Slumbering Goes America Under

Jerry R James, June 2, 2015

Relentless energies of May


This has been quite a month. Tonight is a full moon. Hoping the energies will lighten, but I don’t really expect they will. Our experiences both waking and sleeping are  in overdrive.  Meanwhile most of the world still snores so loudly we can get any rest ourselves.



Dear Jerry,

thank you very much for this excellent journey report from the deep American south. I will publish it tomorrow.

I confirm the energetic peak this night (June 1st) and Carla just told me that she experienced in the dream state a huge tsunami of more than 1000 feet high that swept over skyscrapers, most probably here in Downtown, Vancouver. This fits well into the ID shift the previous day. Today I sense a significant loss of soul essence on this timeline and also a lot of grief coming from the collective.

With love and light



Jerry’s Journey Report

I returned last week from a two week trip back to the Southeastern US from where I moved nine years ago. At that time I had already been in LBP for several years but never would have believed that this could have continued for so long and that I could have lived through so much. I don’t know why I decided to visit relatives at this time, but it seemed important. I knew I would be risking having to explain myself because of the heavy energies I have experienced all year.

People, including my relatives in this part of the country, seem more asleep to the nature of reality than before I moved. How is that possible, considering all of the work we have done grounding the energies that have come and sacrificing our lives in the process?

This part of the country is experiencing extreme weather conditions. Although I was not in the heavy flood zones of Texas, it rained for days and this is unheard of this time of year. No one seems to think this is unusual. If any blame is expressed, it is the official line of global warming.  People think that their government is sometimes ineffective but generally do not even consider obvious false flags like 9-11 were orchestrated by anyone other than a few men with box cutters for weapons who learned to fly crop dusters for a few weeks.

These people just want to be ignorant!

They are very patriotic and honor the military. Evangelical religion is very popular, even though their personal or community lives are not improved by practicing this worship. I know that my role is not to teach anyone who is not ready and I tried to avoid certain subjects, but some did come up.

One person said that, although the government was not perfect, they would never believe elected officials would knowingly harm their citizens. Where have these people been all of their lives? In a cave? Of course they also believe that Russia and China are evil and provoking war and that America is basically good and honorable and tries to avoid war. Their reasoning makes no sense to any thinking individual. These people are not even close to awakening. In fact they would rather not know and it saddens me greatly. I am not saying that people in Arizona are generally awake either, but the difference in light quotient is noticeable. Is one more representative of Atlantis and the other of Lemuria?

During my visit my family naturally wanted to go to restaurants and other places of interest and I did fine most time. On one occasion, however, I became so weak and shaky that I had to go to bed immediately after which I sobbed and shook violently for hours. On another occasion, which happened to be on May 19th, as you have previously written, I almost fell asleep in my food at a restaurant. Upon arriving at my sister’s house I went to bed immediately at 2 pm and slept for 16 hours.

Even though I have told my family that I have these episodes, they think it is only because of all the losses I have experienced. My relatives had no idea how severe these incidents can be and wanted to call emergency responders. All of them are on medicines for various ailments, including tranquilizers to sleep. They think I should also be on those as well even though my problem is falling asleep instead of insomnia. Despite all, I still take no medicine and everyone thinks I look good. After all these years I am surprised that I am not haggard, but I can still hike five miles except when I am tipsy which is often. Speaking of which I cannot even taste alcohol or I will pass out now.

Today (June 1st) my ears have rung loudly, but otherwise feel better than previous days. I can confirm as Boyd wrote that last night (May 31st) we had a heavy download. It seemed to affect especially the stomach area, cause cramping, and seemed as a blockage until that released today and I experienced heavy cleansing, so feel less congested, but am running out of toilet paper. Even after all my losses, I still find this process funny in an odd sadistic sort of way.

From the feel of the relentless energies in May it would be reasonable to assume that big events are eminent, but we have been down that road many times. Anyway, I refuse to give up as I just don’t know how to so I will continue until I die or am uplifted, whichever comes first.

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