Energy Update – March 2012

by Georgi Stankov, February 27, 2012, Copyright 2012


Giorgio De Chirico, The Arrival, 1912-1913

Yesterday, February 26th, 2012 is a turning point in the history of mankind and earth. We have entered a new period of energetic constellation, where the splitting of the two timelines will become for the first time evident and palpable for all human beings. This process is ongoing since we opened the portal 11.11.11, but this process was felt only by the members of the PAT and some other more evolved incarnated human entities. To the vast majority of human beings, it was business as usual during these last four months. Now the collapse of the old matrix has reached a level when its outer holographic images of the old world order can no longer be energetically sustained and will begin to crumble according to the hermetic principle “inside as outside”.

This new development will bring great advantages for all of you. Until now we had to experience the huge transformation in our energetic fields in the course of our LBP without seeing any tangible results whatsoever. I need not discuss all the frustration this unyielding situation has caused to all of us. The reason for this was that we were still linked to the old magnetic matrix of Gaia and humanity in order to raise their frequencies and infuse more light in the model from the ground, which is the most effective way to transform this planet and its population.

For this reason we had to live in the extremely uncomfortable situation to be indomitable beacons of light and transfuse the new fifth-dimensional 11.11. energies, and at the same time to bear all the negative aspects of the old way of life as already ascended masters,while still dwelling in a limited physical vessel. In addition, many of us were intensively involved in the cleansing of the 4d-astral level, where the dark entities from the Orion/Reptilian empire, the actual off-world PTB on earth, dwell, and in the extradition of the most malignant of them from this planet. This was necessary as to lay down the foundation for the upcoming shift of Gaia and part of humanity to the 4th and 5th dimensions after the magnetic pole reversal will come this spring and the split of the two timelines will be definitely accomplished.

We discussed last week that the new crystalline grid is almost completed earlier than planned due to our efforts to transfuse high frequency energies in the astral atmosphere of Gaia and humanity.

It is not a well appreciated fact that the higher some individuals raise their personal frequencies on the ground, the quicker the ascension process of Gaia and humanity will be. This is an extremely non-linear process, where the achievements of a few courageous wayshowers such as the members of the PAT is sufficient to augment the frequencies of the whole humanity in an exponential non-linear manner. The synchronization of your thoughts and experiences around this website in the last four months has hugely contributed to this goal of cosmic proportions.

We have already discussed in the context of our expected ascension at 11.11.11 that one ascended master would transmit during the short period of time, while going through the portal. such huge and powerful energies that they would be sufficient to open and awaken one million human beings on the ground. This ratio is still valid for the members of the PAT after 11.11.11, notwithstanding the fact that we decided to stay on earth and postpone our ascension.

In fact our “coefficient of light efficiency” has multiplied in these last four months, because we stayed longer on earth, beyond our initial contracts, and could ascend our frequencies beyond any limitation observed so far in this galaxy. In this way we actually promoted the light quotient on earth beyond the initial expectations. We have thus turned the disadvantage of the delayed awakening of humanity at the stargate 11.11.11 to a major advantage, as now the actual splitting of the two timelines will come earlier than played out in the most optimistic astral probability alternatives for the End Times.

This new positive development makes it possible that many events that were initially planned to occur in a more gradual, sequential manner will now happen at once and will hit humanity with a much greater force. This is the reason why many dark channelling sources, such as under the name of the GFL, now propagate a more gradual and cautious scenario for this year, allegedly to take care of the huge fears of the masses. This is exactly the opposite of what is scheduled to happen in the next weeks and months and a clear indication for the insidious character of such sources and for the dumbed down mentality of their channelers, as this is recently exemplified by the entity Greg Giles.

We are now on the cusp of profoundly altering our energetic role. While we have embodied the function of the wayshower in the past, who goes through huge energetic transformations, while cleansing old dross of humanity through his fields and experiencing at the same time a plethora of negative emotional, psychological, mental and physical effects associated with this process, we will now enter more calm waters, where the emotional upheavals and clinical symptoms of the LBP will begin rapidly to recede.

We will start to experience increasingly more loving energies from the 5th dimension, where we will now reside in a more conscious manner. We will be kind of wrapped up in these energies as in an impermeable bubble that will protect us from the hurricane that will swirl around us and we will float above all calamaties, mayhem and social upheavals that will commence on a grander scale in March and will peak in the coming months of this spring until summer.

You will feel this improvement in your personal lives and in the way you will begin to perceive the new reality that will emerge from the chaos. This will be possible because we are now being linked to the new crystalline grid of the New Earth in preparation for the magnetic pole reversal and the definite split of the two timelines when we will also ascend. We actually perform this split in advance in our function as wayshowers to the new 5d-reality of mankind.

I can assure you that soon you will be much more relaxed and will enjoy much more optimistic and loving energies and thoughts than ever experienced before. This subjective perception will be in a cogent discrepancy to the crumbling physical and social conditions on the earth. You will feel like a foetus fully protected in the womb of the mother, even during a war. Such will be the quality of the new energies that will soon engulf you.

You all have gone through the “zero-point“, to use this weird esoteric term, and have now passed on February, the 26th, onto the other side of life, where light, harmony and all-pervading emotional wellness are the normal state of living, as this will be the case on the New Earth. In addition, the clarity of your thoughts will improve radically.

This overall very positive energetic development will begin in the course of March and will continue to increase its effects till our final ascension. This personal well-being of the members of the PAT will be in ample contradiction to the state of total mental chaos and emotional confusion, in which the rest of humanity will glide when the “catastrophic” events will begin to stipulate in the subjective view of the overwhelmed majority. The positive character of these transformative events will be only known to a few enlightened beings as you are and this is the reason why you will have to educate the masses very soon.

Let me explain the energetic dynamics behind this schism of humanity that was well-known for the End Times and has been predicted in numerous prophecies in a more or less allegoric manner, even in the New Testament. Most humans still live within the old magnetic matrix, built by the off-world Powers That Be from the Orion/reptilian empire as to hold humanity in total enslavement and darkness – in a full separation from the Source and their souls. In this way they have dumbed down the human creative potential which is practically unlimited as many humans will soon realize when they will ascend at the end of this year to the 5th dimension.

Now, this old system is crumbling and before it can be substituted with the new open system of the crystalline grid, there will be an interim period of total confusion, associated with a huge surge of negative, fear-based patterns.

All old collective habits that have shaped social life and the current debased human civilisation  for eons of time will no longer work in this interim period, as they will not have the energetic support of the old crumbling magnetic grid of the Anunnaki, but will be at the same time not able to gain access to the new high frequency crystalline grid, because these low frequency, fear-based patterns of humanity cannot interfere with this grid.

This circumstance also explains why in the New Earth that will be fully embedded in the new crystalline grid, for which some of us will soon take responsibility as ascended masters, will be protected from the dark forces of the Orion empire; the latter use entirely 4d-energies which cannot penetrate this energetic shield, while they can be easily propagated by the current crumbling old magnetic grid on the 3d-earth.

This is the fundamental difference between you, the members of the PAT, and the rest of humanity from an energetic point of view. You have raised your frequencies by deleting all fear-based patterns stored in your DNA, cells and auric energy fields, so that you are now able to connect step by step with the new crystalline grid, while adjusting the different levels of constructive interference. Your connection to the grid will be your energetic protection in these troublesome times and the source of your emotional and mental wellness, which you will increasingly learn to enjoy in the coming days, contrary to your past experience. Be open to this new development and welcome it by forgetting all past sorrows and pains. 

The huge masses will begin to experience on their part all the fears, which have served them so well in the past as their psychological Pavlov’s reflexes of survival. They will now for the first time awaken to their fears and begin to realize their illusory nature. This will be a very painful and disheartening experience that will throw the masses in a great psychological crisis, precisely, in a real collective emotional depression – in the abyss of their collective soul.

As they have been used to follow their fears in their daily life without questioning them and have organized their society in such a way as to appease these basic fears at the most primitive level, most humans will continue to react to the new radical changes and social collapses in the old-fashioned way, in the expectation that their fear driven actions will yield the same results as they have achieved within the old matrix. They will most probably project their fears onto other people and declare them as “scape-goats” for their problems, as is currently the case with the USA against Iran, and may try to instigate wars or stir social unrest and civil wars, as we already observe in the Near East, in Africa, but also more and more in Europe and North America.

This surge in human violence will be the outer expression of the cleansing of old fear-based patterns of humanity, so that the people can connect to the new crystalline grid in December 2012, before they can ascend.

With this elaboration I want to draw your attention to the inner energetic dynamics behind the coming social events, as all these scattered external collapses that we will witness in the coming weeks and months will be of secondary character and will be void of any external causality. In order not to get lost in the coming chaos, you should be able to perceive the inner logic behind the thinning veil of human separation from All-That-Is and thus be able to “separate the wheat from the chaff”, while the mass media will do exactly the opposite.

A this point, the inner-psychic mechanism of the so called “social  oxymoronswill come into play, as explained in my book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“. The effect of these oxymorons started already with the attack on the World Trade Center by the dark ones, when they achieved the opposite effect of what they initially intended. This crime on humanity did indeed trigger the collective fears to an unprecedented level, especially in the USA, so that the dark US-government could instigate two criminal wars with the allowance of the American electorate. But at the same time this heinous act also unleashed the feelings of love and compassion among the broad population, which have never been experienced before at such a high level and to such a global extent.

This inner dialectics of human fears is not at all understood by the dark hats, and that is why they are bound to lose. You cannot instigate human fears in an unlimited way because when such fears reach a maximum, they are deleted according to the laws of constructive and destructive interference and the inner knowledge of the eternal connection of each incarnated human entity with the Source and his soul surges at the conscious level. This is the protective mechanism that has been inserted by God in each sentient being in All-That-Is as to preclude his infinite descent into darkness and perennial separation.

The dark ones, the Greys and the Reptilians from the Orion Empire, and their detestable human minions on power as politicians and CEOs, have forgotten in their blindness that they can use human fears to control and dumb down the masses only within the comfort emotional zone of the human beings, by providing a minimum of social comfort and political order, where the basic instincts of the people can be appeased in a controlled and somewhat predictable manner.

But when humans are squeezed to the verge of extinction as the dark ones planned for the current End Times, they have nothing more to lose and their fears transform within the blink of an eye in human courage. This is what the one percent of dark hats in power will soon begin to experience and fear most when the 99% of the enslaved humans will regain their courage this spring and will revolt against their oppressors and force them to demise. 

The mechanism of this inner-energetic psycho-dynamics has been explained in my article “The Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization“. That is why the scope of the dark masters to manipulate human society is rather limited and cannot match the upcoming cosmic changes. The more they increase their efforts to enslave humanity and introduce the New World Order by ensnaring the fears of the masses, the more the people awaken and begin to revolt.

This dynamic process that is in the making since the end of WW2 and has exponentially grown after the 9/11 attack will finally peak in the course of this spring. The start for this final countdown was given on February 26th from the higher realms. At this pivotal day the decision was taken to begin with the manifestation of the energetic split of the two timelines and the activation of the crystalline grid. This decision was taken at the highest levels of Cosmic Providence for this planet and solar system, as well as for this galaxy and most of us were present there in the dream state, as I met with many of you. The unsolved Greek financial crisis will be the tipping point.

I was urged during the last two nights by my higher self again and again to make this information available to you, so that you can reactivate your dream memory and release this inner knowledge into your daily consciousness. This will facilitate your personal life in the coming days, as you will know for sure that you will not be affected in any way by the mayhem and social disarray that you will witness soon at the social and physical level.

The vast majority of humans will experience for the first time in the history of this civilisation on a global and massive scale what you have experienced throughout your lives and especially after you have entered the LBP – namely, the total collapse of the hallucinatory facade that represents your social and family life on this planet. You only need to remember how you felt at that time as to synchronize with the tribulations, which the masses will have to go through in the coming days.

As your memories are quite fresh, and this particular kind of disillusionment has been extensively discussed in our ascension-reports, I have no doubt that you have a precise idea of the coming challenges that await humanity and will be able to express a transpersonal compassion when mankind will enter troubled waters. However you must be very careful not to engage in personal dramas and saving actions, as you cannot save a single incarnated soul in the End Times, unless she has decided to seek her own salvation. The only thing that you can do in the coming weeks and months is to send love and compassion in form of light in a disinvolved manner and to try to be islands of calmness and confidence amidst the reigning tempest. I am speaking now of the rather short period of time between the unfolding óf these events and the time of your ascension.

After that the playfield will be altered dramatically and you will become the new keepers of Gaia and humanity.

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