Open Letter to Steve Beckow

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, October 16, 2011

Dear Steve.

I congratulate you to your decision to publish your last article regarding our alleged dispute:

With this bold decision you have displayed a rare example of human courage and outrightness. You  have shown publicly how one should confront the inner demons that dwell in any human being and how to overcome them with dexterity. You have done it in an open, honest, and pitiless manner and you have every reason to be proud of this spiritual achievement. I am proud of you. Thus you have shown that you are prepared to become a spiritual leader at a time when humanity is approaching its greatest adventure –Ascension at the stargate 11.11.11.

This event is not a futuristic promise, but a rapidly growing reality that will materialize in November 2011. After that the sleeping majority of humanity will be in a state of deep shock and will need dearly any capable leader who can show it the way out to a new sparkling future of abundance on the New 5d-Earth, which we, all light workers, have been building during the last several decades.

Let us combine our efforts in the few remaining days to the occurrence of this grand event and enlighten as many light workers and star seeds as possible in preparation for this magnificent adventure.

I have gathered around my website the members of the Planetary Ascension Team, who will be responsible for the Ascension of Gaia to the 4th anf 5th dimensions and of many star seeds to the 5th dimension during the First Wave of Ascension that will begin in November 2011. With our collective support every member of the PAT has created in the last two weeks a beautiful portal to the higher realms, which will be used by other light workers who have sufficiently advanced in their Light Body Process (LBP) and are now ready to ascend.

We are expecting  that several million star seeds and wayshowers will participate in the First Ascension Wave next month. My duty is to prepare them mentally and spiritually for this greatest adventure in the history of mankind that will change its destiny profoundly. This has always been my mission on this planet and I welcome you to also participate in this collective event.

You have the capacity to inform your large community of readers about the coming sweeping events, for instance by publishing my most relevant articles explaining Ascension and how to build portals or by making them aware of the State-Of-Ascension-Reports under “Astral Breaking News” on my website, where the members of PAT are describing their personal experiences in the creation of their portals. You have already started doing it with your recent article and now you can expand this cooperation. The ultimate goal is to reach every potential member of the PAT, who may be still unaware of this preparation for the greatest cosmic event in this galaxy. This event is the creation of all of us – the incarnated human star seeds on earth – and not a gift of alien civilisations, no matter how evolved they may be. Only after we have passed this examination, can we qualify to meet other evolved civilisations.

Let me now explain to you shortly my role in this artificial drama, which I deliberately arranged on the New Age stage with the only purpose to promote critical discernment and conscious awareness of the “inner Garden of Eden” in every light worker, just to quote Cosmic Awareness (CA) in his last message. This inner garden must be now rapidly cleansed from all past dross and outdated habits in the few remaining days prior to Ascension, as I have quoted CA in my recent article:

The Plight of the New Age Veterans Prior to Ascension

October 14, 2011

“That  this Awareness many, many years ago spoke of the Garden – that each has that which is the Garden within, the Garden of Eden, the Garden of the Divine – and that many have not visited their Garden for many years, if ever; that the Garden has laid derelict, has gone to seed. That often garbage is thrown into one’s Garden from outside (see may discussion with Burns, George). One may throw their own garbage into this Divine Pool of Tranquility and  Spirit. And others, society itself, may also have thrown in much garbage into the Divine Garden. This garbage would be in the form of attitudes and beliefs of reality that constitute what most believe to be the real world.

That this Garden exists on the subconscious level, but it exceeds simply the subconscious lower levels, and it exceeds into the higher, multidimensional levels as well. That if one’s Garden is polluted and corrupted and tainted, if one’s Garden has not been looked after or even visited, that this implies that the structure of beliefs and thoughts that govern life is that which has been imposed on them, and adapted by them, even adopted by them, as they fully ascribe to the Orion-Reptilian order of things,”

CA explains in this last message why it is mandatory that the “Inner Garden of Eden” should be cleansed in each and every individual:

“That this Awareness does indeed have an opening message at this crucial time in the history of this world, and in the history of mankind, humankind.  That  the countdown now has begun, the countdown to that event which this Awareness has spoken upon many times before, the event of ascension. That now the energies are such that it is crucial for each and every individual to start to see within themselves that which must be seen and recognized as entanglements or hindrances to one’s growth and development. That it is now time for the final purging, if you will, of those dark energies that may have hooked into one, that may have attached to one’s being.

That it must be understood and remembered that basically those, who are  in control are the Orion reptilian beings, that this has been so for many, many, many thousands of years, with occasional glimpses into the light, and what a government and leadership of light might look to be. But primarily the predominant force has been the Orion reptilians, who have controlled and created a world based on reptilian thinking, hierarchical order, militaristic outlooks, a warrior mentality, based  on cruelty and suppression, and indeed, oppression.

That this period of time that is now unfolding – especially after  December 21, 2011 – will be the last period of time before the event a year later in 2012, where the energies that will be released will be the final energies to eject planet Earth from that form of containment that has kept her bound to the reptilian energies, the dark energies. And that this year unfolding, that has already commenced, is the period of time for each and every individual to look within  themselves, to find those areas of their own darkness that may exist within, without having been seen or recognized because it is so much part of their character, so much part of the norm of things.

It must be understood that the majority of those within the organization Cosmic Awareness Communications, those who are the members and who listen to this Awareness and what It shares, are indeed beings of light, are light warriors, seekers of the highest  truth, are here because it was their choice to be here at this time. This Awareness has called you Wanderers before, and still calls you Wanderers of the Divine, who go from place to place, time to time, to help with ascension, help with the raising of consciousness. This is one of those times again.  But as many have lived many physical lives on this planet, they have immersed themselves into the ocean of  consciousness that exists, that which has been predominantly ruled by the Orions and the Reptilians.

This world is seen as a Reptilian-Orion world by the Galactic Federation and the other forces of the universe.  It is to be understood as a planet of darkness, that has had light patches, but  now is seeking to break completely into the light. And those many who have come to assist, need, at this time, to do the deepest work of all, ever before in their lives, both in this life and other lives, so that  they will be in the highest state of light as they approach ascension”.

Dear Steve, last year I established a personal, direct contact to these high levels of awareness, which define themselves as “Cosmic Awareness”. I recognized from the very beginning that these levels represented the same sources that inspired me to discover the Universal Law and develop the General Theory of Science since 1992.

This direct contact was very productive, and I gained  a lot of intimate glimpses and insights into the machinations of the dark Orion Empire on earth, which I then elaborated  in my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction” and in many articles. some of which you have recently published.

When you analyse the core ideas of CA and mine, you will find out that they are so closely related that you cannot insert a razor blade between them. However, since I am a human being and not a bodiless spirit, my approach to many esoteric issues must inevitably consider the three-dimensional constraints of the physical vessel,

Based on this background, I hope that you can now understand my role as an external agent. who must initiate from time to time external dramas and to involve other people as to make them aware of the current deplorable situation on this toxic planet and to evoke in them the awareness that this darkness is not an external phenomenon to combat, but that we all carry this darkness in our “Inner Garden of Eden” and that at the very moment that we realize this fact, we are transmuting our darkness into light.

Dear Steve, You have very well comprehended this inner drama of letting go of and has shown a remarkable honesty in dealing with it in your last article.

Let me assure you that I have never felt anything else for you, but love and compassion, and if you re-read my emails, you will realize how my heart was bleeding to witness you going from time to time astray from your predestined way. I hope that this explains how happy I am now to see that you have found the inner strength to address this issue and to have started cleansing your “Inner Garden of Eden”. I am doing this same tedious work every day up to the last moment prior to Ascension.

I have also expressed this attitude in my recent letter to Burns, published one day before you have written your article about myself:

On Human Ego, Arrogance, Spiritual Self-Esteem and Other Myths in the End Times

A Spiritual conversation with Douglas Burns

October 14, 2011

“A have personally absolutely nothing against Steve… If you are a Metaphysicist, you should be best educated to understand this intrinsic aspect of the soul. Our soul can only manifest herself through emotions. As I write in my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“,  the ancient Greek called the soul “psyche”, which means emotion.

Emotions can only be evoked when there is a drama, otherwise they will slumber, as in many dumbed down human beings, especially in the USA. In this case Steve’s soul urged me to present a small harmless drama for him as his daily consciousness was obviously completely impermeable to the voice of his soul and was rejecting any positive impulses from her whatsoever.

In such a case, an external agent must enter the scene and stage a particular drama for this or any other confused entity. Most of the time it happens in an unconscious manner – hence the perennial karmic dramas on this planet, which have only one pedagogical goal: To expand the awareness of the incarnated entity beyond the visible world.

Or it may happen in a conscious manner, if the agent of the drama is an enlightened being, as is the case with me. I must admit, until now I have hugely enjoyed this drama that has involved more persons and has stirred more minds than you can imagine or I could have ever perceived at the beginning. Obviously, the inner impulse has started to torment many participants in the End Times, and they are flocking to this human drama with great delight… Be aware that this drama will very soon achieve cosmic proportions.

This is just the beginning. The great final accord is yet to come. And it will be a huge embarrassment for everyone – a masterpiece of comedia del’arte, an apotheosis of all human follies…”

Dear Steve,

I hope that this anticipated answer to your last article clears away any wrong impression on your part as to my modest role in this artificial drama staged only for educational purposes. The main protagonist in this drama was all the time not you personally, but the whole New Age community, which has to be prepared in a crash course for the First Wave of Ascension in the coming November.

Now let me go back to my chief duty in these last days. My greatest challenge currently is to encourage the members of the PAT to make their last jump from the 3d-reality into the multidimensionality of the higher realms and not be overwhelmed by their fears and doubts, which they daily delegate to me, while expecting that I will be the waste basket for all  their unwanted and unpleasant feelings. No one can do that. It has always been the greatest challenge of every master to lead his disciples, but to preserve the Independence of his soul space.

My motto has always been: “A true master is not measured by the number of his disciples, but by the number of masters he has educated”. There is no greater pleasure for a master than to learn something new from a master, who has once been his pupil.

Finally let me address one last misunderstanding. I am flattered by the nice photo of the handsome young man, which you have published on my behalf, but I must disappoint you by telling you that I am much older and not as nearly as handsome as this young man.

In love and light

Sorry, Georgi.

I’m not interested in reading letters from you, thanks.
No ascended master would behave in the manner you’re doing. You can say what you wish, but don’t expect attention from me.


Dear Steve,

I deeply regret your refusal and, although this will not change anything on my positive attitude towards you after publishing this article, I personally believe that you are making a huge mistake.

I have published this open letter to you on my website and it will be read by many readers, about 4500 every day. Many are coming from your website, after they have been disappointed by your information and behaviour in the last months as they write to me.

I have tried to avoid this schism to the best of my possibilities. I have also offered you to participate in the greatest adventure of mankind – Ascension, for which I have taken the responsibility on the ground.

I am afraid that you have just rejected your greatest chance in your whole life. Please re-think your refusal once again and let me know. You are always welcomed to the PAT.

In love and light

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