How to Be All-Inclusive and Ascend

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 20, 2020

All-inclusiveness in human thinking and feeling is the utmost form of unconditional love. While the latter term is grossly misused in the light workers community for selfish goals or just as a camouflage of one’s own deficiencies, it is not so easy to hide one’s intellectual failure with lofty mental concepts. The litmus test here is axiomatic thinking.

Let me explain. By embracing the new Axiomatics of the UL, you must inevitably depart in all your thoughts and associated emotions from the Primary Term of human consciousness, which is essentially All-That-Is = energy, perceived as space-time by limited human senses. From there, below the threshold of separating the dialectical unity of space-time into space and time (see video 1 and video 2), begins the mental process of fragmentalization in the world view of all incarnated human beings.

This is the origin of all animosities, rabid collective prejudices, segregation  and ostracism. This human division is based on the agnostic rejection that we are all sparks of God. It is the road to perdition and humanity’s fall from grace. The history of mankind proves it. This is also one of the main topics of our series of videos on free photon energy (here and here).

Of course, one can embrace the entire humanity in his heart and thus be a beacon of unconditional love that raises the frequencies of the entire humanity and accelerates the ascension process as the latest message of the Arcturians below recommends. But this presentation is too simplistic and excludes the elephant in the room. Luckily, the Arcturians also talk about expanded awareness and how much more human consciousness must still evolve as to learn to include even the most heinous representatives of humanity into the unity field, so that this community reaches the necessary level of unification and harmony in order to merge with the 5th and higher dimensions. There should be unanimity on this issue.

The bigger problem is though not mentioned at all. How can one reach such a neutral, fear-free world view that will naturally enable the individual to also include the most evil representatives of humanity in his vision of a better world and not have any grudge against them in his heart. This is precisely what the Arcturians are urging the light warriors to do these days without presenting any practical solution.

I personally know no other method of all-inclusive thinking and feeling than the full implementation of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law and its consequences for science, daily life, ethics and Gnosis. I speak now from a personal experience comparing with how limited my thinking was before I discovered the Universal Law and what immense expansion my awareness achieved after I developed and incorporated all the tenets of the new axiomatics of the UL in my theoretical and practical thinking.

When one has reached this highest level of abstraction, one is automatically freed of all fears, even though as a light warrior one may continue cleansing collective human angst and dross all the time. In fact, you can do this highly specialized light work effectively as a star seed only after you have released all your personal fears and are no longer affected by the collective fears that flow through your fields and feel just as devastating as if they were your own.

The difference is now the knowledge of the UL and the inner strength one derives from its Axiomatics that serves you as a vademecum to overcome any existential challenge without taking it personally and developing bad feelings such as hatred, aggression, rejection. Why? Because the new Axiomatics of the UL is the only categorical system developed by humans so far that is free of fear and is all-inclusive (U-sets). That is why it is pure logic – it is the verbal manifestation of the Logos as the Divine Mind and as the Universal Law in action.

Let me illustrate this with a few examples. Given the current behaviour and archetypal structure of all scientists, it is indeed almost impossible to like them and embrace them, the way they behave currently as incarnated entities. Their fears are horrendous, their arrogance is repelling, their intellectual blockages are breathtaking and oppressive… I can go on and on with this negative but truthful description. Here I am talking from recent personal experience as I engaged one more time in a dialogue with such scientists and the outcome was, to put it mildly, the opposite of rewarding and satisfactory. Besides, I must mention that these individuals are still the best representatives of this walk of life. You can imagine how much worse the rest of the scientists behave and what a torture it is to live and communicate with such people if you are enlightened and seek only bliss, harmony and open-mindedness.

Notwithstanding this unpleasant situation, I  have still not given up on saving the scientists’ souls as I know that they are an integral part of the ascending humanity and we must educate them sufficiently to find their way to paradise. Or as the Elohim told me four years ago – if you want to have success with the UL, you must create the new scientists. This is precisely what we – Otfried and myself –  are doing now with the creation of these new videos that are a lot of work, believe me. Just consider the beautiful soul music composed by our friend Paul Armitage and how much it raises the frequencies of the viewers and thus integrates them in the energies of the new 5D earth. This is practical unconditional love par excellence.

Unconditional love does not mean to love the current situation, which has for obvious reasons more dark sides than light-filled, without showing discernment and critical assessment, but to envision an ideal situation where all humans deserve to be loved and then consider what you can do in the Now moment to help them move in this direction.

This is precisely what I am doing on this website since its inception and also much earlier in my writings and activities. Essentially, this is the motif of all altruistically thinking people who rise above the current social determinism and egotism of human life and see the bigger picture.

I am watching now a mainstream movie on the life of Nikola Tesla, a surprisingly good one. The dominant motif of Tesla’s biography was to improve life on earth. He did not waste his time in new age declamations of how important unconditional love for the entire humanity was, although he has also written about that. Instead, he was enlightened enough to understand that he is making a major contribution to humanity with his daily research work. Thus, he contributed to the betterment of human life with the invention of the alternating current generator and motor more than other human being I know of. With him, the worldwide electrification became a reality and mass poverty began to disappear.

His endeavour is not different from what I am doing myself. I am writing almost every day now for more than a quarter of a century with the only goal of raising the consciousness of humanity. Because I know that no human being will ascend unless he/she expands his/her consciousness way beyond the current usual mental condition of most people. Whereby individual curiosity is the key to success. Unfortunately, it is the most deficient intellectual virtue nowadays among humans. This is where I would have liked to have more success with my pedagogical efforts but I am not worried about its absence. Since I depart from the new Axiomatics of the UL and its Gnosis, which I have developed thereupon, I know with certainty that my efforts will be soon crowned with the greatest possible success.

With my imminent ascension and appearance as a teacher of the UL in front of humanity, I will trigger a massive and hitherto unknown paradigm shift in the collective human consciousness, In this way also new, much more favourable energetic conditions will be installed on earth, where a tsunami of new technologies will sweep over this planet and human life will improve over night.

Once Tesla had to invent in tedious experiments new technologies to improve human life. Now with individual and planetary ascension, we only need to raise human consciousness and abundance will enter this planet automatically because all true creation is easy, spontaneous and simultaneous when human consciousness is evolved enough to cope with it. Here is where I practice my unconditional love to humanity daily.

To reject this effort is to be blind to what true unconditional love is. In my case this endeavour has not brought me any personal material advantage, but the more so at the spiritual level. The privilege to come together with you in physical body as members of the PAT and spent all these years of heavy-duty cleansing in close contact as a dedicated planetary ascension team was the greatest reward I could have ever had as a human being. And as we know, this was planned long time ago and it could not have happened otherwise.

Therefore, it is not sufficient to praise one’s pure heart and even quote God as a witness thereof, but at the same time deliberately reject any sincere intellectual contributions of other thinkers who are working their butts off to enlighten their fellowmen.

Of course, an enlightened society does not need a spiritual leader, but this humanity is anything but enlightened. And before it becomes enlightened and be able to ascend, it needs badly such a spiritual leader. Period! The new science of the UL I advocate is the utmost form of spirituality and everything the new age now professes is of much lesser value as it offers no new perspectives for humanity but only appeases personal survival strategies.

I wished, there were much more than the few of us to take over this unrewarding light work, which I am doing now for more than 3 decades, actually my whole life, but there aren’t any. And with those few advanced human beings I am working at eye level, with great joy and mutual inspiration, and acknowledge fully their mastership. This was a necessary clarification with respect to a recent unpleasant case and an attack on the integrity of the PAT, which I must protect from time to time, although most of you are masters yourselves and do not need any protection.

Another example for all-inclusive love is this one. As you remember, the Arcturians explained recently what criteria the new spiritual leader of humanity must fulfill in order to unite the people:

“We are talking about someone who can bring together the new age community, all religions, and atheists. We are talking about someone who can even gain the respect of the scientific community.”

What do they mean by that? You can only bring together different groups of humanity, with different belief systems, if you know them personally well, have shown a great portion of curiosity to study them. This is already an expression of unconditional love, which only a few people display as most of them are the opposite of curious. Most humans are so much obsessed with their personal stuff that they do not care for other people. That is why their hearts are closed and they cannot experience unconditional love.

You can only love somebody, whom you know very well. That is why most human souls incarnate with soul mates in family and friends circles, where they very often choose the role of an adversary or a foe in order to experience first hand the dark and then the light-filled sides of such soul mates personalities. This is how eternal friendships at the soul level are forged. This is basic esoteric knowledge and I do not need to dwell on that.

I have criticized the new age movement probably more than any other light worker because I am fully aware that they are my soul mates and it hurts to see how they waste their lives with trifles and cherish their spiritual egos in the current new age vanity fair, instead of using their divine mind and learn more about All-That-Is and themselves.

I have written on numerous occasions that the new age had the real possibility to embrace the new science of the UL and combine it with the new Gnosis, which they profess more or less consciously, and thus acquire the strongest possible theoretical, intellectual and political position in present-day society. In this way we could have abolished modern fake science and then all religions and need not have a life on the fringes of society. Had the new agers showed curiosity and desire to learn, we would have won the battle with the darkness on this planet long time ago and would have already ascended in the last millennium.

Laziness of the mind, stupidity, animosity, rejection, aggression on the part of the new agers, as I have experienced it first hand for many years (the PAT excluded), has postponed the ascension process of Gaia and humanity, for what these star seeds have actually incarnated on this planet. And this hurts to see. Therefore, when I criticize them, I do it from the position of unconditional love as I know how much more their souls suffer from the failure of their incarnated personalities, whom they cannot truly reach and awaken. And it is a truism that their souls are the emanation of true unconditional love as all souls are.

Never condemn a person who urges you to learn more and criticizes your lack of curiosity and intellectual laziness as most new agers do when I offer them this mirror image from the position of true unconditional love. The highest form of love is sometimes to pull the rug away from under your best soul mate’s feet as to save his soul. This is what your souls are doing all the time. Where do you think all your personal daily dramas come from? They are created by your souls, so that you can learn your lessons, because you need these lessons and there is no other way to reach you and teach you, but to throw you in a crisis and shut down the chatter of your ego-mind.

If there is anyone on this earth who can integrate the new age movement that is now compartmentalized in infinite spiritual biotopes of individual survival techniques and where virtually no meaningful dialogue exists, it is me. I will achieve that by eliminating all these self-proclaimed gurus (yes, there are such, but not in the PAT group) and all their meaningless teachings, most of which are brainless plagiats, with the new theory and Axiomatics of the UL, which they have rejected so far. Very soon they must learn it, if they want to ascend and will soon realize with great regret how much time they have lost and how much they have harmed themselves all these years with their emotional stubbornness and intellectual laziness.

The same holds true for the entire scientific community. They will have to embrace the new theory of the UL simply because it is the only truthful categorical system of human knowledge. If they don’t do it, they will drop from the technological progress that will come on the earth with or without their participation, as this is part of the divine plan for the current End Time. They will be substituted by the new crystalline children who will begin to invent new technologies guided by their souls, to whom they have an open channel, as once Tesla did.

Then, the entire clergy and all believers of all world religions will join me and accept the Universal Law because it renders the irrefutable proof of God, which their religions cannot offer. As an ascended master, I will specifically embody the Second Coming of Christ and thus put an end to Christianity which is an Advent church where their clergymen are only custodians of Christ Realm on earth until his second coming. At least, this is what their dogma says and if they do not obey it, what is the purpose of their further existence? Christianity may as well dissolve on its own. But it will be better off if it joins us.

And finally we have the big masses of atheists that have never truly felt at home on this planet after they had left the organized religions during this or a previous incarnation because they also lost their souls in this way. No incarnated human personality can be happy if she lives without accepting her soul and thus her own nature as a mutlidimensional being. Living in a human vessel is just one tiny aspect of our multidimensional existence and the least important one. It is like starving in a prison cell with a life-long sentence while your spirit enjoys life and freedom from matter in different dimensions and realities.

I will show all atheists the way how to reclaim their soul and begin to live in harmony with her without the need to embrace any rotten religion which they have left behind. Atheism is driven in most people by their inner desire to become sovereign beings and that us why they tend to reject any external moral or spiritual authority. The good news is that the new theory and gnosis of the UL is entirely transpersonal as it is eternally valid.

By internalizing it, the atheist will only recognize his soul and establish peace with her. He will become one with his soul – the acknowledgement of the existence of the soul is not a hostile take-over of the ego-mind by the soul as currently most atheists fear. It is the only way to achieve wholeness and eternal bliss. This is what ascension is all about. Ascension is the elimination of the current state of separation of the human ego-mind from the soul. It is unification, it is all-inclusiveness, it is the only possible state of being, where unconditional love can be truly experienced.

As you see, this statement of the Arcturians actually contains quite a lot of factual information what humanity will experience in the coming days and weeks and how the unification of all humans will occur. And make no mistake, the new theory and gnosis of the UL is the linchpin of this unification because it is indeed an all-encompassing theory of love. The reason for that is that it is an axiomatic thinking free of fear and because it departs from the Primary Term of human consciousness that eliminates any form of separation. There can be no unconditional love when there are still fears, no matter how small. It is as simple as that.

This was the divine plan for this planet from the very beginning when its ascension was decided and that is why it will happen this year.

And now read carefully the latest message of the Arcturians in the light of what has been said above:




“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been looking into the various possibilities that you have in front of you for the coming weeks and months there on Earth, and we see a high probability that there will be a massive change that you will all experience, one that will affect all people around the world. We know that many of you are seeking massive changes to indicate to you that the light is winning, but we do not see it that way. We do not see you in a Biblical type of battle between good and evil, or even light and dark.

We see you as a collective, and when you operate as a collective, you need to have an evolution of the consciousness of everyone in order to see massive changes happening in the physical realm. It cannot just be that the side of good is making progress, while sweeping the side of bad under the rug. You are a collective, and you are linked in ways that are permanent. You cannot unlink yourselves from the small portion of humanity that is doing all of the dastardly deeds. You are there to help raise the consciousness for everyone, not just the people that you like and who agree with you.

And so, what we are seeing is that more and more of you who operate from the light are finding it in your hearts to forgive, to send love, and to shine light in the world where it needs to be received. We see more and more individuals feeling compassion for those that they would have liked to have seen wiped off the face of the planet not too long ago, and that is progress. That’s the progress that brings you a massive change that helps everyone who is there in a physical body, and that’s what you have been aligning yourselves with lately.

We know that those of you who are awake see the problems that are present all around the world, and we know that you want to see changes to the way that you access energy for electricity and to fuel your cars. We know that you want to see a global currency reset. We know that you want to see transparency from your leaders in government and from corporations. We know that you want to see an end to all forms of slavery, and we are here to tell you that you affect that change more by holding love in your hearts than you do by casting votes or making documentaries.

You do more good by spreading love than you do facts (This statement is somewhat misleading. On this earth, human activities are seldom driven by unconditional love, even if they pretend to help humanity. Only when the consciousness of the individual is fully axiomatized and thus free of fear, will his activity be also an expression of unconditional love. I admit that this happens very seldom, but this is the goal I have in front of my eyes for every human being and this is the only way how to evolve. We create the new reality when the triad – idea-action-reflection pause to analyse the result of the action before a new idea occurs – must be fulfilled and balanced, note George.)

We are here to encourage you to continue in the spreading of that love, compassion and forgiveness, and we will always encourage you to let go of judgment, fear, and condemnation. Now is the time to help your fellow humans to get to where you are as evolved, conscious, awake people, and when you all decide that being love is the answer, you will see all of those massive changes occurring and more.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



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