Pallas Athene: A Very Personal Message on the Present Transformation

Gabriele Schmitz, September 28, 2021

Dear George,

My new video from today is about to be published. Pallas Athene surprised me this morning by wanting to speak.

Here is the link:

I’ll do the transcript in a minute if you want to post it.

All love



Dear Gabriele,

I am not at all surprised that Pallas Athena gave you such a sudden message about the present transformation this morning, quite the opposite. Yesterday and tonight a decisive ascension thrust happened, which prepared the final shift. I was pulled away from Earth for 4 hours yesterday afternoon to participate in various Universal Council meetings where we did the fine-tuning for the final shift on infinite multidimensional levels of the Universe, for this Universe is also ascending. Since yesterday, the intensity and level of my vibrations have reached an unprecedented peak and this morning I wondered how I can still linger on this earth when all the particles of my body have already dissolved into their quantum constituents.

In addition, according to my estimation, the countdown to Ascension announced by Pallas Athena this month has almost reached zero – it is currently stuck between 1 and 0. As is well known, this transition takes a little longer than the normal counting of a countdown from 10 to 1. Thus, my prediction that the Shift will most likely occur around the 10.10 portal is still valid and receives new confirmation with the sudden timing of the current message from Pallas Athena.

All love


Transcript of the message

I greet you, yes specifically you, for this video. I am Pallas Athena and I would like to bring you a very personal message today. I know you. We in the whole universe, on our levels, we recognise you, we know you very well. We recognise each individual by their frequency and so it is not by chance that you have received this video today.

I as the Goddess of Truth would like to make you aware of your inner truth.

I want to tell you who you really are and I ask you to open your heart wide and also go into your feelings. What is it doing to you right now when I speak to you like this?

You are a powerful, divine being. It may be that you cannot believe these words right now, that you have a feeling of surprise that I am speaking to you in this way, that this statement may overwhelm you right now. But it is what you really are. You are a divine being and that is why I am giving you the reminder today. Everything that you are you have within you, everything is stored in your cellular memory that you have experienced individually in all of your lives, in all of your being. And you are allowed to be what you truly are today.

So I address my words to you now, you divine being. That you accept your divinity now in this time, that is what we ask of you on our levels. It is about you, only you and your recognition of your being and your transformation. Transformation is change and this change is happening, also especially with you, because this transformation is happening without you having to make any effort. Transformation happens every second, every day, in your whole being. The thing to do now is to accept this transformation. You cannot stop it. It is happening, as I have said. So day by day you will notice changes in yourself and it is important to accept these changes that you perceive through the feelings that you may perceive because you yourself feel everything that is happening to you. This is transformation and it is embedded in a cosmic event. You cannot prevent it. Mother Earth is transforming, the whole universe is transforming and you are an essential part of it because you are a powerful being and it is important now to accept this power within you.

It is part of your threefold flame to accept the divine power. It is also part of your threefold flame to accept the divine wisdom. And so it is also especially important to accept divine love and the love that you are, you may first give to yourself. Love yourself in your whole being. You are unique in the entire cosmos. And we wish nothing more than for you to accept this uniqueness, to embrace it, and thereby develop a great portion of self-love. You can then use this self-love to transform the things that perhaps still want to change in you into love.

Transformation is the change towards your great being and so accept these words from me now, which I address to you in this personal message. I can only do them personally. Everyone is unique and so I speak to you personally now. You have brought a divine plan for this life and that plan is for you to be there today where this great transformation is taking place. This is a divine grace that has been granted to you. Out of that grace, you can also see how far you have gone. Everything is stored in you, everything is in your being. So we ask you more and more whenever it is possible for you to connect with your great Being.

You are now going through a decisive phase and so I advise you today to accept the magnificence of this phase. It leads you into freedom. It also leads you into joy, into a great togetherness. The longing has long been anchored in you and you are now being led by this longing to where you are supposed to be.

You are being shown the qualities that you have because these qualities are unique. With these unique qualities, you can give so much to yourself and to the whole Being and that is what it is about today, that you make yourself aware of this.

Take time for yourself. Connect with the cosmos and with Mother Earth every day. When you allow both the cosmic energy and the energy of Mother Earth to flow through you, you are connected. This connection enables you to develop your potential. Let it come out through you. This changes your frequency. When you raise your frequency, and you do automatically when you realise your potential within yourself, things happen on the outside.

The situations, in which you are led, change. The people you meet behave differently and completely different people approach you. By changing your own vibration, you attract people and situations that have a completely different vibration that corresponds to your vibration now. That is the principle. The sooner you are ready to live this principle, the sooner the tremendous transformation happens to you. This transformation inevitably leads you into your new being. Everything is allowed to be completely new now. That is exactly what it is all about. Shape yourself and your life anew, become the creator that you are. You can now align your entire being according to your own visions, according to your own abilities. So do not hesitate. Start small, if you like, and through that create the big.

You will also see that you can achieve, manifest things that were impossible for you to manifest before. But now, in this transformation, everything is possible for you. And I repeat again, it is a great grace for you to live this and it leads you into freedom.

Let your threefold flame increase within you daily. Embrace the divine power, the divine wisdom and the divine love within you. Expand this flame more and more. Start each day with this divine spark within you that now wants to grow, that wants to become big into a huge flame, accept this now so that you can experience in joy all that is now manifesting, whether you believe it or not.

This transformation applies to all life on this planet. Nothing is excluded from it. But it is important that you stay with yourself now because by transforming yourself you are part of the great transformation in the whole. I would like to draw your attention to this today. This should give you courage so that you can go your way in joyful expectation, which will lead you, as I have already said, into your freedom, into your power, into your complete being as the powerful being that you are.

So I thank you for following me this far and it is also important for you. For what I am telling you is your own personal message and so rejoice in the fact that we are giving you this personal message so that you can go further into your complete being. And once again, we on our levels know who you are!

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