The Events Are Now Moving Fast and Furious

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 2, 2021

The events are now moving fast and furious with the beginning of the new year of change after the old dreadful one has come to an end. What a difference!

I had barely published my intercession on behalf of all light warriors of the first and the last hour, essentially the PAT, to be able to acquire all their spiritual gifts as ascended masters as soon as possible, in order to begin with their mission and demonstrate to the people what is principally possible for everyone to achieve in this lifetime, and the Arcturians came promptly with their full confirmation:

Telekinesis, Time Travel, Levitation & Telepathy

I have never been particularly interested in 4D technologies, such as free photon energy, superconductivity, antigravity, although I have contributed as a scientist more to their theoretical and practical application than any other human scientist or inventor on this planet so far, probably with the exception of Tesla.

At the same time, I have known all along that many of these technologies are in possession of the dark cabal given to them by the evil ETs from the Orion/ Reptilian empire in order to enslave humanity at their behest. Therefore, my attention has always been focused on direct creation without the use of any external devices as this is the real thing. That is why I do not care at all about UFO sightings as we are in constant contact with the invisible fleet of the Galactic Federation, except when they show up as beautiful clouds or help us eliminate evil ETs.

I remember that I had a conversation with Alfred Webre from Vancouver already in 2010 when I cooperated with him for a short period of time, while I was still living in Germany. At that time, and until today, he is the protagonist of the idea of exopolitics, which is a hodge-podge of ideas on how to deal with extraterrestrials.

I explained to him that from this perspective we are also extraterrestrials on this earth as we exist in numerous incarnations in this multiverse, to which we can have access through our soul. In that case, it is more appropriate to name his discipline – endopolitics. And that with my new Theory of Science and Human Gnosis of the Universal Law, I am actually providing exactly that.

There was a great pause in our email exchange and I think he never properly recovered from this argument, all the more as I made him aware that he is agnostic and needs to believe in the existence of his soul in order to make this leap in faith from exopolitics to endopolitics. This was the end of our cooperation, but as I see he is stubborn and continues digging in his favorite obsolete theme.

I am mentioning this anecdote here as we are now on the verge of the biggest and most dramatic shift this planet and humanity have ever experienced in their long and mostly unknown history. After that, this topic will become central in the public discussion:

  • Do we need to persecute the evil cabal that has hidden the cheap 4D technologies from us and have thus disempowered us?


  • Should we just leave the dark elite behind to go under in the 3D chaos and create directly our new reality without any external technologies as we have everything we need at our disposal as a soul potential?

The new cities of light we have created without any external technologies but only with our thoughts and visions will lead the parade of humanity to the new 5D earth – New Lemuria – of direct creation. This is a done deal.

I only mention this episode here to illustrate how humans stick to obsolete old ideas in the delusion that they are wayshowers of humanity, while they have always belonged to the past.

Therefore, follow my advice from the previous publication and start envisioning all the spiritual gifts you want to acquire as an ascended master and make a clear declaration to the multiverse that you are ready for that. The rest will come automatically, without much ado on your part. The only thing that matters is the clarity of your mind and this has always been the professed ideal of this website.

Telekinesis, Time Travel, Levitation & Telepathy ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are feeling the impact of the shift in the human collective consciousness since you have left the very challenging year of 2020 behind you. Now you can focus on moving forward, on moving into a new realm of possibilities for humankind. You have for a very long time been flirting with the idea that you could access certain abilities that you once believed were something out of science fiction or something to be reserved for after the completion of the shift to the fifth dimension.

We are talking about accessing your ability to communicate through telepathy, your ability to move objects with your will, and your ability to teleport, levitate, and even time travel without any help from technological devices. You who are awake have undoubtedly become aware of the fact that certain technologies are in the hands of a small number of human beings and that those devices are not being made available to the masses as a way of keeping you down, keeping you feeling less empowered. And you have also heard that these individuals are making billions off of oil, coal, and other means of fueling your vehicles and providing electricity to your homes.

But we are not talking about any of that right now. We are talking about your ability to access powers that you already possess, and we want to assure you that you don’t need any fancy technological gadgets to access abilities that are inside of you. In fact, these are abilities that you’ve already had in previous lifetimes. But of course, you don’t remember having them, unless you’ve had a dream or a vision of using your telekinetic abilities, your telepathy, your ability to jump to a different point in space/time. But then many of those individuals have dismissed those dreams as creations of the mind, rather than as past life bleed-throughs, which is what they are.

You all get to decide how and when you access your fifth-dimensional abilities, and those who are wanting the technology that is in the hands of the few are disempowering themselves by continuing to play the role of the victim, but you are not victims. You are meant to be inspired by information; you are meant to access your abilities in defiance of being denied these gadgets, these devices.

You are meant to see what is possible with technology, and then decide that for you it’s possible without that piece of technology. So do that; be inspired.

Go within and feel for the possibilities that you have stepped into in this new year. Prove that you are ready for full e.t. contact by demonstrating how far human consciousness can go when you are focused on a desire that most people consider to be unattainable, to say the least. You are the ones to demonstrate to humankind what is possible, and we just wanted to remind you of all of that.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



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