Everything Is Falling Apart

Georgi Stankov, December 22, 2015


On the eve of the New Year the signs that the matrix is falling apart are skyrocketing. Things are moving now so fast, that even I have difficulties to follow all the latest developments as most of the important events are, as usual, happening behind closed doors.

Only yesterday I wrote in reference to the latest Bill Holter’s article that we witnessed this week the most sensational U-turn of the American hegemonic foreign policy in the Middle East and in the UN since WW2, after Kerry visited Moscow this past week and held a day long secret discussions with Putin and Lavrov. This U-turn is closely linked to the imminent financial collapse of the Empire of Evil.

There are numerous rumours what is happening behind the scene that have bestowed the Russians with the greatest diplomatic success since the Fall of the Iron Curtain and the disintegration of the Soviet communist empire in 1989. Only within three weeks the Russians pushed three major UN resolutions, the two most important this last week, that cemented their military gains in Syria and curtailed the USA. None of these huge successes has been seriously discussed in the western MSM and not even by the alternative media due to lack of competent journalists among these amateur writers. Here is the most objective and in-depth analysis of the huge diplomatic victory of the Russians at the UN this last week written by Alexander Mercouris:


There are many speculations as to why the US succumbed fully to the powerful and based on international law diplomacy of Kremlin. The renowned independent investigative US journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh has just written an article in “London Review of Books” claiming that the US military sabotaged the official policy of Obama in Syria and helped Assad. This is what I just wrote to the Saker as to hear his opinion in case he has stopped licking his wounds from our last discussion and is inclined to communicate with me again:

“Dear Saker,

what do you think about this latest article of Samour Hersh in London Review of Books? It appears officially on Jan 7th, 2016


He forwards the thesis that the US military are the good guys that offset the Obama’s hegemonic policy of insanity in Syria. I read his article and could not find a single piece of information that I did not know before or have not read on the Internet. There was nothing new to me to indicate that he has been given some additional valuable secret information by his insider sources.

The idea of US former chiefs of staff being decent guys is very dangerous as it implies that there are good guys in the deep US government which I wholly exclude. Is Seymour Hersh bought by the dark cabal and he is playing the role of agent provocateur with his good reputation as a critical, independent journalist? I am inclined to believe so.

On the other hand I am also expecting the stipulation of the Diadochus fights among the dark ruling cabal in the USA. And we have the latest positive arrangements between the USA and Russia which point in this direction as you discussed in your latest article.

What is your take? This is an important issue.

With love and light


Well, it is really very important now not to get lost in the End Time cacophony of the printed media. I assume that you all have stopped watching TV.

Paul Craig Roberts is a prominent name among the most fierce critics of the US economic, inner and foreign policy. He has been a guest on our website. Last year I used him as a case study to explain why even the most intelligent thinkers of modern time fail to grasp the whole truth of the current End Time scenario that unfolds in front of our eyes as a petty political 3D drama:

Read here:

Why All Conventionally Thinking, Critical Experts on World Politics Such as the Brilliant Thinker Paul Craig Roberts Fail to Capture the Whole Truth About the Political Events in the End Time

and here in German.

He has been all the time in full coalescence with our assessment that the Orion matrix is now rapidly disintegrating and that the insane dark ruling cabal in the USA and Europe are in their last throes:


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has just given an extensive interview to the Daily Coin where he confirms one more time the correctness and validity of all our ongoing analyses and assessments of the political, military and economic situation on this uppermost mother planet prior to her ID shift and our ascension. This kind of unanimity in opinions is highly significant as we can only create the new worlds when sufficient intelligent people establish a coherent view on this reality and reaffirm their desire for a radical change. This is how Spirit creates incessantly in the Now and we are His conduits. It is also important to keep in mind that this unanimity was not that much pronounced only a few months ago and that its current peak is entirely the achievement of the light warriors of the first and last hour who create, coordinate and guide the final stage of the ascension process.

In this interview Paul Craig Roberts deals with the following issues:

“The American people are asleep at the wheel. The blame is not totally their’s, but they do bear the brunt of the blame. The mainstream media do not report what is happening within our economy or the geopolitical arena, unless they can spew on and on about the endless rainbows, unicorns and how “America is the greatest and Putin is the devil.” No depth of coverage, nothing of real value reported, so the American people are left ignorant and wanting for truth. When you work 2 or more part-time jobs, are struggling with keeping a roof over your head and the kids need new shoes, it becomes a challenge to seek the truth even though you know the “report” Brian Williams just delivered is a fabricated piece of fantasy. There is almost no truth to be found in the American mainstream media.

One of the best ways to understand what is happening today in places like Syria, Ukraine and the Middle East is to take a step back and see what history has shown. Most of all situations in the human experience have roots in the past. As Mark Twain said, “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” that certainly applies to the ever encroaching American police state, the unfolding war in Syria, Ukraine, and the Middle East. Does that sound like world war or is it just me?

What has happened over the past several years in places like Iraq, Libya and Syria have roots in the late 1990’s. The Project for a New American Century, a “think-tank”, founded by Dick Cheney, one of the most die-hard neocons the world has ever seen, developed a plan to invade – that’s right, invade – 7 countries in 5 years. Their plan is taking longer than originally thought, but I am not sure if Russian and Chinese resistance was part of the calculation. The development of al-Queada, that has now morphed into ISIS, has not gone as planned either. ISIS appears to be morphing into their own entity that the CIA is having a hard time controlling. The rogue band of mercenaries are going rogue in a way that was not foreseen.

Dr. Roberts describes the evolution of the “deep state” and how the neocons have a strangle hold on the American political process that is hard to shake. These psychopathic warmongers are not concerned with anything except power, blood-lust and their own sense of “destiny”. The tapestry that Dr. Roberts weaves begins with Nixon, the Vietnam War and winds its way through the latest meeting between President Putin and Secretary of State, John Kerry. The picture is clear and details how we have arrived at the brink of nuclear annihilation.

The three-part series is not to be missed. To get the whole picture you need to listen all the way through. It was intentionally broken into smaller pieces to allow the info to sink in. As I said we are facing a world in change and the pace is quickening. Give this a good listen and let us know what you think.” 

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