Pallas Athena Announces the Beginning of the New Era NOW

Gabriele Schmitz, November 25, 2021


I am Pallas Athena and I greet you once again from the etheric realm above the island of Crete. Yes, this is the beginning of a New Era with this video. So much will change for you in the time to come, but that time is NOW. We are taking the first steps now into this New Era. You will be surprised at what you will experience, what awaits you in this New Era. I can assure you as the Goddess of Truth that what is coming will fill you with love, peace and a whole new life.

You may not believe it if you are still looking at your 3D reality, which in truth is not your reality. But on our level, we see what awaits you: The New Earth in its new form with people who are aware of their divinity, who will live in peace, who have found the connection to the divine within themselves, who will spread and live the divine love, also in divine service for each other and for the Source of all being. And this vision of this New Earth, which is already a reality for me on my level, is what I would like to bring closer to you today.

We know very well the challenges that you face today in this time. It does seem as if it is getting worse with each passing day. But I assure you that is the illusion that will break down a little more each day if you support it.

We see so many lightworkers who are doing their service day after day, who are on the verge of exhaustion and who long so much to see the changes. That is why today I speak of what awaits you. I wish to sustain you, I wish to prepare you in great joy for what awaits you and that time is NOW. We say nothing else but that it begins NOW. Maintain this NOW every second of the day.

NOW is the manifestation of the New Earth.

We see so many lights that you are as the Beings of Light that you truly are. Many of you have long since taken up your service to the Divine, to Humanity and to Mother Earth. You have been serving the Divine Plan for many, many years, some even decades, and you are exhausted from what you do every day. Yet I want to say to you, it is so important that you do this service, for what awaits you will be immeasurably beautiful for you and it will be so rewarding to do this even now on a daily basis, what you feel you must do, what your inner voice is telling you and what the incoming energies want to tell you.

Please remember, it is a great change that is happening that you cannot measure with your mind. Even within you, you cannot see this great magnitude of transformation. This sometimes makes you sad, dissatisfied and also tired. But I want to assure you today, nothing is less real than how you feel in these moments. I want to remind you that you do not want to give up in these days when everything will gradually collapse, as we have said and as you know inside. We support you and that is why I say today: This divine reality is here. It is happening NOW. Through this, you are experiencing on the outside that this false reality is rearing up to the last, and this creates chaos on the outside. That is why we ask you: Do not look outside. Orient yourselves to your inner knowledge, it is given to you.

Inside you already have the picture of what awaits you. Enter into meditation and we will show you the picture of the New Earth that will seem like paradise to you.

What does it take on your part to manifest what is actually ready for you, what does it take to manifest it more and more? We need you, we need your help. We cannot do it without you!

You lightworkers have it in mind for this life, for these end times that you knew about in advance, you have made yourselves available to do your service. So please do it now by keeping yourselves completely out of the outside that you see. Take yourselves back, go into love, for where there is love, fear cannot be. And where there is fear, you support darkness. Therefore, pull yourself out of these dark machinations that may show up in you in the form of programming.

Avoid the outside as often as you can. Stand firm! Go into nature and listen to yourselves. This is the way into the New Era!

It may be that in this NOW time some things are still rearing up, but withdraw your energy from them. Go into love and another reality will show itself to you. This reality is NOW!

This is my message for today, beloved Lightworkers who work tirelessly. We thank you for your service that you do every day and we wish so much – and we know it will be so – on the New Earth you will receive your reward and our gratitude is immeasurable for what you do here. Stay in the knowledge that it will be so and the first steps in the New Era will be much easier for you.

Thank you!


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