The Dark Cabal are Losing the Two Theatres of Political War in the UK and the USA

Georgi Stankov, June 24, 2016

It has become obvious that the dark ruling cabal in the West are losing the two major political battles with the masses that were supposed to be enslaved under the NWO. This is happening currently in their two key theatres of war against humanity which are the two darkest citadels of power on this world – in the former Empire of Evil, GB and in the current Empire of Evil, the United States of Accounting Gimmicks, Psyops, Lies and Staged Events such as the Apollo program. The US of Hollywood Illusion.

The British cabal has already lost their war with the British population with all the dreadful consequences for them that will follow the Brexit, such as the Double Brexit of Scotland and Northern Ireland from GB and the descent of this country into utter poverty and economic collapse.

The same situation we observe in the bigger present-day Empire of Evil where the Trump movement has mutated into a popular revolt against the ruling establishment in Washington and their rigged political system which the Trump campaign has exposed for the first time for everybody to see.

This article is devoted to these two battlefields where the light has already won decisive victories that will grow and expand in the coming days when the light and we, the new Logos Gods, will have won the final victory. This is very close now.

While I deliberately kept a low profile on the Brexit story as not to overwhelm you too much with 3D political chatter, I pointed out occasionally the catalytic role of Donald Trump in exposing the evil nature of the American elite to whom he once belonged. I am pretty sure that they allowed him to participate initially in the presidential race as they did not figure out that he would have such a tremendous success and would offset all their plans and dark agenda for the End Times. When they realized the menace that came from him, it was too late for them to eliminate him and everything what has happened since then is the result of this lack of judgment of the ruling cabal who is incapable of realising when they have reached the zenith of their power and have begun to lose grip of the masses and their former stooges. It should be cogent to you that this all is our achievement as huge beacons of source light that now transform this reality beyond recognition.

The following correspondence  and discussion with Henry and Colleen highlight our role as Logos Gods in the current earthly drama. Colleen is in contact with the election team of Donald Trump for some time and has sent him all relevant articles on our website that deal with his presidential campaign. We have no proof whether his advisers read our website but they should be wise to do so. Since then Colleen is receiving regularly round letters from Trump’s team signed electronically by himself. I think that these letters give us a better perspective of Trump’s strategy than all the MSM comments and reports that are full of deliberate obfuscations, distortions and outright lies. These emails show you how we actively engage in the key political events on this earth and shape them according to our preferred ascension scenario. We do this from the sovereign level of our HS and the surgical interventions in casual earthly dramas as recently my email to the vulture trader Carl Icahn are a symbolic declaration to the Universe what should happen on this planet according to our estimation before it ascends into the light.


Dear Georgi,

Just got up this morning (Friday) at 7am. Your forecast is indeed a masterpiece!

The official announcement, made at 7.40am, stated the final figures as: 17,410,742 votes to leave versus 16,141,241 votes to remain. The ratio of votes is 52% to 48%.

The PAT Captain does it again! Bravo!!

I have to say that I was doubting the UK population would achieve this, based on my reading of the campaign in the run up to the vote.

Now let’s watch and enjoy the fallout.

Love and Light,

Henry, UK


Dear Henry,

It was not my initial intention to follow the counting of the Brexit referendum live and make my personal forecasts when I read the first numbers shortly after the voting was closed. Then my HS urged me to do the forecast live every hour. I was a little bit confused at the beginning as I had not dealt in depth with the Brexit chances as I was fed up with the discussion. Then I was very negatively surprised when I read that Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP admitted at this very moment on TV that the remain camp had the lead. This showed me how the very champion of Brexit lost his courage in this crucial moment. I decided to make my own calculations as to find out what is actually happening with the British electorate.

My conviction was that the British people would use this referendum as a vote of no confidence against the ruling elite and in particular against the Tories and their austerity policy that has turned them into veritable paupers and have destroyed the country. One must bear in mind that this referendum is the first truly democratic vote in this country where the rigged election system allows for one quarter of the votes to win 3/4 of the seats in the parliament. It is remarkable and typical that  the two empires of evil – the former British empire and the current Empire of Evil – have the most rigged undemocratic election systems in the western world, and nonetheless portray themselves as champions of democracy and feel entitled to teach all other nations what democracy should be. Such despicable arrogance. With this first truly democratic vote, the British people have practically ousted the dark elite from power as it was never truly about remain or exit the EU, but about the democratic deficits of this artificial structure which the national elites used as an alibi to promote their own dark agenda and oppress their own people while impoverishing them with austerity policies on behalf of the few very rich in order to install the NWO at the appropriate time.

This has now been averted in the UK and the same situation we also observe in the USA with Donald Trump which I shall discuss separately.

I knew all that and that is why I did not pay any attention to the latest rigged polls of the British cabal and their minions in the MSM when they all of a sudden declared that after the murder of the woman MP the voters have returned into the remain campaign. How could they believe that the impoverished people in the UK can be so easily manipulated. This lack of any judgment is what will break the cabal’s neck these days and it has already started. It is however notable that this murder occurred immediately after the Bilderbergers ended their annual meeting in Dresden where the two major topics were widely discussed:

– How to prevent Brexit as to keep the former empire of darkness in the EU as an agent provocateur of the current Empire of Evil, the USA, and continue undermining the EU thus preventing continental Europe from establishing a friendly relationship with Russia, and

– How to prevent Trump from winning the elections against Killary. To this I will say more separately.

Now the dark cabal in the west have lost their major battle in GB and everything points out that they are about to lose their second major battle in the second main theatre of political war – in the USA. None of this was planned by the elite for the End Time as they were very confident to be able to install the NWO with ease and this is now their worst nightmare scenario. They know that they have lost their control over the masses and that the visible erosion of their power has encouraged the masses to demand more concessions and sacrifices from the cabal – in order words to embolden them to get rid of their shackles. As the cabal have never done any concessions in the past and do not know what it is to be humble and cooperative, they must resort to some insane crimes very soon in the hope to turn around the sinking Titanic of the NWO.

When I read that Nigel Farage had thrown the towel in the ring, I was very strongly urged by my HS to begin with this live forecast on the website as to create the most favourable outcome. It is not that I influenced the outcome in any other way than preventing the cabal from rigging it from the fulcrum of my HS as a guarantor of humanity as the voters had already made their choice before I started. But at the end the ongoing calculations of the referendum results and the editing of the article which I expanded every hour with a new forecast  fully depleted me. Obviously I did some very important light work during the referendum and it was not a surprise that yesterday in the morning the Elohim came again to me and told me how important my being in this reality is even when I do not need to do anything. I was at that time I little bit depressed as I saw no meaningful role for me and the PAT to play for this humanity which is totally lost in the crumbling Orion maze and that we can only fulfill our true mission after the shift has arrived. So quickly does the situation change these final days.

Now some words to my mathematical approach that helped me predict very precisely the outcome. It is essentially based on the proper application of the Universal Law for any particular problem or set of conditions to be assessed. The basic idea is that all systems and levels function only according to the Universal Law no matter how small or big and complex they may appear. The only skill one has to develop is how to aggregate some systems and levels to a new entity that relates to the outcome you have to find out. One should learn not to mix the systems and levels and that is precisely what all experts now do with respect to the economy and the financial system and for so many trees cannot see the forest. One only has to scroll down all the articles in ZeroHedge, the best and most competent source of information, as to see how even this website has lost its perspective in the jungle of facts they feel obliged to present to their readers.

This is all part of the profound compartmentalization of the human mind and even the most astute and critical experts worldwide are subjected to this mental deficiency. They are incapable to depart from the whole as to explain the parts which is a mantra in the new Theory of the Universal Law. And I must admit that some of my readers have also never bothered to develop this skill of human perception and resolve most of their questions by themselves as I can judge from the questions they send me. This is not bad but I would rather prefer that each one of you becomes a sovereign thinker and analyst and is capable of making sound judgments and not as Nigel Farage from UKIP who in his inability to properly assess the political situation lost his confidence in the British electorate in the most decisive moment and was about to betray his dearest project – the Brexit. Which tells us how incompetent even these critical and in opposition to the ruling elite politicians are and why humanity will not need them in the new worlds as they do not have the high ethical and moral standards to be stewards of the new transgalactic society. In other words they do not have the soul potential to be true leaders.

Concretely, when I checked the first results on the BBC website shortly after the poll stations of the Brexit referendum were closed, I realised that we had to do with a completely different situation in the four countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Obviously Scotland and Northern Ireland as historically defeated countries and occupied colonies of the British empire, not much different than say India in the past, would vote in their majority for the EU as it builds an important counterweight to the centripetal forces of the City of London where all the Reptilians and the Queen hold the threads in their hands and determine in a ruthless manner the destiny of the British people.

This was well known for Scotland as it was widely discussed during their independence referendum in 2014 when also Northern Ireland seriously considered a similar referendum to leave the former British empire – the Commonwealth. The rigged referendum on Scotland which was a knife-edge decision prevented the Irish people to more vehemently follow their independence at that time. Now I knew that both countries will vote in a unanimous manner as to show that they do not follow the former empire and prefer to stay in the EU as the only guarantor of their minimal political independence. This is common sense.

Therefore I was not at all surprised to find out that more than 60% of the Scottish people voted for remain in the EU and that at the beginning a similar percentage also voted for remain in Northern Ireland. After I calculated the possible outcome in these two countries, I reckoned with 800,000 to one million votes in favour of the remain camp from Scotland and Northern Ireland. In this case it was obvious that the final decision will be made in England and Wales.

In the first forecast at 18.00 pm local time, which was 02.00 am GMT, one hour and a half after the voting stations were closed, I had access to very little data mainly from Scotland and Northern Ireland. That is why I had to make my prediction based on the electorial behaviour in these two countries as they were the first to publish preliminary results. There were only a few results from England and none from Wales at that time.

After I had the pivotal number of 0.8 to 1 million more votes in favour of remain in the EU in the two British colonies I had to find out if the main country England would vote in favour of Brexit with a sufficient majority as to offset the votes in favour of the EU in Northern Ireland and Scottland. Based on the first initial results from England I could estimate that if the trend continues the votes for Brexit would exceed with roughly 2 million those for remain.

Based on these calculations I predicted that the Brexit camp will win with 52% when I also considered the turnout in these countries. At that time the remain camp was leading with more than 51% and the first headlines of BBC on the Internet was that they were winning. Later they took off this headline and substituted it at the end with my forecast. This was a great personal success for me.

This event tells us how important it is to participate in the immediate creation of global events of historical proportions in the End Time. It is not that we can change these events to our personal desires as this is not how the universe functions. Rather we must very carefully and systematically analyse the present situation, discover the major relationships and causalities and then assess them in a stringent, logical manner according to the principles of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law. With a little exercise this can be learnt very quickly. Then one feels as if he has put away the old Trabant car (an Eastgerman car with a very weak motor and highly unstable) and substituted it with Porsche. Figuratively speaking.

I apologize for expanding too much on this issue but as you must have figured it out already, I will use our correspondence to present my point in an article as the unique tradition of this website obliges me.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your very comprehensive reply, which I realise, as you state, is also an opportunity to put the discussion in front of your readers. In the end I stayed up until about 4.15 am UK time, even though it left me with just three hours sleep. Initially I had the feeling, when I saw that you were tracking the results, that I could maybe send you updates by e-mail to assist in some way. However, I noticed that there seemed to be a bit of a time lag between the results, which were appearing on the live BBC television broadcast and the results, which you were using for data from the internet, so I figured if I started sending you information, which didn’t exactly correspond with what you were seeing it might just create confusion rather than help. Nevertheless, I am still amazed that your method of calculating the ratio of votes was spot on from such an early stage in the process. If I remember correctly, when I noticed your first post at 18.00 pm Pacific Time, I think no more than 30 results from the total of 382 had been declared. In the morning, once the result was beyond doubt, it was hilarious watching the BBC trying to save face with their skewed news announcements. Their main headline report was stating, “London votes for Remain by 60% to 40%!”

A couple of points, which could be of interest, the first of which I saw on David Icke’s website (don’t think we have discussed this already). Do you remember what happened in Sweden in 2003 – Anna Lindh pro EU Swedish foreign minister was stabbed and killed just days before Sweden was set to vote on adopting the Euro. After she died, they cancelled campaigning “out of respect”. Sound familiar? The same fate exactly, which on 16th June 2016 befell pro-EU British Parliament member Jo Cox at a point in the campaign when polls showed Brexit in the lead.

I also listened, before the vote, to a very informative interview with Paul Craig Roberts about the relationship between the EU and the USA/CIA. He shares information, which most referendum voters would have been clueless about but also gives some very revealing insights about what might be attempted, in the event of a Brexit result, which we now have.

It’s an hour long but worth a listen.

With Love and Light,



Just thought I would let you see this!! just received it!

Colleen, Canada


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Dear Colleen,

I listened yesterday to his speech on Killary and then read the comments in the alternative and MSM. The establishment is definitely on the defense and clueless as to how to contain Trump who has based his attacks on Killary with a broad attack on the rigged political system in favour of special interests. This is more than just exposing Killary and I hope that Trump will preserve this broader approach. There is no way that Killary will be successful with her lies under the current energies of total transparency and truth.


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