When Predictions Come True

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 2, 2021


All my predictions regarding the expected results from our intense light work in the last months will now come true. This is a done deal and March promises to be the most spectacular month in the history of mankind with many more amazing months and years to follow. Our tedious and sacrificial light work of cleansing Gaia and humanity for many decades in order to ascend them will be finally crowned with the greatest possible success. This I can assure you at this crucial moment in time.

The energies of the last several days and their new quality of pure ascension and almost bliss, as much as this feeling can be experienced in a physical body, are heralding this beautiful outcome. There is also a feeling of completion, I hear the final accords of the long and periculous Odyssee of our souls in the 3D maze that is now coming to an end.

I have no precise idea how this will practically unfold on the ground and the reason for that is that my soul is not giving me any indications as this is no longer my concern. I am now ascending fast and furious and will soon observe the changes on the ground from a higher dimensional perspective. Actually, this is what I am already doing for a very long time.

I listened on Sunday to the eagerly awaited Trump’s speech at CPAC. As I expected, it was the usual failed political orgasm that the equally failed American patriots were longing for so long as they have no ability to generate it on their own. As long as they continue thinking in political categories, they will continue experiencing one fiasco after the other, one disappointment after the other. The sooner the people awaken, the quicker the desired changes will come.

However, I do not exclude the possibility that the military behind Trump is in full control of the situation in the USA and will eventually step forward to arrest all the criminal cabal beginning with Biden and his government and then all the traitors from the Senat and Congress. However, it may be also true that most of them have already been arrested and now only their doubles are playing their deplorable role of futility like in a Greek tragedy where the disastrous outcome is visible to the audience from the very first act but the protagonists march unerring and blindly towards their perdition as their characters are so rigid and intransigent that they, much to their detriment, cannot learn anything from the unfolding external plot that gives them clear signs about their dreadful destiny. They are not able to see these signs but only the public and this is the texture of all human tragedy which the ancient Greeks grasped so well.

This is indeed the veritable tragedy of the incarnated human personality on this most toxic planet in the entire multiverse and that is why we, the star seeds, have come here to make an end to this tragedy as “deus ex machina” because the normal humans can never turn around the Titanic and avoid the deadly crash with the invisible iceberg and thus avoid the sinking. This is what will happen with the dark cabal this year.

While Trump’s speech was a big disappointment, my HS was telling me a different story, which I shared with Patrick at the end of the speech:

“Dear Patrick,

actually, I had the inner intuition that Trump has the situation, Biden and the Democrats, fully in grip and now enjoys their hapless activity within his trap. He reminds me of my tomcat who was playing with the mice after he caught them but never ate them and always pretended as if they had a chance to escape from him, almost in a careless manner but the mice knew they had no chance and they didn’t even try to escape so that he had to push them with his paw to move as otherwise he had no fun.”

However, I still do not know whether the events will commence from the US with sudden mass arrests of the Biden government and corrupt politicians or there will be a Divine Intervention through a global Shift first and then our immediate appearance as Ascended Masters and the new spiritual teachers will change the political and societal landscape on the earth forever.

The latest message of the Arcturians points to this outcome: “The Awakening Instinct Switch“. This message essentially confirms one more time the long and extensively discussed activation of the threefold flame of life, the original seat of the soul in the human body in preparation for her descent into the physical bodies of all ascending candidates that will unleash their soul catharsis. This term which I have first introduced in the world literature encompasses the most profound inner transformation of the incarnated human personality, which is even now still fully driven by survival fears and very dark egotistic, materialistic behavioral patterns, into a new spiritual human being, who is fully aware of his immortality and from now on only longs for spiritual perfection.

Needless to say that this is the optimal and necessary prerequisite for the global introduction of the new Theory of Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law, then nothing has prevented its broad popularisation so much as the personal egotism of the scientists driven entirely by their survival fears and negating vigorously and viciously any urge on my part to become more spiritual. I know what I am talking about as I have experienced it infinite times with thousands of scientists with whom I have discussed the UL.

My guess is that we are now approaching this threshold with giant steps and while Winter Solstice was energetically the “point of no return”, although very little of it was perceived by the masses and only by the very few selected individuals, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, the upcoming Spring Equinox will be the focal point, the Mother of all change. And then all hell will break loose on this planet.

My preferable scenario is that it will start here from Italy where the city of light will manifest and we will become its custodians as the new ascended masters and teachers of humanity. At the same time, the young American souls will begin with the deconstruction of their dark 3D reality. Only when their country, being the embodiment of the old evil matrix, lies in shambles can the new reality emerge and bring peace and prosperity to this most bellicose, most arrogant, and most destructive human nation on the earth. The USA is the modern epitome of Atlantis and it has to go under first as its predecessor before something good can be created on the North American continent. I say this in full knowledge of and from close personal experience with the political, mental, and emotional characteristics of this largest population of unripe young souls on the earth.

The situation is much different in Europe, although at present it does not render any signs of hope, quite on the contrary. But one should not forget that Europe is the continent with the biggest conglomeration of ripe and old souls on this planet and they will be the ones who will inherit the new 5D earth, which we have created for them for many years.

Precisely for this reason, I do not see how the Americans will set the tone for the upcoming spiritual revolution and the Europeans would gladly follow. The two mentalities are much too different and the soul essence even more so, and this, in itself, points to two separate pathways of evolution on the two continents but, of course with a busy exchange of ideas and social solutions.

This includes also the currently vastly discussed financial reset, which many financially incompetent pseudo-prophets now praise from their empty quantum field of fringe existence as the better alternative and in opposition to the long-cherished NWO financial reset of the Davos cabal.

My favorite scenario is the introduction of the Astral Currency and the INFER system of higher-dimensional transactions as an interim solution before humanity evolves spiritually sufficiently enough to realize that it does not need any money as humans can create anything they desire immediately, but only when they start believing in that to the full extent and become conscious and responsible creators.

While this financial innovation may not be available this month, the energetic foundation for its arrival will be definitely laid in March with the “switch of the awakening instinct” of the ascending masses when they will be hit by their full-blown soul catharsis.

And this is about everything I can tell you at this moment without getting lost in irrelevant details and facts.


In today’s message, the Arcturians confirm once again synchronistically the huge spike in ascension energy activity I am talking about in the article above that always goes hand in hand with massive purging of dark low vibrating patterns in all humans. They explain succinctly why the PAT has been needed on the ground to the very last minute although many of us have ascended years ago as I have reported on this website:

The Awakened Collective’s Huge Energy Purge ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton




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