes with a set of rules and laws that underlie collective consciousness. That the present A/B scenario had as its rules and laws the provision that allowed those in darkness to act in such a manner, to oppress others, to violate others, to murder each other, rape each other, kidnap each other, torture each other, and those who were willing to do so, had more power, for the present laws or rules underpinning this reality of A/B consciousness were written to provide this as a way of things, so that those souls having an experience could come in and have that experience in accordance to what they wished it to be.

Understand, even though this may be difficult for most, that the soul chooses to come into this scenario, it knows in advance what it will discover, what it will experience, thus the soul who will come into this life on this planet would know that they will come in to rape someone or to be raped by someone. That this underlying knowledge is the deeper consciousness, but it is forgotten when one comes unto this planet to have experiences. At the same time the underlying fundamental rules that apply are such, that it gives the ones in the darkness the right to do this for it is part of that, which was set up on this planet to be so, so the soul could have that experience.

That there was in the 70s a movie called ‘’Westworld’’. It is an old movie, you may be able to find it. This Awareness recommends to find it and view it. It is dated now, but the concept was that there were theme parks that allowed people to go into them and that there were androids and robots who played different roles for them. Thus Westworld was a world of the West of North America, cowboys and Indians, bad guys and good guys. The robots would be the bad guys and the participants, who paid money to go to this amusement park, would be able to shoot the robots, but the robots could never harm the humans, thus they were always there to serve humans.

But the rules broke down and the robots rebelled and they started to shoot the humans and kill the humans, and there is a scenario, where one robot is chasing one of the humans and the human goes to other worlds, such as the Knights of the Middle Ages world, such as the Roman times world, but all the computerized robots have turned on their masters and are killing them off.

This would be a scenario that shows at first the rules and laws that dictate, that the humans come in and can abuse the robots anyway they wish, but when the rules changed the robots responded and rebelled. Imagine now that this world has such rules and laws and they are breaking down now and that this amusement park that is planet A/B is about to change and that that, which will be the balanced planet A/B, will come with a new set of operating instructions for how things work. And the new experience, the new experiment would simply not allow darkness to rape or murder or harm others. It would be a counteracting point indeed.

There may be emotional energies in oppositions, but it would simply not be conceivable to have that, as the experience for it is not programmed into the game, it is not the operating instructions of those who are participating, and those souls, who would come into that experience, are coming in to have a truer dualistic experience of balance, of harmony, of moving forward in tolerance and awareness with willingness to negotiate and willingness to respect one another. In many ways, by today’s standards, this planet A/B, the balanced planet A/B, would be almost a paradise compared to that which exists and it is the hope, wish and desires of many on the spiritual level to create a new experience of balanced dualism versus unbalanced, which has been the case on this experience and in this experiment. Is that clear?”

Me:  ” It is, it is fully understood. Thank you. ”

CA:  “This awareness would also add another twist. For those, who still wish to experience the unbalanced world, where the dark ones are in control over the light, that they can do so, for you must understand that what is still operating here is a type of linear thinking that says that when the soul leaves the physical, it could never go back to that physical reality that is the unbalanced planet, and therefore once it is ended, it is over. But this awareness reminds you, there is no such thing as time. That if a soul truly wished to come back and have an experience, where it was the victim to crime, it could choose to come back into this present A/B reality to have that experience, there is nothing that says that the soul in its choice of multitude experiences cannot again come back to this planet, if that is its choice, for there was karma still to be filled or a reason for it to have this experience.

But in the movement forward of consciousness this experiment is ending and the new experience of balanced A/B consciousness for those who wish it about to begin, or perhaps it is already underway and many are already experiencing it. This too is possible. Does this help confuse you further?… ”

Valeri: This covers what CA told me about balanced planet A/B scenario, where about a quarter of those living here now will go this year.


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