The Plight of the New Age Veterans Prior to Ascension

By Dr. Georgi Stankov, October 14, 2011

I have repeatedly written in my articles that the channel “Cosmic Awareness” is the most reliable source which I have met in Internet. It is channeling since the late 60s and the archive of this source is overwhelming and breath-taking. There are more than 9000 pages channelled messages on virtually any New Age topic you can conceive. In fact, the New Age movement was partly initiated by this source at the time when the people around this source, known as CAC (Cosmic Awareness Communications), were pronounced intellectual leaders.

Currently the group is in a total disarray. Since May, they have not published a single monthly newsletter. Their last message as of October 8 was published only yesterday, October 13.  It is normally not my policy to publish channelled messages from other sources with the exception of Sue Caroll, with which I work very closely. We both complement ourselves in our themes, so that her messages from the Arcturians or the Ascended Masters are sometimes a valuable confirmation or supplementation of my reports.

The situation with the members of CAC is quite different. I approached them last year and expressed my admiration for this source. I offered them my cooperation in the sense that I formulate some key questions regarding LBP and Ascension.  I knew that these topics will be very soon in the centre of the collective interest of the light workers’ community. These issues were not discussed at all by the members of CAC at that time, probably because there were not that much advanced and were thus unaware of their future importance.

They declined any cooperation with me, whatsoever, withour any reason and behaved like a typical religious sect. This human behaviour was exactly the opposite of what CA has been preaching for the last five decades. I must admit that I was rather baffled by this unyielding mentality of this group.

Shortly thereafter I established a personal, direct contact to these high levels of awareness, which define themselves as Cosmic Awareness. I recognized from the very beginning that these levels represented the same sources that inspired me to discover the Universal Law and develop the General Theory of Science since 1992.

This direct contact was very productive, and I gained a lot of intimate glimpses and insights into the machinations of the dark Orion Empire on earth, which  I then elaborated  in my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction” and in many articles published on this website. All these articles have been written in the course of 2011.

When you analyse the core ideas of CA and mine, you will find out that they are so closely related that you cannot insert a razor blade between them. However, since I am a human being and not a bodiless spirit, my approach to many esoteric issues must inevitably consider the three-dimensional constraints of the physical vessel, For this reason I discuss completely different topics than CA, which is rather limited by the narrow-mindedness of the members of CAC, who pose the questions and determine the direction of the discussion. Most of them are incompetent on previous messages of CA and there is a great redundancy in the information in the last several years, which is the sole responsibility of the CAC members. In this respect the CAC-group is paradigmatic for the New Age movement, especially for its veterans from the past glorious times.

The last message of CA, published below,  is in my opinion a full endorsement of my recent intellectual dispute on the current confusion in the New Age, and especially among its veterans, who are currently about to fail in their ascension process, mired by flawed concepts and dumbed down by dangerous mental and emotional deficiencies, insidiously forged by the dark forces of the Orion Empire as CA explicitly underlines in this message.

When one reads this latest message of CA, one can physically sense the deep worry and anxiety of the Highest Realms of Cosmic Providence for this planet and for many stars seeds and members of CAC, who have gone astray from their initial soul contracts and may not ascend as planned, unless they cleanse radically their “inner Eden garden” – the inner space of their spiritual awareness – in the remaining short period of time as to qualify for this event. This is the most dramatic appeal, I have ever read from this source, and it reveals how dire the spiritual situation in the current  esoteric Vanity Fair is.

In this sense, this message of CA came exactly on time. It is the ultimate confirmation for my correct decision to launch this critical, intellectual dialogue about how dumbed down many light workers are in the current End Times prior to ascension. CA shares my great worries that this Ascension of earth and humanity may be at the end anything else, but a masterpiece of Awakening. I predicted this negative trend a long time ago and wrote in my last letter to the CAC-group, after I had opened this website on August 31 the following:

To all CAC members,

I am happy to  announce the publication of my new website:

“Stankov’s Universal Law Press”

in Internet,

It is a complete library (archive) of my writings and contains all my 15 books in four languages and many publications in total of about 5000 pages.

In my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction”  as of January 2011, I recommend Cosmic Awareness in my introduction as the most clear channel that I know and I quote it on many occasions throughout the book.

In comparison to the quality of the channel, the propensity of the CAC members to establish an open, fruitful and creative dialogue with other star seeds and light workers seems to be very rudimentary, which is a great disservice to the goals of Cosmic Awareness. But this attitude is quite common on earth and it does not spare most light workers.

I personally found this attitude rather deplorable on the one hand, while on the other I decided to establish a personal, direct contact to Cosmic Awareness, from where I received much of the information, published recently on my new website and on many other websites, such as, etc.

At the same time, CAC is currently unknown to the broad light workers’ movement – it has disappeared from the radar – which is entirely your human failure. It is a tragedy that this most clear channel has been so poorly managed by the CAC members, mainly due to their inability to lead an open and enlightened dialogue with other evolved light workers, instead of being happy doing this. This is normally the attitude of narrow-minded religious sects, and the opposite of what CA has been teaching during the last 40-50 years.

There is a German word that very precisely expresses my opinion on such a behaviour  – “Schade”! (it’s a pity). It is indeed a pity not to have used all the chances that have been generously given to you by the Cosmic Providence, from where your source contacts you. It is a spiritual treason on the esoteric heritage of this source.

With best personal wishes
Dr. Georgi Stankov

Cosmic Awareness Last Message

published October 14, 2011

Transcription done by CAC member Margaret Peiman

Questioner gives the Law of Love: The Law of Love is that law which places the welfare and the concern and the feelings of others within itself. The Law of Love is that close affinity with all forces we associate with as good.  The Law of Love is that force which denies the existence of evil in the world, that resists not.  Love is the path of least resistance.  Does Awareness have an opening message please?

CA: That this Awareness does indeed have an opening message at this crucial time in the history of this world, and in the history of mankind, humankind.  That  the countdown now has begun, the countdown to that event which this Awareness has spoken upon many times before, the event of ascension. That now the energies are such that it is crucial for each and every individual to start to see within themselves that which must be seen and recognized as entanglements or hindrances to one’s growth and development. That it is now time for the final purging, if you will, of those dark energies that may have hooked into one, that may have attached to one’s being.

That it must be understood and remembered that basically those, who are  in control are the Orion reptilian beings, that this has been so for many, many, many thousands of years, with occasional glimpses into the light, and what a government and leadership of light might look to be. But primarily the predominant force has been the Orion reptilians, who have controlled and created a world based on reptilian thinking, hierarchical order, militaristic outlooks, a warrior mentality, based  on cruelty and suppression, and indeed, oppression.

That this period of time that is now unfolding – especially after  December 21, 2011 – will be the last period of time before the event a year later in 2012, where the energies that will be released will be the final energies to eject planet Earth from that form of containment that has kept her bound to the reptilian energies, the dark energies. And that this year unfolding, that has already commenced, is the period of time for each and every individual to look within  themselves, to find those areas of their own darkness that may exist within, without having been seen or recognized because it is so much part of their character, so much part of the norm of things.

It must be understood that the majority of those within the organization Cosmic Awareness Communications, those who are the members and who listen to this Awareness and what It shares, are indeed beings of light, are light warriors, seekers of the highest  truth, are here because it was their choice to be here at this time. This Awareness has called you Wanderers before, and still calls you Wanderers of the Divine, who go from place to place, time to time, to help with ascension, help with the raising of consciousness. This is one of those times again.  But as many have lived many physical lives on this planet, they have immersed themselves into the ocean of  consciousness that exists, that which has been predominantly ruled by the Orions and the Reptilians.

This world is seen as a Reptilian-Orion world by the Galactic Federation and the other forces of the universe.  It is to be understood as a planet of darkness, that has had light patches, but  now is seeking to break completely into the light. And those many who have come to assist, need, at this time, to do the deepest work of all, ever before in their lives, both in this life and other lives, so that  they will be in the highest state of light as they approach ascension.

That  this Awareness many, many years ago spoke of the Garden – that each has that which is the Garden within, the Garden of Eden, the Garden of the Divine – and that many have not visited their Garden for  many years, if ever; that the Garden has laid derelict, has gone to seed. That often garbage is thrown into one’s Garden from outside (see may discussion with Burns, George). One may throw their own garbage into this Divine Pool of Tranquility and  Spirit.  And others, society itself, may also have thrown in much garbage into the Divine Garden. This garbage would be in the form of attitudes and beliefs of reality that constitute what most believe to be the real world.

That this Garden exists on the subconscious level, but it exceeds simply the subconscious lower levels, and it exceeds into the higher, multidimensional levels as well. That if one’s Garden is polluted and corrupted and tainted, if one’s Garden has not been looked after or even visited, that this implies that the structure of beliefs and thoughts that govern life is that which has been imposed on them, and adapted by them, even adopted by them, as they fully ascribe to the Orion-Reptilian order of things (see my comments on Steve Beckow, George).

As this Awareness has said, the world itself is under this domination. The elites, and those who serve the elites with consciousness, are aware of this fact; but the majority are unconscious of this. They are unconscious of that which is their subterranean, inner-directed  and Divine Garden, that would allow them to clean up their lives, to create an amazing life in this physical reality, as well as provide them gateways into the higher realms of consciousness, that would allow them to visit that which is the meta- consciousness, that is the God consciousness, where all can go and recreate themselves, and redefine themselves. That this needs to begin with a re-discovery of the Garden, or a re-investigation of it, to find out the status of the Garden.

Some have a wondrous Garden, where there are many, many joys and  surprises of an amazing nature. Those would belong to those who have long worked at the deeper levels of their being, who have opened themselves up to God the Divine, God the Almighty, the Essence of  Everything and All, who have allowed the higher levels of consciousness, their own multidimensional consciousness to guide them forward, to help them see how to create this garden, how to keep it clean and pure, how to continue this work, moving themselves forward, ever forward, in their pursuit of ascension (This is a fair description of all members of PAT, George).

That as this Awareness has said, the majority of members of the organization CAC are those of a high spiritual nature, who somewhat remember themselves, but largely have fallen into a state of unconsciousness, that are seeking to awaken to the deepest truth of their Being.

It is to those in particular that this Awareness is sending this message: It is time to return to your Garden.  It is time to go inwardly and to investigate that which is the inner landscape; to discover that which is corrupting the Garden, polluting the Garden, corroding the Garden – to release and clean up those things that do not belong in a Garden of Light and Love, a garden of Divine Spirit – as you are all Divine Spirits. It is time to let go of the fears and  the beliefs that constrict one, that tie one into the physical reality that has been created according to the Orion-Reptilian agenda.  It is time to see exactly how deeply that goes, those teachings, those beliefs, into one’s own inner consciousness.  And that by cleaning up the Garden, by taking the time and looking into the darker areas of the Garden, one creates again a Garden of beauty and joy, of happiness and peace, of high spiritual attunement and enlightenment.

This is a work indeed of great merit and great worth, and a work that must be done in these final stages of the ascension process, so that one comes to the highest level they can attain in their own bid for ascension (This is what we are doing on this website in our Ascension Reports, by openly discussing our perils and  how we have overcome the seductions of the darkness in the past, George).

That if one sees or feels that there is anything dark in their Garden, that the easiest way to cleanse this is to call upon the Light to eliminate any darkness or ties to the Orions and the Reptilians and those that work for them, to eliminate the beliefs of reality that so govern one as they work through one’s own life – as each works through one’s life. And that by calling in the Light into the Garden, by asking the Light to eliminate the darkness in the Garden, the darkness in that which is the inner space, one will acknowledge quite factually and literally that which is the Light of the Divine, the Light of their own Being, that each and every human is  connected to truly and earnestly – that this is an earnest effort with direction and focus and intent. It recognizes that even in those who have the highest spiritual nature, there is still a need to clean the Garden, to purify oneself, to bring Light into one’s being, to prepare oneself for that process that is unfolding.

Doing this will also help as the times themselves fall more and more into chaos, and as this Awareness has continually repeated over the last several months, [will] help each and every individual go through those periods of confusion and fear, that this Awareness has spoken of and warned against. That going into fear, becoming intimidated as things unfold, is a forgetfulness of the true being of one’s self and one’s true nature. Discovering the inner Garden, working on it, cleansing it, clearly, cleanly, impeccably, will be of the greatest  merit and assistance in these unfolding times.

Being in one’s Garden will allow one to see their world and their reality from the centre of their own creativity, their own ability to stay in the Light and Love.  It will be the eye of the hurricane that this Awareness has spoken often about, and will help them as they move towards ascension, as they help others understand the need for this purging and purification of the darkness within their own being. That as one enlightens their own being, others will see this light.

As one understands that this Garden is also a sanctuary, that none can intrude unless they are invited in, that they make this a place of the Light, where the darkness cannot intrude, where those forces that would seek to keep one oppressed and asleep cannot enter, for they are not  invited, they are not allowed.  Not only this, but when one holds the Light within and the darkness seeks to oppress, it cannot enter into the Light without being transformed. Therefore, if one creates this Temple of Light, this Garden of Enlightenment, the dark energies cannot truly enter without  themselves having to transform and step into the Light.

They may stand outside and holler and scream at you; they may try to deceive you; they may try to lure you into a place of fear and intimidation; but as one learns how to be comfortable within the light of their own being, how to be comfortable in the light of their internal divine Garden, then those dark energies and forces that scream and yell outside of the Garden will have no effect – will not destroy or deviate the individual from their true and proper goals.

But there is responsibility in this – there is a high factor of  acceptance that one has this Light within, one has the responsibility of reclaiming the Garden, of cleaning the Garden, of making it into that Divine Centre of Light and Brilliance. That this is the responsibility that lies on the shoulders of each and every human being at this time.

Events will begin to unfold that can either drive one to despair,  drive one to jump off the cliff and plummet down to their death – or, those same events can drive one into that internalization of  exploration, that internalization of the process of defining oneself, RE-fining oneself, of preparing oneself for that event of great magnitude that is ahead now but a few short months. It is up to each and every individual to come to some realization that it is time for each and every individual to make a claim on their Inner Being, and to clarify it, to cleanse it, to purify it, so that they are ready for the journey and for ascension.

Not all, of course, will be willing to do this.  Indeed, this Awareness still must say that the majority would rather take the easy way out – simply stay in their comfort zone, believing the lies given  to them, or buy in to the fears and doubts that will beset this planet, already are doing so. But to those who have heard this message, who will take the time and effort to look inwards and to work  with their own Gardens, this Awareness promises that it will be an effort that will have great reward, and will bring one to the higher levels of consciousness that are needed now in these last months of the unfolding, the last months of the ascension process. You will be ready for ascension if you indeed clean up your Garden ( This is what this website is all about, George).

That this is a task of great importance, and this Awareness lends Its energies to any who call upon It for assistance in doing so. Remember this, that the easiest way to clean the Garden is to call in the Light.  And the easiest way to do this is to use the refrain, the affirmation: I AM THE LIGHT, THE LIGHT I AM.

One can add to this that the Garden is in the Light, my Garden is in the Light, and I am in the Light of my Garden.

That  these are affirmations that will make cleaning your Garden, looking at the dark areas, easier than the old efforts that have been used to purge oneself – it is an easier way to eliminate the darkness. But in those events, where there are aspects of darkness that are  difficult, there is help and assistance. You can call upon your Low Self, you can call upon your High Self, you can ask for guidance in showing you what is needed to help you clean your Garden, and that assistance and guidance will most definitely be given to you.

It is now time for each and every human who is aware of the process of  ascension and the unfolding of events, to dig deeper, to go inwards, to find the inner Garden, to reclaim it, to clean it up, to not allow the garbage from others who would throw it into your Garden to be  accepted in the Garden – that you eliminate your own garbage from the Garden, and you truly make this a Divine Centre within your Being. It is part of ascension.  It is part of claiming the Light.

This Awareness has completed its opening statement.

Questioner: Thank you. . . .

CA:  It is to help the many understand that, even though they walk the path of Spirit, the path of light and enlightenment, that it is absolutely necessary to check out where there may be any attachment unrecognized by them that they have been carrying for a long while. Such as the deviousness of those in power, those dark powers, that they have attached themselves to many servants of God, many servants of the Light, and are doing so in ways that they stay hidden, and yet  their incongruity is often noticed by others (like the readers of this website, George).

That it is the responsibility of those, who have assigned themselves the task of helping in the ascension process, of reaching the light, to themselves look within themselves. And that using the Garden analogy, understanding  there may be parts of the Garden in darkness, where these beings lie hidden, where there may be the garbage of other beliefs and structures that have been thrown into the Garden, or even brought in by the individuals themselves due to their training and upbringing – that it is time to become fully cognitive of this, fully conscious of this, to take on that chore, that responsibility – not with a sense of onerousness or resistance to it, but in joy and  happiness to understand this is a chance to truly cleanse oneself….

It is a VERY important task that this Awareness speaks of, for this task will help the many who are preparing themselves for their ascension, to understand how to reach the even higher levels of ascension by taking on this responsibility, by working in the Garden,  and cleansing it and making it truly a divine place of light and love that shines within.

That as Beings of Light become more apparent, others who are seeking may come to them and ask how they did this, and they can share with them the truth of the internal landscape, and how important it is to weed out those areas of darkness in the Garden, their own Garden.  How  important it is to make it a place of light and love and the divine consciousness. That this will become a grassroots process that others can easily share with one another; and those who are truly interested, those who are truly drawn, who have it as their life purpose to experience ascension at this time, can take this simple process of reclaiming the Garden, of purifying the Garden, can make it their own process and prepare themselves for ascension.

This is a most highly recommended activity, a most important activity, as one prepares for ascension. Is this clear?

Questioner: Yes, it is… What would be the best procedure to  eliminate or detach a particular energy?

CA: That one simply sees oneself as the Light; hence the affirmation:  I AM THE LIGHT, THE LIGHT I AM. That as one speaks this affirmation, that one visualizes or imagines oneself as truly being the Light, of the Light shining from within, from the heart of their being, through the heart chakra, through all other chakras, through the whole body – becoming a Being of Light.

Any dark entities or attachments to one must fall off, for if they do not, they are tasting the Light of God. They must transform or fall away. That the Beings of Light – the attachments in darkness cannot exist in the light. If one were to enter a room of darkness, one  could stay in that dark room, stumbling on the objects in the room, being fearful of the sounds one hears, the feeling of the presences in the room – one can stay in darkness, OR, one can turn on the light. That when the light is turned on, the darkness vanishes, those beings of darkness vanish, for they cannot exist in the light, unless they are wishing to return TO the light.

It must be remembered that all beings will eventually come back into the light, even those who chose to play in the realms of darkness, corruption and evil. But that they too will be finally given the choice to return back into the light.  And there are those who have been in the darkness, who are now choosing to return back into the light, who are not avoiding the process of the recycling of the soul, but have chosen to be answerable to those crimes they have committed over the many millennia they have played in the darkness. That the greatest saints have also been the greatest sinners, and that this too is part of the cycle of spiritual evolution – to experience the Light and the Dark.

While this may be so, eventually the choice is to return to the highest light of love and consciousness that exists, that being the Divine, that being that which is God in Its Divine, Complete, Almighty  Essence. That the commitment to cleaning up the Garden is a commitment to living in Light, that as one begins to deal with those entities, energies, beings of darkness, one can indeed bring Light onto the situation, can proclaim themselves as beings of light: THE LIGHT I AM, THE LIGHT I AM.

That  this way of speaking – I AM THE LIGHT, THE LIGHT I AM – brings a degree of the Light back into oneself, and it increases and increases as one sees themselves as Beings of Light.  They then can stroll through their own inner Garden, and when they come to those places of darkness they can enter into those places, bringing the light into those regions.  Those who are in that darkness, that which is the darkness, must retreat, must leave – and eventually, with intent, design, and coordination, must leave the Garden as one reclaims the Garden.  One deals with the garbage, one deals with the darkness, one  is in the Light, one is the Light.  And in this Light of Being, this  Light of Consciousness, one will be able to bring Light upon these dark beings.  Is this clear?

Questioner: Yes, it is very very helpful.

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