Energy Report of the PAT – February 26, 2016

The Role of the Financial Collapse and the new “Astral” Currency  in the Ascension Scenario


Thanks for your latest article concerning the last ponzi scheme of the false money system. This month has been very intense and this is nothing new but the constant fatigue, restless nights, digestive disturbances seem never ending. I pray each night that not only I but all mankind will soon be relieved of the dreadful condition of this world.  I especially liked your comment of the ascension event coming as a “thief in the night”. I feel this is true but it is somewhat troubling that it should be true after all of our work, and the many downloads and test runs by the HR. Is mankind still basically oblivious to what is occurring and about to occur? Sadly the answer is yes. Even with the weird weather patterns, the obvious breakdown in all systems of governance, financial, educational and medical I think most people still believe the system is working as well as can be expected. They still truly believe that if they can but get that better job, partner or other life situation then the system will reward them for all their efforts. They even think that it will make a difference in who is elected president. You would think that it would not require a great deal of discernment to  evaluate the candidates on their moral and behavioral qualities to realize we are in serious trouble to believe any of these are qualified to even be allowed to function in an enlightened society much less to lead it.

I believe there will need to be a low bar set for those qualifying for even a new 4-d planet and they will need to be on a quick learning curve to keep up with Earth’s evolvement. So after our ascension our work will only be starting. But it will finally be work done in joy with full understanding and visible support  from the higher realms. And I believe the shift events will be so shocking that those who qualify will finally be shaken from their slumber. Long ago before I even understood what personal ascension meant I received a reading from a very enlightened intuitive massage therapist. As he felt of my spine he gasped and said “you are one of the main few who will be bringers of light to the new ascended world.” You will go through so much sadness and periods of unhappiness but then you will travel everywhere to teach willing students how to live and this will finally bring you great joy.” I looked at him like he had lost his mind and I said but I am only an accountant not a spiritual teacher. I come from a very traditional background. He just smiled. These many years later I still shake my head and wonder how I could be used for this great work that is about to take place. The story is the same for all of PAT. Ordinary people performing ordinary as yet unrecognized tasks.



Dear Jerry,

your story is the heroic myth of the PAT and every word you wrote about humanity is unfortunately true and this explains the outrage and the shock they will experience when the Orion matrix will fully collapse and we shall appear in our glory to lead the people to the higher dimensions.

With love and light

AA Gabriel’s Announcement vs. intentional deceit of “prosperity”

Dear Georgi,

I see something going on with this expectation of a reset.

Many years ago I remember reading some of Albert Pikes writings where he gave his followers instructions for infiltrating the “light workers” and making them go mad by promising all of this change and abundance but never delivering.

I need to do some googling to find it again.

But my point is this:

The so called “light workers” as supposed to be those who have worked hard to detach from material pleasures, including money.
But the irony is that this same “light worker” community appears to have placed all their hopes on the promises of new “material wealth” which only serves as proof that they have not done the work of overcoming their sense pleasures in money, making them fair game for the Satanists.

I don’t believe that the system will collapse before our Ascension. I believe that our Ascension will cause the collapse of the system and expose the fallacy behind this promise of new material wealth. Our Ascension will expose the fake “light workers” who are still very much attached to their 3d desires and pleasures. What need does an Ascended person have for “new money”?

If they would stop and think about it logically they could see the silliness of their positions.

1. The earth is clearly receiving more photon energy than ever before.
2. This increase in energy is causing rapid change in humans as well as within the earth and her weather systems.
3. Many of these changes will make life as we know it untenable for those still attached to life as the system has structured it.
4. Distributions, manufacturing, and all other business as usual will stop.
5. Have these people ever really stopped to examine what they should expect when witnessing the end of an astronomical, cosmological and geological Epoch and the beginning of another one?
6. Under such conditions, what good would money do them anyway? What is there to buy? What happens to the psyche of the person who has placed all their hope on this “abundance” only to learn that the world is changing so much and so fast that money has no meaning? Insanity? Loss of all hope? What happens to the psyche of the persons who are unable to see beyond this 3d existence?

It’s very strange that none of the internet sites have made this correlation with Albert Pikes writings and his promise to confuse the so called “light workers” until the go insane. I absolutely remember reading about it and now I see it manifesting over and over and over, right up to the moment of our ascension.

Just an observation.

Peace & love,

Dear Charlotte,

we have already ascended and the crash has also happened in the HR as everything occurs simultaneously in the Now. But I still firmly believe that first the system must crash as I write today and then immediately after that we shall appear as ascended masters and take over the control of the society. Hence this discussion is a semantic subtlety. It may be that we shall indeed transfigure before the crash as to adapt to the higher realms before appearing on this timeline as ascended masters. This will explain the urgency of the events we know experience in our personal life.

With love and light

As I read your words I can see your point. A crash would provide the last “ump” we need mentally to support the release of the material. It would make it so much easier for those last stragglers to finally “let go” and without the crash we wouldn’t get the supernova type energetic signature needed.

The changes going on inside of us have to be felt by a large majority of the people now. As well as the sheer madness in the media and the break down within individuals.

It’s getting very interesting indeed.

Peace and love,

The crash is the drama of the masses, not ours. We are only the solution when they have reached the end of the rope. That is why we cannot prevent this drama which the masses need for their awakening and will only appear as ascended masters after the crisis has hit them very hard. That’s all.


Greetings George,

I’ve been laughing my head off hilariously ever since reading your latest article announcing the final blow to the NWO. As I see it, by putting forth your plan for an Astral currency you will effectively take the wind out of their sails. They will no longer have any credibility left to wield against humanity, because once that idea is out there providing a clear alternative to the broken system , it will not be possible to stifle the energy of light any longer. It doesn’t matter how many actually see this presented , it will energetically change the vibration of the whole financial idea. And, indeed, it will be the death blow to the old order. The irony that a plan based in spiritual truth will finally be embraced by humanity primarily because the machinations of the very actions meant to enslave them back-fire, thus providing fuel for the truth to be revealed is really so damn funny. I do find myself smiling and laughing. You used the word “hilarious” a few times recently to describe what you felt should be our response to these times, and, I confess, I thought the word was not quite the best one in that context, though I couldn’t come up with a better one. Now, I am laughing at finding myself feeling hilarious, indeed.

With love,

Dear Pam,

wait till I publish the new concept on the “Astral” currency, although we have already discussed it on numerous occasions in the past. But there are some new elements there.

In fact, I am simply following the cosmic dialectics which is summed up at best in Goethe’s Faust: “The evil that always creates something good” ( Das Boese, das stets was Gutes schafft). The cabal are now pushing forward their financial agenda of impoverishing and enslaving humanity with the aim of installing the NWO, but in their blindness they do not realize that they are only preparing their own demise. This is indeed hilarious. For us surely, but not for the dark cabal.

Therefore we are called upon to develop new spiritual ideas with which we can successfully and in a perfect dialectical manner counter the insidious plans of the dark ones and present a viable alternative to humanity. This is our obligation now as the masses are not capable of developing and implementing any truly progressive spiritual perspectives as even the most critical and awakened thinkers and writers these days restrict themselves to bare criticism and are unable to display any creativity how to improve the collective reality. This is the deplorable heritage of the Orion brainwashing of all humans, the wiping out of their playful creationary potential, the negation of their true nature as Creator Gods. The acknowledgment of this truth is the main objective of this website.

This all tells us that the people indeed need us as ascended masters who will establish the new spiritual hierarchy of the HR on this ascending uppermost mother planet and that they will willingly accept us as stewards (custodians) of Gaia and as their leaders and will follow us willingly in the knowledge that it is for their best.

These are grosso modo the conditions that we, the PAT, shall install on this planet in the coming days and we must be very clear about this mission for which we have incarnated on this earth in the End Time.

With love and light

“Astral” Currency – We are with you Georgi!

Lets make it happen!, i dont know if we will show ourselves in front of humanity, but at least we need to start changing things, otherwise suffering is all that will remain on this planet.. I know we can do this, lets bring it through!

PS: Yesterday my left brain was going to explode.. really intense transmutations happening right now, at least that’s what my intuition tells me, we are nearly there!.

Ariel Mansur

Dear George,

I am getting information from my HS what happened on this mega full moon portal 22.2 and like to share it with you. In order to mitigate the enormous pain I suffered during the peak of the 2.22 portal I began to run different scenarios of the financial collapse. I did this only to distract myself from the pain I suffered.

I began with the scenario I thought would happen. Than I modified it, run it again in my mind and observed how it feels. I did this for about two hours while walking in the room up and down. I might have been in a trance. Well, I was. When I came with the final version, I was happy and even the pain receded. Inside I felt a deep satisfaction, a sense of faith and accomplishment.

It was 6 am and I went to sleep.

Three days later a lady, who is very clairvoyant, came to see me and pick up some stereo equipment I fixed for her husband. During the conversation I explained to her that a major portal had been opened on 2.22 during full moon. She fell in trance during our conversation and said: ”22 is about money. Bad money. Greed of money.”

Than I immediately knew that on that auspicious day of February 22nd I wrote the new and final version of the total financial shock, collapse and paralysis of all western economy. It was the entire PAT team that wrote this scenario, one of the last acts in this crumbling Orion matrix.

2.22 full moon portal was about the final preparation for the impending financial collapse. This will lead to the Orion matrix collapse, final ID split and our ascension.

About three weeks ago I meet, in a dream state, with Putin again. I was an observer of a tour with a small group of people. Putin was the tour guide. He was showing us new landscapes and talked about this new land. He was very relaxed and truly proud of his achievements on the old 3-4D earth. He knew about his contribution to the new worlds. The landscapes were almost empty and Putin showed them to this group of people, so they can build their new reality there.

I am looking forward to the final changes and our final transfiguration.

I also enjoyed your today’s article: “The last throes of the financial ponzi-scheme“.

With love and light,

Dear Boyd,

thank you very much for this powerful confirmation of the ascension scenario that will begin with the crash of the Orion-Ponzi financial system. Human society has reached the point of disintegration where no average intelligent person or expert on finance and economy believes any longer that the system can be repaired or saved. They only argue on the magnitude of the destruction and how to survive. The total collapse is the only outcome and the bets can only be when. “Bad money” is a good definition.

The new “Astral” currency will be then the good money. Now that the conflict in Syria was mitigated due to the clever diplomacy of Russia and the impotence of the USA, although I still expect setbacks, the major plot has been shifted onto the financial crash and the necessary revelations that have to come which will of course affect the political elite. The whole Orion system seems now very brittle, even much more brittle than in 1989 when the Iron curtain fell and the communist system dissipated. Everything is falling apart. There are insider voices that say that the EU has only ten days to survive, etc. There is not a single factor that points to an improvement or normalisation. All social, financial and economic variables point south and this means total collapse.

Hence we should “lean back and drink beer or tea” as the Germans use to say and wait in patient confidence when this will happen, hopefully without being bothered too much by physical pain coming from these relentless source energies that have now taken full control over the destiny of humanity and this uppermost mother planet.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

this is Pepé. I’ve established a new email as I had some privacy concerns and this seemed like a perfect substitution. I wanted to try pigeon post, but that would be too obsolete, lol.

I’m glad that your move goes according to the plan! Do you now still live in Vancouver or did you move to a countryside?

Wow, I have to say  that Feb was quite a month. Sometimes, I couldn’t discern if I’m mad or it’s the others, especially a few days before and after the full moon. A lot of ugly stuff emerged once again and I felt horrible. There has been some 3D stuff that I needed to deal with. It’s been harsh, but I felt that everything will unfold perfectly and there’s no reason to be upset. Carla wrote that you almost died from the intensity of energies. I hope you’re feeling better now!

Anyways, I saw this debate-like show on Czech TV channel about Syria. As you can imagine, the idiots had the upper hand in this debate, bringing up all kinds of nonsense how Putin is evil and there’s a real threat from Russia. I think I would lose a huge amount of brain cells just being in a room with these people. However, there were some reasonable people too which were aware of the real threat. The level of ubiquitous advertisement of stupidity is too damn high these days. It’s like a pressure cooker which is about to explode with all the shit in it. That reminds me of a dream I had a week ago. I saw the already rigged markets crashing with incredible speed, only to surge again. That didn’t really make much sense to me. But just a day after, there was this short-squeeze and markets rallied but without any relevant economic and financial data. I really couldn’t understand what was going on. There’s no logic in it anymore (if it ever was) and it’s just pure panic-buying. Since the central banks wasted all their ammo they had left and cannot interfere anymore, markets are driven only on rumours or whatever. If I understand this correctly, the bigger this nonsense rally is, the bigger the fall will be. I wonder what the outcome of the meeting in Shanghai will be, but it’s more likely to be irrelevant, as the Matrix is doomed anyway, hehe.

I’m looking forward to your article about the Astral currency!

With regards,
J. Fleischman

Dear Pepe,

we have moved already but still surrounded with chaos, which we hope to clean in the coming days as we are very tired now being busy to make the move happen as scheduled. Now that the pressure on us is off, we can proceed slowly. I can’t tell you where we moved as the CIA is reading my emails and were even so stupid to prove this to me.

The energies were indeed extreme in February and I have the feeling that March will be even more turbulent as I expect some big events and crashes to happen.

The equity markets are totally rigged by the plunge team – the ten biggest US Orion banks and their funds that electronically manipulate the charts after all the physical investors left these markets in 2008. Here is an article that explains very well how the charts are rigged against any common sense and increasingly obvious to all the people:

I am a little bit surprised that the Czechs are behaving so stupidly and do not perceive the truth. In the 60s I had a lot of contact with your countrymen in Bulgaria when Dubcek came to power and they were all very enlightened people and could see the failures of both, the East and West. But I agree that since then humanity has rather devolved than evolved and this explains why we must appear first as ascended masters as the masses will not find the way out of this illusory 3D maze without us guiding them.

With love and light

My computer has just crushed while editing the PAT energy report. I used Carla’s to publish it and must buy a new one. Therefore I may have some difficulties communicating with you in the next few days and I would be very grateful for any kind of energetic support on your part to cover this unplanned expenditure. I would also like to thank all the PAT for the moral and financial support they graciously provided to us for the move and made this otherwise physically very tedious action emotionally and mentally a very smooth affair. Thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts!

George and Carla

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