Gnostic Foundation of a Transcendental Medicine and Bio-Science

Georgi Stankov, May 16, 2019

From the book “Thoughts (Gedanken)” 387 S., 2008

translated from German into English by the author

Let us now summarize the essence of the biological regulation of the human body: The multicellular body is not a solid, stable system, but first and foremost an electromagnetic wave system – it is a standing wave. This applies to the individual organic compounds, then to the cells and finally to the superordinate cell assemblies.

In particular, the action potentials of the nerve cells and fibres form complex synchronous patterns of standing waves (solitons), which, in addition to the measurable electromagnetic component, also contain high-frequency components of the 7F-creationary realms. These patterns can be found both in the central nervous system and along the peripheral nerve pathways. They are in constant energetic interaction with the grid system of the astral body, which forms a very complex network of energetic pathways that cannot yet be grasped by conventional bio-science. Individual energy points of this grid system are used in Chinese acupuncture in a very rudimentary, mechanical way to partially eliminate energetic blockages in these points, which lead to manifest diseases.

Some alternative scientists call these astral fields “morphogenetic”, leaving it open whether these morphogenetic fields are a secondary product of organic matter or whether the latter is rather a product of the 7F-creationary realms, for fear of violating the predominant materialistic dogma of evolution.

It is for this reason that this alternative approach proves to be extremely unproductive – as in the famous proverb of the hungry wolf, who in this case symbolizes the agnostic, knowledge-hungry bio-science, which the alternative scientists want somehow to feed, without slaughtering the lamb – the materialistic doctrine of evolution.

On the other hand, in the new theory of the Universal Law, I completely reject the doctrine of evolution as an extremely wrong materialistic view and in this way revolutionize the scientific approach to the bio-energetic foundations of human and biological existence.

The fields of the astral body, which are responsible for the formation and regulation of the organism, cannot currently be measured with conventional material instruments, because h (Planck’s constant) represents the physical limit of recognition by such measuring devices. The astral body consists of ultra-high frequency energies whose spectrum lies outside the electromagnetic spectrum within which conventional material devices function exclusively. The astral energies can only be perceived by the human mind because the mind also consists of high-frequency astral energies and consequently cannot be found in the cranial cavity.

The brain, or CNS, is a very powerful biotransformer that converts the astral energy into the electromagnetic impulses of the action potentials of the nerve cells and in this way ensures the 3D space-time regulation of the organism. For this reason the life-supporting astral energies of the biological body are simply negated in science: What cannot be measured, should not exist. This dominant empirical dogma in science eludes any rational justification if one considers the fact that quantum physics must postulate the origin of elementary particles from the “high-energy vacuum”, i.e. from “nothingness”, in order to explain the creative processes in physical nature in a reasonably plausible manner, whereby it is taken for granted that this “creative” vacuum cannot be measured, but only the particles that result from it.

In this case, the “high-energy vacuum” of quantum physics is a synonym for the 7F-creationary realms whose existence the materialistically indoctrinated representatives of conventional science are currently vehemently denying – for example, they dismiss it as esoteric “humbug” and the few enlightened persons who believe in the existence of such energies are mocked and denigrated (1). This is one of the many paradoxes encountered in science that undermine its entire building.

Each of the invisible, non-measurable 7F-creationary realms has its own elementary action potential that energetically characterizes it. Since these realms and the 3D material world, which we can only perceive, are U-sets and contain themselves as an element, they are not spatially separated, but are part of us and the surrounding nature; more precisely, we are part of them (U-sets). The 7F-levels are the causal realms of creation which create the visible 3D space-time according to the rules of constructive interference, as this phenomenon is known to us from wave theory, and contain the 3D space-time as an element.

Man, with his body and his limited senses, is also a system of 3D space-time, which he hallucinates with his mind (see Gnosis). 3D space-time is thus a result of the limited human worldview, which locally assesses and interprets all phenomena of the outer world as separate space-time events (2).

The perception of the soul, on the other hand, is all-encompassing and can simultaneously grasp all energetic levels of All-That-Is. The soul perceives a human being directly in his biological body as well as in his astral fields.

I can also see and feel my astral fields directly because my senses are so advanced in the course of the light body process that they can directly receive these energies beyond the Planck’s constant (for more details see my other philosophical and gnostic writings).

Man is body and astral being, respectively soul, at the same time, if I may give preference to this common, philosophical-theosophical concept of Western civilization in this treatise. However, the soul is nothing else, but an individuation, a function of the 7F-creationary realms and thus a U-subset of All-That-Is. This means that man as an incarnated personality has both a biological body and energetic astral fields that penetrate, maintain and regulate the body. These astral fields can be imagined as a kind of protrusions of the 7F-creationary realms that create organic and inorganic matter and interact incessantly with it (see Neoplatonism).

Hence creation is not a unique affair, as it is described in the Old Testament Genesis in a naive anthropocentric way, least of all, a random product of evolution, as the Darwinian doctrine claims, but a continuous, conscious process that takes place daily before our eyes. One only has to keep his eyes open to see this creation unvarnished and to admire and appreciate its uniqueness.

Man can control these astral fields with his mind, that is to say, consciously, in order to move as a body in space and time and to manipulate matter for his purposes. In this case, however, the mind does not need to know how the actual control of the body is done, for example, how the chakras, the energetic centers of the astral body, which are interfaces between the astral realms and the electromagnetic cell body level, function exactly. This automatism is so perfect that man does not perceive it and consequently denies the causal role of the astral energies in the biological regulation of the organism and in its movement in space-time.

This astral regulation is comparable to a specialized software program, for example “Word”, which the PC user directly applies without worrying about how the operating system on which the Word program is based actually functions. Most users have little to do with the way the operating program of their PC works anyway, unless they are programmers themselves and can safely use the appropriate programming languages.

Like PC users, most people prove to be mere users of their minds in order to move their bodies in space-time and perform various activities and other surrogate acts without even thinking for a moment about the actual mechanisms that make this perfect and indescribably complex coordination of the human body possible.

For example, bio-science cannot explain how the simple idea of raising one’s hand accomplishes this extremely complex physical and physiological action. Therefore such everyday phenomena are not discussed at all by science, and its representatives pretend that such questions have no meaning at all for science: What cannot be explained is immediately put aside and repressed in today’s very primitive science. It is the predominant spiritual attitude of the young, immature souls who, in this age of the soul, have a very short memory and feel no need at all to test their opinions for truth (3).

In this way, all fundamental questions about biological regulation, which are at the same time the eschatological questions about human existence, are swept under the carpet by present-day science. In such questions it willingly leaves the field to the religions and esoteric schools who are as far removed from a scientific consideration and solution of the problem as a believing bellwether is from an ascended master (see Gnosis).

The control of physical motor activity by willpower is explained by the fact that consciousness, or mind, also consists of astral energies and interacts with the astral fields of the body outside the perceptual limits of experimental research. Mind, psyche and astral fields of the body form the astral software program of the body:

They are local, specialized functions (individualizations) of the 7F-creationary areas.

The connection points between these astral fields and the organic matter of the body are called chakras in esotericism. In this context, I also speak of “reaction centres” in the Gnosis, because they are also responsible for triggering and carrying out unconditional reflexes: Reflexes are spontaneous, rapid actions of the body that are triggered by the astral energies of the chakras while bypassing the mind.

The chakras are interfaces between the 7F-creationary realms and the electromagnetic level of organic matter, which are responsible for the spontaneous, unconscious transformation of astral energies into supramolecular solitons, dipoles, cell action potentials and summed-up electromagnetic patterns, such as EEG and ECG of the corresponding organs; these trigger specialized neuronal, humoral and hormonal reactions, which can then be observed and measured concretely (Volume 3). Only these last processes are regarded as real phenomena by current bio-science; the causal astral interactions, on the other hand, are completely ignored.

The astral fields described above are the causal software program of the species “man” and all other species and have the potential to establish direct communication between the 7F-creationary realms and human consciousness at any time.

The human mind of most of the personalities currently incarnated on earth is essentially limited to the evaluation of sensory data and shows little inclination to deal with abstract spiritual contents – otherwise we would not have had to observe the present crisis and insignificance of philosophy. For this reason I often speak of “day-consciousness“.

This extremely limited application of the human mind for the evaluation of a very narrow spectrum of 3D sensory data can be extended at any time: The mind is now enabled to directly receive the high frequency astral energies of the 7F-creationary realms. Such communication links, which go beyond the usual regulation of consciousness, are established at certain times to directly convey information of great importance. Known techniques are: channeling verbal information in a trance state or awake consciousness, automatic writing or a combination of the two techniques, strong ecstatic experiences leading to a dissolution of the daily consciousness and opening it for important non-verbal insights, somatic influences, etc. (see below and my other gnostic works). Within the framework of the light body process, such sporadic interferences, which go beyond the usual experience of normal mortals, become part of everyday life, even if they cannot usually be perceived by the environment.

In the past, such influences were used to communicate relevant gnostic insights in religious terms. From this, the world religions known to us have developed. In most cases such transcendental experiences are subsequently recorded in a very naive, figurative-mythological way in various religious and “holy” writings. The miracle of Pentecost was such an event, which in Christianity, in ignorance of its true astral-energetic nature, is extremely strongly mythologized and misunderstood in its original meaning.

Hence every human being has inner senses that can be used by the soul to make astral information accessible to the sequentially thinking human consciousness. In this case, the simultaneous, high-frequency information of the 7F-creationary realms must be converted into electromagnetic spatio-temporal impulses. The invisible biological regulation of the human body and all other living beings functions in the same way. Its magnificence can only be measured by visualizing this incredible complexity at an abstract intellectual level, as I did in Volume 3 of the General Theory of Biological Regulation.

In this way I have provided the solution which human facility has the potential and ability to establish direct contact with the 7F-creationary realms: It is the human mind (as divine mind) that is a system, an individual function of the astral realms and consequently cannot be found in the cranial cavity. It is a basic knowledge of Neoplatonism and ancient Greek philosophy. Until the rise of empiricism, this knowledge was predominant in idealistic Western philosophy.

The mind is understood in philosophy as reason, whether pure or practical (Kant), respectively as understanding. In today’s world, one speaks of “intelligence” instead, and scientists even arrogate to themselves the ability of measuring and quantifying it precisely in the form of IQ values. Human stupidity can indeed take on absurd proportions.

The ancient Greek philosophers already knew, however, that the Nous (the 7F-creationary realms) and its interactions with the “lower world of becoming and forms” can only be adequately grasped by logical thinking. They called it Logos and meant both the pure logic and the Law of One of space-time, which is only accessible to man in a logical way – a fundamental knowledge which I finally proved irrevocably and comprehensively with the discovery of the Universal Law. For this reason the ancient thinkers developed logic as well as geometry and mathematics and made them the basis of their education. Since then, logic and mathematics have become the epitome of Western philosophical thought, as I show in my treatise on Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz and Kant.

The brain, which is currently regarded as the source of human thought in the science of empirical dogma, is merely a very powerful biotransformer that translates the astral impulses of the soul into electromagnetic signals and uses them for the neuro-hormonal control of the body. It is no coincidence that the pituitary-hypothalamus axis, which is regarded in bio-science as the central organ of hormonal regulation of the organism, is located in the brain.

In Volume 3, I clearly proved, using the latest research results, that the mode of action of the central, hormonal and immune systems is energetically the same: it is based on the transmission of electromagnetic impulses at the cellular level. These impulses can be technically measured as action potentials consisting of a de- and repolarization phase, but not the astral impulses which cause these electromagnetic action potentials.

As mentioned at the beginning, the inability of experimental bio-research to directly measure the astral signals of the soul is caused by the fundamental limit of recognizability with material instruments – Planck’s quantum. The astral impulses of the 7F-creationary realms, which are mediated by the soul of the incarnated personality, can only be received by the human spirit (mind or reason) and converted into the 3D reality.

At this place I have to open a bracket to avoid misunderstandings: The original information of the soul can be received somatically at first, as I describe in my book “Gnosis as Personal Experience” (page 133) with regard to the world gradient U = c². But even such, initially purely physical experiences must then be processed and internalized by the human mind.

For this reason I occasionally speak of “sensory perception” and mean the sum of all soul impulses and intuitions that can reach the mind, the psyche and the body and present themselves to human consciousness as immanent information.

Since both the sensory perceptions and the astral impulses of the soul are accessible to the human mind only as memory contents, and these are considerably distorted by the various fear patterns built in by the soul and acquired by the environment, the mind of most people at present delivers only misleading images of the external world, from which the fear-laden web of subjective human reality arises in a secondary manner (see Gnosis).

This fear-based reality, in which human existence takes place exclusively, contains all the scientific, religious and everyday beliefs that have a lasting influence on current social life and are accepted unreservedly by the incarnated personality as a pre-existing reality. The only way to correct this distortion of human perspective is, as I said, the consistent application of the axiomatic thinking of the new Theory of Universal Law:

Logical thinking is always fear-free.

Only through logical thinking can man escape the fear-driven reality of earthly life – the shadow world of phobias – and arrive at transcendental insights. The ancient thinkers have already understood that.

The new axiomatic theory is a further development of ancient logic, the task of which according to Greek philosophers was to recognize the essence of the Logos and to truthfully grasp the manifestations of the Law of One in the lower world of becoming – the 3D space-time.

Until Plotin’s Neoplatonism, classical Greek philosophy was always intellectually driven by this gnostic goal. The ancient thinkers saw the perfection of man in his knowledge of the Logos with the help of logic (Aristotle) and numbers (Pythagoras), which leads to his eschatological completion as a separate soul that has descended into the corporeality of the material world to seek unique experiences. They intuitively realized that this was the only way to achieve the merging of the human spirit with the all-encompassing awareness of All-That-Is, the Nous, that is, to achieve the evolutionary ascension of the incarnated personality into the original worlds of the soul.

Strictly speaking, this is also the only eschatological goal of any religion, especially of Christianity, which is an “Advent church of salvation” and has borrowed all transcendental aspects of its “doctrine of God” from Neoplatonism, as I historically prove in my philosophical study on Neoplatonism and Christianity.


1.  As this happened recently to Patrick, who was accused for his cosmological ideas based on the UL by a friend of his to belong to “Stankov’s cult sect”. Imagine! This man, who pretends to be intelligent, but is actually full of fears and resists any expansion of his consciousness, has never even bothered to scroll down my scientific books and articles as to see that we are dealing only with pure science and real facts. This is a classical example of human fears becoming a trap to human intelligence, which then expresses itself as mental laziness and vociferous maliciousness.

2. See my treatises on Kant, Leibniz and Plotin.

3. This invisible regulation of the body by the astral energies is known in philosophy as the “body-mind problem” since Descartes and Francis Bacon, as James Barnes, with whom I am in contact, writes in his latest article “How the dualism of Descartes ruined our mental health“. As this old cognitive problem could not be resolved either by the idealistic or the empirical philosophic school of thought until I discovered the Universal Law and developed the new Science of Biological Regulation in the 90s, it has caused enormous confusion in the minds of all Western thinkers and scientists as Barnes rightfully argues.

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