Challenging the Collective Human Insanity Under the Current Lockdown

I Have a Few Questions…

Roswitha, February 23, 2021, Es ist Alles Da…


Georgi Alexanrov Stankov

This morning I was walking on the street leading to the sea promenade of Diano Marina and was thinking that I should publish the latest article of my German friend Roswitha, where she asks the right questions to all humans who believe in this fake virus epidemic and wear slavishly like zombies their masks now for a whole year.

Roswitha’s questions are founded in common sense that seems to have vanished from this earth and its human population these days. They challenge the greatest lie of all in the history of mankind – the current lockdown and the use of masks, double, triple, due to non-existent virus and hence no danger of any contagion whatsoever. While at the same time the people are dying due to lack of oxygen and from pneumonia caused by auto-contamination with deadly bacteria that are incubated in these masks.

Of course, I have written 12 articles (see the list below) on this scamdemic in the course of the last year where I have proved with irrevocable scientific facts and proofs beyond any doubt that no viruses exist in nature, the way they are currently described in present-day fake bio-sciences. Hence, also the concept of contagion is the most ludicrous and heinous invention of the dark cabal that are now desperately trying to enslave humanity from a losing position where they see their wet dream of the NWO laying in shambles.

It is time for the sheeple with the masks to awaken and comprehend this fact. They must discover their courage and power and begin first with throwing the masks before throwing the dark evil cabal from their power positions by simply turning their back onto them and leave them wallowing in their cesspool of darkness and unfulfilled crimes on humanity, in order to begin creating their new blissful life guided by us as ascended masters.

While I was thinking all that, all of a sudden I saw how an elderly woman sank on the edge of the street and fainted. I ran to her and began to examine her pulse and blood pressure. She had a cold sweat, her face was pale, the pulse was so faint that I can barely feel it and her blood pressure must have sunk in the cellar.

Quickly, a few more Italians, all of them men, came to help. One of them was calling on his iPhone an ambulance of the Italian first aid. All these men were looking at me with great suspicion and prejudice while I was examining the fainted lady without a mask. I am the only one here running around ostensibly without a mask but nobody dares to challenge me.

I read their minds and told them:

” This lady has a heart and blood circulatory collapse. It may be from her wearing a mask or it may also come from her heart.”

Then I informed them casually while still examining the lady: “I am a medical doctor.”

This statement made the Italian men around me began feeling very uncomfortable.

“I think she should be checked at the ambulatory if her heart is OK as she may have a heart stroke.”, I added.

At this moment, the lady became conscious and heard that we were talking about bringing her to the hospital. As soon as she recovered a little bit, she vehemently opposed this idea:

” I do not want to go to the hospital. I am OK, It is the mask to be blamed. I couldn’t breathe and fainted. My husband is nearby and he will come soon to bring me home. Please, do not call the first aid ambulance.”

Who could blame the lady for her fear to go to the hospital these days where people are hospitalized for nothing, only to die from wrong deleterious medical treatment and procedures. The cabal needs this genocide on humanity to carry on with the lockdown. On the other hand, the risk that she might have had a heart stroke was real as she didn’t look well and her clinical picture indicated this possibility.

When I heard her talking like that, I turned to the Italian men around me and told them in a deliberately authoritative manner as they knew I am not an Italian from my pronunciation and not so perfect Italian: “You hear it, the people are being killed by these masks as they cannot properly breathe now for a whole year. And for what? For a non-existent virus. This is the greatest lie and scam in the history of humanity only to enslave you and you accept all that.”

All the men around me were wearing their huge masks lock stock, and barrel – from the eyebrows till their navel.

I saw how the faces of these men, or what could be seen outside their masks, froze and they didn’t know what to say. They felt immensely uncomfortable, visibly ashamed as if caught in flagranti (red-handed) in a crime. I was reading their minds…

As the lady seemed to recover, I was no longer needed as a medical doctor. The first aid service was called and expected to arrive anytime soon, so I left the group and the lady as I didn’t want to be exposed to their fearful hostility anymore. I had exposed them as cowards and fools to believe a lie by using this incident as the perfect proof and they hated me for this unpleasant and unexpected revelation.

After all, these comparatively young Italian men, in full health, were all so fearful and believed that this lady fainted due to an alleged viral infection. Her collapsing on the street was the perfect evidence and confirmation for their fears, which you normally do not see every day, if ever, as proof of the non-existent “deadly” epidemic. I could read their minds which were thankful for this accident that had reinforced their fears… Until I proved the opposite and they hated me for that. Just try to imagine the devastating psychological effect this incident triggered in these people as it happened so suddenly and unexpected.

While having my walk on the sea promenade, I thought that I had the ideal confirmation of how important it is to address one more time the current collective human insanity with regard to the fake pandemic and thus make an end of it in a powerful alchemical reaction. This should be done through an invocation which each one of my readers and members of the PAT should make for himself/herself based on Roswitha’s common sense questions that are more powerful at this stage than all my scientific proofs that viruses do not exist in nature and that there has never been any danger of viral contamination.

Not even the seasonal flu…


Ask them to all those who believe in a deadly virus!

1. Why don’t we hear the sirens of the emergency vehicles constantly day and night?

2. Why are the funeral homes not busier than in previous years?

3. Why don’t we see endless lines of people in the cemeteries carrying their loved ones to the grave?

4. Why do statistics say that mortality did not increase in 2020?

5. Where did the influenza death cases go?

6. If the first lockdown worked, why are we repeating it?

7. If the lockdowns didn’t work, why are we repeating them?

8. Why is the government only listening to the very small selection of the same (fake) experts over and over again and not listening to the respected voices of the experts in science?

9. Why do we see overcrowded ICUs on TV when in reality they are not overcrowded (actually almost empty as all other diseases are not being treated properly and the patients die at home; a huge increase in other diseases mortality in 2020, George)?

10. Why do trained nurses not have jobs and why do clinics close due to underutilization?

11. Why have governments around the world ordered the PCR test already in 2018?

12. If masks are contaminated with the highly contagious virus, why do we see them on every street corner?

13. Why do we have different spacing rules from country to country?

14. If the virus is not transmitted by children, why are schools closed?

15. If masks work, why haven’t we had them in use for years against the more serious flu?

16. Why don’t we see people dying in the streets?

17.Why are large grocery stores open with hundreds of people shopping at once, while the small downtown stores that can only hold two/three people are closed?

18. Why are people who test positive with the PCR test called “Corona cases” and not just people who test positive (especially when the PCR test is known to be unspecific and the results are more than 90% false positive as the WHO also recently admitted, George)?

19. Why do we forget to inform the people that the WHO has admitted that the PCR test is not reliable (see above)?

20. If a sneeze can go up to two meters, why do we keep a meter and a half distance?

21. Why is it okay to disinfect your hands ten times a day if it significantly damages your skin?

22. Why do we need an experimental vaccine for a virus with a 99.9% survival rate?

23. If the vaccine works, why can you still transmit the virus?

24. If you are vaccinated, why do you still have to wear a mask and keep your distance?

25. How many people do you know personally who have died from corona, how many do you know who have suffered from vaccine damage or died as a result?

26. Why can you smell the perfume of the perfume wearer in front of you in the open air if the aerosols do not penetrate through the masks?

27. The next time you leave the house, ask yourself if you are really facing a deadly pandemic.

I would have there still many more questions … but for today I leave it with these last questions:

“Why do these questions are being asked “ONLY” by the “conspirators” in this country. To which oath do those conspire, who do not ask, but system-loyally dackle/dackeln (A German verb for following slavishly the master like a dachshund)? Don’t they have a dachshund? As an alarm system?”

Further literature on the fake coronavirus epidemic:



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