Transcendental Biophysics as a Substitute for Religious Faith

Georgi Stankov, May 17, 2019

From the book  “Gedanken (Thoughts)“, 387 pages, 2008

translated from German into English by the author

The greatest sensation of this programmatic manifesto is that I wrote it 11 years before the certainty we have now about what will happen in Italy and Rome, while I have actually being working on this project for more than 20 years. Which proves that linear time does not exist and all our prophecies are becoming reality the moment we utter them. – George

And exactly at this hinge point between human perception and transcendental logic the gnostic weakness of the Christian doctrine emerges now and manifests in such erroneous conceptions as “faith in God” and “humility before the divine will”.

While the Church (1) has turned its back on logic and the scientific method, which, as I have proved, are exclusively an impeccable axiomatic organization of the mind, of pure reason, only with the help of which every human worldview can be developed into a consistent, all-encompassing categorical system, it must hide its ignorance of the underlying energetic, physical principles, according to which this world is continuously created from the invisible 7F-realms, behind the hollow concept of “Christian faith” and garnish it with “holy miracles”.

The Christian faith is thus a black box in which this religion can conveniently hide its Gnostic ignorance: The same ignorance, which she had already tried to eliminate in vain in the early days of its foundation by introducing neoplatonic ideas. However, due to the medial limitations of the early Christians, the great wave of young immature souls, which still characterizes life on this planet to this day, this teaching failed miserably in the philosophical-dialectical implementation of Platonic thinking. From a gnostic doctrine, early Christianity has solidified into a dogmatic institution – into church.

Faith, in the broadest sense of the word, is thus nothing else but a renunciation of thinking – a voluntary renouncement of intellectual search and the acquisition of knowledge. It is the fastest and most effective way to stupidity and persistent ignorance, and it is no exaggeration to say that the vast majority of “homo sapiens” prefer this attitude in their daily lives. Hence the motto of the new theory of the Universal Law, which I emphasize again and again:

Faith must be replaced by Knowledge.

And the only relevant knowledge that man can acquire at this stage of his mental development is the knowledge of the new theory of Universal Law. This teaching integrates all empirical facts known to us without contradiction into a pan-theory of human thinking that is open to all future findings of humanity and can explain them consistently and coherently. No more and no less!

While the new knowledge of the Universal Law unites all facts to a perfect proof of the existence and mode of action of the 7F-creationary realms (Proof of God) – in the New Gnosis – the Christian doctrine, which from the very beginning has turned its back on the facts, seeks refuge in the obscure belief in an anthropocentric God, without realizing that every thought about the origin of human existence is either a concrete projection of the “earthly body” or, in the conceivably greatest abstraction, its total negation – the Nothing. Within these two poles of spiritual abstraction, there are infinitely many transient projection possibilities which are merely an expression of the multiplicity of Nature; however, they ignore the underlying creative, energetic principles of that Nature. This objection also applies to conventional science, which, like the church, fails on the fundamental eschatological question:

What is the creative power behind human existence and the diversity of nature’s observed forms and phenomena, and how does it work?

In short: The church has never thought about the epistemological foundations of its “doctrine of God”, as I prove in my essay on “Neoplatonism and Christianity“. Christianity hides its spiritual ignorance behind the exclusive revelation of God by selected persons, such as the Nazarene, who was later called “Christ” in the spirit of Greek tradition, and his apostles, in order to force all people to believe in this fairy tale, at least as long as there was still inquisition. Since Christianity cannot be a gnostic doctrine, the Church had to convert the people by force into “believers”. The moment the individual’s freedom of faith was enshrined as a universal right in the constitution of the national state, the inexorable decline of this religion began. Significantly, Sharia law in the Islamic world does not recognize this individual right, and religious violence is still commonplace there.

This applies to all institutions that replace knowledge with faith – exchanging facts with beliefs, prejudices and projected hallucinations. The American government and the Senate, for example, believed in the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and instigated a senseless war in which more than 600,000 Iraqis and 4,000 American soldiers have already died and 4 million Iraqis have had to leave their country.

Any kind of faith that is not based on knowledge and facts must inevitably be paid with human lives. The history of humanity, including current political events, is an unbroken chain of bloodthirsty acts of violence that are exclusively a product of the spiritual ignorance of human beings. Given the blindness and narrow-mindedness of the human species, this fact cannot be stressed often enough.

I must go back a little in order to clear up an eventual misunderstanding. I do not pity the people who die in such acts of violence as wars, civil wars, genocides and acts of terror, for I know of the immortality of the incarnated personality and the spiritual liberation she enjoys after death in the disembodied state. I myself yearn for the bliss and unrestrained freedom of the astral realms. In a way, I even envy a little bit such incarnated personalities who are suddenly allowed to leave life in full health.

My compassion and feelings go exclusively to the survivors who have to experience these disgraceful deeds and whose memories torture their psyche and their intellect all their lives and hinder them in their spiritual evolution. Just think of the many psychological cripples of the Holocaust, the Vietnam War and the current war in Iraq, whose fate is repeatedly reported in the Western media. And what about the psychological suffering of millions of native people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Chad, Somalia, Burma and many other places on earth, which, with a few exceptions, are hardly reported in the media? They are the anonymous victims of human violence, the tendency of the people to follow their faith fanatically and turn their backs on knowledge.

I do not say that the souls of these people would not have known the cruel experiences on earth in foresighted wisdom before they incarnated here, considering the fact that this planet knows almost only murder and death, because otherwise they would not have been able to plan their incarnation at all.

What matters is not how cruel history has been and how the present is, but how humanity will shape its future. My current thoughts are dedicated to this future. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have written them down at all. If I have already been chosen to take on the role of the messenger of the new “Golden Age” of love and knowledge on earth, then I cannot help but concern myself with the abysses of human thought and action, even if this occupation truly gives me no pleasure.

Back to the church, which is a fundamental evil of this world. As an anti-scientific institution, the Church makes no effort to explain how the incessant creation of man and nature takes place and, in particular, which astral-energetic principles shape human behavior and thought.

Since today’s conventional science cannot explain the transcendental question of the meaning and purpose of human existence either, the Church (and all other religions) go the easier way in this regard by pointing with the finger at the inability of scientists to comprehend the “entelechy” of pulsating life (Aristotle). If already science cannot explain this central Gnostic question, then the church certainly does not need to do it either.

This is at least the basic tenor of the latest writings of the present Pope (Ratzinger), if one studies them carefully. It’s a strange apology of ignorance and stupidity. Like all intelligent people who deal intensively with theology, “Papa Ratzinger”, as the Italian press usually calls him in disdain of his papal name (and I likewise as a reference to the theologian Ratzinger and not to his present function), cannot avoid his doubts in the meagerness of the proofs of God in Christian doctrine too, which are a mockery for every common sense. But in a “doctrine of God” it is only the proofs of God that matter, and not some crazy rituals and traditions, the importance of which this dogmatic pope always emphasizes. This should be cogent to everyone. At the latest after my ascension!

It makes sense that after this event Christian doctrine, as well as current science, can no longer be sustained and must disappear from this world. In the future, only a certain historical significance will be attributed to the “holy scriptures” of this religion, as is already the case today outside the church. Future historians, philologists, and philosophers will analyze them merely as testimonies of an incredible human aberration; from that they will develop a new understanding of the psycho-energetic dynamics of human thinking at the collective level.

The topic “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events “(2) will acquire a new gnostic-philosophical relevance and will intensively occupy social sciences in the coming years. At the same time, I have briefly outlined the probable future orientation of these disciplines. My essay on “Neoplatonism and Christianity” could in this case serve as a paradigm for the new enlightened liberal arts, but not exclusively.

Admittedly, social sciences can no longer limit themselves to their hitherto narrow subject area, but must embrace in a fundamental way the relevant gnostic-scientific knowledge of the new bio-science and economic energology of the Universal Law to its full extent and take it into account in their structures. In methodological terms, they must start unreservedly from the new Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics and orient future research in the social sciences accordingly. I have already set the direction in my gnostic and philosophical writings (as published on this website). It must now be continued and extended.

And what will become of the Vatican and the many churches, monasteries and other non-profit religious institutions, after the Christian religion as doctrine and the church as secular institution have disappeared once and for all from the earth, perhaps the overwhelmed reader asks himself. The answer is very simple: they will continue to be used, just as many historical institutional buildings that have housed dictatorial regimes in the past are now being used by democratic institutions.

The Reichstag in Berlin, for example, was for a long time the epitome of the terrible Nazi regime and, after long debates and many reservations, was re-named as the seat of the German parliament in order to continue a certain tradition. Institutions come and go, their buildings can stay or be demolished. Or as the great Greek philosopher Heraclitus says, “Panta rei!

What would the world look like if, for example, all buildings from the Nazi period in Germany and Austria, all fascist buildings of Mussolini in Italy and all Stalinist architecture in “„Zuckerbäckerstil” in Eastern Europe, as well as all castles, palaces and buildings from the monarchist times of Europe, were to be torn down after democratic governments have been installed in these countries? Europe would no longer be recognised.

I am confident that the reader will easily understand from this that it is no problem at all to quickly abolish the Church and its institutions and use its buildings for other, truly spiritual needs of the people, just as today countless castles and palaces that were once inhabited by brutal rulers are now used as museums, hotels, state reception residences, ministries, community facilities, and for many other purposes. Even today, individual churches in which masses no longer take place because the number of believers is rapidly declining and the church can no longer afford the money for priests and maintenance are rented out for secular purposes.

This process is not new and has important precedents in the past, such as the Napoleonic secularization in the West (mainly Germany) or the communist expropriation of church possessions in the East. However, the “secularization” of church buildings after my parousia and the Evolutionary leap – I prefer to speak in this context of a “genuine spiritualization of the churches” – will not take place by force, but voluntarily, from inner insight. If once the sacrosanct “touch” of the “holy church” is irrevocably lost, then all reservations to quickly referbish the current church buildings for other purposes will also disappear.

What is there to be said against the regular organisation of lectures and discussions on the new theory of the Universal Law and its practical and spiritual applications in churches instead of masses? Nothing! These events will then be open to all the people in which they can participate democratically, just as the ancient people enthusiastically held their philosophical discussions in public marketplaces, e.g. at the Agora in front of temples or other public buildings.

And where did Jesus, please, have his discussions with the Pharisees? Where did Paul and his disciples try to convert the people of Philippi, Thessaloniki, Corinth and Athens? Surely not only in private houses, but also in public places, otherwise they would not have been persecuted.

Which Italian would oppose the idea of a spiritual world centre of the 7F-creationary realms, which will have its seat, for example, in the Vatican in Rome and will make the Eternal City and this historical country again the cultural centre of the world? Knowing the Italian mentality, I dare even now to predict that not a single Italian would speak out against such a cosmic revaluation of the Vatican buildings (3).

I don’t want to “chat here out of the sewing box” (“Aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern”, a German saying for the disclosure of popular secrets), but it itches me to lift the curtain a little to give the reader a glimpse into the hidden direction, into the “heavenly plan” of the 7F-creationary realms about the future of mankind.

In Christianity, the texts of the New Testament are regarded as a divine revelation, which roughly reflects the facts correctly, but with the significant restriction that this doctrine was conceived from the 7F-creationary realms for non-spiritual young, immature souls. Why were all the holy scriptures of Christianity written and meticulously handed down for 2000 years? Not only to preach and spread the Christian doctrine! In the history of mankind there have been many religions without a written tradition and they have not less effectively drawn people into their orbit.

The writings of the New Testament are important because they contain above all important statements that point to the imminent downfall of this doctrine, but are not understood by priests and believers because, as young souls, they are naturally agnostic. I have already interpreted some of these passages in my books in connection with the imminent events, such as, for example, the announcement in the second Pauline Epistle to the Thessalonians of the recently erupted world economic crisis (see the book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“, also its partial English translation as “Gnosis as Personal Experience“).

These passages were transmitted from the astral worlds at different times to selected early Christians as channeled information, e.g. as “speaking in tongues” and fulfill the same role as the viruses in the Internet or the famous worm in the fruit. While these texts are celebrated by the clergy as “holy books”, the church willingly puts the noose around its neck in delicious ignorance of the impending apocalyptic events.

Here I will not go into all the falsifications in church history, such as the Pippin (Constantine) donation or the “Petrus claim” of the papal primacy, which have already been sufficiently exposed as a fraud by conventional historiography and will contribute decisively to the downfall of the church, but will only draw the reader’s attention to the many references in the New Testament regarding the “Second Coming of Christ“, in Greek “Parousia“. These passages announce the imminent ascension of myself by spreading before the faithful the threatening scenario of the Apocalypse at the “end of the days” of Christian doctrine in a figurative-naive manner.

However, no word in the history of human language has been so thoroughly misunderstood as the Greek word “apocalypse”. The direct translation means nothing other than “disclosure of the hidden”; further suitable translations of this word would be “uncovering” or “discovering”. The German translation of the Apocalypse as “secret revelation” („geheime Offenbarung“) is also very misleading in this context. What is actually this hidden thing, which indeed prevails in all phenomena and determines their essence, but is overlooked by all the people and thus remains hidden? The answer to this question is amazingly simple:

It is the Universal law, the Logos, in the extended sense, the existence of the 7F-creationary realms,

which act as invisible, immeasurable energy and create and keep alive all forms and phenomena of the visible 3D space-time. However, this knowledge was sufficiently known to ancient people. In their philosophy they speak of “substance” and mean the “underlying” life-giving energy or power (energeion), from which the visible world emerges.

The appearance of this hidden force, its apocalypse, is, however, not an optical process, but a spiritual-intellectual one. The eyes of men will not open in such a way that the astral energies suddenly become visible, which is intended anyway after the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind, in that the 7F creationary realms will show themselves in manifold ways on earth (see our articles on the cities of light), but in that the eyes and the spirit of men first of all will open to the new Axiomatics of the Primary Term.

It was precisely the existence of the primary term and its role in the understanding of the Whole that had remained hidden to science and all religions, in a word, to all human beings until the discovery (apocalypse) of the Universal Law. Otherwise the current separation between science and religion would no longer exist, but both systems of thought would have long since merged into a new scientific spirituality, as I have achieved it with the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law.

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As the people will soon undergo a profound mental revelation (apocalypse), they will discard all their previous ideas, beliefs and misconceptions and make the new logic of the revealed (apocalyptic) Universal Law the foundation of a new global worldview. Only after the people have completed this change and have prepared themselves mentally for the planned, intensive exchange of information with the 7F-creationary realms, will the astral worlds become visible (apocalypse).

Before that, however, the collapse of the current pecuniary capitalist system must be accomplished, which has already been triggered by the apocalypse of the world inflation. This economic catastrophe (apocalypse) will destroy the foundations of the present social order and create free space for an enlightened world community of love and true gnostic knowledge. In the course of the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind all wrong ideas and fears of mankind will be revealed (apocalyptized, new word creation!) in the first place, because without such a revelation (apocalypse) of the dark sides of human psyche and thinking no spiritual evolution of the incarnated personality is ever possible.

I have intentionally used the word “apocalypse” in many different connotations and idioms in this description of the most important events during the forthcoming Evolutionary Leap. In this way, I demonstrate the key role of this term in understanding the coming energetic processes.

The souls in the astral realm, especially the old souls, love play upon words (puns), with which they express their multidimensional nature on earth. They often convey their knowledge in the form of linguistic puzzles and parables in “holy” writings, which can only be deciphered if a clear gnostic idea of the upcoming events has been developed beforehand. Above all, one must have the most exact knowledge of the meaningfulness of the language and every symbolism. For this reason I expressly recommend my book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy” and especially the last chapter “Language as the Limit of Gnosis“, in which I concretely elucidate the hidden, spatio-temporal meaning behind human conceptuality and every symbolism.

Below, I will explain the gnostic background of the symbolism of numbers, which is used with preference by many secret schools in ignorance of their true meaning. In this way, I eliminate the whole symbolic fuss of esoteric schools and “secret societies” that have recently become popular literary stuff of many bestsellers – a fact that can be seen as a clear proof of the collective delusion and medial dumbing down of the masses just before the parousia.

In a way, the New Testament, I exclude the Old Testament from this consideration, proves to be a single joke, and thus also – Christianity. Once you’ve reached my spiritual-energetic evolution, the entire earthly life also seems to be a joke, in which you take part as a protagonist and in spite of the many, not exactly funny situations, in which you get involved again and again, you have to laugh about yourself whole-heartedly.

The divine dichotomy of knowing or suspecting that you are immortal and yet being afraid of death and worrying about every ailment – shouldn’t one look at it differently than a joke? Then my thoughts will be much easier to understand. As a Palestinian or a Jew, to seek a life of killing the enemy because he has stolen a piece of desert from you or wants to take it back, while all of Siberia, a thousand times larger than this cursed land, is almost depopulated; then to leave the earth as a “victim” of a military attack or assassination only to realize as a disembodied personality in the 7F-creationary realms that your murderer and enemy is your soul brother in all eternity, with whom you carefully planned your roles in this monkey theatre, called “the Middle East”, before birth, only to experience the state of lack of love upon your own physical body: If this isn’t a joke, then what!

Divine humour, along with enlightened compassion and understanding for the problems of your neighbor, is the best psycho-mental attitude to survive the coming turmoil of the Evolutionary Leap unscathed. Once one has learned to apply this divine humor to one’s own destiny without restriction, it feels like a revelation. If, on the other hand, one is incapable of this kind of humour, and by this I mean unfortunately most people on this earth, then one experiences one’s destiny as an apocalypse in the Christian sense of the word.

And this tautological dichotomy – Revelation ~ Apocalypse – is the joke of all jokes. This brings me to another basic knowledge of the new Gnosis of the Universal Law:

Depending on the psycho-mental attitude, man can experience one and the same situation on earth as heaven or hell, because the world in which we live is a product of our thoughts.

Man can experience his fate as a tragedy or a comedy, depending on his point of view, and no other writer has understood this creative power of a priori creative thinking as profoundly as Shakespeare: to wonderfully unite the comic ridiculousness of King Lear with the mischievous tragedy of all people on this earth who make “much ado about nothing” in the perpetual tragicomedy of life.

And what do all the existential jokes have in common with a transcendental biophysics intended to replace religion? A lot! It eliminates in a light-footed, informal way the “importance of being earnest” of all religions and replaces their solemnity with the swinging ecstasy of a “midsummer night’s dream”, which will give humans a taste of the unlimited freedom of the non-corporeal existence of an ascended master, to which every embodied soul is potentially capable.

In this way the blue planet will also recover from the many infamies of this bloodthirsty species called “homo sapiens“; life will be much happier, more loving, more spiritual – in a word, more worth living. There will be no heaven on earth yet, because the challenges of the 3D space-time and the physicality will still remain valid, however, immeasurably more bearable than the present hell, which people have created for themselves in the Christian age. And that is infinitely more than hell, the purgatory and the boring heaven of all religious martyrs, in which, according to the religious promise, they are allowed to whirl around like cherubs and sing praises for the doddery old man, whom they call “God”.

This enlightened, evolved society will also include the intimate knowledge of the astral-energetic foundations of biological existence, which can only be adequately grasped by a new transcendental biophysics. The schematic outlines of such a future biophysics, which I present here to some extent, should only give the reader an insight into the immeasurable knowledge, which will be imparted to humans in this century by the 7F-creationary realms.

Before the people are ready however, they must put their thinking and feeling on a new foundation – on the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law – otherwise this transfer of knowledge and advanced technology cannot be initiated. In their current spiritual ignorance, people cannot yet deal with these enormous energies and powerful technologies and will only destroy their civilization. But that’s not the plan for this planet.

Hence the new theory of the Universal Law must first fully assert itself. For this reason I will very soon transform my body visibly for all the people to see it and will continue to work on this planet for a while until everything has settled to the complete satisfaction of the astral worlds:

Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place. 35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” (Mt24.34-35).

The scope of the new transcendental biophysics is comparable to All-That-Is – it will be almost infinite – for such a science presupposes an extensive and profound knowledge both of the biological regulation of organic matter and of the nature of energy underlying all visible and invisible phenomena. It is a comprehensive teaching of all energetic interactions and for this reason I also call it “energology“. Specifically, I use this expression for the economic activity of mankind, which in the future will be based exclusively on the rational and meaningful use of astral energies (see below).

The intellectual claim of the new energology of the Universal Law, unlike religions, is so great that “it will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a believer to ever overcome this intellectual hurdle and enter the kingdom of God“. For this reason all believers must first become knowledgeable. Faith of any kind is the opposite to knowledge: it is the negation of the thirst for knowledge that is inherent in every human being and is always promoted by the soul.

If religious faith were merely a harmless religious conviction without serious practical consequences, as one believes today in utter gnostic delusion from a petty bourgeois point of view and praises this as false virtue under the mantle of a wrongly understood religious tolerance, then one could possibly tolerate this situation as a kind of self-inflicted immaturity. But human faith is a powerful psycho-energetic fear pattern of tremendous power.

Because it is not based on facts, it has the tendency to spread and continuously create new hallucinatory facts. In this way religious faith strives to remove all justified doubts about the correctness of its worldview by force or ploy, as one can observe excessively in the USA and in the Islamic world, where most immature young souls live at present.

This collective psycho-energetic dynamic is concealed behind all dictatorships and terror regimes that have been tried out on this earth, and it was particularly oppressive for me to observe how, after “nine eleven, 9/11”, this fearful attitude of replacing knowledge with faith spread at breakneck speed throughout Europe and North America and suppressed every level-headed voice with brute force.

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The devastating consequences of these fear-driven belief patterns continue to poison international political life and contribute significantly to the collapse of the contemporary world order, bringing us back to the dialectical nature of every human experience – the social oxymorons of divine dichotomy. By this I mean any collective pattern of fear that leads to ill-considered, irrational actions at the political, economic and military levels and achieves the opposite of what it has set itself as its goal, for example the wars of the USA against Islamist terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, which generate even more terror and violence, or the introduction of various financial derivatives such as CDS (credit default swaps) to hedge financial risks, which have meanwhile turned out to be true “weapons of mass destruction of financial assets”, as the American multi-billionaire Warren Buffett has long warned (4).

It follows from this that the belief of every shade and colour as a worldview is a collective agnostic fear pattern which decisively determines the present “godless” behavior of human beings, even if when as religion it can skillfully secularize itself behind political struggles, wars and acts of violence (watch also Otfried Weise’s video on religions in the new English version below).


1. Under the term “church” I include the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches, as well as all free Christian churches, because from the spiritual point of view of the new Theory and Gnosis of Universal Law they are based on similarly false materialistic views and rituals. The Church is the epitome of organized Christianity, which after my parousia will dissolve spontaneously and forever.

2 See also the other Seth books of Jane Roberts on this subject.

3Please observe that I made this prediction 11 years before I knew for sure from the Elohim that Rome was indeed destined to become the new spiritual world centre.

4. For more details on the basic concept of the new Gnosis “Oxymoron” see “Evolutionary Leap of mankind“.

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