Sai Baba’s Light Body Message

Transmitted through C. a devotee of Sai Baba, March 1, 2019


Energy Update

Georgi Stankov, March 4, 2019

I personally resonate very much with this message, although the channeller does not have our background and knowledge and considers it to be the ultimate news. Sai Baba was a human incarnation of an entire soul family in one human body and for that reason he was quite famous during his lifetime. But he himself had little to offer as a spiritual teacher and at the end of his life was even accused of cheating miracles to impress his followers. This soul incarnation is defined as “transpersonal soul” contrary to “transliminal soul” as for, instance, Babaji was; he is another famous modern Indian guru coming directly from the Source, while the soul family of a transpersonal soul usually comes from a lower dimension.

I  met with Babaji 2 years ago in White Rock when we opened the Great Oversoul Gateway of the 144,000 warrior souls on August 3, 2017. He was very much interested in the quality of my expanded multidimensional field which he is surely able to appreciate. He also comes from the Source like myself as an Elohim soul. I am the human nexus to the Source as the captain of the Planetary Ascension Team with all the negative aspects for the human body that are associated with this unthankful mission.

We have discussed the building of the crystalline grid of new 5D Earth on this website since 2011 and we know that when the final ascension shift will come, it will replace the old Orion grid that supports the current 3D matrix. You can use the log-function and revisit our reports from that time as to refresh your memory. From that point of view, Sai Baba is not saying anything new to us, but only to this channeller. However, the presentation of the current energetic situation in which we dwell since 2011, and even much earlier, is rather precise. I, for instance, live most of the time with more than 90% of my energetic being in the higher realms and am present only with a fraction of my soul essence in this reality. And I am fully aware of this multidimensional split and light work, which is now becoming unbearable with each passing day prior to the final ascension.

Since we introduced the new spiritual paradigm in Rome on November 12th, and in particular since we anchored the wheel of light and life of the new 5 soft crystalline flames of ascended creation on February 16th in the Infinity portal in Diano Marina, where the first world healing centre will manifest, there is a steep crescendo of incoming source energies. These soft crystalline flames are beginning to manifest the world over as this picture from Romania (cortesy to Razvan Neagoe) shows. I have added more photos in my article with the “Message From The Crystalline Beings of Light“:

Since February 22nd a new coronal hole appeared on the sun which brings the usual Source energy quality that manifests in my case as a state of constant fever without elevated body temperature. This coronal hole has continuously expanded since then and now the sun looks like a sieve again.

It is obvious that the energies from the Source are now engulfing the earth and humanity and the people begin to awaken from their nightmare, which they consider to be their only life on this toxic planet and recognize all of a sudden that they are powerful multidimensional immortal creator beings having a limited physical experience in a seeming separation from the soul and All-That-Is.

On Feb 28 – March 1, there was a massive download of Source energy for more than 24 hours that was extremely violent and abusive to my body, which is a clear sign that another interdimensional planetary separation of earth timelines had taken place. We have experienced quite a few such timeline splits in the past accompanied by MPR, so that I can very easily recognize such an event. It was the culmination of a series of cc-waves that began since Feb 22 when the new coronal hole opened and in the aftermath of the anchoring of the wheel of light and life which preceded this episode. Being the nexus to the Source and the major conduit of Source energies that open planetary portals, I always experience the initial download and dimensional shift 3-5 days before the actual announced date. My guess is that this latest upsurge in Source energies is now gaining momentum for the equinox portal, but that there may indeed be some major events before that.

The announcement in this message made by Sai Baba for March 4th should not be taken too literary as we are on a steep ascension spiral since long time and the crystalline grid was completed in 2011 mostly by the PAT for the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. The point in time of its manifestation will coincide with the final ascension shift, but it may still be a gradual process until the final phase transition can happen.

As the Elohim have announced, we expect this to begin with the manifestation of the 5D healing centre in Diano Marina as part of the much bigger city of light that will eventually encompass the entire Italy and later on Europe. North America has to collapse first before the city of light in Vancouver, New Lemuria, which we have built actively in the last 5 years, can manifest and change the life of the people on this continent for the better. As Patrick has just rendered testimony, the darkness of North America is so big and the karmic crimes of its population so huge, that it will take a long time before this part of the world, harbouring the biggest population of young bellicose souls, will be able to redeem itself and see a brighter future.

Therefore, read this message as another confirmation of the impending changes, which we create and expect to manifest soon, but without clinging to any particular date whatsoever.

The Message

After finishing an energy session with a local devotee, I felt Baba’s presence as He began to show me that He was going to activate a world axis at Shivaratri (March 4th) that is tied into the new “Golden Age grid” for the planet. It has been there quiescent up until this point, and that He is going to be “flipping the switch” as though turning the whole grid on.

Q: What effect will that have in the world?

Baba: Its going to be as though there’s a dam that has been storing up the energies that have been accumulating, and by opening the “flood gates” the water (representing the energy) will be going throughout the system (which is like the grid network.) And so that “current” – you could think of it that way, that divine current will be flooding through the grids that are going to be supporting etherically and energetically all of the various concepts and ideas that are aligned with the Golden Age. So they will be getting a “dose” of current energetically. So all that is aligned with that will be supported energetically in a very tangible way.

What has been happening up until that point is those projects, and not just the projects that you know of through the work you identify with My name – remember I am all names and all forms, all of those projects that are aligned with Me and My Divine Will and My intention will be now getting “switched on” to receive this Divine current and flood of energy. Because the infrastructure has already been in place, and now it is going to be receiving this Divine current that will be supporting all of the activities, all of the manifestations, all of the individuals that are aligned, all of the thoughts that are aligned.

So the struggle has been that there has been a secondary etheric grid. Its as though there have been two worlds, and disciples around the planet know exactly what this has been like.  Because its as though you have been living in two different worlds, because you have. You have both been living in the world that is already constructed from the past that has been fostered, maintained through the energetic grid system that was created back at the time of Atlantis, and goes through the Egyptian grid system. That is what has been primarily used throughout the planetary power points and sacred sites of the planet.

But it [this old grid system] has been infiltrated with ego, manipulation and control over the thousands of years and a secondary grid system has been underway that is the primary purpose as My Mission. In constructing this etheric web (that will last for thousands of years) it is the etheric structure that is holding the thought-forms and the blueprint in place for the Golden Age.  It is like the etheric body of a person, but it is the etheric body of the planet, but not the planet you know, the planet that is being birthed into existence, the planet that will house the awakened consciousness of humanity.  So it is as though there is this planetary double.  And that is what is going to be vitalized and energized, and “turned on” at this Shivaratri.

So all the work has been in place for decades, through the 12 Lingams** that were initially re-energized at the beginning of My Mission as Sathya Sai, and through the energy centers that have been awakened and activated through all of the projects and institutions around the world, again not just My name, but through My Will through other agents and vehicles and pathways.

All of these will now be receiving this Divine current through a much more tangible way through the etheric, through this grid that is now established. It is like having all the [plumbing] pipes laid without having the water turned on. Now it’s time to turn on the water. Without the establishment of the infrastructure, the water has nowhere to go. So all of this activity that you see on the physical plane, has been establishing this infrastructure. Because each of these places, using just what you know of My Mission as an example (and again, it is just one small piece of what is on around the planet that the one that you are identifying with me and that you are focusing on) each of those places has been the acupuncture point. It has been holding the space on the physical for the downpour of energy from above and anchoring it into the earth, but then connecting horizontally from point to point around the planet.  So that is the infrastructure that I’m talking about exists on the physical plane, but then etherically, energetically, these lines of light are connecting to form this grid that I am referring to. And that is what is now going to receive the “water” in this analogy, as we open up the “spigot” so to speak, and let the Divine current flow from center to center, from energy point, and that is going to awaken and activate this entire grid, as one functioning living Being, and unit.


Baba: Yeah! “Wow” is right!

You’ve made it, made it! You’ve made it to this made point. You’ve made it. There is no turning back now. The baby’s head is crowning, the Golden Age coming, like it or not, here She comes. And it is important to remember the “baby” that is being born and not focus on the “labor pains.” If all that you knew where the labor pains it would be considered a horrific experience.  But why a woman goes through that, is because she knows there’s a baby at the end of it.  And that is what carries you through the labor pains. So keep focused on the beautiful “baby” of this Golden Age that is coming through, not on the “labor pains” that are part of that transition and that birth.

It will be like popcorn. You will see people waking here and there, just like you hear the first kernels going off when popping corn: pop … pop … pop, and then increasing in intensity and tempo and speed until finally pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop!  [Baba demonstrated how quickly it goes once it gets started]. That’s how the process will be. The first kernels are starting.

Q: Will many more people be moving into enlightenment?

Baba: That’s the “popping” you’re going to start seeing like the example that C. was sharing* how quickly it will start to happen. That’s the “pop,” the light goes on, all of a sudden,  “Whoa! What is this dream I’ve been living in?” – the Awakening.  And it will just be happening across the board, in places you would not expect. And because of the increased vibrational frequency that is moving now through this grid system that is waking people up, because the energy is there and available to do so.  It would have been available to go through the old grid system if it had not been monkeyed with, or so mucked up.  So that system has been plugged up beyond repair, and it’s just time to have new “plumbing” so this is the new grid that is being created and the Earth is transitioning into that grid.

So those of you who have been feeling you were a dweller on two planets, you have been. You’re aware of the part of you that’s been working on this physically, but an even larger part of you has been working on it through your energy bodies. You have been present, and aware, and helping to build on these higher levels this web of light that is surrounding the planet, what will be holding the body, and the attention, and the vision, and the reality of what you’re terming the “New Age.”

It is a new Earth; it is a new consciousness.  And so while you’ve been doing your ‘day job,” your physical plane 3-D world, more of you that you were aware of on other dimensional levels has been participating with the creation of this whole new home.

Because it has to happen on the energy level first, before it can come down and have a place to exist on the physical. So a lot more work has been happening on the energy levels than what you see on the physical plane.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg, that’s what you can see.  It’s been very busy on the energy level, on the other dimensional levels, and YOU, you have all been playing a part of that whether you’ve been aware of it or not.

So as the other world starts to disintegrate, simply take the other foot that’s been in that world, and put both feet now into the one in which you have been living in moving and having your Being for the most part anyway. So it will feel very natural. It’s already your “home.”  You just won’t feel this sense of the duality of living in both worlds because it’ll be very simple to just lift the one foot off, and just put both feet in the place that feels like where you’ve belonged all along, because it is.

It is why you are here. It is what you have come for.

*[A long time friend contacted me who I hadn’t spoken to in a while, and she was saying how quickly things are opening up for her and the awakenings she was having as if something just turned a light on.]

** When a spiritual dynamo is set to work at a holy spot, the source of energy – a chakra or a lingam – is planted there deep beyond the sight of man. In times of decline, the energy in these dynamos run down and need recharging. That is the function of avatars and great holy men such as Shankaracharya.

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