L’ascensione è Qui ed Ora – Ascension is Here and Now

A Message From the Collective Energies of the Elohim

Daniela Lupo, November 8, 2018


translation in English by Georgi Stankov below


Georgi Stankov

Daniela received this uplifting message from the Elohim shortly before we had a lengthy discussion on how to proceed with the introduction and dissemination of the new theory of the Universal Law in the coming days and weeks. She then expanded on it after our discussion, so that this messages also refers to this topic.

We feel that we have reached a threshold in the ascension process where we have to step forward and become more pro-active in a physical sense. This does not preclude the fact that we are doing incredible light work all the time at the energetic level, while being hit very hard by the mighty energy waves from the Source and almost immobilized for most of the time.

For instance, two days before the midterm elections in the USA I received huge downloads of new energies and codes from the Source which I distributed, with much pain and suffering, through my expanded protuberance field in the USA and cleansed the immense darkness, aggression, separation, and personal nastiness of the American population as this was reported by Mark on his Chinese website also in English. It is amazing how the news now go around the globe as energetic phenomena to come home like “chickens to roost”:


At the same time we are creating the new type of scientists with an open mind and spiritual inclinations, who will be ready to easily understand and accept the Universal Law as their novel world view and thus change the entire perception of the human race. While we three agree unanimously that ultimately the global introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law can only be achieved from the “position of immortality” as the Elohim are telling us since many years, that is, from the position of ascended masters, we do recognize the necessity of making some small symbolic 3D steps as to move the energies in the right direction before we proceed with giant steps towards our final goal. That is the secret of all successful creation that roots in the coherence of the basic triad of human awareness and cognition: “thought-feeling-action“.

Most creations fail due to lack of coherent and clear ideas what one wants to achieve, or due to doubts and other emotional fears that question, and hamper, the success of any undertaking in the physical world. And finally, most human endeavors fail because humans are not resolute, steadfast and courageous enough to go down the pathway they have outlined for themselves to the bitter end, no matter how many challenges they encounter along that way.

Most humans stumble constantly over their inherent shortcomings, which they have no intention to eradicate in a diligent inner work of self-reflection and the current time gives testimony to this fact wherever one looks. This has been obscured in the past when the energies were very low vibrating and obfuscation of truth was a daily life strategy of naked survival for most people.

What amazes me time and time again is that nowadays one finds not one single profound discussion about the old human virtues and how to cultivate them in the current time as this was once the central theme of all Western literature before the Age of Agnostic Enlightenment began and utilitarianism substituted the good old ethics.

For instance, before that Commedia dell’arte, an early form of professional theatre, originating from Italy, that was hugely popular in Europe from the 16th through the 18th century was based on typical personaggi (characters) that evolved around basic human virtues and vices and the dramas (tragic-comedies) they created by following these virtues, mostly false virtues, and numerous vices were powerful education for the masses how to behave.  Even all Shakeaspeare’s dramas and comedies live from the expression of human virtues and vices and this made them universally valid and so hugely popular.

The topic of vices and virtues goes however back to ancient Greek philosophy and finds its culmination in the Enneads of Plotin, which I would recommend every person, who wants to awaken and eventually ascend in the near future, to carefully study.

Modern Western philosophy was for the most part ethics and morality, such as Spinoza’s Ethics Demonstrated in Geometric Order, or Pascal’s Pensées (“Thoughts”), the predecessor of another fundamental work on human ethics and morality written by the author some 4 centuries later “Gedanken (Thoughts)“.

And now go back and try to find any meaningful and comprehensive discussion on human virtues and vices in the New Age literature or in the English literature since Pascal until the present day. Nada! This explains the huge personal problems with which humanity is confronted these days when the wheat is separated from the chaff as has always been predicted for the End Time of humanity  – a time when the propensity to eradicate human vices and substitute them with human virtues no longer exists as a goal in the collective human consciousness. Instead true ethics and morals is substituted with cheap political correctness, which any political whore can easily adopt as a lip service.

Daniela’s message is a confirmation of what we have been knowing all along and this website with thousands of publications and many books gives testimony to: Ascension is happening now and its manifestation through transfiguration (phase transition) is imminent for all those who have done the inner work, however, with the caveat that linear time is an illusion.

But he who awaits ascension to come as an external event and brings him/her to heaven with a magic wand is misjudging the essence of this intricate energetic process. Ascension can happen only from within and each and every person is responsible for his/her inner preparedness. There is no point in blaming the messenger as everyone who wants to ascend must become his own messenger first, and I am happy that we are over this stormy period in the past when I opened the website and most light workers had never heard of personal ascension as LBP and as planetary ascension and were full of vitriolic critics against the PAT, while deliberately rejecting the ample fact that ascension can only happen because the PAT has incarnated on this toxic planet to save these doubtful Thomases.

Finally, I would like to mention that there is an increasing amount of evidence that by the end of this year a huge change, most probably the long awaited and by the Agarthans heralded “quantum shift” may happen.

And now enjoy the clear message of the Elohim given to Daniela.


Il messaggio

Tutto è fatto. Usa la tua voce in pubblico. Usa la tua voce quando sei con te stesso e negli incontri con altri. Usa la tua voce per creare la realtà che vuoi, per camminare in forma umana nella nuova realtà. Tu non sei colei che diffonderà la Teoria della Legge Universale, questa non è la tua missione. Naturalmente potrai sostenere e parlare della Teoria, ma solo Georgi può veramente insegnarla. Lui insegna ad un vasto pubblico, la spiega e la diffonde e tu aiuti e sostieni questo lavoro.

La tua missione principale è essere una guaritrice anche insegnante, ma attraverso le sessioni di guarigione. Inoltre le tue nuove abilità ti portano ad avere la possibilità di connetterti con le persone a livello del cuore per insegnare loro il rispetto e l’amore di sè  e cosa significa l’Amore Incondizionato.

Cos’è l’Ascensione? L’Ascensione è Evoluzione continua, cambiamento continuo, è creare continuamente,  muoversi, andare e parlare con gli altri. Ora è possibile!

Significa essere umani e divini al tempo stesso. Divini in forma umana.

Ascensione significa che Ora Gaia è libera e questo nuovo mondo è stato ripulito e trasformato da Gaia stessa.

L’ascensione è Qui ed Ora.

Ascensione per te significa lavorare e svolgere la tua missione proprio qui in questo nuovo mondo 5D, perchè ora veramente vivi nella 5D. Sai anche che il tuo corpo fisico si sta trasformando e potenziando e la trasfigurazione è in atto ora. 

L’intenzione di andare avanti e rendere reale e costante la tua Ascensione, facendo parte di questo nuovo mondo, è la chiave per la realizzazione di tutti i tuoi sogni, è tutto ciò per cui hai lavorato e molte volte sofferto.

Cosa vuoi manifestare nel nuovo anno in arrivo? Sappi che a fine anno 2018 o gennaio 2019 ci sarà veramente un taglio definitivo dalle vecchie matrici 3D, naturalmente questo è un evento molto personale che ognuno realizza dal proprio interno. E non dovrebbero più esserci recriminazioni di altri che dicono “Tu hai detto che sarebbe successo qualcosa di grandioso, ma io non vedo niente e nulla è cambiato nella mia vita!” Chi non vede nulla e non sente uno spostamento, prima di tutto interiore, ha ancora da fare molto lavoro personale ed è arrivato il momento di prendersi tutte le proprie responsabilità e come dite voi umani “rimboccarsi le maniche” e mettersi al lavoro.

Mettersi al lavoro spiritualmente non preclude il fatto di lavorare anche fisicamente, visto che è attraverso il sudore della fronte che si realizzano i più grandi cambiamenti. E tu questo lo sai in prima persona, è attraverso un grosso lavoro fisico che le tue frequenze e le frequenze della tua casa e del territorio dove vivi sono salite in modo incredibile, tanto è vero che ora ti è molto facile essere in contatto con i regni altissimi e con le tue guide amorevoli. E’ ora, di essere nel mondo e incontrare tutte le persone che l’Universo ti manderà da incontrare.

Questo è un messaggio sia personale che rivolto a tutto il PAT, “Non si crea nulla aspettando che arrivi la manna dal cielo”. Cosa significa questo? Significa dichiarare con onestà e integrità la propria intenzione di manifestare una vita migliore per se stessi e per tutti e poi fare il primo passo, cioé mettersi al lavoro anche fisicamente per permettere che la richiesta si realizzi.

Se questo significa che nel frattempo occorre lavorare in qualsiasi ambito, come operaio, impiegato, contadino, artigiano, o qualsiasi lavoro si sta facendo nella vita, allora è bene lavorare, questo è il primo passo personale che aiuterà a manifestare la nuova vita. E solo quando si cammina fieri nella propria vita, grati di essere al servizio anche facendo un umile lavoro, solo allora la manna e tutte le benedizioni scendono copiose dal cielo. 

Voi umani dite “chi vive sperando e aspettando muore disperato”NON c’è nulla da aspettare. Occorre che viviate appieno ORA e vi diate da fare in tutti gli ambiti della vostra vita

Questo coraggioso atto di volontà di vivere e partecipare, senza farsi coinvolgere dai drammi di qualsiasi genere, è la chiave del cambiamento. Questa è Ascensione.

Ancora qualche mese e tutto è cambiato almeno per te e nessuno che ha fatto il proprio lavoro e dovere potrà essere più bloccato o obbligato a fare cose che non gli competono. Tutto cambia, sii pronta, tutto cambia, è ora di vivere, è ora di  volare.”

Con infinito Amore e Rispetto e Onore

Energia collettiva degli Elohim

English Translation

The Message

Everything is done. Use your voice in public. Use your voice when you are alone and in meetings with others. Use your voice to create the reality you want, to walk in human form in the new reality. You are not the one who will spread the Theory of the Universal Law, this is not your mission. Of course you can support and talk about the theory, but only Georgi can really teach it. He will teach to a large audience, explain it and spread it and you will help and support this work.

Your main mission is to be a healer, also a teacher, but through healing sessions. In addition, your new skills will lead you to have the opportunity to connect with people at the heart level to teach them self respect and love and what Unconditional Love means.

What is Ascension? Ascension is continuous evolution, continuous change, it is continually creating, moving, going and talking with others. Now it is possible!

It means being human and divine at the same time. Divine in human form.

Ascension means that now Gaia is free and this new world has been cleaned up and transformed by Gaia herself.

Ascension is Here and Now!

Ascension for you means working and carrying out your mission right here in this new 5D world, because now you really live in 5D. You also know that your physical body is transforming and strengthening and the transfiguration is taking place now. The intention to move forward and make your Ascension real and constant by being part of this new world is the key to the realization of all your dreams, it is all you have worked for and suffered many times.

What do you want to manifest in the new year that is coming? Know that at the end of the year 2018 or January 2019 there will really be a definitive cut from the old 3D matrices, of course this is a very personal event that everyone manifests from within. And there should no longer be recriminations from others who say: “You said something great would happen, but I see nothing and nothing has changed in my life!” Who does not see anything and does not feel the shift first and foremost from within has a lot of personal work to do and it is time to assume full responsibility, or how do you, humans, say: “to roll up the sleeves” and get to work.

Getting to work spiritually does not preclude the fact of working even physically, since it is through the sweat of the forehead that the greatest changes take place. And you know this in the first person, it is through a lot of physical work that your frequencies and frequencies of your home and the territory where you live have gone up in an incredible way, so much, so that now it is very easy to be in touch with the higher realms and with your loving guides. It is time to be in the world and meet all the people the Universe will send you to meet.

This is a personal message that also addresses the whole PAT: “Nothing is created while waiting for the manna to come from heaven“. What does this mean? It means to declare with honesty and integrity your intention to manifest a better life for yourself and for everyone else and then take the first step, that is to get to work even physically to allow the request to be realized.

If this means that in the meantime you have to work in any field, as a worker, clerk, farmer, artisan, or any work you are doing in life, then it is good to work, this is the first personal step that will help to manifest the new life. And only when one walks proudly in one’s own life, grateful to be in service, even by doing a humble work, only then can the manna and all the blessings come down abundantly from heaven.

You humans say: “Those who live hoping and waiting die desperate”, as there is nothing to be expected. You need to live fully in the NOW and get busy in all areas of your life.

This courageous act of willingness to live and participate in life, without being involved in dramas of any kind, is the key to change. This is Ascension.

A few more months and everything will have changed, at least for you, and no one who has done his job and duty can be any longer blocked or forced to do things that you are not content with. Everything changes, be ready, everything changes, it’s time to live, it’s time to fly. “

With infinite love and respect and honor

the collective energy of the Elohim

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