Energy Report – December 18, 2016

Georgi Stankov, December 18, 2016

We just went through the biggest tsunami of source energy this year – from Dec 15 to Dec 17 – and we are still reeling from the physical shock of our body elementals. Three days full of non-stop cc-waves with excruciating headache, split head, fever, burning within and without as if going through hell and many other symptoms, including multiple joint pains that always accompany such energy waves from the Source and smash our bodies. The collective anger, frustration and aggression was more than palpable in our emotional fields  – it was actually unbearable and “went under the skin” to quote a German saying (unter die Haut gehen).

This is all the result of the flooding of Gaia and the entire humanity with the diamond light and the diamond codes from the Source which carry the highest vibrations this holographic model has ever seen and is capable of receiving. The frequencies have already reached their maximum in the last three days, so that this 3D holographic reality can no longer be sustained and the old energetic structure must crumble due to total destructive interference. The new ascended reality will emerge from the rubble of the old one in constructive interference with these new highest vibrations of the incoming diamond light. In this case the cause is the effect at the same time.

The flooding of Gaia and humanity with the diamond light happened on December 15 during a meditation and invocation of Carla and Julia at her home. I was at our home and was the first to be hit by this monster tsunami of proton stream from the Source carrying the diamond codes. I am always backing up this kind of meditations with my expanded field which is fully open to the Source. Carla experienced a flooding of diamond light in a kind of a tube that left her frequency so high that she felt extremely dizzy and had to remain seated for a few minutes in order to feel grounded.  According to her the crystalline light beings, the Sananda-Christ energy and St. Germain were all present helping to flood this planet with the diamond light.

It must be said that many members of the PAT are bearers of this light since the opening of the portals 11.11.11 and 12.21.12 and we are the ones who created the crystalline grid of Gaia which now vibrates with the highest frequencies of the diamond light. This is also the Christed light, together with the white and golden flames, which we inserted into Gaia in 2013 after the 12.21.12 portal. If you go with the log function to early 2013 and scroll all the reports for the first half of the year, you will find plenty of information on the web of Christed light which the PAT built as to integrate the second and third wavers into the ascension process, the fruits of which we are now finally reaping.

This time however the entire humanity is affected by the diamond light and all those dark entities such as the ruling cabal in the west who reject this light and cannot bear it are in a total meltdown. The news in the last several days confirm this fact. Especially the US elite has entered their state of terminal insanity and do not know what they say or do. And nothing works anymore for them. They are in a total cognitive and mental cacophony that is now easily seen by all second and third wave ascension candidates whose intelligence we expanded hugely in October. Since then this portion of humanity is in a state of constant and rapid expansion of consciousness as their frequencies are being raised exponentially in the course of this fall. This is the kind of revelations we knew would happen in the final phase of the End Time prior to ascension. Forget all the revelations about aliens and the like on this planet the stupid new agers still expect to come and flood the internet with their idiocies.

The threshold of phase transition and transfiguration must be reached any moment. What will happen then is anybody’s guess. The anti-constitutional coup d’etat of the Clintonians, the neocons and the anonymous cabal from the dark deep government in the USA aiming to prevent Trump from becoming the next president is in full sway and the final confrontation and éclat of the two camps is unavoidable. As this is now clearly seen by the masses, it is very exciting to watch how this showdown will unfold in the coming days.

The Fed has decided to crash the economy and, after it kept the interest rates zero for 8 years during the Obama regime, has now announced to raise them 3-4 times each year for the next several years till 2020. As if they would survive so long. The scenario of financial collapse as explained by myself for the first time in a stringent manner in the history of modern economics is now being fully implemented by the banskters in the Fed who desperately want Trump and his policy of economic recovery to fail.

Everything now culminates to the final “resolution through confrontation of the light and darkness” before the ID shift can happen. This will be the point in time when we finally transfigure our carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies, when our minds will also turn into crystalline and will begin to function on the principle of superconductivity, thus leaving the old mechanism of slow transmission of neurotransmitters in the brain synapses that cause a huge retardation in the propagation of the action potentials and create the illusion of linear time. The new perception of simultaneity which first emerged as a concept in science and arts (avantgarde movements) in the beginning of the 20th century, as I explained in the latest PAT report, is now to become reality for the first time. Humanity had to wait for more than a century for this dream to come true. In cosmic proportions this is the blink of an eye.

Indeed since December 15, when the proton stream with the diamond codes of light hit this earth, the big coronal hole of the sun has turned towards the earth and has constantly expanded as this latest image of today shows:

“The source of the solar wind is a gigantic hole in the sun’s atmosphere, now directly facing Earth.  Earlier today NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the structure, which covers nearly 1/3rd of the solar disk:

“This is a “coronal hole”–a region in the sun’s atmosphere where the magnetic field opens up and allows solar wind to escape. We’ve actually seen this coronal hole before–at least twice.  It is rotating around with the sun, strobing Earth like a lighthouse every ~27 days. The last two times we experienced its solar wind (Oct. 25-28 and Nov. 23-26), G1– and G2-class magnetic storms sparked bright polar auroras. A repeat performance is likely in the week ahead.”

As I wrote in the latest PAT report, such coronal holes, of which we already experienced three this fall, correlate exactly with the proton stream waves from the source that profoundly transform the energetic edifice of this holographic model and prepare it for the final ID shift that may very well happen by the end of this month. Everything is possible now and should be considered by the PAT.

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