Realitas infinita – Infinite Reality – Part II

Further Considerations on the Term “Timeline”

Otfried Weise, July 8, 2019

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In our first article – Realitas Infinita – Unlimited Reality – about the term “timeline”, we have dealt with various characteristics of this phenomenon. We have found out that the so-called timelines are not parallel lines but rather wide bands or clouds consisting of interpenetrating frequency patterns.

We have said that the term timeline not only refers to different incarnations but also to other experiences within the same incarnation and that the perception of timelines depends on the level of consciousness – the higher the consciousness is, the more we perceive. Therefore we prefer to speak of worlds of perception, experience or sentience. There is nothing else.

These expressions include the word “worlds”, which implies something very important that will be explained below. The point is that the so-called “timelines” do not only concern the illusory linear time, which most people assume when they use this term. People with their 3D-conditioned/ limited consciousness also do not perceive space properly. Space and linear time are – as the Universal Law shows (see below) – in principle one and the same dimensionless quantity and this proves that they are illusory phenomena.

If you want to continue using the term “timeline”, then you should at least say space-time-lines (or better space-time-worlds). Another suggestion is to use the term “frequency lines” or “frequency worlds” as the physical quantity frequency f is the actual time one measures in physics and daily life, which is defined as absolute time f in the new theory of the Universal Law. This quantity is reciprocal linear conventional time t and space s:

f = 1/t = 1/s

That this knowledge is indispensable for a proper understanding of the nature of the diversity of the created holographic universe of forms should be cogent from the above elaboration. Different worlds of experience not only take place simultaneously, but also ubiquitously. Between space and time, from the point of view of the soul (5D and higher), there is no difference. Only for most people in the current limited 3D state of being, there is such a thing as linear time with past, present and future and a three-dimensional space, in which they can only be at a certain point in space at one time. Spirit and soul are untouched by this human illusion in the eternal Now and perceive themselves through their expanded awareness in multiple worlds of experience at the same time.

There is only one Here for soul/Spirit and this Here is Everywhere.

There is neither time travel nor spatial travel from A to B as velocity v is another human illusion. Velocity is defined currently in physics as v = s/t, not knowing that both space s and linear time t are one and the same quantity and thus an illusion, as the new theory of the Universal Law proves. This illusion is created by the finite speed of light c of the electromagnetic spectrum, as all information available to humans through their senses and technical instruments is mediated through electromagnetic waves.

In the higher realms, there is neither space nor linear time, but only infinite frequencies and frequency ranges. Space (and linear time) is a secondary holographic creation of the souls and the higher realms for the 3D worlds of space-time for incarnation purposes.

In our opinion, this results in the following picture: not only the various incarnations of a soul (often 70 – 90 incarnations for an individual soul are given) take place in different worlds of experience. Each different situation in the life of one and the same incarnation can also be assigned to a different world of experience. In principle, there is no difference here. This results in an infinite number of space-time-worlds for each individual soul.

If, for example, I plant vegetables in my garden at home in the Waldviertel, then I am in a different world of experience than in Vienna when I visit friends. One can also formulate this conventionally and say that the farmers in the rural Waldviertel live in a completely different world than the city dwellers in Vienna. One could also say that they live in different space-time-worlds of experience, even if they live, conventionally speaking, at the same (conventional) time, e.g. watch the same news on TV in the evening and this all happens on the same planet, known as earth. So they live simultaneously, in the sense of conventional time, and in the same area of Lower Austria in terms of space, but have only electronic or telepathic connections to the other worlds of experience. When they physically meet, their worlds of experience intercept (0verlap) – they are then simultaneously in the same place and time – in order to use these terms conventionally again.

These overlapping encounters take place when the worlds of experience fit together – similar attracts similar: When, for example, something is meant to be experienced together – for example, when a social or business event takes place or when a specific learning task or any other sudden and unplanned challenging encounter arises that involves two or more incarnated personalities. Of course, all the infinitely many worlds of experience of all incarnated (and not incarnated) souls overlap, albeit to a different extent. But mostly, only those that largely overlap are perceived by the human protagonists because of their limited linear space-time perception as an earthly incarnation. This also means that the most important or most frequently overlaps of individual space-time realities are karmic, i.e. they are planned by the souls involved in advance.

When an incarnated soul enters an already known world of experience, feelings of familiarity or discomfort arise, depending on what emotions are associated with this pattern for the personality in question. A déjà-vu may also occur if the person concerned recognizes the situation. It could be that in this case the personality overlaps with herself – e.g. there is a bleeding of information from another parallel incarnation – but both represent different ”stages of development” in other worlds of incarnation. This can also be brought to the fore specifically in hypnosis sessions in order to partially dissolve the amnesia that gives us the false perception of space-time.

In one case, the world of experience of an incarnated soul may overlap with the world of experience of another soul and this may be seen as a very pleasant and beneficial situation. But then it can happen that the energetic qualities of these incarnated souls change and the overlapping harmony is no longer available because one soul suddenly brings another stage of development into the overlapping common space-time reality and therefore the relationship is terminated. People would say: “You’ve changed a lot.” Frequently, in such cases the partners in a (marital) relationship ”drift apart”.

It is as if you wake up one morning and ask yourself in a surprise: “Who is this alien person that sleeps in my bed beside me?” This alienation – this retrieval of overlapping individual 3D space-time realities – can be very precisely described with the nature of U-sets that intercept at one point in linear time and then lose their interception at another – A∩B = zero:

In practice, the magnitude of energetic interception of the worlds of experience of the incarnated personalities is achieved with the help of their chakras, which can be regarded as spinning wheels or rather spinning spheres. As most incarnated humans contain numerous blockages in their chakras that interfere with the rotational kinetics of their chakras, they create remarkable 3D-space-time blockages where the chakras of two individuals get caught up, locked, into each other and create a static interception field, where they can now make mutual experiences. These are for the most part of karmic nature and most of the time unpleasant, as they are based on the impaired rotational kinetics of the individuals’ chakras, so that the energies of their souls cannot flow freely from the higher realms; in this case there is no growth, but only painful stagnation. Most people are not even aware of this energetic circumstance and perpetuate their experiences as long as it goes, or the soul allows (watch also this video-clip below on Interception):

When the karmic lesson is learned, this chakra impediment is removed by the souls and the partners wake up one morning with differently spinning chakras that have no common 3D space-time interception. They can no longer recognize each other  – as somebody with whom they can continue sharing a common earthly experience. Their common world of experience is shattered and it disappears as a reality.

These are very complex energetic processes that are not at all understood by all modern esoteric schools that simplify human relations from a very naive anthropocentric point of view, and surely not at all by modern psychology that does not even understand the human psyche as an astral energetic system, but this is how human relationships occur on this planet, last for a while, and then dissolve. If this insight would become common knowledge to humanity and is accordingly considered in daily life, most unpleasant experiences in interpersonal relationships can be safely avoided. This is what one can expect to happen on the new 5D earth.

Most people don’t like to change, they disapprove bitterly if a lot changes in their environment. That means that they always want to stay in the same world of experience. Such people do not like to change their profession or place of residence, or their circle of friends, or do not travel, because all this would bring them into other worlds of experience (space-time-worlds) and could therefore trigger fears. They do not consider that they can only grow consciously if they live in as many worlds of experience as possible.

The reason for that is that human species is created energetically as a very conservative system based on habit, which gives man a sense of security amidst his huge basic fears that are harboured in the lower three chakras and determine his personality structure. This explains the aforementioned restricted behaviour, which is indeed a hindrance to the spiritual evolution of the incarnated personality. That is why the soul has to interfere in the life of her incarnated personality and change effectively her destiny, even at the expense of fateful blows, which are then interpreted by the people as tragedies that change the living conditions of the individual profoundly.

These infinitely many alternative worlds of experience always emerge when a decision has to be made and is actually made. If you choose A, the alternatives B, C, D etc. are also possible and may, and will, actually take place. You don’t have to worry about whether A or B is better. From a superordinate point of view, both are necessary and equally valid. They are being played out by the soul in infinite parallel worlds as parts of her study of human incarnation, which is a great experiment of learning how to deal with these energies and create more effectively. Little, if anything, of that is known to the average person.

What is decisive, is not that one makes an allegedly correct decision and avoids “mistakes”, but that one makes his decision as consciously as possible, based on love and inclusion (compassion for all other people involved in this decision) and also within a reasonable time frame before the soul takes over the control of one’s life – that is, one should make use of his free will when he/she is urged by the soul to do so and not at the individual’s whim against the soul’s plan. It is though true that only individuals who are versatile in the inner dialogue with their souls can know what she wants them to do in their lives. This is the only way to true mastery.

Problematic for the human mind is only when one cannot come to a decision when it is urged by the soul in a crucial stage in his life. One then lives like the swaying reed in the wind in the New Testament, one ultimately belongs to the “Ignavi” (the lazy and the cowards) in Dante’s Divine Comedy, who could not reach any point of view or commitment throughout their lives and now have to wait in the antechamber of hell – in purgatory. They are those who have done neither good nor evil and therefore, figuratively speaking, do not even have what it takes to go to hell, but remain sighing on the threshold. These are, in their vast majority, unripe souls who are beginning to experience challenging incarnations and have a lot of fear to make a clear decision and follow through.

Hence, what is seen as past or future lives, or lives between earthly lives, exists simultaneously in the Eternal Here and Now. In other words: space and time are artificial constructions of the souls that built the framework, within which they collect incarnation experiences in 3D space-time. In reality, it is always about energy exchange in a certain pattern, that can be infinitely differently designed, where each part constantly influences all other parts instantaneously. That is why there is no linear sequence of cause and effect, as causes and effect also exist simultaneously and can be rearranged in infinite ways.

The human souls incarnate in an infinite number of worlds of experience, some of which are shaped by similar patterns – one speaks of the same incarnation – and others by completely different patterns – one speaks of incarnations as different species or ”beyond” life as an excarnated soul in between earthly lives or lives on other planets. All these patterns of worlds of experience can also overlap. Actually they all do at the level of the oversoul, as this is how all these realities and dimensions are perfectly coordinated under the condition of universal constructive interference and create harmony, which is then experienced as love and bliss by the individual entities.

In the 3D-matrix of the earth, which is now coming to an end, most people perceive only a seemingly continuous, linearly appearing band of experiences along the time axis, which they look upon as their irrefutable destiny in a deterministic manner. This has led to the collective illusion that there is only one world of experience, just as most people believe nowadays that they have only one life; this profound agnosticism constricts not only their creationary potential, but also deprives them of joy in their short life as a human being. In this way the human being restricts himself enormously. He considers himself a slave worker, e.g. as a shift worker, who fights constantly against linear time as to achieve something material in life or laments to be a hapless object of warmongering policies of evil politicians as all alternative agnostic thinkers profess nowadays in their lack of true spiritual knowledge.

Under these extremely strenuous, oppressive conditions, modern man develops his rigid agnostic point of view with regard to the true nature of his multidimensional reality which then prevents him from expanding his consciousness. The moment man realizes that he can playfully move between the worlds of experience or frequency lines (timelines), which he has at his disposal and can activate through enlightened choices, he can very effectively change his personal subjective world of experience along the illusory time axis and begin to create his own desired reality at will.

This is what is now happening with all conscious enlightened humans who ascended on June 21st at the summer solstice to the 5th dimensionthey are beginning to realize how malleable their world of experience is to their thoughts. Very soon this will become common knowledge and will lead to a new way of life for all humans who will also ascend to 5D when the global interdimensional shift will come.

Different worlds of experience also result from the fact that humans perceive space-time differently, depending on whether they experience something pleasant or unpleasant. If someone is freshly in love and happy, or if he experiences an exciting movie in the cinema or participates in a real adventure that grasps his mind, time flies by unnoticed. However, if one hangs with one hand on a rocky outcrop above a deep abyss and waits for help, or is just passing a (too) difficult test, the waiting time appears to be an eternity. If somebody associates traumatic experiences with a certain place in space, such a place will raise fears when revisited. Another person will experience this same place in space completely differently. So literally, everything is relative, subjective and depends on the expectations of the personalities concerned.

We all live in entirely subjective worlds of experience that only display the illusion of a consensual reality, and nobody knows this better than the few light warriors of the first and last hour who are the driving force of the current planetary and human ascension. They have no other choice but to perceive this consensual reality as a collective illusion, otherwise they cannot fulfill their light mission and change it forever. A major prerequisite for their success is to fully detach from this reality in thoughts and emotions and restrict their choices and desires to the utmost minimum. That is why it is so important to be very selective in your wishes and desires and to reduce them to the vital areas of physical survival, while avoiding any material or other expectations of personal gratification based on this reality, as these are further linear projections of an illusion that is now definitely coming to an end.

Since man possesses free will – even if he rarely makes full use of it out of fear (most people follow their fears like conditioned Pavlov’s reflexes without being aware that they have fears) – he can, of course, not only determine the place where he wants to stay, but also influence the course of time. If someone is late for a meeting, he can change the flow of his individual time (stretch it), so that he can reach the planned destination on time. This works particularly well in daily life, for instance, to find a free parking space in a busy place, especially when one asks the angels consciously for help and believes in that. Georgi has described in his recent essay a similar situation in Imperia while shopping.

If all incarnations of the same soul take place simultaneously, then all stages of development from baby soul to old soul that deal with such existential topics as fight with matter and other human beings, gradual enlightenment, LBP and beyond, are simultaneously present. Then, of course, there is a constant data transfer between all simultaneous incarnations at the level of the oversoul, that is, the less experienced ones receive input from the more experienced ones and can hugely profit from this knowledge.

This transfer of knowledge between the simultaneous incarnations of a soul is extremely important in the current End Time, as this is how humans will acquire multidimensional knowledge from their higher dimensional incarnations, where they are able to create immediately with their minds and thoughts and can implement this knowledge on earth (read also here). Many light warriors have 5th, 7th and 9th dimensional incarnations as Arcturians, Agarthans, Pleiadians, etc. and can hugely profit from their knowledge. This creative potential is available to any incarnated human personality.

The question is, of course, to what extent the less evolved incarnation consciously perceives this potential and makes use of it. Old souls are in any case able to intuitively receive messages from their higher selves and oversouls (soul monad or soul family), or other higher dimensional sources as their fear layers have been dismantled and they have an open channel to the higher realms. For example, if a soul has incarnations on other planets or star constellations, it can channel messages to incarnated soul fragments with limited consciousness as is the case with most humans on Earth. The medium in question then correctly says, for example, ”I channel the Arcturians”, yet he/she channels himself/herself because he/she has incarnations on Arcturus.

To complete this discussion, I would like to elaborate on another key aspect here. All space-time-worlds, which we experience, consist of Spirit, and Spirit, Nous is the realm of the souls (Neoplatonism). The Universal Law says:

The primary term is Spirit = Consciousness/Awareness = energy =

the only thing that really exists, it is All-THAT-Is.

This energy is perceived as space-time by the limited human senses that actually create the 3D worlds as a subjectively experienced reality because they cannot yet perceive the higher frequency energies of the 5th and higher dimensions. This will change soon.

Energy, perceived as space-time, is in a state of permanent energy exchange because there is nothing else. The holographic image of space-time can only be created and sustained if there is constant energy exchange between the higher frequency energies from the Source and the electromagnetic spectrum and matter that build the physical world with its forms. This space-time energetic exchange that creates the worlds of experience of humans can be fully described by the Universal Equation:

 E = EA  f,

where E is energy exchange,

EA is a specific constant amount (quantum) of exchanged energy, called action potential’and

f = E/ EA is the absolute time’‘; it is a dimensionless quotient that is equivalent to frequency f  in wave theory. That is why the same symbol “f ” is used. Please observe that

Conventional time t no longer occurs in this Universal Equation.

In the created universe of forms (“lower worlds of becoming”, Neoplatonism), there is a continuous exchange of energy and mass between photons and matter.

If we compare the wavelength λ and the frequencies f = 1/t of two photons by using one of the two photons as a reference system, we get a dimensionless quotient for the two dimensions, space (distance): 

   λx / λr = SP(A) = 

and time

 = 1/fx  / f=  SP(A) = n,

where SP(A) means “statistical probability of the event A” (o,1) and this set is identical to the continuum of all numbers (0, ). Please observe that:

The SI units “meter” and “second” are no longer required

One could thus speak of the fact that the space-time-worlds (experience worlds), which are the central topic of this disquisition, take place on different frequency lines, or rather frequency bandwidths, which penetrate and partially overlap, or intercept, with each other in infinite patterns of frequency (wave) superposition according to the laws of constructive and destructive interference as known to us from wave theory (read also here).

Please observe that All-That-Is consists only of open wave systems, which are U-sets and contain themselves and the Whole (Primary Term) as an element, so that they always interact – that is, they overlap and their waves and frequencies interfere with each other to create new wave patterns, such as standing waves (solitons). The created holographic universe of 3D forms is entirely created according to this principle, for instance, all elementary particles are standing waves and described in physics as such in the so called “particle-wave dualism” (read also here).

However, the way frequency is defined in physics today and measured experimentally, it is a dimensionless quantity – a simple number – as all other physical quantities, by the way. Physicists have no clue about this simple epistemological fact as they do not care about the philosophical foundation of their discipline.

That is why we have refrained from speaking of frequency in this disquisition, so that the reader is not tempted to think of the classical frequency concept from school:  = 1/t [1/sec], which is given with respect to the SI unit “second”. This is however one of the biggest cognitive blunders of conventional physics as proved in the new theory of the Universal Law.

That is why one speaks in this theory of absolute time f, which is a dimensionless number that can be measured with conventional frequency. However, this is one possibility, there are many other known physical quantities that also measure absolute time, such as temperature, for instance. This shows again how confused modern physics is from an epistemological point of view.

Spirit, as defined above, rests in the world of unity-consciousness and makes experiences through us in the created worlds of forms and diversity, which leads to expansion of human and universal consciousness. This process is also called spiritual evolution in modern esotericism from a human point of view. In our limited thinking, however, the term “evolution” contains the idea of linear time. Darwin’s evolution doctrine is entirely based on this faulty concept, postulating that humans are the pinnacle of a prolonged biological evolution of the species, based on the random survival of the fittest over 4.5 – 5 billion years.

This example illustrates the cognitive problems of humans of correctly describing and understanding the ”multidimensionality and simultaneity of the processes” discussed in this essay. The old concepts of space and time creep in again and again via human language.

In the above mentioned formula of the UL this problem is already overcome

and this is the point of departure of a new evolutionary world view which will soon be established on earth.


Stankov, Georgi: The Universal Law, The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology, Volume II

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