Pallas Athena: The Countdown to Ascension Is on

Gabriele Schmitz, September 20, 2021

Dearest Georgi!

The countdown is on. This is how you would describe it in your being when a significant event is imminent and is to be triggered. It is the last seconds that are being counted down until the moment of the initial ignition arrives. But this is cosmically and divinely determined and detached from your concept of time, please do not forget that.

You are ready and in position, there is no stopping the process. It is the most exciting time in all that is happening and a sacred process that has never happened before in your existence. Believe me and all the other clues you receive without waiting for more with the all too human feeling of impatience! It requires total surrender and unshakable trust in this so complex ascension scenario.

It is not you alone who longs for this moment. So many souls on the ascending timelines can hardly wait for the ascension events to manifest. On our planes, we see very well that the pressure on the outside is always trying to be increased by the visible and tangible actions on you. Reflect on the qualities of an Ascended Master or She-Master, remain in inner peace, in your inherent power and connection, and allow the divine plan to unfold according to the divine timing.

You receive all the support from all the beings involved from the higher realms and they feel your gratitude. So I too have gladly come to you through these words today to assure you in turn through them that all is unfolding perfectly according to the Source of all Being.

With greetings of light and love
Pallas Athena

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