The Veil of Forgetfulness…. Humanity Awakening

Patrick Amoroso, September 20, 2019

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The following is a discourse concerning the underlying and contributing factors which have served to create a ‘veil of forgetfulness’ in the human psyche throughout eons of time. These cultural and inherited memes are rarely if ever examined for their validity while having been inculcated into the traditions of Western Civilization and carried forth by hierarchical institutions in both the political, financial and religious governance of humanity’s affairs. The basic premise of this summation is to invite a personal scrutiny and understanding into alternative knowledge to enable a GNOSTIC comprehension concerning the hidden legacy of the human species in the hope that once we become familiar with such forgotten treasures in the contextual renditions in which they have been hidden purposefully by powerful forces throughout the last two thousand years, well as sentient beings with a curiosity of divine intention, it would allow one to reconsider such questions as: Where we came from, who we really are and what is controlling us to further a hidden agenda inimical to humanity’s welfare and well being? It is a legitimate endeavor to undertake, is it not ?

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This Age is passing for we all know Intuitively that it must. We tend to dismiss the inner voice within when contemplating the future and in our private moments of silence, it beckons to us at a soul level of divine intention.

Imagine that the planet that you are now living on is one that has a consciousness; constituting a living, breathing soul and is now attempting to let humanity realize the extent to which its habitation is at risk precisely due to its egregious avarice, vulgar war-making propensity and the never-ending plunder of the earth’s bountiful resources. Furthermore, it is in close communication and alignment with its benefactor of life-giving light, our SUN and at this very moment is ascending into a higher dimensional realm within a new golden galaxy and merging into a new Living Universe where only beauty, compassion, creativity, understanding and love for all that lives and breathes will be the existential and transcending experience for all. Additionally, there are beings on earth right now who are spiritually and energetically fomenting this change and have for many years endured trials at the societal, physical, and spiritual levels of immense emotional transcendence and personal tribulation.

Who are they ? It is not a privileged club but is identified by THOSE who allow their heart and soul to speak to them in silent prayer or meditation . Furthermore, there are OTHERS, who are determined to prevent yours and THUS, humanity’s awakening. The latter comprise the entire spectrum of the political, financial and institutional / sacerdotal- religious hierarchies who do the bidding of their masters, the elites and are attempting at this very moment to unleash their New World Order. The awakened, although few in number now but ever-increasing are maneuvering into the greatest spiritual evolution and uplift of human consciousness in the annals of human history.. It is there for all.

Enter the World of Cognitive Dissonance:

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” – Galileo

THE GREATEST LIE EVER BESTOWED UPON THE HUMAN MIND AND HEART OF HUMANITY IS THAT YOU ARE SINFUL and must die in order to achieve and realize a divine instance of your perception. The spiritual yearning of all souls is a natural birthright. It is within, SOUL-INSPIRED and manifests its sublime effects when we engage in silent meditation or prayer. Some call it intuition, heart-felt emotions or feelings of intense and inspired transcendence. We see it in the embrace of a loved one, a child’s laughter, the painful and sorrow-laden memory of an unexpected loved one’s loss or premature death, a tender and tearful plea for one’s recovery and welfare when subjected to life-threatening events, the joy we feel when an existential fear is overcome through trial and courageous endurance and a sunset spreading its glory across a field of flowers.

This new agenda of spiritual alienation erupted into the consciousness of mankind which now consists of ecclesiastical hierarchies, complemented by sacerdotal concentration of power for male-dominated priestly control. It doesn’t matter whether such roles are termed ministers, priests, deacons, presbyters, elders, reverends, rabbis or imams. Essentially, they are exclusively male-dominated positions and all perform the same intercessor-role between one’s alleged and inherent sinful state and the Divine. Women are relegated to submissive positions in both the familial, societal and spiritual castes which in essence is the affirmation and ultimate culmination of a dualistic alienation in monotheistic and religious formalism.

Such a departure from our true spiritual inheritance is an affront to any sense of humanitarian and egalitarian wonder and coerces our nature-centered propensity of nurturance and benevolence to a bellicose ethos of aggressiveness and competition. Is it any wonder that our civilization is at war continuously? We are living the results of this departure from our ancestral inheritance where the metaphysical forces of the Masculine and Feminine have been coerced by powerful interests and have worked to ultimately undermine our cosmic, earth and soul-centered intuition to our spiritual disadvantage.

The Yin and Yang, proactive and receptive, water and fire have become misaligned much to the detriment for each one of us individually as well as the collective society as a whole. A nature – Inspired spirituality is our birthright and is one which scorns political-religious bickering, egregious avarice and the relentless slaughter of our fellow men, women and children.

For over two millennia in duration, Western Civilization has been immersed in the Judaeo-Christian script of identifying a chosen people and a forthcoming sin – redemptive Messiah-Complex which has not only blinded its adherents by fostering dualistic thinking modes of behavior that are anything but spiritual, but has disallowed the growth of their own spiritual and innate constitution from within and promoted antagonisms which are playing out on the world’s stage today.

Islam promotes the same array of identifiable actions by claiming its tradition as the one true faith, with one supreme prophet. Ironically these three monotheistic faiths all claim a common progenitor in the personage of Abraham and worship the same patriarchal god although they call this deity by different names.

Well, ask yourself, if humanity’s recorded and hidden histories have exceeded the advent of this recent time reference by tens of thousands of years replete with advanced civilizations having arisen and fallen across the planet in vast epochs of genealogical time, WELL, What was the spiritual resonance of populations before this paradigm shift? The ANSWER to that ultimate question has been HIDDEN and relegated to the bonfires of DESTRUCTION. Such a nature-centered understanding would be falsely accused of Witchcraft and maliciously identified as remnants of pagan, earth-centered beliefs.

The concept of the Divine Feminine ( i.e. Tom Hanks In The Movie, The DaVinci Code) where a balancing synergy of metaphysical forces and energies (the Feminine and Masculine, Yin and Yang), were to be undermined and eventually removed from the consciousness of the Levant and Iron Age peoples of western Europe. The very word “Pagan“ is derived from the Latin ‘paganus’ which simply means a country dweller, a denizen of the rural life.

The martyred life of the Neo-Platonist and Gnostic heroine Hypatia of Alexandria in the 4th century AND the consequent destruction of millennia-aged classical knowledge in our Common Era are well documented. The ancient Library of Alexandria contained the mysteries of our true heritage and would in time suffer the removal and alleged destruction of these venerable texts. Our ancestors, the inhabitants of the Roman Empire would suffer the greatest SIN ever committed against humanity by now having their divine and earth-centered Gnosis tossed asunder towards one seeking an obligatory and sin-redemptive atonement at birth to be followed by a never-ending and continuous penance sustained through earthly life by the intercession of a male-dominated priestly class. Such a departure from the soul-inspired and intuitive ethos adhered to through vast historical epochs would now pave way for the alienation of the SELF and foster a shame-based mindset to take hold of the human consciousness. Is it any wonder that such a deviation from our innate and nature-inspired condition of grace would initiate the Dark Age of Europe for 1000 years ? Ponder!

“All formal dogmatic religions are fallacious and must never be accepted by self-respecting persons as final.” – Hypatia of Alexandria

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What does it mean to be Human?  …

Who am I? When one ponders that question pertaining to their individual being or selves, he or she might be prone to answer such a probe by mentioning parents, family, nationality or place of origin, educational level and profession. All of these assertions are identification attributes but in essence do not answer the question posed. Each are affiliations or achievements.

So, again who are we? Modern day societal memes overemphasize the importance of the self to the detriment of a more complete and holistic characterization of the wonder of being human. It as an ego-bound world which we find ourselves acclimated to and thus by its preponderance of messaging same alienates us, both individually at the personal level and collectively at the societal level.

If I were to answer that same aforementioned question by stating that I am an expression of the Divine, a soul-centered manifestation of a higher consciousness, whereby my life can be summed up by stating that I am first and foremost a spiritual being who happens to have incarnated into human form and as a consequence: “I am a spiritual being having a human experience.” How does that affirmation change one’s individual perspective? Ego level attainment is no longer relative, whereas the primacy of the SOUL emerges as our true identity. This sublime and transcendental understanding of ourselves is where we must go and are going despite our own steadfastness to be coerced by the shackles of an ego bound consciousness.

Our individual DESTINY is to return to Source and Ego does not play here. Some refer to the Divine as god, creator while others recognize the divine as an energetic and transcendent force of manifest love and compassion for all. “All That Is“ cannot be made anthropomorphic, a semblance of human form who calls for a reconciliation of humanity to its agenda. The agenda is ours, one which recognizes our common heritage as spirit beings in human form and subsequently challenged to be aware of our intuitive and soul-centered consciousness and therefore to act in accordance with the creative and sublime force throughout the universe. Know that and WE are almost home. So, Let’s go home.

While living in stable and seemingly secure, everyday non-threatening existential conditions, most humans blindly follow their fear-based patterns that very effectively separate the ego-mind from the soul and the source. The individual human displays a marked propensity to conform and often fails to modify behaviors which in essence work to alienate oneself from their soul-centered intuition and Higher Self. When confronted by an existential danger, human fears often times reach a critical level of distortion and only then does the human ego-mind realizes in its desperation the leading role of the soul that floods the hostage personality with source energies.

At the societal level, such a departure from the intuitive and innate divine potential within coalesces and ultimately initiates a psychosis of FEAR at the national level. In times of national conflict, we observe this when political leaders of all persuasions abandon all rational sense. Nation-state military doctrines are carried out which if brought to complete fruition jeopardizes the very future and existence of mankind. We are living in a time of maximum alienation from the source of our own spiritual inheritance and being. Wars are the result. Haven’t we had enough of this war business? It’s been going on for some seven thousand years.

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When HUMANITY is able to transcend the chains of being domiciled to the nation of one’s birth and awakens to the level of an earth – bestowed consciousness where national, racial and class distinctions in concert with speciously accepted religious testaments and scripts are no longer undermining the innate and intuitive goodness of mankind’s potential, THEN, and only then, will we ascend to a spiritually-based humanitarian Brotherhood & Sisterhood and THUS begin to traverse the path as beings with a divine purpose in a universe of unlimited love for all that lives.

The immediate future will be a test of humanity’s inner resolve, AND your SOUL will begin to speak softly to you at first but if you choose not to hear, it will raise its decibel level to a bugler’s call.

World affairs will approach a crisis point bordering on end-of-world scenarios of immense magnitude. Expect a worldwide economic crash; possible big-power nuclear confrontation / engagement; existential fears raised to the highest threshold in our lifetime. Understand that higher energies and Divine sources of immense power and loving concern for humanity are in control. It will not be your country, your bank account, social standing, religion or anything outside of your inner self (Soul) that will be able to withstand the realities and last breath of a dying Age.

Trust the inner voice within. Trust your soul-centered intuition. Be the Warrior’s essence: Truth > Defend > Protect > LOVE.

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