War of Words

Georgi Stankov, April 19, 2017


After my latest publication where I discussed the imminent danger of an all-out war between the USA and North Korea, this negative scenario was acted out on a lower timeline on Sunday in a massive ID shift and we moved to a higher timeline with a more favourable outcome. This is how we create this reality now and if you have any expectations as to certain outcomes and dates, please bear in mind that they may not manifest on our timeline the moment we discern them as we eliminate them as undesirable experiences from the reality we dwell in with the rest of humanity. The latter we take piggyback through immediate creation (replication of parallel timelines) and bilocation with us to higher frequency levels. This is how the ascension is accomplished in every moment in the Now.

It is virtually impossible to explain this multidimensional concept of total creationary simultaneity to unenlightened and agnostic people and even most of the New Agers also do not get it. That is why there is no meaningful dialogue anymore between the few truly enlightened and ascended masters, such as the PAT, and the rest of humanity as I experience it these days and I assume that you also make the same experiences.

What we now witness is a “war of words” between the world powers and by this I mean the USA, Russia and China as the EU has said farewell to the world political stage and has descended into “quantité negligable” fully embroiled in petty internal dramas. What we now observe on the world political scene are the warning prodromi (clinical signs) of the imminent collapse of the Empire of Evil which I have also described as a “colossus on clay feet” since many years in abject opposition to the MSM narrative of American exceptionalism and superiority that is still shared by all fake news media and most mired alt-media in the west as the latest intellectual pirouettes of Axel Jones to save the positive image of his beloved warmonger Trump reveal.

Altogether we have entered the era of total intellectual crisis of humanity that has encompassed likewise the already compromised fake news MSM and the disoriented alt-media. It is a matter of fact that this website is the only voice of true human and transcendental reason and logic worldwide and this is entirely the advantage of the new Axiomatic Thinking which I propagate and apply in all my writings. In the meantime this holistic approach is shared by many members of the PAT and readers of this website and this is a huge success of the light against the growing insanity that is taking firm grip on humanity in the End Time.

The reason for this devolution of the human mind is that the latest energies from the source delete all the old mental patterns that reflect the compartmentalized, illogical way of thinking of all agnostic human mind-egos due to their separation from the source and the soul. This deletion is manifested in the first stage as a total failure of all current explanatory models to properly understand and describe what these agnostic human beings observe in the final stage of the ascension process.

While we can forget all the MSM that have completely neutralized themselves in lies and deceptions and can only produce fake news, all the so-called critical thinkers in the West have been likewise trapped in their flawed mental constructs and can only express the symptoms of this degradation of human intellectuality without the propensity of self-reflection. They rigorously reject any notion that this obvious crisis of human thinking merely reflects their separation from the source that now becomes evident before the new unity with All-That-Is can be established through the new holistic world view of the Universal Law. Before this happens, humanity must go through a period of total intellectual vacuum where we cannot reach anybody with our higher vantage point of view and must watch patiently how the rest of humanity is drowning in false concepts and cannot explain in a meaningful way the miracles that are currently happening in front of their eyes.

I will illustrate this with a recent example that is in the centre of the current political events. All the western media are now being lost in irrelevant details and do not see the elephant in the room even when they write about it as the Saker did recently. To which I was compelled to remind him again of who is in charge of this planet:

Dear Saker,

the elephant in the room leads us to the question who is in charge of this planet. And it can be brought down only by immediate karma and this is what is happening now:

How Immediate Karma Destroys the Old Matrix and Leads to Ascension

Забудьте обычные термины преступников, так как настоящие темные силы не имеют человеческого происхождения. Я знаю это, потому что я борюсь с ними уже двадцать лет сознательно. Вы только воюете с их человеческими тенями.

(Forget the usual terms of criminals, since the real dark forces are not of human origin. I know this because I have been consciously fighting them for twenty years. You are only fighting with their human shadows. Note: I decided to write to the Saker in Russian as to attract his attention as all humans nowadays can no longer concentrate on any serious issue and their span of attention to more abstract topics is asymptotically nearing the zero point)”

There are two major events that are now totally excluded from the world view of all critical writers on the Internet and that is why they fail to understand the dialectical logic behind the end time scenario:

1. Why the PTW, the aliens from the Orion/Reptilian empire, wanted to establish the NWO with all possible heinous means (the list is too long but all major aspects have been extensively discussed on this website)? – Because they wanted in vain to prevent the ascension of Gaia and part of humanity. This event of cosmic proportions is tantamount to their disempowerment and inevitable entry of all archons and dark entities in a dreadful and very long incarnation cycle, which they have refused to do so far, because they have severed their connection to the source at the ego level and have indulged in heinous manipulations and annihilation of human incarnates. This is the only way for them to return to the source as eventually every sentient being does in this multiverse of no linear time.

As reported, all the archons have been removed from the astral plane last year by the PAT and this plane has been wrapped up. Now we observe the last throes of their hapless orphan human minions in power before they can also be ousted from power. Since spring equinox these service-to-self entities can no longer have any influence on service-to-others individuals and this is how all state institutions and other corporations of power are currently transformed by the light coming from the Source through our expanded fields.

Read hereThe Wave (Critical Mass for Positive Polarised Charge) March Equinox 2017

All the critical, slightly more awakened experts see only the external symptoms of this cosmic battle between light and darkness and cannot understand or accept the real cause of the current human malaise.

2. The second major event that eludes the understanding and attention of the experts is the Greatest Depression of All Time which I first diagnosed and introduced as a concept in 2006 when I predicted the financial crash in 2008. Since then I have dedicated numerous articles on it that can be read on this website. In fact, I predicted this Greatest Depression of all time as early as 1997 as an essential part of the ascension scenario in the End Time as can be read in this comprehensive survey which I wrote at the end of the second millennium:

My 1999-Forecast of the Collapse of the World Economic Order in the End Times

Why is it so important to keep these two major facts always in mind when we analyse the current situation? Because all other actions and decisions of the ruling cabal we witness these days are determined by these two facts that tower over this reality as invisible elephants in the room no one dares to speak about.

As I have already written, we are now on the cusp of the shutdown of the US government due to reaching the debt ceiling and subsequent collapse of the US petro-dollar as world currency. All the military escapades which Trump has undertaken in the last two weeks in 180-degree reversal of his election campaign promises are a futile attempt to bomb the USA out of its impending financial bankruptcy. It is so obvious as he is attacking both the greatest producer of oil and gas – Russia in Syria – and the greatest consumer of fossil energy – China in North Korea. Both countries have left the petro-dollar and trade in their local currencies, China also increasingly so with the Arab oil countries who are in a big financial crisis due to the oil price slump after the OPEC collapsed and now accept renminbi (yuan).

This 3D end time scenario was predicted and expected by some far-sighted thinkers, including myself, many years ago and that is why it is a total conundrum to me why currently nobody can connect the dots. As I said this is a symptom of the rapid devolution of the human mind-egos and one can observe this painful process very precisely when one watches Alex Jones these last days. Before there can be a true enlightenment and opening to the higher dimensional truth of All-That-Is, the incarnated personality must undergo a painful catharsis where all the old ideas and prejudices are pitilessly dismantled before the higher self can enter the human body. We know that as we have gone through this difficult phase before we entered the final and most intensive stage of the LBP. The Alex Joneses of this world are now fully in this process of total confusion and we can only observe their pangs with compassion without being able to help them as they defy any meaningful dialogue with us that could open their minds and hearts. Unfortunately they want to do it the hard way, on their own, and this will eventually take some more linear time and definitely more hardships.

How important it is to have an axiomatic, holistic approach to the external world, and even more so to the infinitely bigger soul worlds within our inner space reveals the current war of words that takes place between the USA and the west on the one side and Russia and China on the other side.

The most ridiculous notion nowadays is that all experts in the West, including all alternative thinkers, believe that it matters what the USA and its government think and do. If they were experts in karma, they would know that in the current end time of instant karma it is irrelevant what Trump and his hapless advisers do or believe to achieve with primitive, mafia-like, bellicose blackmail tactics, which may render some modest results in the construction industry but has no chance of success at the political stage, on which the three superpowers operate.

While Russia and China have always known that the USA will inevitably crumble one day under its hubris and have been diligently preparing for this day of reckoning when the elephant in the room will mutate to a wild bull in a porcelain shop and may unleash a global nuclear war, America pretends to be blind to this possibility amidst a few warning voices in this country. Both countries have tried to postpone this dreadful moment as long as it is possible, but have always asserted their commitment to face the dreadful reality and fight back when push comes to shove. This is a question of naked survival according to the Lenin’s motto “Who whom”. Both Russia and China know very well their past communist lessons. Now it is time for the USA to learn it.

Therefore to believe that China would succumb to Trump’s ample and very primitive blackmail by bombing Syria between eating chocolate cakes with the Chinese president and detonating the MOAD in the remote mountain ranges of Afghanistan is to force oneself to utter stupidity. This is actually Trump’s flight reflex on modus operandi from the more dreadful reality that soon awaits him and the USA and ironically carries the same name – MOAD for the “Mother of All Debts”.

Read alsoThe Mother of All Bubbles (MOAB)

If we believe his speaker, Trump allegedly fulfilled with his bombing of Afghanistan his promise to destroy ISIS while at the same time he already helped ISIS by bombing the Syrian army that is the only force on the ground that fights ISIS, the CIA terrorist baby. How stupid do the Americans believe the rest of the world is to accept such blatant lies? Isn’t this the peak of American insanity on the cusp of their irreversible collapse? This is the intellectual downfall of all the Alex Joneses and Savages, to name some prominent alt-media voices, who are now in a total disarray as to what to think of Trump and have ended giving up their critical assessment. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Although I have never allowed any 3D event to take control over my thoughts even when I analyse some of the most difficult and complex topics in this 3D reality in great detail and depth and with unmatched clarity of mind, I have always made use of some pivotal events to underline the bigger picture and make a point with respect to future developments. This is my strength as I am guided by my HS to see the future clearer than most human beings, knowing all too well that the prophets are being rejected and hated even in their own family and not to speak of the rest of the world. This is unfortunately our daily crucifixion.

As soon as Trump exerted during this Easter time of peace and love unprecedented pressure on China and showed extremely dangerous aggression against North Korea that contrary to the USA has never evaded any other country but has been a victim of the terrible US invasion of the Korean peninsula in the 50s that caused the death of 4 million Koreans and almost two million Chinese who helped North Korea win the war, he achieved the opposite of what he intended. Just as Russia hardened its position after the bombing of Syria, China closed the ranks with Russia and began to prepare for an all-out-war with the US navy in the Pacific region and on the Korean peninsula by putting 150 000 soldiers in alarm on its south border to North Korea.

If Trump erroneously believes that he is a master of verbal blackmail and senseless military postures, he has not studied the mentality of the Russians and the Chinese at all. This will bring him a rude awakening and I know that this process has already commenced in his limited, egocentric mind. While Russia has de facto established a no-fly zone over Syria and has left the USA with only one option – full invasion with, as reported, 150 000 pairs of boots on the ground in June ( I doubt if the USA has half as many troops at its disposal), China has closed Japan and South China seas with its submarines and ships. It has done this with the active support of the Russian military.

In this war of words the West has already began to panic:

SHOCK TACTICS: Russia claims it can wipe out entire US Navy with a single ‘electronic bomb’ in bizarre propaganda report. Russian news report claims electronic signal jamming weapon can render planes, ships and missiles useless

I assume that you remember when I first reported about the incident with the American destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea near the Russian coast when it was effectively left helpless when a Russian plane used advanced electronic jamming technology in November 2014:

Russia Wins the Electronic Warfare Against the USA


(Watch also this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s4sKAMgYsU)

I knew at that time that this show of technological superiority of the Russians will play a crucial role in the future war of words with the West and the Empire of Evil.  I departed from my firm transcendental prediction that we shall not experience any global war on this uppermost timeline we constantly create with our light work. However, I was, and am now even more so, fully aware of the fact that all negative scenarios that include a nuclear war between Russia and the USA and end up with the total or partial annihilation of this planet have occurred infinite times in the last four years on lower timelines since we first created the first seven new parallel earths in May 2013 (see articles on my website from that time).

As it eventually came out this is exactly what is currently happening. The Russians have decided to discard their proverbial tactical silence and prudence and to reveal the existence of their new electronic capabilities to neutralize the entire US navy sitting duck in the China seas. This is a significant U-turn in Russian policy and it explains how seriously Putin and his government consider the expanding hazardous nature of this crazy US tycoon who has no clue of human history, the complexity of diplomacy and strategic power planning that once existed during the Cold War and prevented a nuclear catastrophe. Indeed, in the current End Time we have to deal only with morons and these are the most dangerous people on earth as they play like children with matches and can instigate a conflagration any moment.

In a special TV program that the Russians aired yesterday, they have revealed that the Russian army possesses formidable electronic warfare with which it can neutralize any US ship or military unit, deter cruise missiles, and jam the entire communication system of the enemy by creating an electromagnetic dome of protection over Russian troops and military installations.

Read alsoRussia’s cutting-edge weaponry capable of ‘blinding’ enemy’s army

I knew, the first time I heard about this new technology, that it is a game changer. What the Russians have just announced is a real sensation and the most serious threat they have issued so far towards Trump and his neocon brinkmanship. Finally they have indirectly confirmed that they have also diverted and destroyed 36 of the US cruise missiles fired against the Syrian army and allowed only a few to reach their destination without causing much damage. I knew it and I reported extensively about it a few days ago. In this I was the only source together with Veterans Today.

Trump Humiliated: Syria Shoots Down 34 of 59 US Cruise Missiles With Russian S-300 and S-400 Missiles

My initial assumption that these missiles might have been intercepted by S-300 rockets may be wrong retrospectively, as I already suggested, but this does not diminish the importance of my conclusion that the Russians were instrumental in neutralizing most of the US missiles and showing Trump who is the sheriff in the town.

Read alsoRussia radioelectronic warfare complexes proved effective in Syria — manufacturer

Now they are doing the same with the US navy in the Pacific and yesterday flew strategic bombers very close to Alaska as a warning sign. What the American public, however, readily forgets is that the Russians have a common border with North Korea and were the first to fight in the Korean war against the US invasion before the Chinese came and helped. Russia would never allow the opening of a second theatre of war on its border as it unwisely allowed this to happen in 2014 in Ukraine. They have learnt their lesson of history after they allowed the west to bomb Libya against international law and are still sorry for that as expressed numerous times by Putin and Lavrov in official statements.

In other words, Russia and China have already effectively closed down the space in Syria and North Korea and Trump is powerless to achieve anything. He will go down in history as being even the bigger clown than Obama once was. And this is the most annihilating verdict a US president can receive.

I personally believe that it will get even worse for Trump and that this time we shall play a key role in his humiliation. But this is a topic for another article.


Here is what Montague Keen says in his latest message that I read after I published this article about the bombing of North Korea by Trump and the USA on a lower timeline on Sunday that was averted on our uppermost mother planet by the higher realms. He has to present the case in anthropocentric terms for his wife to understand it and because he channels from an upper 4D or very low 5D timeline and has no overview over the entire situation. I think this is an excellent and very timely prospective confirmation of my report:

“This is an important message for you, my friends. The tables have turned and the Cabal now finds itself in difficulties. Two sets of ETs prevented the recent missile attack. This operation will be repeated over and over, no matter who fires the missile. Control has been taken out of the hands of the Cabal. They are quickly coming to realise that their game is over. They find themselves exposed for all to see. It has taken some time to achieve this, but their claws were everywhere, so we had to be thorough.

On Sunday 16th April 2017, the EVENT began in Asia. It was necessary to begin the process there. On Tuesday 18th, the Event extended all over the world.( On Tuesday I noticed that the air is out of Trump and his administration and that they have understood that the game is over as I have explicitly explained in the article above. In fact I decided to write it only after I got this information from my HS. Note, George) Be alert for all evidence of this, as the Cabal will do all in its dwindling power to prevent you observing it. Two leaders of the Zionists will be captured. They are responsible for all the death and destruction that is happening everywhere. The head of the snake must be removed first, then all will follow as it should. Work together to salvage whatever you can from the carnage left by the Cabal.”


The ultimate separation of gnostic from agnostic humanity manifests as lack of communication

Wow! Another hit Georgi! For me, the following sums it all up:

“It is virtually impossible to explain this multidimensional concept of total creationary simultaneity to unenlightened and agnostic people and even most of the New Agers also do not get it. That is why there is no meaningful dialogue anymore between the few truly enlightened and ascended masters, such as the PAT, and the rest of humanity as I experience it these days and I assume that you also make the same experiences.”

I have been crucified daily now more than ever because of the confusion of those who are not awake. They ask questions but when I offer answers they do not want to listen. When I try to explain the power within them that only needs activation, they are either turned off or as in one case, I am told that I am condescending and assuming I know too much.

When I try and use the analogy of the “meek inheriting the earth” as multidimensional concept where certain individuals are moved to a new timeline when they are attuned to peace, meekness with open mind, loving heart and pure intentions; they are either more confused or unable to visualize what I’m saying.

When I try to prod their minds with questions that will force them to think they just become silent. I ask them “How do you think the inheritance of the meek and humble will be accomplished if not through a new timeline and a new earth?” Then I ask, “What do you think it means when it says the righteous shall be in the light of the sun, And the elect in the light of eternal life?” “Why do you think the word LIGHT is used so much?” “Doesn’t it make sense to you that the only body that could not age or disease is in the Light Body that is able to transform and transmute beyond flesh? “Don’t you remember reading about a new heaven and a new earth and doesn’t it make sense that these would be in a different dimension and timeline that this current one?” These questions just seem to befuddle them.

In the last week I have been forced to inform at least 1 person never to contact me again (this person is extremely ignorant and feels that positive thinking is BS), and I’ve had to respectfully inform 2 close family members that we cannot discuss spiritual matters past a certain point because our views are so different we could never agree and I’m not willing to engage in a debate with them. My daughter returns home from work day after day complaining about the debased minds of the students and teachers with whom she works.  

It is everywhere.

And this morning, I awoke at 3:00 a.m. with my pineal gland throbbing uncontrollably again as it has been for the past 2 days. So I knew that something was happening. I came to your site and viewed the prior piece on deconstructing this reality and just as I hit the previous page, this article popped up. What timing!

I am almost to the point that I don’t want to speak with anyone. We are almost alone in our views at this time but there is no harm to those who still slumber in the sleep state. By the time they awaken the changes will be in place and we will serve as teachers and guides.

What an interesting time to be alive on this earth!

Peace & Light,


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