Reflections and Conversations With My Higher Self

Releasing My Experiences For the Good of All

Denise Godber, December 15, 2015

This is a great spiritual disquisition from Denise, a pinnacle in a long literary tradition of humankind to pierce through the limitations of 3D life and grasp the transcendental purpose of all human existence.



Dear Georgi.

I write for myself every now and again.  It helps me bring clarity to the experiences and situations l find myself in.   Here l have included some of those writings, l have eliminated the personal things, because it becomes secondary to the message.  However l honor these experiences because without them l would not write and find clarity and the bigger picture without their initial triggering.

Your messages, Georgi have been of enormous help in all my reflections, and my own experiences have led me to internalize what l have learnt.

I found your clarification in your latest message very synchronistic with my own latest reflections.

It is up to us to discern between the experiences that people have for remembering and re-connecting to the Divine Source, or the experiences they have in the Separation from Source.

The most significant confirmation l have had, was understanding how these two choices are two different experiences and there is no way they can mix together.  Each is its own experience.  Punto!   Often the cause of confusion is the inability to put each piece in its own place and by trying to blend everything together!

The mis-understanding of  Avian in the last message,  seems to me to be the imprinted distortion that the New Agers were bombarded with to distract them: Love, love, love, through the rose-tinted glasses!  Thereby misleading them from being logically discerning and seeing people and situations for what they really are.   Here on Earth we must remember that there are different experiences going on at the same time, and each person has their own experience.  So if one has chosen to continue to experience Separation to the extreme and therefore experience darkness, then that is what they are in this moment.  They are ‘dark’ and must be named as such.  Naming people for what they are is to accept duality as it is – it is separation.   Only after understanding this can the bigger picture be assessed – but in each moment of each experience it will be what it is – no lovey-dovey cooing is going to change that!!!!

Two months ago, while going through my own understanding of things, l wrote this:


Power is Divine – Force is manipulative.

The Power to Name Things as They Are!

Reflections and thoughts brought forward after listening to The Divine Symphony of the PAT by composer Paul Armitage, and connecting to my HS for guidance and thoughts.

I was  reflecting on my own sense of strength and weakness after re-reading a Sananda message from last year:

“Evil that wants to experience itself, is unerringly in-convincible. And evil avoids the Light under all circumstances and takes flight from Love as long as it can.

You must acquire the capability to make clear observations and to make unmistakable assessments!

To name things by name means to recognize black as black; and also to address it as such and verbalize it.”

This brought me to reflect on what power is and what force is.  Power is a natural state of divine consciousness and force is an ego/fear based reaction to duality life in the 3D and lower 4D dimensions, where the determined separation from Source is the reason for being there and consequently having these experiences.

12th September 2015

Do l accept, totally and unconditionally to deserve to say things as they are?

– Black is black

– Evil is evil

Do l accept totally and unconditionally to address it and then renounce it?

Do l have programmes and beliefs that l had created to protect me during my self awareness process, that l now need to modify or eliminate?

I accept to make clear observations, to know my own discernment, and make unmistakable assessments.

I accept that my insight releases my power of distinction brought about by my careful observations and l accept to see the dark ones who cleverly make use of the spiritual scene for what they really are.

The dark spiritual scene makes a clever use of words and some divine truths to then give the message that serves  their own agenda.  They know that in general, people do not analyze every word and sentence and are not able to take  the messages apart in a logical, rational fashion, naming things as they are – truth, distortion or manipulation or simply confusing the reader into trusting in a general way what they read.

Hereby I will see and examine its full worth –  l see it, l accept it for what it is –  I call it by its name of evil and l renounce it!

I hereby reclaim all my courage and freely and fearlessly use my light with the dark.

–  The dark fears the light and the devil fears the fearless human beings who have looked through the diabolical game of deception.

The clarity and clearness in myself is my freedom from ever being conditioned by evil again.

When l use clarity and the mind to carefully observe the truth, then it is natural for me to choose a different path. I am free to choose differently, to move away from people and situations in my life.  I understand that these people and these situations have no interest to me.  My path is the direction l set for myself.

This is naming things as they are and so l NOW totally unconditionally release all the beliefs and programmes that l used to protect me from those evil people and situations in that Now moment that it served me to do so, because l know NOW that my logical mind was not clear to clarify and verbalize what l saw and felt, so consequently l created my own way of protecting myself by isolating myself as much as possible.  I NOW see the beliefs and programmes that l chose to install in that NOW moment and l thank them for their protection, support and help.

My belief was that l needed to keep clear of people, stay at home, have little or no contact with anyone so that l would not get ‘contaminated’.  Also because l did not trust my own discernment and knowing, as l did not have the understanding of the powerful logic of my mind.  At that time, my mind was in the hands of the dark and they controlled it!

When you name things as they are, it actually gives freedom back to you, because it releases the guilt of feeling that we are judging.  We have been taught sub-consciously to judge and consciously not to!!!!!

Name things as they are is like a breath of fresh air!  It is as it is – for everybody!  Everyone is as they are, until they change that for themselves. So as observers we can use our embodied discernment and look at each individual with fresh eyes every time, as we cannot know when that something has changed for them or how – be it ascending, descending, clones or walk-ins.

When you fully remember and gain a degree of mastery of your multidimensional consciousness, you will be able to be within time, as well as in the NOW.”

“Your Multidimensional Mind is able to experience both the physical and the higher dimensional realities within the same NOW. “   

(Suzanne Lie:

The mind can determine in a logical way what it sees and knows.  This is the strength of what clarity of mind is.  It gives freedom from all fear, as fear is created by distortion and manipulation and structures that are in place to stop people from regaining and “discovering the beauty of a logical, natural, divine thought”. 

I Am the beauty of a  logical, natural, divine thought.  

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

These are my first attempts at automatic writing after listing to Paul Armitage’s  Divine Symphony, Gaia Ascending.  I was guided at the time to listen to the  432 hertz tuning version.

Suzanne Lie gave indications in the link above on connecting to one’s Higher Self. Here’s an extract:

However, that is actually a moment of remembering the Multidimensional YOU that was forgotten in the rush of daily life. Therefore, we recommend that you begin each day by allowing yourself to re-connect with your Multidimensional SELF.

We recommend that you find a time, even if it is not at the top of the day, in which you can take at least 15 minutes to tune into your SELF. If you can establish a ritual, such as:

– Go to the same place at the same time

– Bring some means by which you can write your experience

– If you enjoy music, play some soft music

– Read something spiritual for a moment to “shake off the 3D”

– Close your eyes and reflect on what you have read

– With your hands on the keyboard, or your pen in hand on the paper,

relax and breathe into a higher/relaxed state of consciousness

– To get started, you can always write something like:

“Dear ONE, (Higher SELF etc.) Do you have a message for me NOW?

– Relax and release all expectation or thinking

– Allow the pen to write, or your hands to move on the keyboard

If you stay with that simple plan, you will gradually build a personal relationship with your Higher SELF. It is helpful to do this exercise at the same time and same place every time.

If you can maintain this commitment every day for 21 days, you will create a “habit.” Then, if you skip a day you will “miss that time with your SELF.” You will also realize the importance of keeping your promise with your SELF.

13th September 2015

Denise:  Dear One, Higher Self, Do you have a message for me NOW?

HSPlay and remember who you really are.

We are with you.

Decide and let go.

We miss you.  Learn for us the wonders that are being brought to you.

Accept your power to be just simply who you are.

Bring this gift to everyone.  We are with you every step of the way.

Don’t be afraid, transform the coping mechanism with the violet flame.

The structures of the DNA placed by the dark, kept everyone in a forgetful pattern of programming.  This is kept in the mental field and you have used a coping mechanism to combat this.  With its release, you will now be free to connect more easily with All-That-Is.

Enjoy this time.

Denise:  Dear One, HS, can you tell me more about what you meant by “Decide and let go”?

HSYes, this is a long story that has finally come to an end. Rejoice!

Denise:  So am l undecided?

HSYou are indeed a multidimensional thinker who has resided in the 3D.

Decide to be The Way-shower and the pieces will come together.

The greatness causes you to feel weak.  Yes laugh, it is funny!  (I was hit by a sudden loss of physical energy, like a sugar low)

Embrace yourself  with our loving energies and you will feel the support and the strength that is always here for you.

Release the weakness of the 3D that you simultaneously feel with the potentials of being multidimensional.

So yes, decide in every moment of every moment.

Your multidimensionality is great.  There is no weakness.  It just is.


23 October 2015

Denise:  HS, do you have a message for me Now?

HS:   Empty and full!  The paradigms you live are the worlds that are opening to you all. Seek the changes, relish the changes, breathe in the newness.  


25 October 2015

Denise:  Dear HS, All off World-selves of me, Angelic, Galactic and Dimensional Selves, all Universal aspects of who l am, and the individual aspects of I Am in other realms and all higher vibrational collectives; my own Angelic Self;  my Multidimensional Self etc:  do you have a message for me Now?

HS:  All is changing.  You are changing.  Release all pre-concepts.  Go with the flow, trust the flow.  Expand and enjoy, for life is just starting!  

Denise:  Do l have pre-concepts?

HS:  You have what you consider normality. This is a protected area where you feel comfortable.  Release this programme and it will open up the limitless arena of opportunities and creations –  much, much more than what you could have imagined.   Normality is no longer an option!  Everything is changing.


28 October 2015

Denise:  Dear One, do you have a message for me Now?

I am wondering if l imagined dreaming about a move, or something similar a few days ago?  Carla wrote about her dream with 33 people in a new earth building, adapting to the new place and frequencies, that made me remember that l had dreamt something that l then forgot, but enough to remember there was something!

HSDreaming is imagining and is creating. Build a new life, wake up to something new every day.  Believe it, see it, know it. You remembered the colours in your dream, they were unusual to you. Colours are a part of the transitioning process.  They are present in a very natural way and blend in and out of your reality.  They are present like the air you breathe, only this time it is your eyes and your body that breathe in the colours for the balancing and harmony that your body needs as it proceeds through the light compaction.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I also wrote this piece during this last week  (10th December 2015)

The Divine Meaning of Life

For me, the divine meaning of life is to reconnect and recognize our connection to Source.  The reason for the 3D life is to live experiences disconnected from the Source – hence the word ‘ Separation’.

Karma was later introduced by the dark to keep us in a perpetual loop of not reconnecting to our divinity and The Source.

Separation is the main focus on this planet at the moment and the two motives above (pure 3D living and karma) have been put together and confused.  3D living is an experience that will always be available to Divine beings wishing human experiences.  The karmic loop on the other hand has been a dark, lower frequency interference.

For me the connection to Source has been a focal part of the awakening process and consequently l have  often considered my 3D experiences and the integrations that led me from the karma/drama thinking, to the forgiveness, understanding and expansion of why my soul had me live certain experiences.

Upon awakening and understanding the bigger picture in general, it is very natural to want to show people and help them see this bigger picture and the separation they are experiencing from their own Source light.  This is a very natural aspect of awakening.

There will always be people sharing this information.  It will be understood and misunderstood in a myriad of ways.  It’s purpose is to get people to reflect, to think outside their comfort zones, and so in effect,  their misinterpretations are actually part of the process and it is up to us to release and transform whatever  misunderstandings we have of how our information is received. It will always be intended as an opportunity.

Awakening has to start somewhere!  There will always be someone giving information.  Information is given in a step by step process and who gives the information continues on their own path, so we are actually learning from people just like us, and human in nature.  We are all incarnated into this living experience, living various aspects of it.

As the awakening continues we change the way we offer the information, and as we release our own 3D distortion, we see our own progress and enlightenment.  We never stop giving information, but it may become more selective, directed by our Higher Self in connection to other people’s Higher Self to give them a push to reflect for themselves.  It may also be used to find out how the person reacts and that in itself gives us information as to where the person is.

There are many ways of giving and collecting information, it is however always for the highest good of all involved.  Any 3D concepts that pop up in the person will make it appear to them that this is not so, by feeling resistance, denial and discomfort and making their various protective mechanisms come forth.  This is not a failure, far from it, it is a seed planted for their future, and we do not take their reactions personally – unless of course we still have something to clear and understand better.

It would be counter-productive for an awakened person to believe that they have failed and that their information is not received well. This is however part of the step by step process and  once understood we move past these 3D feelings and beliefs of lack of self-worth  and integrate our Oneness with our Higher Self,  our own  ‘I Am’ Presence and with our Divine Complement. (ex-carnated twin).  Everything is then perceived from a point of view of Source. This is when 3D is totally understood and released as an integrated experience.

After reflecting on how l gave information out, after a personal triggering experience,  Daniela wrote to me:

“E’ una distorsione pensare che uno debba aiutare per equilibrare il karma, nei mondi inferiori e nel vecchio modo di intendere il ciclo di incarnazione  è così, ma per noi aiutare è ed è sempre stato l’atto di permettere che le frequenze di Luce aumentassero per attuare il piano Divino dell’Ascensione. 

Aiutare per noi è un puro atto di Amore, è un nostro stato naturale dell’essere, tipico dei Maestri Ascesi e di chi conosce l’Amore Incondizionato, solo che dovevamo ricordarci chi veramente siamo e che eravamo già Maestri, Esseri amorevoli e al Servizio e che su questa Terra non ricordavano la loro Divina origine.

Come dice Georgi, siamo stai sparsi ai quattro angoli della Terra proprio là dove eravamo necessari e con uno scopo ben preciso, l’Ascensione.”

It’s a distortion to think that one has to help to balance the karma, in the lower worlds and the old way of understanding the cycle of incarnation it is like this, but for us to help, is, and has always been the act of allowing the frequencies of Light  to increase,  to implement the Divine plan of Ascension.

Helping, is for us a pure act of love, it is our natural state of being,  typical of the Ascended Masters and those who know Unconditional Love,  only they too had to remember who they were and that they had always been Masters,  loving Beings in Service and that on this Earth did not remember their Divine origin.

As Georgi says, we’re scattered in the four corners of the Earth just where we were needed and with a precise purpose,  Ascension.

I now understand and it is clear to me that l am not actually helping, but l am giving information that has to do with awakening and with remembering our divine connection.  Initially l still had some 3D mechanisms to clear, but l have always felt my intent as being one of sharing something for the overall good of that person.  I can understand that mixing this intent with uncovered 3D desires may appear that the message is one of helping, but the fine line that distinguishes the  two, intends the same, independently of where it comes from. It just means there is something for both sides to gain from. It is also helpful to remember that it is in effect not the person giving the information that is actually the helper, but the person who receives it that has the choice whether to help themselves or not.  Even if the timing is not right for them, or for whatever reasons they may choose to deny, resist or judge the information being given, there is no judgement in this as each person is responsible for themselves.  I have found many a time that it is in recognizing where a person is in their 3D drama, that l have had the opportunity to affirm for myself what l know and where l am in the bigger picture.  This would not be possible without the possibility of comparison of who is in the 3D drama.  For an ascending person, one of the biggest acceptances they will make for themselves is the acceptance of their divine greatness.

I was given advice in the early years of my awakening to never underestimate any information, no matter where it came from, because it would always be relevant to me in some way.  This advice has often served me well during all the stages of my journey in this life.  I have sometimes said things and then wondered why it came out as it did. Did l say it to learn about another aspect of myself, or recognize and release another 3D mechanism? Or, was it  my Higher Self doing the talking?  Do l trust myself enough to be a tool that my Higher Self uses?  This is initially  a strange thing to get used to as it often feels like going against the grain – which is exactly what its purpose is!  So giving information and receiving information is an art given to us by Source.  It is creativity at its best!  It is about getting to know and trust ourselves in all our dimensions. It is to understand the 3D and to understand the 5D.  It is about checking ourselves constantly, our beliefs, our comfort zones, our fears, so that we can continue to release and expand and connect to our own Divine Self.

Both Georgi and Jerry talk about the reason we are here on Earth;  to remember our divine origins,  and to understand what has stopped us from doing that, causing the situation here on Earth now.  In understanding and opening ourselves to divine expansion, we understand all the components of the bigger picture.

Why do the dark archons and the “Unholy Six” from the Orion /Reptilian empire want to dumb down humanity, establish the NWO, and enslave it?

Very simple! Because these dark entities have severed their connection to their souls and thus receive very little vital energies through their higher and lower chakras that keep them alive in the 4D and as incarnates on 3D. No sentient being can exist without the life-spending force of the soul which is a spark from the source. This should be cogent even to Christian believers…. 

The objective of all dark measures and psyops of the dark ruling cabal and their astral masters, the archons, is to dumb down all humans and to lower their frequencies as to make them believe they are weak vulnerable biological species that are an easy prey to dark influences – dark magic and rituals – which have become the core of most current organized religions, including Orthodox Christianity.

They have used every trick and power at their disposal to hijack the very purpose for us incarnating which was not to clear karma or to win salvation but to activate the light body.

Or as Babaji put it:

Desire for God    How can the desire for God be attained?

Due to the sacredness of a divine Being, of an enlightened Master, who has been entrusted with this task, or through the maturation of a human Being itself. Thereby an infinite number of pain experiences and an infinite number of joy experiences must be lived through on this level, in order to finally recognize that this world can never be the home of a human Being. If this condition of the loss of meaning in life occurs, then the magical cosmic game begins, when a human heart unfolds – no matter how it has been awakened.

All of my reflections have taken me through the stages of ascending.  I honor the understanding l have acquired.  First wavers, second wavers, newly awakening people, wherever  you find yourself, the intent behind my words is for you to get to know who you are and to use what helps to make you a better person and being a conscious part of the bigger picture.

I have personally worked a lot over the years with the mental and emotional programming of the 3D human, and what appeared to be a very personal journey, was in effect my own input in clearing and dissolving high chunks of dense energy.  I am part of the older Indigo generation and so l have the experience that comes with that.

I learnt that l was an empath and that l could feel other people’s emotions.  Only it made me really messed up because l thought it all belonged to me!  Being an empath would be great if l had been born with my ascended master knowledge – but no – l was born into the full 3D complex and distorted system!  However fifteen years on l can truly say that the constant clearing made way for intuition, therefore connecting me to my Higher Self and consequently the bigger picture.

One of the last emotional and mental stepping stones that l dealt with was the understanding and releasing of  emphatic  interference. Our relationships with people the closest to us cleverly hide our interaction with this fact. The beliefs, both collective and personal make the idea of ‘being there’ for someone difficult to see as the distortion it is. The lack of emotional distance makes the spotting and understanding of this mechanism  hide itself in plain view.  What actually happens is that our energy fields have emotional and mental wounds, making them open instead of being whole around ourself.  I have had several experiences of this before releasing the emotional distortion of relating to people who are close to me, having conditionally believed that l had to be open and caring.

So understanding the context of the word ‘open’ is very important here so that we can see where we are distorting the personal boundaries and information of who is who.

My imagination had me vision auras. The auras around people that are whole, soften on approach to other people, they remain whole and are a compliment to the other person’s aura and never imposes on, or in the other aura.   In the  ‘you and me’ empathic version, the auras have cuts/wounds, and therefore  enter and blend with other damaged auras.  This is why it is always a personal responsibility to keep our own energy fields and auras healed with each integration we make.  Step, by step, into expansion we go!

I understand the playing out of drama and karma from this perspective and the alluring hold emotions and convictions have.  I am much more aware, compassionate and humble with myself and others, knowing that illusion creates a seemingly enticing world to stay in, and consequently l do not underestimate it, and l am detached and neutral with who is still in it.  It takes great determination and constancy to release all separation and  return to Source Unity. The mind has to let go of beliefs and the emotions can no longer lead the way in drama addiction.

In releasing these aspects, everything  3D then becomes seen but not lived, understood and felt, and there is no longer any giving in to the emotional or mental reasoning coming from someone else, and if found hidden in myself, it is gratefully given space to divinely release.

There is a process in the integration of release after being triggered, which l felt very clearly during my latest healing and it is pure simplicity!   I dedicated a day to each part because l wanted to feel the different stages. Actually the sense of time was literally nonexistent  for me and what appeared to be around two hours was actually a whole day!   For each individual it can be any time you decide or need.

1 –  First the emotional and mental body releases, while trusting that all these emotions and feelings and thoughts can come through to be released without any elaboration. The trick is in trusting that my mind doesn’t have to interact with it because it would actually  impede the process and keep the emotions and beliefs playing out.

2 –  Only after the space has been given to this release, can observations and reflections come into play, because the mind is now free of the old and ready to understand what happened.   This is done by reflecting on all involved and the perspectives from each side.

3 – Then after the pieces have been collected, a sense of knowing replaces the confusion and clarity and understanding for all sides is present.

There becomes an embodied understanding that the 3D interpretations and 5D cannot mix together.  They are completely separate experiences.  To evolve and ascend means to release the 3D totally, feeling naturally ready to release all interest in it and only then can the consequent expansion to 5D life occur.  This then becomes another type of experience of being part of both worlds and knowing that the integration of a higher dimension means the understanding and knowing of the lower dimensions – these experiences prove that it is impossible to have understanding  of our higher selves and the Source connection without having had the experience.  In 3D it is just small talk until personal experience proves them otherwise.  Once we have done this for ourselves we have nothing to prove to anyone, because the simplicity of it all, is that we just know!

Well this is slightly longer than l intended! I just wanted to share my attempts at putting my experiences onto paper.

With much Love


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