Energy Report of the PAT – November 23, 2015

PAT Participation in the Healing Meditation of Humanity Through the Third Eye of Divine Co-Creation


Just finished reading your 11/21 portal post and WOW!!! This is so remarkable!! I was just going to write you today and ask if we have had another ID shift because the past 2 days (19th & 20th) really sucked. Not the entire 48 hours….there were some great periods but overall I was exhausted, body ached and just depressed.

What is so remarkable about your account is that I definitely was revisiting some masculine wounding in my own life. I was also thinking about how my brother has suppressed me my entire life and tried to make me look like the “crazy hippy” to the rest of the family. Yes, many times heguised it as loving jest….but it was condescending none the less and showed how much he felt threatened by my gifts.

I was also realizing how much pain comes from people being told not to speak out…not to speak up. Families have such dark secrets and they encourage the victims to just let it go…they say it like it’s the healthy thing to do, instead of acknowledging that it happened, instead of consciously healing it together. No, just be quiet about it.

I’ve had so much of this in my own life, Georgi. I was very abused as a child and teen. I do not recall being sexually abused, but it may have happened. I may have suppressed something, I’m not sure. But I know for certain I was physically abused by my moms’ boyfriend of 14 years and my brother. I was always seeking help, going to school counselors. I finally ran away at 15 and was put in a juvenile detention center (as if I had done something wrong).

Anyhow, I made it out alive, obviously. But to this day, my mother denies we were abused. She acts like it’s a ridiculous notion and her current husband thinks we are mean if we bring anything up to her. Like we are giving our mother a hard time. It’s pretty fucked up to be honest. I thought I had gotten over all of it. After all, I’ve lived across the country from all of them for about 8 years.

But now that I’ve been speaking up for animals and the environment, I’ve pissed them all off again. So again, I’m being encouraged to shut up and not speak my truth. But this time, it isn’t going to happen. I told them I won’t be sharing the holidays with them and I need some time not talking to any of them.

Just giving myself permission not to have contact with any of them has done wonders for my soul. I feel like I am free now to be who I truly am. I don’t have to water myself down anymore to make myself more digestible for anyone.

Other themes that have been coming up is how all the women in my life suppressed themselves for men. And how I never had that strong female role model…to inspire the person I was inside. I had to be my own hero. I always stood up to the men in my family and that is why they don’t really feel comfortable around me. They know that I’m braver than them.

Today feels much better and much lighter! Thank You for all the cleansing and healing work you just did. I know I felt it too, Georgi. It truly is a time of new beginnings. I just can’t believe how many layers there have been to this process. I was seriously feeling like I regressed over the past two days but hell no. I did not regress. I just cleared some more shit out of the way to take a giant leap forward.

That meditation you explained was utterly beautiful and I so wish I could have been a part of that.

Also, the night of the 19th, I have such vivid dreams. I was in an amazing city….something that maybe looked like Venice but better. It was right on the ocean. All the streets were very steep and spiraled up to the top levels. The waves would literally come right up to the streets. That part scared me…huge waves around the city. But inside the places…wow…fine dining and shops to the MAX. Very fancy. I felt privileged to be there…I remember feeling that. At one point I was on an elevator trying to get to the top…It was like a casino up there…so amazing… I wanted to live in this city but just wished the waves were not so big and so close. That’s all I remember.

Love, Kari xoxo

Dear Kari,

I waited till I published the latest message of the Elohim which Carla received yesterday regarding the healing meditation through the third eye before answering to you.

I had just received your letter and had read it when Carla made a pause in her channeling and then I mentioned your email to her. She was surprised as during the channeling she was made aware of you and while receiving it the Elohim told her that you have had numerous abuses with masculine energies in the past and how important it is for you to use their meditation as given here to heal and release past traumas:

The Elohim told Carla specifically that you should write down each situation or event that has hurt you and the painful memory of which you still carry within you. Then you should perform this meditation for each specific situation one at a time and release it the way described. You should take your time even it may last for an hour until everything is released. You must learn to let go of.  You are now resenting many of these past situations that put you in a combative mood and force you to confront other abuses of masculine energies even when they do not directly relate to you. Thus you perpetuate your unpleasant experiences. You should try to reconcile your feminine energies with the masculine counterpart from your higher self as the Elohim recommend knowing that you have full control over all earthly situations as an ascended master.

I know that it is more easy to make such recommendations than follow them, but this was what the Elohim told Carla yesterday with regard to you and this is unique as normally the Elohim messages are transpersonal and are not related to specific individuals. Although this message is of general character and affects the whole humanity, it also has a very personal note for you and the purpose of my email is to relay this information to you as it is deemed to be important by the Elohim. You should do the meditation for each past situation where abuse with masculine energies has happened in a very diligent manner and then forget about this situation as it is healed. It may be a lot of work but it is worth doing it.

With love and light


Important Information From the Elohim: There are Twelve Twin Flame Pairs in the PAT That Must Now Find Each Other 

Carla and Georgi,

The dual soul, twin flame question has really confounded me.

Is the dual soul someone we are compatible with in 3d, who we come together with to complete a mission? Like you and Carla?

And then there is the twin flame, this is the original pair that came from Source. We were separated from the monad and our soul was split into predominately male and female? Each half had its own individual incarnation,  and experiences either in 3D or remained with Source to help their other half?

So since we have already ascended  has our twin flame already merged with us while we are in this 3d body? The reason I ask is that I always feel like it has not happened to me. I feel like I am missing part of me. I still feel as though in this incarnation my soul has both male and female attributes. Although I lean more to the feminine side of the fence. but I still feel like i am missing part of me.




Dear Sheryl,

the dual souls are a separate issue as they are individual souls with the same soul essence. Normally dual souls never come together in incarnated state. The twin flames are now coming together in the sense that now for the first time the counterpart which is excarnate can enter our fields and create a balanced harmony between feminine and masculine energies.

The latest meditation facilitates this descent which one can also describe as merging of the twin flames. You should do it now several time for each particular situation and I am sure that you will feel the positive result. But of course as long as we are in a physical body the completeness you are seeking cannot be fully achieved.

With love and light



Dear Sheryl,

I forgot to tell you something very important with regard to your question about twin flames. More than two years ago the Elohim told us that, apart from Carla and myself as dual souls, there are further twelve pairs of twin flames that belong to the PAT group and have incarnated in the current End Time. They told us also that at that time most of these twin flames have not found yet our website and therefore do not belong to the group of regular readers as PAT members. But there will come a point in time when they will find the way to each other and connect. We shall create a very powerful group of thirteen soul pairs – twelve pairs as incarnated twin flames and us as a dual soul pair. This will happen shortly before the final ascension of Gaia and humanity will take place and will significantly contribute to this final ID shift.

For this reason we decided not to publish this information at that time as not to trigger too much expectations as we knew it will take a long time before the conditions will be ripe for this encounter. Now I was reminded by my HS about this information after my first response to you and after discussing it with Carla who received the information at that time. We believe that now it is time to reveal this information to the PAT, so that those who feel that they are on the look for their twin flame and have as you this strong inner urging to start consciously searching for their twin flame. I have no doubt that the higher realms and our higher selves will facilitate this search and that the twelve PAT twin flame pairs will find each other very soon as the arrival of the final ID shift feels very close now.

With love and light


Amazing Multidimensional Presentation of the Paris Terror Acts by Shinzhi Rumi

13/11: Cui bono? Tout le Baataclan.

Rumi has done an incredible work to put the pieces together of the latest terror acts in Paris in a very comprehensive, unique, multifaceted, multidimensional presentation that not only highlights the perfect dramaturgy of the Higher Realms in shaping the End Time scenario of ascension but also shows how the dark intentions of the ruling cabal to promote collective fears and clamp down on the people fizzle away under the death kiss of the source energies of healing through the third eye of divine co-creation and only promote the demise of these soulless, empty holographic images of the desperate ruling cabal.

This is a highly inspired presentation that can be done only by somebody who is fully in the LBP and has fully detached from this reality. Rumi has not missed a single important aspect of this crime on humanity that was used by the western cabal to promote their dark agenda from a factual 3D point of view as well as from the transcendental perspective of our higher selves, where every creation first takes shape. This is a must reading for anybody who is eager to learn more about the perfect dialectics of the source in changing this holographic model by exposing its dark sides through a miraculous multidimensional dynamics. You can find more information in the following email exchange with Rumi.


Dear Georgi,

I confirm transformation activities starting 18/11.

18/11: Dream

You, I and other people are inside an empty room/space (in German language,Raum means both “room” and “space”). An open window faces into brightness.

I say to you in German, “Wir sind in diesen Zwischenraum gehoben worden, um Vorbereitungen für die Bodenarbeit zu treffen.” Translation: “We’ve been heaved into this interim space in order to make preparations for work on the ground.”

The word “Zwischenraum” was emphasized pointing to the significance of the room/space where we were present; a “space” outside 3D-time-space.

18/11: During the day

Breakdown of electronic devices (supermarkt counters, ATMs, mobile telephones etc.) in my hometown.

Increased operation frequency of ambulance and police cars (a common occurrence during transformation activities since November 2011). Some people collapse on the ground due to lack of orientation/concentration or overwhelming fits of dizziness.

A massive Source download coupled with an unrelenting soul impulse prompts me to compose a synchromystical analysis concerning the 13/11 Paris attacks. Writing my presentation I sense your presence in my heart and third eye.

19/11: Dreams

I meet many people from my old human life. In particular the “bad ones” look and feel free, liberated, at peace within.

My grandma (who used to be more like a reptilian shapeshifter than a human being) is affectionate and good-humoured. My dad tells me, “I have spent a long time reflecting on my life. I can now say with full conviction that I am closer to the angels than to the devils.”

I am at a party with many young people. The mood is great, but a sudden “flu spell” (start of transformation activities) forces me to beat it. The young people are disappointed seeing me leave so prematurely. “The party goes on without me”, I smile and wish them to enjoy themselves.

19/11: During the day

Breakdown of electronic devices (supermarket counters, ATMs, mobile telephones etc.) in my hometown. Reported telecommunication breakdowns in other parts of Germany.

Increased operation frequency of ambulance and police cars. Some people collapse on the ground due to lack of orientation/concentration or overwhelming fits of dizziness.

A group of women in a neighbourhood café declares enthusiastically: “Something funny must be in the air!”, emphasizing over and over again that they can’t stop feeling extraordinarily joyful for no apparent reason.

The Source download continues unabated. Strong fatigue; pressure in/on the solar plexus (like a rocket being loaded up with fuel); feels like expanding-condensing at the same time.

My synchromystical analysis goes online:

13/11: Cui bono? Tout le Baataclan.

21/11: During the day

It’s my birthday. I meet some friends in Hamburg.

One is from Morocco. In his view the 13/11 Paris attacks were a secret intelligence operation based on his knowledge of how Moroccan intelligence services operate. He does not imply that Moroccan intel was implicated, but he points out that one terrorist on-the-run was captured thanks to Moroccan intel.

He remarks that he would like to start a new life on Mars. I reply that I would like to be a galaxy.

Another friend from Iraq reveals to me that he is ready to go public in order to speak “the truth on Islam”. He can no longer tolerate the lies spread by Muslim clergy and Islamic organisations in Western countries that Islam be a religion of peace, tolerance and gender respect. After spending years in Iran studying with mullahs he acquired a thorough understanding of Islamic teachings.

After emigrating to and settling down in Germany he realized that life is livable (and even enjoyable) without religious restrictions. That’s when his awakening began. That’s when he started to re-educate his family to live free from religious indoctrination.

The Source download continues unabated.

22/11: During the day

Waking up I notice a drilling pressure on/in my third eye. This continues during the day in conjunction with a further expansion and flooding of my heart chakra with high-vibrating constructive energies. I feel joyful, elevated, compressing, expanding.

Looking on the attached picture for a while a vision unfolds in my field of consciousness:

I see myself sitting like Buddha in the center of this picture surrounded by a transparent sphere. I am alone and all-there-is. The moment I imagine to create something an infinite number of spheres expands outside the center arranging itself around the center.

Being contained within every single sphere I am aware of every single sphere, while every single sphere is aware of itself and the whole. The moment I imagine to create a galaxy arm the spheres needed to create this galaxy arm instantly arrange themselves into position.

So long, goodbye,
— Rumi —

Dear Rumi,

thank you for your excellent and very precise energy report. And your composition on the latest Paris terror acts is incredible. How long did it take you to prepare it? When I publish your report, I will make my readers specially aware of this huge and all-round presentation.

Thank you for sending me this information.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

thank you very much for your positive comments on and your intention to make your readers aware of my “13/11-Paris attacks” interpretation. You should know that I appreciate your work and respect you as a soul teacher in a human body. Reading your latest message truly was a joyful moment.

I rarely whisper about my obscure synchromystical research outside the Forum. It seems to be out of consciousness’ reach for the consensus majority of people.

Composing my latest presentation took me half a day. Adding and editing pictures took me half the following day. Whenever I feel compelled to write a Forum presentation the information flows through me into the computer. In this trance-like state of mind writing, researching, analyzing, editing goes on for days almost without sleep and food. I’m the interpreter directing and distilling diverse information streams into a coherent message.

The power surge is enormous, yet of a completely constructive nature. The power surge fills my entire being, making me feel like a radiant power station, a human-size sun going almost nova. I feel way more alive and alert during these writing episodes than in “normal life”.

I’m sure you know what I mean.



Comments re: “balancing divine feminine/masculine energies”

Dear Georgi,

having re-read my 13/11-post it just occurred to me that it strongly relates to latest presentations on your forum concerning “balancing the divine feminine/masculine energies”.

The Bataclan concert hall is symbolic both of subversion and unleashed expression/ perversion of feminine/masculine energies, and so is Moulin Rouge and the entire “Paris, City of Love” allure.

More explicit than the Eagles of Death Metal poster advertisement is watching porn. Zipper down, baby, I want you so hard. The arrow over the heart chakra points to the holiest-of-holies. The arrow is a key opening the gates to heaven and/or hell.

Notice that the Stade de France symbolizing the womb was a 13/11 bombing target sheltering the lords of the global underworld inside the stadium.

The act of shooting and killing another human being with a gun is coitus inversus: the one act gives life, the other act takes life. Battle action and killing fields are death orgies. Sexuality is one way of soul force expression: use it to elevate and accelerate, use it to deviate and devastate.

Some religions and fascist regimes control sexuality and convert the force of life into a force of death. Over thousands of years of collective abuse men and women just don’t seem to know anymore what the alchemical fusion of two incarnated souls in human bodies is physically designed for to spiritually accomplish.

Five years ago I wrote about this topic, should it interest you:

The Rainbow Quest for the Virgin Stone




Dear George,

On the afternoon of the 19th, while I was curled up in bed with a massive left-eye-socket headache, “cemented in the Now in pain Armageddon” (haha! Thanks, Brad), I had a hunch you and Carla were experiencing the same. Now you have confirmed this much in your post. These synchronicities continually impress me with reassurance of our continued progress. By no small miracle, we have arrived this far.


Lieber Georgi,

nachdem ich deinen Artikel las über eure Clearing-Sitzung bei Julia, musste ich sofort mein Erlebnis aufschreiben und an dich senden.
Folgendes hat sich am 21.11. zugetragen.

Mein Lebenspartner und ich sitzen zusammen bei Tisch. Ich nehme unausgewogene  Energien wahr, mein Solar-Plexus beginnt, sich zu verkrampfen und ich habe plötzlich keinen Appetit mehr. Sekunden später werde ich verbal von meinem Partner angegriffen. Sein unberechtigter Vorwurf trifft mich mit voller Wucht, mein ganzer Körper schmerzt. Ich habe nun die Wahl zwischen einem Tränenausbruch und Gegenangriff oder inne zu halten und durchzuatmen. Es fließt mir von irgendwoher Kraft zu, als ich mich für die zweite Wahl entscheide. Zwei innere Zustände sind mir augenblicklich glasklar bewusst: Verletzlichkeit und innere Stärke. Ich erinnerte mich in diesem Moment an ein Buch von Eckart Tolle, in dem er den Emotionalkörper umbenennt in Schmerzkörper. Er schreibt, wird man verbal angegriffen und verletzt, fängt sich diese destruktive Energie in unserem Schmerzkörper. Den sollen wir nun augenblicklich durchlässig machen, damit sich diese schmerzhafte Energie nicht festsetzen kann. Eine Transformation also. Das tat ich und merke, ich werde leichter dadurch und  kann, ohne zu einem Gegenschlag auszuholen, meinen Platz verlassen. Ich war verletzt und das habe ich auch nicht verborgen, aber ich hatte meine Würde behalten. Die destruktive Energie floss zu meinem Partner zurück. Seine Worte konnte er nicht mehr zurücknehmen, aber ich sah, dass ihm klar wurde, was er angerichtet hatte. Ich war zur Projektionsfläche geworden. Dieser Angriff galt in Wahrheit seinem Zwillingsbruder, mit dem ihn unerlöste Kindheitserlebnisse verbinden, aber in erster Linie sich selbst.

Mir war die ganze Zeit klar, dass diese Geschichte nicht “einfach nur so passiert” war. Da, musste es eine tiefere Bedeutung geben. Jetzt weiß ich, warum. Und vor allem, warum ich hier an diesem ganz speziellen Platz bin.

Licht und Liebe für dich und Carla sendet

Liebe Helga,

ich danke dir für diese eindringliche Darstellung des Aufeinanderprallens der männlichen aggressiven Energien mit den weiblichen und wie man in dynamischer und aufgeklärter Weise solche Konflikte nun sehr erfolgreich lösen kann. Man muss einfach die Energien fließen lassen und wissen, was sich im Hintergrund abspielt. Die Dramen der anderen sollen nicht zu unseren werden. Dies ist das oberste Gebot in diesen letzten Tagen. Und man/frau muss sich sicher sein, dass jede persönliche Erfahrung eine alchemische Reaktion ist, die zugunsten der ganzen Menschheit stattfindet und Heilung und Bewusstseinserweiterung mit sich bringt.

Ich werde heute die neueste Elohim Botschaft publizieren, die genau dieses Thema bespricht.

Ich danke dir vielmals für diesen Beitrag.

Liebe Grüße

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