State-of-Ascension-Report-65: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-65, February 27, 2012


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Marc Chagall, Ascension During Promenade, 1918

February 25, 2012

Hi Georgi,

I wrote the below “story” back in August of 2011. I had just come out of an intense personal relationship, and I was obviously in a place of questioning the reason for things, as my “logical” mind likes to do. In the middle of the work day, I simply stopped what I was doing, and started typing. I’m not saying it is a masterpiece or anything, just felt I would share it with you. Longtime Friends

by Lad Hudac, Copyright 2011

It is another beautiful day in life of the mind. The birds sing. The sun shines… But, something feels slightly different today.

The birds, the trees, the grass and the sun have always appeared completely external to the mind, yet it begins to notice that it has started to feel different about the world external today. Things seem to be more connected.

Every time the wind blows or a bird chirps, the mind can feel a connection to some aspect of itself. The mind races to understand how such a thing can be possible. It remembers everything it has learned over the years. Vibrations? Frequencies? Surely science could elucidate this situation. Perhaps it missed a lesson or two along the way?

Meanwhile, its long-time, and oft silent friend, the heart, sits idle. It feels and sends love and compassion for the mind’s struggle. It does no more.

The heart has a secret. The heart knows the answers to the mind’s questions. It cannot force the answers on the mind. That would be against the rules. It can only send it love. And it does, always, even if the mind takes no notice. It is a transmuting love. A love that, once the mind chooses, will modify its own wiring to accept what was once an “impossibility”. The heart knows nothing is impossible, but it must keep this secret till the correct moment.

The mind has thought about the state of “impossibility” before. Some things definitely are impossible. One day, the mind has a revelation. It realizes that if it deems something “impossible” then perhaps its perspective is not wide enough. The heart springs to life and flutters in agreement with this thought. The mind takes notice of its friend’s sudden sign of life. For as long as it can remember, the mind has never understood the heart completely. Always quiet. Never pondering. Never doing anything. Just sitting there. Never had the mind felt threatened by the heart.

There were times long ago when the heart would try and affect the actions of the mind. But the heart never tried hard enough to win over the mind. To the mind, the heart was incapable of matching wits. A lesser entity.

Feeling confident with itself, the mind inquires about any “knowledge” the heart may possess. With slight sarcasm, it asks,”What secrets are you holding, my friend?’

At this point, the heart opens its mystery a little bit more to its long time counterpart. At first, the mind scoffs at what it sees.

“Ha! Everything is love?!  Lies!  You speak lies!”

The heart maintains its position. Unwavering, unconditionally loving.

“You are weak heart! You will get hurt if you keep feeling this way.”

“No wonder you never make an appearance!  Ha! You have probably been hurt many times before. I do not blame you for being the way you are”.

The heart merely responds with silent and assuring love. The mind laughs to itself. It thinks about everything it knows and has learned about the world that is definitely NOT love.

“Ohhh, heart, my friend. Someday you will understand the ways of the world. I will keep an eye on you in the meantime, but sooner or later you will have to open your own eyes.”

Time passes.The mind has never forgotten the day the heart shared its secret with it. It does not admit this to the heart, of course. A good mind must be “prideful”, but not arrogant. The mind wonders,

“How could one be so sure of itself without any outward sign of research or study?”

The thinking continues. Finally, the mind asks of the heart one day,

“How do you know everything is love?”

The heart then opens even more than the last time. The mind is shocked by a timeless feeling of bliss and complete happiness like it has never known before.

“Time” stands still. All else fails to register. For a brief moment, everything the mind has ever tried to understand makes perfect sense. The world seems, and more importantly, feels completely perfect. The mind cannot even argue with itself that this feeling is referred to as “Love”. The feeling then disappears as quickly as it came. The mind is left reeling.

“What day is it? Where am I?”

It wonders how it lost track of “time”, or its “place”?

“This is not possible!”, it exclaims.

Later, held within its own privacy, the mind admits that the feeling was the most amazing it has ever felt. More amazing than that promotion. More amazing than that $500 meal. More amazing than meeting its first life companion. The mind knows this for certain, it MUST find that feeling again!

The mind retracts inward into its own solitude and sets to work on figuring out how to find that feeling again. It yearns for that feeling and struggles to remember the variables in place that allowed such a feeling to be experienced. Eventually, it asks the heart:

“Was it something we ate?”

The heart does not answer.

“Oh!  We slept enough the night before, finally! That’s it!”

The heart does not answer.

“Oh..!  Oh…! I have it now. It was my imagination! Yep!  That’s it.”

The heart does not answer.

Tired and dejected, the mind returns to its musings. It feels frustration with the heart, but an odd draw to it. The mind realizes that it may have to ask for help on this one. At once, the mind flexes its own muscles, crushing that idea and pounding it into submission.

“I do NOT need any help to figure this one out!”

Time passes. Seasons come and go. Relationships start. Relationships end. Careers begin. Careers terminate. And books, ohhh, the books. Too many to count. Yet, that feeling eludes the mind. The mind has worked every possible permutation and combination it can think of to re-attain that feeling. Success has been virtually non-existent. The mind knows its weakness. Try as it might, it can never kid itself.

Countless theories have been established and disproved by its untenable wit and ability. Its resolve has NEVER let it down. With fortified resilience, the mind concludes that the answer MUST be somewhere! Time passes…

In all, the years have been good to the mind, but, in its most private moments, the mind admits that it is unsatisfied. It thinks of its long-time, and all-too-silent, counterpart.

“You are a formidable conundrum, old friend. Try as I have, I cannot figure you out.”

The heart says nothing, but sends love back to the mind. Time passes…

The mind finds itself once again in deep introspection one day. It thinks about the heart and its silence. Ohhhhh, that silence… Short of patience and long on desire, the mind becomes agitated. Suddenly, the mind begins attacking itself.

“Who the hell do you think you are?! You think you are so good, don’t you?! Soooo, smart! An answer for everything in your world! What the hell do you know?!”

The assassination of its own character carries on for a lengthy period. Never have worse things been said to the mind. Finally, when the mind feels it has no more energy to give, When it feels that the solution will NEVER be attained, it poses a simple question to the heart.

“How can you be so sure of yourself when you don’t even appear to have a single thought?”

At this single and instant moment, the mind’s world fills with brilliant white light. “Darkness” was never perceived again.
February 25, 2012

hi Georgi,

after reading most of reports in your website, you sure know how to please the readers so I want to say that you deserve a huge long rest and a pat in the back after Dec. 2012. If it weren’t for you, PAT, and the rest of the people who work so hard to help us to go back up again from the last 13,000 years ago, we as humans would’ve ended up blowing each other up until none of us is left. I hope we meet each other for the first time since I don’t know what you look like in real life, so we can talk more in the future. I was wondering what are you planning to do now after all this is done?

Henry Tu
Dear Henry,

thank you very much for your appreciation of my work on this website. My actual mission has not yet begun. I will have to educate the ascended humanity about the new theory of the Universal Law, which they cannot comprehend on this earth with their limited brain abilities. After ascension they will acquire a greater awareness and intelligence and will be able to grasp the new theory. I will be there as ascended master coming from the higher realms to educate them.

With love and light
February 25, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT members-

the topic of light body process symptoms seems to be on the minds of many.  I too am still pushing on through pain and nausea from a five year old spinal fusion and implants directly affecting five vertebrae, and indirectly my whole spine. I made the decision to have this surgery when I was asleep, and now that I am awake I am overwhelmed with gratitude sometimes for all I have learned through my many difficulties. I often refer to my life as a trial by fire, and have always been attracted to the story of shadrack, meshack, and abednego. we will be tested by fire, sometimes seven times hotter that that which an ordinary person could not survive!  We must always remember that our higher selves have deemed us able to persevere through all we currently endure.

I want to encourage everyone to keep their gaze fixed on creating the lives they want to live, without any compromise. In the past month I have found much courage through reading about and listening to (youtube) Dr. Martin Luther King jr.  perhaps the most famous Dr. King quote is this:

“And then I got to Memphis. And some began to say the threats, or talk about the threats that were out. What would happen to me from some of our sick white brothers? Well, I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn’t really matter with me now. Because I’ve been to the mountaintop. I don’t mind. Like anybody, I would like to live – a long life; longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land. So I’m happy, tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

I have also been to the mountain top and seen the promised land, and my heart is filled with joy and gratitude every day because I know that I am already living there in my mind. I believe that I have a very important mission and that my higher self has deemed it necessary for me to stay here longer than I wanted many times. I choose to look at my body, and all of it’s complaints about this process, like no more than the robes of my incarnated soul. Just as my knee does not hurt from the hole in my pants, nor will I let my soul be dragged down by the holes in my earthly human robe. We are the wayshowers and it it our job to hold as much light as we can, and as long as that is, where we focus we will be supported by throngs of the most benevolent beings to support us when we feel we can bear no more.

I have also been reading master Peter Deuno (Bulgarian: Peter Danov (George)


and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov ( a pupil of Peter Danov)


also this site has many inspirational writings from both these masters, as well as others.


I hope that every one can find something to buoy their spirits.

with much love for you all, Dustin

February 25, 2012

Dear Georgi,

As usual, I have very much enjoyed the recent contributions from yourself and PAT. They have felt very pertinent to me, personally, and life, in general.

You commented that ‘the more synchronicity there is in the perceptions of the members of the PAT, the more likely it is that soon the long anticipated changes will begin to unfold.’  (Georgi to Skyler) That made me tingle with joy and excitement, as I have read so many of the other PAT contributions and really felt, “YES!!! ME TOO!!!!” Like Beth, (who said ‘I am even synching up with other members of the PAT to a point, to where when I read some of their emails I almost feel like I could have written them.’)  I have also truly felt as if it could have been me writing many, many of these observations/experiences. It really makes me feel that we are all like one soul in several bodies, finally coming to a point of convergence in some way.

So, with that in mind, I offer some responses to what has been offered lately….

I was interested to hear confirmation that there was a huge energy surge on 18th February, as I experienced this by way of being involved in a music night (where anyone can join in and play or sing –  my only activity which involves ‘normality’). The energy of unity, involvement of all, sharing of skills, helping others and spontaneous flow was immense. At the end of the night I felt privileged to have experienced it, my body was literally buzzing and I felt blissed beyond belief.

Re your comment to Mara, about ‘lightworkers’; ‘The very word “worker” exposes the spiritual fraud of the collective New-Age-Ego, believing that one must work hard to become “enlightened being”. I agree with you here, but also feel that they use the term ‘lightworker’ to suggest that they are ‘working’ with ‘light’, already being enlightened themselves and here to help all the non-enlightened ones; equally fraudulent, I feel. Although they clearly and continually say that people have to relentlessly work on themselves, I’m not sure many of them really feel they have much (if any) work to do on themselves.

Like Julie, I had given the link to your site to a friend some months ago. He came, unexpectedly, to visit me today and was very interested in what I was sharing with him. I gave him the site address again and he says he will look at it this time. Also, as he is not a confident reader due to dyslexia (although highly intelligent) he suggested that I could record some of your works i.e. audio format, which would make them more accessible to the likes of himself. I am very willing to do this if you feel that it would be of value to others and to the site.

You and Patrick both speak of timeline jumping/time walking. This is exciting to me as I recently have a few experiences, although much shorter-term than Patrick’s and yours. I was recently driving in the dark and seeing a road sign reflecting up ahead. Then once past the sign by about 10 seconds, I felt like I was being in two places/times at once; one, where I was back there seeing the bright sign again, and two, where I was past the sign and travelling without a sign in front of me. Also instances of (hard to describe but I’ll try) feeling that I’ve just snapped back into NOW, even though being conscious of having been in NOW all along. No recollection of where I ‘went’ but clear feeling of snapping back in to NOW from elsewhere/ elsewhen. (Not at all like the usually excruciating return to the body and 3-d which I experience in the mornings after sleep!!)

Thank you so much for keeping this contact between PAT possible. I do appreciate the amount of work/time this must take you and we are all truly grateful.

Love to you and all PAT,
In love and light, Gail
February 25, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT team –

Hello again from Robert Brewster in WI, USA. Its been almost 3 months since to my surprise and honor I saw my initial letter to you in report 35 I believe. I didn’t expect that and was humbled to be included in the discussion. I just wanted to write one last time before the pole shift, which must be coming any week now. I cannot express in words what this site and the teams and your inputs have done for myself and spouse.

We have learned so much in such a short period of time and if I could explain to you where I was verses now you will know you efforts to reach the sleeping star seeds are having effect. Because yes I do feel now we are such seeds. I read the translated books, thanks to the translator also again. I have come from a place of fear and preparing for WW3 to the place now, where I know the light will not let this happen to Gaia. My whole outlook has so changed and I KNOW now we are all one and we will ascend. I am learning to let go of the ones who can’t see and have no doubt they will get their chance this year as we all will.

Just to let you in a bit on my background – I have a AA from 78 in electronics and worked for ABB robotics div in the US for 20 years, now with a US wind inverter producer working on Green energy technology. I have seen first hand the negatives of industrialization from my work, even as I enjoyed it I knew it was unsustainable. Now because of my reawakening I am truly ready to quit this job and get ready for the shift. I feel we have much to do to be ready to help others who are close enough to make the “jump” to ascension and I want and will be available to you and other masters who would have me help. I find myself feeling many of the things your team reports and especially want to thank you for the recent explanations of negative thought or “dross”.

For awhile now at start of sleep I have sometimes intense visions of hurt or death, not always of myself or people known to me. Your answer as to why this happens has taken a great load off my mind and now I am at the point, where in my dream when it happens, I know why and tell myself Gaia appreciates it and I will serve her in this respect as long as needed. My wife feels the same way. We are so honored to be aware of you and your site and we will see all of you in the new 4. and 5d earths as All is one and we are all. We send deep heartfelt love and light to all readers of this site and salute all of you for the incredible work you are and will be doing for mankind.

May ascension be all that it can be for as many as possible, I want ALL to go, but see that most likely won’t be, as long as I’m here in 3d earth I will always be working to awaken anyone who will hear. So to all the PAT and in particular you, Callista (miss her postings? has she ascended?) and the other long timers I say well done and I look forward to meeting all of you on the other side so to speak. I’m not much of a letter writer, so I hope this makes sense and inspires star veterans to know some of us out here are waking and will be with you. And so it will be.

Robetr Brewster
Dear Robert,

I am glad to hear from you again. I hope the battle for Wisconsin is still ongoing and the peoples’ voice will be heard soon, although the events have not brought the expected decisive change so far.

Thank you for your warm email and for your appreciation of my work. I am glad to hear that our ongoing discussions have helped you and your espouse to strengthen your conviction in the LBP and ascension process, which is ultimately the only salvation in the End Times, but also the most challenging way to go. Your desire to help other people will soon materialize in a very natural way as the rug will be pulled away from under the feet of most people and they will need a lot of support and guidance in these difficult and turbulent times from star seeds like you who will be prepared to take the lead.

The current waiting is a tedious time for all of us as the desire to jump in the ring and do something positive is great, but we have to be patient. Just at this moment my wife is reading St. Paul’s epistles in their original Latin language and was surprised to find out that he has always ended his epistles with “patiens” (be patient in the heart) and that the German translation of the Bible is completely wrong in this respect. Obviously, the early Christians were also lacking patience, while waiting for the “Second Coming of Christ” which was promised by Paul, but then postponed for further 2000 years. Happily, this time there will be no further postponement. So I hope that your prediction that your email to me will be the last one prior to the coming shift holds true.

With love and light
February 25, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Reading the latest published reports from your site many things came to light. I am still in the day to day life as an expression of source flowing through everything. It has become very clear that the ego is boiling, the heat is on and the people that still slumber cannot get rid of the pushing from inside, that energy of the creator that wants to surface.

The behaviour patterns has become extreme, people are fighting with all the energy that they have to keep the ego alive. The pillars are folding very quickly now, this has become very clear. If you are a new age lightworker you will experience the lies and deceit that has been followed and that you were made to believe, providing over-steer with the ego going in one direction and the soul in another causing a huge gap that must be filled with Christ consciuosness energy!

This causes frustration and hopelessness within the being. The questions come, the push from inside come, where the being is forced to make a decision which path to follow, the behaviour that flows from this is extreme. The answer is available that brings the relieve, but the ego keep choosing the direction opposite from relieve which causes the soul to experience extreme darkness to learn the lesson.

I am placed daily where I get to witness these situations, but are prevented to help or step in to resolve problems. Some feedback as the energy intensifies!

Blessings and love
February 25, 2012

Hi Georgi

How have you been feeling? I hope not too bad. I see you are busy as a beaver with the ascension reports. My, it seems to me that in the last month you have acquired more of a following. Perhaps some newbies? I am only speculating, but I haven´t recognized the names of the latest contributors to the reports apart from Demitra and Jerry.  A good sign that people are making more headway in their personal ascension processes?

I have a question about the PATs ability to influence cosmic events from the ground. We are the only ones really aware of the pole shift or are cheering it on because we´re eager to go to the next level. Should we be spending time focusing on visualizing such an event and living as if, or should we instead be voicing our grievances clearly to the “management upstairs”? And is it enough?

The reason is, I haven´t been feeling that the push we need to happen is just around the corner anymore. This was definitely the vibe in January, but now I am wondering just how much longer we are going to have to wait. I don’t have that pressure to finish things up, nor do I have any jittery feelings about an imminent life-changing event that I used to. This may be simply my own inability to interpret a “quiet phase”.

But I am nevertheless concerned that my feelings about this would be detrimental to the plan itself. I do not wish to doubt. But how much can doubt on behalf of PAT members affect the imminent manifestation of the pole shift?  How much control do we exert over the pole shift? I mean we are the ones on the ground here! Something needs to happen sooner rather than later and I know you share my sympathies.  What can we do (since I know my powers of manifestation have increased) to get the ball moving?

I also wondered why in hell we can´t ascend now as first wavers to come back as ascended masters. Wouldn´t this make more sense if the aim is to awaken as many people as possible to be ready for the next waves? (because people would sit up and listen to a bunch of previously considered normal people if they suddenly transformed into god-beings). You mentioned the light quotient not being high enough in November for the 1st wave. Surely the light quotient must be higher now for some of us to go for this purpose? We are all just sitting around… waiting? Doesn´t seem like a good use of energies, considering the law of optimization of energy. But perhaps I have poorly understood how it works and in that case I apologize for making you repeat yourself or pull out your hair!!

Ha ha, with very much love,

Dear Debra,

“Being busy as a beaver” is an excellent expression and so true. Spot on. I like it very much.

You have raised some crucial questions and I can only guess, just as you do. However, I see the energy build up growing steadily, especially after the last most powerful solar wave on February 18th, which had some follow-up waves since then. Departing from the intensity of my body vibrations, the shift must have happened long time ago.

From what I gather this time, Heaven wants a clean victory. When they are ready with the magnetic pole shift, it will be at the same time a complete split of the two timelines and to achieve this, they obviously need a little bit more linear time to increase the overall energy level on earth and humanity to this point. For this reason, they will keep us on the ground that long. After the shift, we will be definitely no longer of any use to humanity in a clay vessel, but only as ascended masters.

We have now entered the ultimate probability ascension scenario for the End Times, where the cosmic deadlines for a final change determine the outcome and where the free will of humans will no longer be observed, just as all outstanding karma lessons will be cancelled. I have the impression that they, the forces of light or Cosmic Providence, call it as you wish, are also tired of this endless game on earth and also want to finish it once and for all.

There will be obviously no fundamental social changes coming from the people as true awakening and revolution, but only simple survival reactions to cosmic events that will overwhelm the masses and make them surrender to this cosmic power.

I must openly admit that this outcome is very disappointing for me, as the planned social drama will not take place now. It is as if you go to a theatre and you are eager to see the drama and the actors have forgotten to come to the stage, but have stayed at home sleeping. Something like this. I am now beyond the point when I can get excited any more about anything that will happen as I know that it must happen at certain point in time. But the excitement is gone. I do my job daily as to bridge the time and help it flow more quickly, but, as I have said on previous occasions, these End Times are anything but a masterpiece. It is a prolonged and a very painful birthing, where both the mother and the midwife are on the verge of total exhaustion and nobody is happy about the baby.

With love and light
February 25, 2012


I could not agree with you more concerning your answer to the e-mail about paying debt. I am a CPA and have a masters degree in finance. I was always proud of my credit record I had never been late on any bill payment for over 30 years. Then me and my wife suddenly became ill and couldn’t buy even the necessities. Well in my mailboxes were many offers from credit card companies.

They did not ask if I was able to make payments just offers of free credit sometimes with low interest rates for a short period of time of course. Well what was I to do. I used them for medical bills, groceries, gas, rent and anything else that I could. Soon I had over $100,000 in debt. With more offers coming in. Still I had not missed a single payment which by now was large and so was the interest rates even though I had not missed a payment. You can not tell me that the banks did not know what they were doing. They were trying to ensnare me and others into their system of work to payoff debt sort of like the old tenant farmer idea or the fruit pickers during the dust bowl when they were kept working just to pay the company store. One day I just quit paying any of them. Of course after paying on time for years I was shown no mercy, so I filed for bankruptcy. I did not owe my neighbors or small businesses, just banks who did not skip a beat just got bailout money and phony numbers on paper to replace my phony debt. I don’t feel bad at all.

From my education and bank ground I know all about how this money game is played. I will be so glad when it is brought down. Anyone who thinks the Dow Jones is really selling around 13,000 is still asleep. Its really only about half that and the rest is made up. This is well kept secret. The free stock market never recovered in 2008. It was taken over by the Fed and numbers are generated to achieve their agenda. And the unemployment rate in the US. Real numbers about 30%. If you don’t believe me count the number of people that you know are unemployed. We are all being manipulated to keep this going as long as they can.

Dear Jerry,

Thank you very much or this confirmation. Your personal experience with the banks is what I call “archetypal” for all star seeds and in particular for the members of the PAT, so that we can experience the insidiousness of the Orion monetary system and surmount it in a mental and practical way. The fraud is within the banks and it is a question of pure survival not to follow these rotten rules that the banks have imposed on the enslaved humanity. It should be the goal of everybody to establish an enlightened society, where there will be no money and all activities will be for the benefit of all others, as will eventually be the case in the 5th dimension very soon.

But one has to detach mentally, intellectually and emotionally from the current system. As long as one is able to produce such emotionally unreflected reactions as Frank, he has yet to go a long way to final awakening, which is a complex process of letting go of old habits and social reflexes.

With love and light
February 25, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Your recent State of Ascension reports (60-63) have been astounding. Your precise use of the English language are perfectly suited to a scientist-physician. I want you to know that you are dearly loved by the males in the PAT as much as the females, though we do not show it as much.

I have a question—what does PTB mean?

As dumbed-down as we Americans are, adds simplicity and understanding to the LBP and Ascension, without religious junk. Your inclusion of those photos of Russian and European works of art add an elegance to the State of Ascension reports; keep them coming.

In light and love,
Dear Henry,

Thank you very much for your moral and emotional support. Highly appreciated. The abbreviation “PTB” means “Power That Be” and has been first introduced by the channel Cosmic Awareness several decades ago and is now broadly used in the esoteric scene. It includes all the Greys and Reptilians from the Orion empire as an off-world power that has taken control over this planet for the last 13000 years after the Fall of Atlantis, as well as all their human minions. The latter they set on power and exchange whenever they consider it appropriately through new clones and reptilian shape-shifters, as is currently the case with Sarkozy.

You must watch this person on TV very closely, especially his reptilian eyes and his unusual ears, as well as the form of his cheeks and reptilian mouth. I must write a manual someday how to discern reptilian shape-shifters among politicians on the basis of their physical features. Most of them are clones, but this person, just as Mubarak, are real reptilian shape-shifters. Together with the 13 ruling families, such as Rothschild, Rockefeller and the British Royal family, they build the top of the pyramid of the PTB on earth.

You are the first one to have consciously noticed my new contributions to European art. I was wondering how long it will take. Most of the readers are so overwhelmed with the spiritual stuff, that they barely notice the marginal aesthetics I have now started to introduce with the help of the new program.

With love and light
February 24, 20122

Dear George,

Hello. After reading reports 62 and 63, I realized that an insight was forming within me, concerning what all of us seem to be simultaneously experiencing and intuiting.

It involves what is actually going on with all of us NOW, and how we may not have realized what a HUGE and divinely intentional service our current experiences are creating and generating.

The push from within me to share this with you is so strong that it kept me awake most of the night, and was adamant about me getting to the library this morning to get online to write to you and your readers about it. Please note that this entails a few different threads that need to be woven together to express what it is that has come to my awareness, so please bear with what may seem like meandering in how I translate this insight into words. Also, I know you have talked on some of these subjects in your writings, so please know I am simply sharing how it was that my Soul recently brought me to these insights.  So, here goes.


On February 1, I awoke with the phrase, “Alpha and Omega… the beginning and the end” in my awareness. I was also extremely aware of how strongly I knew, with all of my Being, that I simply MUST SHARE all of the Love I felt, and that I felt myself to Be.

Once I got up, I was led to look up a passage of the gospel of Thomas, as I remembered that it referenced “the beginning and the end”. I got out my journal and wrote down my process that morning. To the question, “How will our end be?”  Jesus answered:

“Have you discovered the beginning, then, so that you are seeking the end?  For where the beginning is, the end will be.  Fortunate is the one who stands at the beginning: That one will know the end and will not taste death.”

Then I was led to look up the references to Alpha and Omega in Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book, The Revelation: Our Crisis is a birth. There I found this:

“We exist in a state of eternal evolution, an unfolding of that which is eternally pre-potential in the mind of God.  We become Alpha and Omega.  We are the beginning and the end.  We are the whole.  Every whole being is integrated into the whole.  there is no death, only ever-higher order, consciousness and union with God through co-operation of the parts of the universal Whole.”

In another place where Barbara was telling of her own personal search for who she really was and what’s really going on with earth and humanity, she says:

“Teilhard called this advent ‘Omega’, the “Christification of the Earth”. Each of us, being members of the one body, will be collectively lifted up in consciousness. This is a natural occurrence and can be expected to happen in real, historical time.”

Then I was led to opening my book, God as Mother by Victoria Jennings. This tied it all together for me as to what my Soul was trying to tell me about my own personal feelings and experiences. In this book, she allows that in the beginning was the Feminine Aspect of God — the Causal Being.

“The Causal Being is the true nature of God; It is pure LOVE.  This Causal Being or Love is the Divine Principle from which all things are first caused.  It not only is the essence of Life, but also contains and sustains all life thereafter.”
“The One is a purely SELFLESS state … it needs to give.  Its nature is to give, to share Itself … with anyone, anything outside of itself — But nothing else exists but itself!  Thus, the manifestation process begins…”
“And so, It yearns.  It MUST give; Its nature is to give, to share.  This yearning becomes an intense self-less desire.  A self-less desire that consumes with its own flames of Love … burning, heating, and then … engulfing Its own Being.”
“This is the cause of the BIG BANG …. It’s what drew the mass (heat) together … God’s yearning, God’s self-less and intense desire to share It’s Love.  This self-less desire to share Its Love grows beyond what can be endured …..”

The author calls the Big Bang the First Christ Event, in which Unity sacrificed Itself, its own Being, in order to share all of the Love that it could no longer contain.


By the time I got through reading this, I was weeping because it sooo felt like what I was feeling as my own experience of not being able to stand being ‘here” another minute!

Then I wrote in my journal:  “This is why I so want to fully ascend (and thus fully sacrifice my old self and form to share all of the love I have and Am) … Because it is obviously built into me … this natural inner yearning of God within me, (within all of us), to keep sharing … and not to simply just sit around and loose my momentum!  I was crying because it felt like I was getting firm directions from my Soul to share all I have to share, from and AS only pure love, through my ascension, and yet I just still keep finding myself in this ‘clay vessel’ form.”

It was becoming clear to me that what I and many of us here at this site are experiencing is the full circle, “Alpha and Omega” of our time here … that our LBP and our personal ascensions were the same phenomenon as the Big Bang!

Then not long after this, I came across George’s reference to this same fact in his New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” material:

“From the earthly point of view, the transformation of the 7F-creation energies in organic and inorganic 3D space-time can be described as follows:

“The soul segment that incarnates on earth from 7F-creation levels, must significantly reduce the incredibly high frequencies of these energies before they can manifest as matter. It is an energetic transformation, similar to the well-known conversion of heat into electricity or mechanical work and vice verse.

“From a theological point of view, this energy transformation is interpreted as an “act of creation.” It is a central theme of all religions. In physics, it is presented in cosmo­logical terms as a “big bang”.

“Both religions and science have in this respect, however, committed a funda­mental error in thinking. While they understand the creative act as a single event, which they usually set at the beginning of world history, they deprive themselves of the opportunity to witness the perennial existence of this creation, which takes place in front of our eyes.”

Then, just a few days ago, in your Ascension Report 62, Loren beautifully expresses a very similar experience, with very similar language:

“The way we become a light body is: exploding from within with such love that you simply can not contain the feelings within you any longer. (Becoming our own star?) It is the activation of the Christed Heart – the spark that is eternal within you now powers your entire being and it never tires or fails. The power of love, the overwhelming power of love is in these new bodies that power us. We need no food or drink- we are powered from within like a human heart but Christed – made of light, a piece of source. So beautiful. I want to explode into my light body! But usually I just burst into tears.”

So, with this first part, what I’m trying to say is that many, if not all, of us here can relate with yearning to be able to move on to where we can more fully and completely share the immense love we now experience ourselves to be.


The second point I need to weave into this is that it is all too obvious that we also share the agony of still experiencing being here in this clay vessel.  After reading Kari’s letter in Report 63 yesterday, I felt so much compassion for her and for all of us, with regards to the utter agony and futility we feel. This is when the insight hit me, as to what it is that we are all sharing, RIGHT NOW.

From within these ‘clay vessels’, WE, as a collective of Christ/Unity consciousness, are becoming the “zero point” of the pole shift from within our life experience of the polarity of duality/polarity consciousness.  In other words, we all are having to live these days of collectively holding the polar extremes of human experience — the Agony AND the Ecstasy — as we are anchoring the Light that is building in us for our “Big Bang” … Alpha and Omega … experience of ascension, and thus are anchoring the experience into the grid for all Earth and Humanity.


 However, there’s one more thread that is part of all of this: 

We all seem to resonate with the pole shift and our ascensions coming up in “the Spring”. And, we all seem to be sharing the present feeling of the building of the energy and Light, and the frustration and “agony” of still not being able to explode into Light ourselves, as our collective yearning to share ourselves in “higher” ways has increased to the point that nothing else will do.

What if our translation of “the Spring” is what is keeping us from really “getting” where we are now, as a collective?

We have been (I feel erroneously) trained to believe that the equinox is the ‘beginning’ of Spring, when it is actually the mid-point or the “equal” point of light and dark hours …a “zero point” place!

I am not interested in debating this. I only wish to point out that the feelings that we internally have as our sense of the Sun’s light, often do not coincide to the strange way we have learned to believe in the separation dates of the seasons. Here are a few comments I found online concerning others’ views of how we have been trained to perceive the seasons:

“Perhaps the Celtic perception of the seasonal calendar harmonizes best with nature. Should Summer’s arrival really mark a time of year when daytime just gets shorter and shorter? Is it logical for days to only lengthen throughout Winter? It seems to contradict our perception of what these seasons are, or is it just a mid-Summer’s night dream of mine? The Celts believed major transitional days — Solstices and Equinoxes — should be enveloped by the time of year they signify, not stand for mere boundary markers! Celtic calendar keepers favored the Cross Quarters as bookends for every season under the sun.”

“Why do we call the vernal equinox the first day of spring?  We also call the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year, the first day of summer.  And, the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, is called the first day of winter.  It seems like it would make more sense to call these days mid-spring, mid-summer, and mid-winter.””

Yay! someone who agrees with me. The longest day of the year should be mid-summer not the first day of summer, and the shortest day should be mid-winter. I’ve always thought that the solstices should be “mid-points” of their respective seasons. It just makes so much more sense!”

If we see that Spring’s mid-point, LIGHT-wise, is the Equinox, that means that we are already living in the Spring of 2012, and that the building of the energy of Light we all feel is also because the seasonal process for 2012 is heading to ITS “zero point” with the present lengthening of daylight as we approach the Vernal Equinox.

This would mean that the present daily building of light supports what we can feel happening in our bodies and our sense that “the light is changing”, instead of interpreting it as “having Spring fever”, like it’s not what it feels like it is.

The point here is that in Report 62, Yoa received information that “3 weeks + 1 day” was how many weeks left to ascension/shift.  That puts it right at March 11th; and on my calendar, that day just “happens” to be the arbitrary date for “Daylight Savings” to begin…ha!

If the shift/our ascensions are to happen in “the Spring, then THEY ARE BUILDING NOW as a collective pole shift/zero point occurrence within US, since this really already is Spring, and its Mid-point is on March 20th.

So, to tie this all together … We are currently acting as a collective “Pole Shift” in Human form, as the collective ascended consciousness that we all comprise is anchoring both extremes of human reality into the Earth NOW as the Light builds ALREADY, IN and THROUGH US, to help US CREATE the impetus of the Earth’s Pole Shift.

This is the best I know how to express this insight that feels extremely powerful to me.  If we all KNOW what we are collectively DOING, right now, as we ‘keep hanging in here’ for this time of Light building, on all levels, then we are conscious of COLLECTIVELY  building, right now the “zero point” that creates our own “Big Bang”.  This could help us feel that this “meantime” time is a huge service, in and of itself.


So, there you have it.  I hope this makes sense and that you will share it with the group here at your site in your next report.  I feel that my part was to put it into words and send it on to you as soon as I could, which I’ve done now.

Endnote: I have always had the deep, inner propensity toward excellence, and I feel myself compelled by that same essence in this last effort of this life, like never before. Yes, I feel totally sick of my digestive and sinus issues, headaches, and all the rest of what feels difficult about still hanging in here by a thread. And yet, even in the thick of it all, I feel the sense of deep privilege and honor to be one who “gets” to have this job. I mean, given that we are here with things the way they are, would any of us want to have any other job, when you really think about it?

So, in conclusion, I say, lets rally together from deep within us, from the essence of excellence that Christ/Unity Consciousness naturally graces us with. Rather than us all individually feeling like we are barely hanging on, we have the opportunity to go beyond meeting up here at this site, and to meet up with a single focus in our One Consciousness.  Knowing we are each holding both polarities as One, when we intentionally further focus our Light and Love as a group, we will further raise our vibrations, creating a higher group resonance. Thus, together, we intentionally create a cohesive alignment and harmonization of our unique facets of the One Christ Light of Love, which is the “wave” of our  upcoming Christ Event!  This is us further creating that which we’ve been waiting for!

All for One and One for All!

I send my thanks, love, and warm blessings to you George, and to all!


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