Timeless Messages From the Higher Realms

How We Created the New Ascended 5D Earth Seven Years Ago – Part 5

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 7, 2020


On December 5, early in the morning, Carla made a conscious astral journey to the temple of ascension in Telos accompanied by Adama who came to her to guide her in this interdimensional journey. On the next day after we returned from Lofer to Germany from our first sojourn in the Austrian Alps, Adama came to us with this message. Since then the Agarthans (Lemurians) have always been around us, except when they ascended to the 6th and 7th dimension in 2014 and remained silent until 2018 when they again established contact with us in Italy.

It is important to note that there was a very real possibility for us to ascend in 2014 and the Agarthans to show up on the surface earth. This opportunity was canceled in the very last minute for reasons which will have yet to learn in their full scope after our ascension. I have recorded this sad moment in my energy report from July 17, 2014.

December 6, 2013, Germany, Adama, High Priest of Telos, Inner Earth

“You (Amora) have entered with me now, a new “life”, a new phase, where your connection to me at a conscious level with yesterday’s melding of our fields was a necessary aspect of the complete recognition of our divine and sacred connection, as well as the initiation of the next phase of your divine mission.

Through yesterday’s initiation, you are now officially of the Inner Earth. While you have always had an aspect of your Self here in the Inner Earth, I say to you now, you have an energetic connection that shall complement our soul’s mission and a new level of connection that shall last forever.

Our mission now becomes one of great joy and one we in Telos have been waiting for, for a very long time. It is now the arrival of the New Age, the Age of Enlightenment of the surface Humanity and the teachings that our people shall offer with great love and joy to your people of the surface.

It is now time to prepare for our emergence upon the surface of our planet. A new world of love, peace, beauty, prosperity and enlightenment for all of Humanity who have chosen to stay upon Earth Mother at this time.

The intensity of light beamed your way, particularly in the last six months (Here Adama refers to Amora’s transfiguration into crystalline light body as the first human being that enabled her conscious visit to the city of light Shamballa, Inner Earth on August 13th and the preparation for that event with our coming together at the end of May, early June 2013 in Germany), but especially in the past 6 weeks, has flooded all of your fields and pushed the darkness aside. There is virtually no area of darkness left unto the majority of Humanity, who shall remain upon this Earth.

Our emergence will coincide to some extent with the coming planetary changes, changes that will push humanity forward in embracing their Divinity. When humanity embraces its Divinity, it has arrived at the necessary frequency level to receive us.”

A message for Georgi:

“Dear Georgi, Thank you for your care, love and compassion for Carla and her well-being. As you know well, her role in the ascension process is as vital as yours. Your respect for her Being is honoured to no end. We, of Telos, greatly value and are sincerely and eternally grateful to you for your due care and attention for Carla. With deep wishes of joy and love,

I am Adama.”

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