How to Eliminate Dark Parasites From Your Fields

B.B. and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 15, 2020

Hey George,

I recently read your newest article on psychedelic drugs and greatly appreciated your perspective. As a young person I am around many of the types of people you describe as drug addicts, primarily psychedelic but also including other kinds is very prevalent among young people today. As you yourself have noted, this drug use can very often result in heavy parasitization from dark entities as is the case with many younger “lightworkers” who I have encountered. I do not mean to place myself above any of these people as I too have experimented with psychedelic drugs, thankfully my higher self always made me feel repulsed by any other “pharmaceutical” compound and I have never been attracted to the other recreational drugs that so many youths, unfortunately, partake in.

The subject of my email then is two-fold. First, I wish to provide you a bit of background information that I have firsthand experience of in sponging up dark entities and second is to request that you publish invocations for clearing dark entities out of one’s field on your website so that people that are afflicted with dark entities will have a better chance at ridding themselves of them as while I have found my own techniques that prove effective for myself, I am sure that there are a great many others that feel that they do not possess adequate techniques for removing these dark entities and parasites from their system.

As an example of a common situation that these youths face (myself included) yesterday I had a friend come over to my home very distraught after she felt she could not move forward in her situation due to the physical circumstance of being labeled a felon for reckless driving while under the influence of too many pharmaceutical drugs a couple of years ago. I tried to reassure her that all was under the influence of the divine plan and that this could be an attempt of her higher self to show her the unreality of the matrix and that this was an opportunity for her to go forward and be able to find an occupation that she felt fit her needs with faith rather than worry (she felt that the felony charge was going to unequivocally prevent such an occupation). Later in the day, she suggested that we do mushrooms as a way for her to achieve clarity as to her next moves. I said we should wait until the morning where we will be more ready to accept the knowledge from the mushrooms and she agreed and we went to sleep.

The next day we cleaned and smudged the house in order to create a good parasite free environment in which to trip and made a mushroom tea while I performed a number of invocations for the mushrooms to give us gnosis and knowledge and to guide us forward on our path. We had a trip where she felt overwhelmed by the high energy always present in my home and we began walking around the university district of S., USA, and going to multiple public parks and hanging around outside on a beautiful summer day.

After around 6 hours of walking around, we finally returned and I found myself to be completely exhausted and knew I was heavily parasitized by dark entities. I bought my companion food but I myself could not even think of eating as my energy fields were very upset and being so filled with darkness as when one is on a psychedelic drug, one tends to absorb a significantly increased amount of energy from one’s surroundings and this can pose an issue as most psychedelic trips that are not conducted in the sanctity of nature are unfortunately conducted in the city where one is around all sorts of unsavory entities and one is an easy target for parasites.

After taking a ritual salt bath in order to rid myself of the parasites, going to sleep and doing kriya yoga in the morning, I felt as though I have gotten back to my high energy state but before I went to bed I noticed I was coming down with a cough and worried I might have gotten sick with all my interactions with dark entities. Thankfully my higher self responded to my requests for healing and purging these entities and I woke up feeling better than ever. Another result of this trip was the whole time I was tripping I was receiving dedicated knowledge on astrology, a subject I have been studying in great detail as of late, knowledge which I am sure was helped by the ingestion and communion with mushrooms, as every time I do this substance, I receive very detailed gnosis from the mushroom consciousness.

On balance, the trip with neither particularly groundbreaking nor bad for myself and I believe it may have propelled my companion into more confidence regarding her future paths and opportunities. For myself, the benefits were that it was an enjoyable time and facilitated gnosis on a subject I have been studying in a more firsthand experience than I would have gotten otherwise without the trip.

The disadvantages were a bodily discomfort almost always associated with the use of psychedelic drugs and an increase in parasitical dark entities that I would not have been as exposed to if I was not on them.

Thus getting to the main thrust of this email, I wish to ask if you do not think psychedelic drugs are useful for achieving a sense of direction for those that can feel lost what would you suggest as an alternative, not just for the more awake lightworker community but also to those that are just starting to wake up? How can one attain the downloads which I and others experience on psychedelic without their use? What do you feel like is an appropriate use (if any) of psychedelic drugs? and what are techniques that I and others could use in order to rid ourselves of these dark entities when we feel parasites in our energy fields?

I know you are a massive conduit for source energy and I hope you will be able to provide a cleansing technique on your website to remove these parasites from our fields as while many lightworkers may be aware of them they often do not feel like they know how to remove them. Thank you for your time and all that you do,

with love and light,



Dear B.B.

Thank you very much for your vivid description of your recent experience with psychedelic drugs (mushrooms) and for the questions you have raised which are of paramount importance.

First of all, I do not believe that psychedelic drugs can render more clarity than without them, that is to say, with a clear daily consciousness, quite on the contrary. I have studied the world literature created under the influence of psychedelic drugs and also the scientific literature on this topic and could not find a single example where a major intellectual and scientific breakthrough has been achieved under the influence of mind-altering drugs.

There is a good explanation for that. All important information we humans as incarnated personalities with a limited carbon-based brain can achieve comes from the soul and is thus of transcendental character. This may superficially evoke the impression that when one uses psychedelic drugs and expands the awareness of his limited mind that in this way one would reach new, hitherto hidden insights and knowledge of great import. However, this has never happened practically.

I, on the contrary, have never used any psychedelic drugs and I have never been drunk, simply because my stomach revolts before I reach the amount of alcohol necessary to be drunk and I must stop drinking as not to vomit. All the insights I received in the course of about 5 years when I discovered the Universal Law and developed the General Theory of Science – and there were so many that it was a real adventurous journey within the inner space of my soul – were made in an absolute clear state of mind and also in good physical shape. At that time I got very quickly tired due to the higher frequencies of my soul that was channeling me all the time and had to have regular naps. After that my creativity was always enhanced as I got a lot of information in the dream state.

Why? Because the soul will never give her incarnated personality valuable transcendental information beyond the current 3D illusory reality unless this is achieved as a result of focused persistent intellectual work so that the new knowledge can be safely anchored in the human mind and intelligence. This presupposes a very strong, balanced, and confident character.

For that reason, it is wrong to believe that the soul will make downloads for somebody who is on a psychedelic trip while his fields are open to all kinds of dark parasites. Such downloads of codes from the Source can only be done when the human fields are sealed and the person is energetically ready to accept them after he has made great strides in his LBP.

The soul will never honor cheap attempts to receive valuable transcendental knowledge by circumventing the normal function of the brain and the consequent development of the mind and intelligence by using psychedelic drugs as it will offset the energetic foundations of the very incarnation experiment on the earth, based on the limitations of the current 3D matrix.  Besides, as you write most drug addicts are very weak personalities and thus unreliable human beings, as they are also contaminated by dark parasites and will always misuse this knowledge if they were allowed to acquire it.

That is why it never happens.

Therefore, it is a very common illusion to believe that one could come to extraordinary knowledge and insights through psychedelic trips and a cheap human excuse for this kind of drug abuse as this was the overall negative experience in the ’50s and the ’60s. Nothing has changed since then, only the toxicity of the drugs has quadrupled. The only advantage I see in expanding the ego-mind of the incarnated personality with psychedelic drugs is to make it aware that the human identity does not end with the integument (skin), but that we are multidimensional beings and have a soul.

After that one should never use psychedelic drugs and continue the usual path of personal human evolution that includes both the development of the Divine mind and the heart. One can only truly open his heart chakra after one has developed the Divine mind and this explains the utter failure of most new agers in the last several decades. Or as I have written on numerous occasions, there can be only one true modern esotericism and this is the new Gnosis of the Universal Law as scientific esotericism or rather scientific spirituality.

Extraordinary transcendental knowledge can only be anchored in a healthy mind, carried by a healthy body. Or as the Romans used to say: mens sana in corpore sano. And what is even more important – the body fields must be free of dark entities and also free of dark habits and thoughts as higher dimensional knowledge is also higher vibrating energy and it cannot be anchored in minds and bodies that are lower vibrating and full of blockages caused by dark energies.

That is why we have to undergo the tedious, exhausting, and very prolonged Light Body Process in order to raise the frequencies of our body and acquire the limitless multidimensional awareness (intelligence)  of our higher selves or souls. This is the central topic of this website and nobody who has not entered the LBP will be able to develop a true intelligence or Divine mind in a physical body and could be considered an intelligent thinker who has something important to say. I get the proofs each day when I communicate with agnostic individuals who have never heard of the LBP and the energetic nature of all existence but pretend to be important intellectuals. The latest example was this arrogant youngster Matthew Ehret.

It is superfluous to mention that most of the young and other drug addicts display none of these prerequisites for acquiring true knowledge and you, yourself, have also confirmed this fact in your letter to me based on your personal experience.


Now that we have cleared this issue, let us focus our attention on the energetic hygiene of the human fields that is grossly neglected by most lightworkers and does not exist as a problem for the agnostic masses.

Essentially, it is irrelevant what verbal invocation one chooses to begin with the purging and cleansing of dark entities from his fields as long as the individual is comfortable with it and feels its power. It should be definitely a personal invocation as everything one creates is imbued with more power than plagiarizing other peoples’ invocations.

One should invoke in the first place the seven sacred flames for the purging as these are the energies of creation we humans can work with. Below are several publications that are very helpful to understand the role and function of these rays/flames:

These seven flames must be invoked prior to any purging. I also invoke the threefold flames of the fountain freedom (world heart chakra), which we created here in Italy and in Vancouver, Canada:

Then I invoke the five flames of ascended creation of the wheel of light and life which we first created in Italy and then were urged by our guides to create on many places around the globe.  Some PAT members participated in this action and were very successful in doing that.

When all these flames and higher dimensional creations of greatest power are invoked, one should invite all angels and archangels and all ascended masters he is comfortable with and has the notion that they are helping, protecting, and guiding him in this incarnation to help him in this purging and cleansing procedure.

While invoking loudly all the flames and naming all archangels, ascended masters, and forces of light, one should rotate his arms counter wise above his head (the right arm in a clockwise direction and the left arm in a counter-clockwise direction) thus creating a huge vortex. This whole procedure should not last more than a few minutes when one has the text in his mind and can speak it by heart – out loud.

When this procedure is finished and the vortex built, one should physically, though virtually, take his Almighty lightsabre in his hand and begin to stab all the dark entities in his fields in the heart and throw them in the void while shouting this intention. The human voice is the most powerful energy in the multiverse and should be used as such.

That is why this purging and cleansing procedure should be done at home alone when one is free to be loud, undisturbed by other people, or not disturbing them. It is important that when you stab the dark entities in the heart, you also visualize this action. One should also cut all cords and attachments from his body which looks very much like a samurai swinging his saber.

This procedure should be done at least 3 times daily for a long period of time, especially at the beginning when there are many infestations of the personal fields and no purging and cleansing procedures have been done at all. When this procedure is done on a regular basis a single invocation is very successful. The more often you do it, the more experienced you become and you know exactly how successful you are.

That’s all.

The purging and cleansing procedure is very simple and very powerful as the power lies in the simplicity. What is much more important is that one has to stay vigilant and immediately notice when his fields are infested and then not hesitate for a moment to make the invocation. One should not be lazy and postpone it for later because the longer the dark parasites dwell in your fields, the more they weaken you, and the more difficult it is to eliminate them. It is a mortal battle according to Lenin’s communist motto: “Who to whom” (кто кому). Who will be able to carry out the deadly blow to whom – the dark entities to you or you to the dark entities?

Although All-That-Is is a place of peace, harmony, love, and cooperation, the earth, itself, is the most toxic planet in this multiverse and before it reaches this new state of ascended being, the battle is ferocious and merciless…


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