The Elohim: This Is a New Day, a New Dawn !

The Beginning of Conscious Bilocations

Carla Thompson, May 4, 2015

Today (May 2nd) we received the most exciting news ever, a message from Jennifer Rott that describes her bilocation to a new 4D world!

After hearing about this event, I felt such excitement and a rush of energy through me, knowing that we are now officially one step closer to obtaining our ascended master skills in these bodies and this through a fully conscious awareness!  

The Elohim came with a message for all of us within an hour of hearing this fantastic news and I have to tell you that the room was full of such incredible enthusiasm, joy and deeply palpable love, that I was moved to tears.  Enjoy the energy of this message my friends!



We are the Elohim and we wish to share that New Worlds abound that float in the ecstatic flow of ascension light, the multi-coloured rays of pink, gold, violet, blue and green, of which there are millions upon millions of varying colours and frequencies, forever wrapped in the crystalline white light of the ascension fire!

The New Worlds of which we speak are the multitude of fourth and fifth dimensional expressions to which the ‘ready’ light bearers of this new Golden Age are fully attuned, as evident either during the sleep state as experienced in the dream state, as well as in the waking state as reported now by our crystalline friend Jennifer. We confirm that all of your “ascension dreams” that you are having are also indeed true!

This event as shared by our friend announces the completion of the energetic re-structuring that facilitates the coupling of the human body to the new upper dimensions within the new worlds, the foundational requirement for this new ability known as bi-location.

The recent “void” that many of you have felt has actually been a reflection of the arrival of new levels of holograms that will eventually end up in the new 4th and 5th dimensional realities. The energy ‘blocks’ that you have witnessed recently as descending down through the air into ‘blocks of reality’ in front of you (I have recently witnessed 25 – 35 foot square blocks of shimmering golden cubes, appearing like vertical golden corridors, falling gently from the sky and melding into the reality before my very eyes – this has been happening since the March 21st portal; note, Carla) actually represent the energetic interface of the upper fourth dimensional/lower fifth dimensional worlds to the ascending human energetic body. 

The energies are now becoming very pure and the energetic landscape is of high enough frequency that this event, the bi-location, shall soon recur many times over. 

Concurrent with the completion of the energetic overlays necessary for the ascending human, the third and lower fourth dimensional overlays are now experiencing a weakening of their energetic underpinnings.  As the lower fourth dimensional levels disintegrate, the archons who have resided there comfortably for eons and eons are now being flushed out, as the light from the ascension fire floods the fourth dimension and exposes all entities to these powerful frequencies, from which they must flee. They cannot hold the frequency of the Divine Light that is flooding their structures and therefore there is nowhere to reside. The chaos ensues as they are desperate to gain purchase upon any incarnated Being that presents (read also here).

Flood your fields and your homes with golden Christed light as this shall assist in repelling these Beings onward to their designated expressions. (For instance, I imagine a large golden ball of Christed light about the size of a volleyball, placed ethereally in the centre of our living space, and charge it with the intention to flash out a brilliant golden flash of light every millisecond, and that this constant strobe of light will keep all negativity at bay, whatever form that negativity will present as, and only allow in anything that is of the highest love and light, for our highest good. Note, Carla).

The bilocation ability succeeds through the power of the Third Chakra, and this transformation requires power of a very pure essence.  

A pure chakra is achieved by thorough/ consistent application of the principles of multi-level (physical, mental, emotional and ethereal levels) cleansing, including a purified diet and the invocation of the seven sacred flames (read also here).

We impress upon you the importance of purification of these energetic bodies, in order that your personal dynamic frequency reaches the optimal level whereby bilocation and other expressions of the ascending human may be enjoyed on a regular basis.

Great Joy fills us now! with this achievement! and Great Love is showered all around you from our Beings to Yours!

This is a New Day, a New Dawn!

We are the Elohim.

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