New Information on the Three-Earth-Scenario. Cosmic Awareness speaks with the PAT member, Valeri Djukov on March 13, 2012

Valeri Djukov and Georgi Stankov, March 21, 2012



Hi Georgi, thought I would share what CA (Cosmic Awareness) had told me about % approximately, how many will ascend, go to planet B and planet A/B. So for your consideration, you can check this with your HS and see if it resonates with you personally.

CA told me that “approximately 2/3 (two third) of present human population will go back into 5th dimensional Consciousness. This would include those of planet A. It is basically planet B, where those who seek to have a continuance of their physical experience would not immediately go back to the 5th dimension and instead will have a survivalist experience of surviving natural catastrophe and upheaval.’’…


Dear Valeri, this is very important information and I have to check it one more time to let it sip into my mind. Can you give me more information on when this conversation with CA took place and how it was recorded and from where do you have this text, so that I can publish it with this background information. Add please also your questions in original form.

The Conversation

It occurred on March 13th, 2012 .I had a personal session with CA, through scheduling a session. I had the session on Skype, with a microphone. And I had some questions of more personal nature, but that also tied into other things, such as planet A/B and its “balanced duality’’. The session was recorded by the Interpreter and sent to me via e-mail.

I will  have to listen now again to my recording and write it down to quote my original question  and the full answer about this:

My initial question was:

‘’For the 5th dimension this year, if you know how many people are approximately projected to ascend to the 5th dimension at this point? Not higher or staying on planet B or planet A/B, but just the 5th dimension, in billions maybe, so I’m just interested in more or less, how many, if there ever is knowledge about this, how many will ascend,in reality?’’

Reply from CA : 

’Of course this Awareness will not give you an actual number, answer, for to this Awareness at least it does not make sense, for there are those souls that are already in 5th and yet are still on 3rd dimension as well. There are some, who have ascended in their enlightenment to the point, where they occupy through unity consciousness a portion of 5th dimension and yet they are very much still in 5th dimension, You are such a one, the interpreter also, and many who are spiritual seekers.

But in answer to your question, this awareness would say approx. 2/3 of present reality will go back into 5th dimensional Consciousness, this would include those of planet A.

It is basically planet B, where those who seek to have a continuance of their physical experience would not immediately go back to 5th dimension and instead have a survivalist experience of surviving natural catastrophes and upheaval. There are many who are survivalist, who are anxiously anticipating the fall of the planet, so they can put their survivalist skills to work and into operation. They will not necessarily go back into that which is 5th dimensional consciousness, until they themselves experience their physical death at some point after that decline of the planet into the Planet B scenario.

Therefore in another understanding of this question and its answer, this Awareness would say that 100% will all return back into the 5th dimension, back to a soul, but they will do it at different times.

1) Those, who are on planet A, will open up to it, know their being on that level of consciousness and beyond, and yet will be able to incorporate back into physicality their spirit consciousness, making it physical when they choose.

2) Many will not know this, for it is not their intent to experience that level of re-unification with the 5th dimension, where they can also occupy 3rd dimensional reality, for them they will use the traditional means to do this. And one would have to say, if one is using percentages of the human population at this time, 50% of all who are living would have this type of traditional death ascension experience.


–  25% will be able to be fully functional in the planet A scenario immediately flowing into it.

–  25% will go into survivalist of the conscious aspects in planet B and

– 50% will choose neither A or B and (small pause) may return back into 5th dimension (through death experience).

This Awareness hesitated, for it must now speak of something that was only recently introduced, indeed you may not have heard or read this up until now. This Awareness asks, if you have read the most latest sharing of this Awareness of that which is the new planet A/B?’’

My reply:

“I have only heard about this on the March 8th announcement about the new scenario of the three Earths, so, yes, I have heard about this announcement and I had a few questions about this as well’’

Cosmic Awareness:

This Awareness will leave that then, until you ask your questions, but what it is saying is that there may, indeed, be those who just simply see their world change around them. They do not die immediately with ascension. Indeed, it will seem to them that their world simply continues, but the dualistic experiment of planet A/B, where those of darkness and the dark powers had control and had dominance, is that which is ending.

That which will appear as the new balanced A/B is that, where many may survive and not die, because they simply blended into this new experience that only recently was formulated.

Why this Awareness says only recently is because mankind’s consciousness has reached a point, where it can allow this experience to be a new form of reality of experience for those who wish to continue a dualistic experience. But that which was the old formula, the old model will cease to be. Thus it would be reasonable to say that there is another portion, who will not experience death immediately, but in the dualistic world they will still need to go through the death experience to transcend, where as those who ascend will be able to choose to pop in and out as they wish.

If you wish another percentage, this Awareness will offer again:

–  25% will have this experience of continuance into the new planet A/B and that

– there will simply be that last quarter (25%) that have no desire to be in physical form whatsoever on any planet A, B or A/B (and will leave earth this year through death experience).


This answer fully covers the percentage question I had asked. CA went on to describe the balanced duality of growth and development on planet A/B.


Dear Valeri, thank you very much. This chronological presentation with your questions gives a more clear picture of what CA is saying. I will have to read it tomorrow one more time to assimilate it fully, but it clearly confirms that the third alternative, earth A/B has only been decided quite recently, most probably on February 26 as reported on this website.

I am very interested in also reading what CA has told you about the earth A/B, how it will develop and grow. Is it possible to provide also this information as to round up the presentation. This would be great, as we do not know much about this new version


Here are my additional comments, after I read your conversation with CA one more time. The information is pretty clear and I would like to compare the numbers CA has given to you with my soul age model as developed in the year 2000 that seems to be still valid in the current End Times.

CA says at the beginning that about 2/3 of humanity will return back to the 5th dimension, that is to say, they have souls coming from the Source. About 1/3 of the souls incarnated on the earth have separated from the source and dwell in the 4d-astral plane, where also the dark entities from the Orion/Reptilian empire live. This portion of 33% includes the baby and child souls and the clones that have been created by the PTB in the last years, whereas the word “clones” stand in this case also for child and young souls. Some of these souls come though from the 5th dimension and will return upon death experience on the catastrophic earth B to the 5th dimension, while other souls and portions of souls incarnating in clones, who are too much attached to the material reality of the catastrophic earth will prefer to stay at the 4d astral plane. This is also currently the case.

The portion of 66% that will ascend to the 5th dimension according to CA consists of 40-45% young souls, about 25 % adults souls and about 4-5% old souls (including indigo and crystalline children) according to the soul age model that I have presented in my book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”. This group of souls has been estimated by myself to be thus between 70-75% of the actual incarnated human population on the earth at that time. These souls come from the 5th or higher dimensions and will ascend at least to the 5th dimension.

The number of 66% given by CA is somewhat lower than my estimate 12 years ago, but one must add to this number the excessive reproduction of clones by the PTB in the last 12 years in anticipation of the shift, so that the information given by CA to you is a very precise confirmation of my past estimate.

CA also confirms the positive aspects of the new three-earth-scenario as discussed by us in the last ascension reports, namely, that the new earth A/B is a viable alternative for many human beings who would have otherwise left earth by death experience this year. This is the greatest advantage of this new scenario – it saves the lives of 25% of the current human population in comparison to the old two-earth scenario. This aspect was also extensively discussed in our previous reports.

Given the fact that the PAT members were decisively involved in the realization and implementation of this new scenario, we could as well sustain that we have contributed with our efforts and decision to prolong our soul contracts to the saving of about 1.75 billion human beings from imminent death. This is a remarkable result, and I do think that that is appropriate that we all can be a little bit proud of ourselves.

If you send me quickly the rest of CA information on the earth A/B, I will publish your conversation with CA as a separate publication due to its importance.

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