Breaking News: We Have Just Opened The Cosmic Gateway to Freedom – May 9th, 2020

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 9, 2020

This morning CET, we began with the opening of the crucial final Cosmic Gateway for the entire humanity, for which we have taken the responsibility to ascend with us to the 5th dimension. The actual preparation for this massive portal began with the full moon on May 7th, which was the biggest and nearest to the earth this year. We were closely observed and supported by a spaceship of the Arcturians and the Lemurians who were also in constant telepathic contact with us. Except that they advised us to drink a lot of water and rest, they did not dare say anything more but we could feel their huge tension and excitement in expectation of something dramatic to happen. That is why the last 3 days were very heavy for us, with extremely high vibrations and physical pain, and we had great difficulties anchoring ourselves in this reality and make it through the day.

Then, this morning the opening of the Cosmic Gateway to Freedom for humanity began with a massive download of source energies, which we could see as deep blue flame sprinkled with golden-yellow light. I got immediately a massive cc-wave with an excruciating headache, stomach pain, and nausea as my 3rd chakra was also heavily hit. The intensity of the incoming waves and downloads was immense, inhuman and put my body elemental in acute survival mode.

It was only comparable to the universal shift on January 9th this year when Amora anchored the 3rd city of light in Ecuador and I and a few other PAT members backed her up. On that day we fought a gargantuan battle with all the evil dark beings in this universe and we were protected by legions of angels and light beings. Amora was swinging her lightsabre for hours during this universal shift, while I was anchoring the Source energies. Without the creation of the 3rd city of light in the Andes in South America, there would have been no ascension today.

Although during the current shift I was in terrible shape the whole day and could neither think nor do anything, I had a very powerful uplifting feeling that it is of transgalactic proportions and will change the energetic conditions on earth forever. I had this inner certitude and solemnity that it is of the greatest import to humanity and Gaia and could feel the incoming dramatic events. We have been making invocations now every day for 2 months in a row to eliminate this lockdown with one fell swoop and to liberate all the humans from their slave mentality which they currently display in such a depressing manner. We know that there is no way for humanity to free itself on its own without a divine intervention as I have outlined on numerous occasions.

Normally, when there is a massive shift like this one, we do not get any information until it is finished. This time it was an exception: As Amora felt today better than me after she felt terrible the previous three days, she meditated and established contact with St. Germain who defines himself as the God of Freedom. He confirmed to her that this is a massive cosmic shift for Gaia and that portion of humanity that will ascend with us and will finally bring freedom to all the people.

When he speaks of freedom, he does not mean political freedom, which is a human invention, just as political dictatorship is a dark invention and a goal of the ruling cabal. What he means by freedom is the establishment of completely new energetic conditions that will transform life on earth dramatically and forever and will liberate the human race from the shackles of gravitation in the first place. It is essentially our ascension to the 5th dimension, which has begun and will continue stepwise.

We have been expecting this to happen in May and I have referred to this possibility on several occasions in my articles. Now we must wait till this shift fully plays out and manifests on this planet. The elements of ascension have been discussed in great depth on this website and are shared with all the readers and the PAT so that there should be unanimity as to what we should expect in the coming days.

Be prepared for big changes and the sudden miraculous lifting of the lockdown. I predict that by the end of this month we will have a new world, just as we did not recognize the world after the sudden and unexpected lockdown in March. Brethren, it is happening now…


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