My Ultimate Message to the Light Worker Community – Be Curious and Open to Enlightening Discussions If You Want to Ascend

Georgi Stankov, October 31, 2017

On the eve of my 66th birthday (has nothing to do with the sign of the beast “666” but the more so with “All Saints”), here is my ultimate message to the light workers community in attendance of their ascension, as embodied by Daniel Scranton who has a remarkable record of precise messages, especially when one knows what is happening real time in the planetary ascension process of Gaia:

“Your last message – We Have Opened a Portal ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

We have opened a gateway, a portal, that will allow more energy to flow directly to your heart chakras. This gateway has been opened previously, …

Dear Daniel,

In order to understand the gravity of this message you should read this information on the historical background of the stargate / portal 11.11.11 which indeed began to open a few days ago, but this is another story. Here are two messages of the Arcturians from September 2011 channelled by my friend Sue on the opening of this stargate in 2011 that ushered the final phase of planetary ascension of Gaia:

A Special Interview with the Arcturians: The Countdown has Begun!

What is the Role of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) at the Stargate 11.11.11?

After this stargate was opened, on November 22, 2011 I opened the heart chakra of all the light warriors of the Planetary Ascension Team (first wavers), the captain of which I happened to be throughout all these years, as this is now announced in your message:

State-of-Ascension-Report-31: The Ascension Season 11.11.11 Is Still Opened.

Isn’t it remarkable? Have you thought of that or have you had the faintest idea that this has already happened years ago and many light warriors have consciously participated in this monumental event of which you now report as a novice?

And here is what I wrote the other day to another channeller Magenta Pixie with whom I am also in contact and which is of universal validity:

“Finally let me make a general observation as I am studying channelling by other individuals and by ourselves very closely as a cognitive process since the mid 90s from a scientific point of view: the quality of the messages is as good as the existing knowledge of the channeller on the topics discussed and it is a direct function of the clarity of the mind of the channeller. Hence it is an obligation of every responsible channeller to be excellently informed about the topics he/she channels and publishes and establish a clarity of mind which is entirely an inner process. This is a neutral, transpersonal statement of general, principle character.”

For this purpose I am sending you a link to the website of my dual soul Carla where you can read the chronicle of the latest major energetic events of ascension as they happened in real time in order to make a retrospective analysis of your messages and find out how much they reflect the occurrence of these events without you being aware of them in a conscious manner. This is the only way how we, humans, can evolve – by following our natural curiosity, which ultimately can only be satisfied in a mutual informative and stimulating conversation with each other as enlightened beings.

Channelled messages, when they come from the light, have only one function – to expand human awareness. It is a reciprocal process that makes only sense when there is an open discussion and exchange of information from all sides. Everything else is the perpetuation of self-infatuation under the disguise of spiritual activity.

It is an amazing conundrum to me why most light workers are evading such normal human communications – what are they afraid of?

With love and light


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