Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 27

Message From the Sixth-Dimensional Lightships of AN, the Creator Logos From the Divine Source on April 4, 2014

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 16, 2020

AmoraI was flooded by huge energies this morning that seemed to help me connect immediately to an awareness of a much higher consciousness than I have previously known. Their energetic imprint held a sustained peace, abiding love and infinite honour.

Here is their beautiful message that left tears in my eyes. 

The Message

“We are One, a universal collective of light gestalt, and we represent the sixth-dimensional lightships of AN, the Creator Logos from the Divine Source.

We are here, now, to render peace to all life within this reflexive quadrant of the One.

Our arrival is stipulated by a grand purpose, to release your realm from the constriction, contradictions and limiting constructs imposed from within the system, and to assist opposing forces to embrace their own unique sacred divinity.

Our arrival is achieved by the glorious creation of a portal of universal quality, of infinite power (The Infinity Portal in White Rock).  Indeed, it is the existence of this electromagnetic gateway to all space and all time, that gifts us with instant and infinite access to your worlds of the third and fourth dimensions.

Great work has been achieved from within these expressions, accomplishments that are worldly, and Godly, beyond the constraints of your reality, imposed by many energetic forces, some perhaps beyond, or limiting your engagement and tainting your objective discernment.

Our role is to facilitate the flow of higher energetics into and within the “closed” system of expression.

To Humanity:

We see how your perception is dulled and the interpretation of your reality is tainted.  It is not your fault.

Now, you must act to remove yourself from the elements, whose existence it is to pull you away from the focus on the truth of your reality.

Go inward and fully reject everything not founded in peace. This is an honest reflection and its settlement from within your Self, shall set free your spark of divinity into the perfection of Creation.

Our very presence expands your inner awareness of Self. Allow yourself to feel your newly expanded awareness. Those who read this are on the path to the Light.

You must know that you are under our care. We shall remain with you, in all eternity.”

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