My Ascension Test Run to the Shift

Travis Brown, July 16, 2021

Young man levitating over the bed

Dear George,

Again last night, July 15-16th, I was charged up before going to sleep and through the first hours was restless, repeatedly waking and tossing. I finally moved to the spare room so as not to disturb my partner anymore. The “tired and wired” feeling continued, an exhaustion that struggles to be still and fall asleep, yet lacks the energy to get out of bed.

Well, when I finally did fall asleep, I had a lucid dream that I was lying in that same bed awake. (But at the time, I believed I was awake, just under an intense energy spell.). The ascension vibrations were coming in strongly and suddenly, flushing through my body, elevating the consciousness and reasserting an inner knowing of abilities activating (as I have experienced many times in dreams the ecstatic practice of levitation, telekinesis, healing, etc.) It seemed to be pushing me past any previous waking threshold and I was thrilled!

In the excitement, I couldn’t help but whoop and holler “It’s happening! It’s finally real! Right now! Wahoooo!” I thought I was calling out (since I occasionally vocalize while dreaming) in a strained fashion but loud enough to alert my sleeping partner in the next room, hoping he may run in and witness. And yet also I could hear (in a dream?) the warped noises twisted out from my mouth, urging with joy yet all meaning lost.

Quickly aloft with bliss, my body received wave after wave of charge incrementally rising, like healing waters splashing through me. Lucid along with each nuance, I felt the link to past test runs. Yet here I was, integrating further than before, past the filter of dreamland (or so I believed) and capturing that holy grail.

At the height of the commotion, I heard softly as if beside my left ear, an angelic female voice calmly say, “Travis”. But in utter reflex, before her second syllable completed, I truly shrieked so loud through the dream into the apartment that I abruptly woke myself up, still peaking in energy but tiers below the quality in the dream. Settling back, I had to chuckle at how easily spooked I was by that singular audible moment, (perhaps the only intelligible speech of the episode!) when by contrast, I was accustomed to the tantalizing dimension-warp preceding it. 

Looking back, I believe the angel presented herself to calm me so I could simply receive instead of dizzy myself with jubilation and strain. It has seemed over the years that the vibration that will put us past the quantum threshold in waking consciousness has made its encroachments through deep meditation and dream, each time more undeniably real. The lucid mind says, “Oh! Right now! It’s this time! I just know it. Hallelujah!” 

Despite the longing felt as the experience fades when we return to waking beta mind, I find this method of spirit enticingly playful. It feels as if the human-anchored perspective experiences a stepwise training that will enable it to adjust most perfectly to the enormity of the Shift when it finally arrives and presents itself. As if we are landing from bliss with an assured and easy step, fully anchored, fully alight, and ready for whatever comes next.

Another PAT experiencer with whom I am in close contact has had many episodes of the same building energy quality, including lucid dreams of uncanny realness (of telekinesis, levitation, etc.) often taking place in her same space. She feels the unmistakable energy signature of the ascension threshold having been breached, and she is excitedly announcing so to her mother in the home. I presume many of the PAT and early ascenders have had similar experiences. What promises of the coming joy these contain!

One day… that one day swiftly comes.


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