Update on Our Ascension Scenario

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 16, 2020


We are almost 2 weeks in the aftermath of the most fraudulent election in the history of the USA and my forecasts have already been brilliantly confirmed:

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We have all three alternatives that I outlined one day prior to the election playing out at the same time, which is what the true simultaneity of the higher realms is all about. At some point, there will be a divergence and one alternative will prevail. This will depend on what we want to experience.

The reason for my forecast’s precision is that we are co-creating in a very powerful manner this reality and the timelines we want to ascend with us when the shift will come while supporting the aspirations of the awakening people to finally learn the truth about their interminable enslavement due to abysmal blindness in this most savage incarnation experiment in this multiverse.

This weekend, the US capital witnessed the biggest peaceful demonstration in its history against the election steal and power grab of the deep state and its minion – the corrupt and senile kleptocrat Biden. The American people are beginning to awaken, although this is not the beginning of the second American revolution and the revival of the republic as Alex Jones erroneously claimed in his speech in Washington DC in total negligence of his spiritual intuition, which he has sacrificed a long time ago on the altar of political divisiveness, but the beginning of the liberation of the human race from this prison-planet Earth that has lasted eons of time.

In the course of this powerful liberation that will soon be unleashed with our ascension, the national states will be abolished once and for all, first and foremost the Empire of Evil – the American republic, which is entirely the deep state functioning as a totalitarian empire. And this empire is now crumbling with the same speed with which the communist empire of the Soviets – the most successful attempt to install the NWO on our timelines –  was dismantled within days in 1989.

Yesterday, Trump’s legal team disclosed how they want to expose the gargantuan electoral fraud of the Biden campaign and the democrats as the figleaf-party of the deep state in a rare interview with Maria Bartiromo. Even Rudy Giuliani had to admit that they are being totally censored by the fake MSM so that nothing can be revealed on a broad scale. Just as the rotten MSM are completely silent on the egregious violence which the leftist mob unleashed at the end of the Pro-Trump rally when most of the one million peaceful and joyful demonstrators left the capital (Be patient, it may take some time till the videos download).

This is the turning point in the political drama in the USA where the dark party of lies, fraud and deception (the democrats in cahoots with the fake MSM and the tech media companies) will be ultimately exposed after they rushed ahead to declare Biden as the winner in total defiance of US law and decried the entire growing evidence of systemic fraud as false and weird conspiracy theories (Every Trump’s tweet is marked by Twitter with “This claim about election fraud is disputed” and all videos containing proofs of the election fraud are being deleted by Youtube).

High-esteem precedes the fall. This stupid and reckless behaviour of the dark faction of humanity will soon lead to the total dismantlement of all the fake MSM, the deep state which is the current national state, and the tech giants that control the social media as Brad Johnson announced in his message recently. Insofar everything is unfolding according to our predictions and fullest satisfaction.

However, Trump may not prevail as the US judicial system is as corrupt as the deep state which he combats, simply because the US courts are the extended arm of the deep state. This is Catch 22. Therefore, very soon Trump and all American patriots will have to experience our Divine Intervention because the truth must come out, finally. There is no doubt about that. As the very dark US courts are not the right place where this truth will be revealed, it will be necessary that a higher authority will bring forward the entire unvarnished truth as it involves much more than the current election fraud.

This website is a full collection of all the revelations that must come to the fore, beginning with the fraud in human science which is considered to be the only categorical system of scientific truth humanity has developed so far about who we truly are and what the laws of Nature and All-That-Is are all about. This is the inner imperative of the upcoming global shift. It is Biophysics, stupid – the Bioscience of Ascension – and not about politics!

Please, observe that yesterday was another powerful new moon portal in Scorpio and a bridge to the energy acceleration towards the 12.12 stargate that will actually begin to gain momentum on November 30 (Beaver full moon).

After that, we will have a constant crescendo of downloads of source energies and codes that will culminate at the winter solstice and will lead to the global shift I prophecised already in July. In fact, these downloads have been my constant companion now for months and weeks and surely with a huge peak around the stargate 11.11. which is still ongoing with full force. This is a cosmic tour de force that will end with a bang for us and a whimper for the dark ones and then we will have a clean slate to re-create the new earth anew according to our visions and aspirations.


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