The Andromedans Are Entering the Scene

Fulya Kılınçarslan and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 22, 2020

Dear Georgi,

I’ve been thinking about writing for a long time, but somehow I didn’t know where to start (I even mentioned this to Patrick last week).

I saw you in my dream last night. We were talking. However, I cannot remember the whole content of the speech right now. It was an issue about Europe’s future and somehow it was linked to the other dream I had. (In the other dream mentioned, I, my sister, my boyfriend, and her boyfriend were in Europe, trying to decide whether we should go to Switzerland or Germany. But the borders and the city names were different.)

As you can guess Turkey is a difficult geography. The consciousness of the society is only one of the factors that make it difficult for this geography to find balance in terms of energy. Therefore, it is very difficult to obtain stable information, whether through dreams or visions.  Even if it is not possible to speak for the majority of the society, I can at least say that my own process started in June 1999 and was subject to a fundamental breakthrough in June 2013. My experiences in 2013 are strangely parallel to those of you and Carla, but there is one problem, that is the inconsistency in the information that was passed on to me.

The variability in timelines has reached unimaginable proportions. I’m not at the same timeline with millions of people who seem to live in this geography, so things are getting more difficult day by day.

Since the variability in timelines causes distortions in incoming information and I often need to check the accuracy of the information with your posts. Because of this, I chose not to write to you so far, but today my HS says “You should even have to write, it’s urgent ” (Maybe that was the reason for the dream last night.)

In March, when the quarantine started, I contacted Andromeda and learned the background of the conflict (war) that the world would not be aware of for a long time. As I just said, I was not sure of the accuracy of this information until you made a detailed explanation of what happened in March (the defeat of the dark rogue Atlantean clique on March 27th and the separation of all Atlantean timelines from the new earth). Similarly, I was informed in advance of what happened in June (the battle and the elimination of the big ugly, evilest reptilians who controlled humanity and the cabal and were responsible for the current lockdown).

However, I don’t know what to do with all this information – at least in this geography. I was told that I was able to break the patterns in the mentality of society through the morphogenetic field and that I am here for it. This was meaningful to some extent and I had the opportunity to see the results by trying it myself, but by 2020 such a function has completely lost its meaning. Because almost ninety percent of the people I see with my eyes are now only hollow images. They do not think, they just act or are driven by the manipulation of emotional states that reach the point of hysteria. People act like crazy… Here, there is a world where ropeless puppets rule. I have difficulties similar to those of all of us, but the energy of geography is so heavy that I often cannot get out of the house. (The house where I live with my boyfriend is in Istanbul. In the middle of important historical buildings like Hagia Sophia, Suleymaniye, Sultanahmet, Galata Tower, major churches, the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn, and also consulates of Russia, France, Netherlands, and Italy. Andromeda’s ships are often above the Russian consulate. Thanks to them, the house is protected and is minimally affected by the energy outside)

I last contacted Andromeda on the 18th of August and was shown a map showing which level of consciousness will dominate in which country in the future. According to this map, a significant part of Russia is in the area of Sirius. Scandinavia  Vega, Ukraine and Georgia Lyra, France Andromeda, Germany and Switzerland Arcturus, only West coasts of Turkey but whole Greece Pleiades, Japan Orion, and important part of Canada – Draconian. The Middle East was covered with a magnet – like darkness.  I will never be sure about the accuracy of this information, and I do not know what this information will do for us. In addition, it is striking that most countries such as the USA, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Letonia, Estonia, Belarus, England, Hungary, and the Czech Republic were not shown and some of the continents like Africa and South America were not on the map.

The place of my previous connections with Andromedans would always be out of the earth –  generally, a planet called Ventrac or Ventrax in Andromeda Galaxy. But the last one was on Earth. It took place in a palace in St. Petersburg and the Andromedan whom I contacted was different from the previous ones.

I have never been to Russia in my life so I have no way of verifying the accuracy of this information, but now my HS says:

“Stop doubting and allow me to address Georgi, who will lead all of you (PAT) in the near future. It is an important issue and I need to convey it to Georgi” 

From now on, I leave the Word to her:


The Andromedan Message

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov,  

I’m Valenia from Andromeda. 

You are standing at an important and very critical turning point. You may wonder why we don’t contact you directly (Turkey’s energy structure prevents us from maintaining continuous contact), but as well as this, there are certain rules. According to the regulations of the Galactic Federation, our influence on the earth’s consciousness is limited only to our own jurisdictions –  in the area shown on the map. Yes, this is the meaning of the map and she (Fulya) cannot see certain countries because the timeline she was in at that moment was not clear enough to perceive it all. (Since France is under the influence of dark occult forces, she is the only one whom we can contact because she has ties with France that she does not yet know. In the near future, we will enable her to learn the language of France, which is under our jurisdiction, and the flow of information will become more regular thanks to the high frequency of energy that the language carries.)  

After what happened in June (the elimination of the reptilians from the earth), there is a serious crowd of people whose source of information (energy) is cut off forever and hence wandering around without knowing what to do.  They need to be neutralized. They can only be neutralized by making the galactic information (UL) flow continuous and uninterrupted. This information has been transmitted to the world through you and its energy can carry the whole system to higher levels, but the information cannot be disseminated. 

One of the reasons for this is the energy barrier created by the earth’s magnetic field. The energy that words carry can only transcend the magnetic field when integrated with meaning. At this point, you can think of words as masculine and meanings as feminine constructs. The only way (at least right now) of words and phrases and paragraphs to settle into humanity’s realm of consciousness and bring consciousness to the next level is to be understood in their true meaning. In the past, this method was used by invading races and only because of this religions were created. The word symbolizes the transition between matter and meaning.

Georgi, the information (energy) you have brought to the world cannot spread as such, because the magnetic barrier created by the old meanings is still very strong. This barrier is gaining a labyrinth-like structure, with new age teachings already spreading rapidly. And your number as a PAT is unfortunately not enough to overcome this barrier. We recommend that you use the subconscious and matrices as soon as possible to overcome this barrier. Matrices, which are mathematical expressions of meanings, will open up wide gaps in the existing barrier.  

Andromeda is always with PAT with its systematic knowledge.


Dear Fulya,

thank you very much for your effort to share your dream information with me given to you by the Andromedans. It is extraordinary. I read it several times very carefully and discussed it with Amora. I also sent it to Sophia because she is from Andromeda.

Before I comment, I must tell you that the Adromedans came to us a few days ago for the first time. We then asked Sophia to join us and we received from them the information on how to heal with music and they told us that there will be more to come. With their help, we found a man in Vancouver who channels Andromedan music, and the Adromedans that visited us confirmed that he is the right man we shall work with. Amora contacted him and he responded and they agreed to meet when she returns back to Canada.

Then we received today information from other PAT members from the USA that they were also visited by the Arcturians and the young lady received an important message from them in the form of some unusual singing tones which she tried to interpret.

And now you are also receiving information from the Andromedans. That in itself is already significant and remarkable as it has happened this week.

First, I was thinking of the geographic distribution of influence by the members of the GF as it was given to you in terms of countries. I have no opinion on that and am not sure if this is possible or meaningful as we are now moving towards the unity field where such local influences will be rather a hindrance.

The explanation of the Andromedans as to why the UL and its theory cannot spread and be comprehended makes a lot of sense and covers what I also see as a hindrance. The words used by humanity in their different languages and the meanings, connotations attributed to them create indeed huge energetic barriers, the Andromedans speak of magnetic barriers which is correct as most of the interactions in this matrix are of magnetic nature. It is almost impossible to overcome these barriers which also determine the compartmentalized world view (Weltanschauung) of the people. I have actually written quite a bit on this topic and know where the problems lie.

We have been told by the Elohim a long time ago that the new theory of the UL cannot really penetrate the minds of the people as long as the masculine energies dominate. As this theory rejects all these old constructs it inevitably carries also predominant masculine energies. That is why they told us that we need to introduce the feminine energies on this planet and this is what we, the PAT, and other groups are doing for many years. This is confirmed by the Adromedans in your dream when they say: “The energy that words carry can only transcend the magnetic field when integrated with meaning. At this point, you can think of words as masculine and meanings as feminine constructs.”

In order to change the meaning of the words in the new sense of the UL, we need feminine energies as new feminine constructs of human words and their meanings. This we know very well.

Therefore, the magnetic barriers of old meanings must be abolished and this is precisely what we are doing now, also yesterday very powerfully, by introducing the new photonic energies of the Source with the help of the Lemurians. These energies are predominantly feminine and thus we build a completely new energetic grid on the earth. I could see this grid yesterday evening clearly.

This is also the reason why I wrote recently that for a true paradigm shift we need an energetic shift of all humans to higher frequencies levels where also the energetic structure of the reality will be much more open and free of such magnetic barriers so that humans will have direct contact to basic truths and ethical principles in terms of conscience – what is right and what is wrong. They will experience this as a very strong soul imperative as is the case with deceased people when they transition and recognize all of a sudden all the evil and injustice they have inflicted on other people and are absolutely devastated.

I expect that when this shift will come, and this whole week we made a huge leap in this direction, then it will be easier for the people to see first all the blunders and inconsistencies of the old fake science and then they will eventually begin to learn the new science of the UL as the only true science and resolution of all their questions about the true nature of All-That-Is. In this sense, we are already doing a lot in this direction which the Andromedans suggest.

I am not sure what they mean with the use of mathematical matrices. These are very complicated tools of old mathematics the way they are implemented now. I suspect that under matrices they rather mean a new energetic matrix or constructs in the new ascending reality that will facilitate the understanding of the UL by eliminating the magnetic barriers of human words and meanings. This is precisely what I am expecting to happen soon.

The mathematics I use, itself, is the simplest possible presentation and current mathematical matrices are very complicated and foster the compartmentalization of human thinking. That is why I do not believe that this is what the Adromedans suggest. Rather they are talking of new energetic matrices that will carry automatically the knowing of the UL in the atmosphere, where the old magnetic barriers of human verbal meanings are abolished. This is indispensable for the introduction of the new theory of the UL.

When the Vegans came to us in March this year and urged us to create the Crowdfunding website, they told us that the UL will be introduced through the implementation of the General Theory of Biological Regulation as Biophysics and as new healing procedures. This makes a lot of sense as when the people realize that there are some very effective new forms of healing after they have lost confidence in the old fake and manipulated health care system as this lockdown has revealed, they will willingly embrace the new theory of the UL as it brings them immeasurable direct advantages. Currently, this is not the case as we still have the old pharmaceutical industry and treatment dogmas and the new ideas I profess in my books cannot be freely implemented.

However, my opinion was that the new theory of biological regulation is so complicated as it necessitates a very profound knowledge in bio-sciences and medicine and then also the knowledge of the new physical and mathematical theory of the UL as presented in Volume I and Volume II. Until now I do not know a single scientist that has fully grasped it all as there is no such person who integrates all this vast knowledge. While there are more people who understand the physical theory of the UL, which is very simple as it is based on the most simple mathematical equation – the rule of three – and one needs only basic education in mathematics to understand it, but of course, more knowledge in physics to apply it. But the physical knowledge can be easily acquired and it is not too voluminous.

That is why I believed that the new theory of the UL will be more easily learned through physics and later on applied as Biophysics. However, I neglected the psychological impact this new theory will have on humanity as successful new healing medicine based on higher dimensional technologies and energies, and how much the new healings will foster the acceptance of the UL at the emotional level before the mind begins to internalize it at the more abstract level, which is also the more unyielding at the beginning.

Eventually, even this impression will soon change when new technologies based on anti-gravity, superconductivity, and free photon energy are introduced that will bring infinite prosperity and easiness of human existence on all 4D worlds. In 5D we will create immediately and directly whatever we desire to experience.

I decided to sum up one more time the necessary energetic, mental, and emotional preconditions that will lead to the introduction of the UL as this is also the topic of the Andromedans in your dream, which is incredible indeed, and we are deeply impressed by the quality of the transmitted information.

Thank you very much for your effort and it sounds very realistic to me that when the city of light appears here in Liguria and stretches to the French Riviera that you will come to France from Istanbul and begin with your mission in the new city of light.

With love and light

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