Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 17

Archangel Michael and the Elohim: You Are the Wayshowers of Ascension for Humanity and the Omniverse

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 3, 2020

Few words to Archangel Michael. He has been around us all the time since Amora and I are together and, as he has told us, actually since our birth. We have successfully fought numerous battles with the dark archons and other evil ETs with his formidable help and he is the first one I call when I am attacked.

That being said, I must unequivocally state that AA Michael almost never gives channeled messages. And if he happens to break his rule, his messages are always very short and succinct, but very powerful. All the messages you can come across on the Internet and in esoteric books under the name of AA Michael are fraudulent dark sources from the lower astral plane that love to usurp such prominent and popular names of archangels and ascended masters as to impress their uncritical, gullible new age mediums, who have never bothered to develop their personal discernment. By hijacking their spiritual high-esteem ego, these low-vibrating, rather stupid, redundant, and uninspiring astral sources have easily managed to mire and derail for years the true light work of the new agers they were supposed to do on the ground on behalf of humanity.

This is one major reason why the new age movement totally failed and this is entirely the result of their unresolved dark Atlantean heritage on Mars when these people were likewise totally manipulated by evil dark entities and ultimately caused the destruction of Atlantis. I can write books about this terrible esotericists’ deficiency that has hugely discredited the spiritual movement and has made our light work so difficult as these reports clearly show.

That is why I am so particularly proud that I single-handedly confronted these dark multidimensional Atlantean group of rogue ETs and their human carriers of these energies of betrayal during my sojourn in Austria and ultimately eliminated all negative Atlantean timelines from the new ascending Gaia end of March this year after my arrival in Italy from Vienna:

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Below, we have a rare exception when AA Michael came personal to us and gave us this auspicious message because we were, indeed, on the cusp of our transfiguration and ascension in early 2014 and the Higher Realms wanted to make sure that we are well prepared and in good faith for this event to be a full success. They knew how much the ascension of Gaia and humanity depended on us and this assessment is in this year of 2020 even more valid that seven years ago.

February 24, 2014, Archangel Michael and The Elohim

Amora: Yesterday, I received a combined message from Archangel Michael and the Elohim, who arrived together following my inquiries about the unusual energies that we have encountered over the past several days.  The messages also reflect our discussions between ourselves, specifically with regard to our families.

Message from Archangel Michael:

” You are concerned about the energies you are noticing, and I tell you that your concern is not necessary. All energies that you are encountering, now, come with a higher purpose, of a greater influence than you can possibly imagine!

I am Archangel Michael, and I am by your side in every moment. As you have called upon me to clear some stray energies, I am here to confirm to you that every encounter has its purpose. Every energetic experience sets the foundation for a new adaptation of your light body into the realm of dis-incarnate life. Every experience now prepares you for your final transition into your crystalline light garment.

Yes, this message applies to your dual soul as well, for he is achieving advanced mastership as well.

You both must be very patient and know that great strides are taken for and with you, on many levels of your path to ascension through completion of this incarnation cycle.”

Message from the Elohim

This event has never before been attempted, as the soul normally leaves the physical vessel behind, in order to continue on its evolutionary path. In this instance, however, there is a direct modification, at the quantum and molecular level, to your vessels, modifications which shall culminate in advanced understanding of the entire ascension process, from the point of view of elevating souls from the fulcrum of their physical representations, into a newly created ascended form.

Any transcendence, which has taken place until this moment, has occurred through a complete disconnection between the ascending one’s soul and one’s body/ body elemental.

These are new pathways of creation!

We are supporting you, continually, with honour and with full love and compassion for your decision to take part in this, the evolution of the Human expression.

Have no cares in the world! All is taken care of, including your families who are under the protection of the Divine Creation!

We are the Elohim and we love you within the infinity of the Divine!”

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