Functioning as “Creator Gods” and the Universal Laws of Creating Realities

Brian, the dragon, April 3, 2015

This is a good, succinct message that complements our ongoing discussion on Creation and the Laws of Creation we need to observe as to become effective Creator Gods. A must read.



This is the dragon. Everyone is all-that-is experiencing the illusion of what it is to not be all-that-is. That means, in other words, you are God and just limit yourself. So you are also all co-creators of everything you experience, and even everything that affects you that you are not even aware of. So you have the creator inside you.

So, there are the stories of “creator gods” – of grand beings that have made the stars, the planets, etc. Who have sometimes visited Earth in some form or another and done amazing things here. Your souls and higher selves are also creator gods, you just may not realize it. Some do realize it, most don’t.

Even if you do realize it, what good does it do you in life, right? It doesn’t really help you.

Well, a lot of that is about to change over the half century, and for some much, much sooner. You are evolving and part of that evolution isn’t becoming more, but realizing what more you already are. It is pulling those abilities you have into your reality and empowering yourselves and others. It is realizing your “creator god” self and using it wisely and having some fun with it at that. Do no harm, but enjoy it.

You’ve probably heard enough channelings like that and are thinking, “So, yeah, whatever, when does it happen?”

So, we’re going to give a little bit of a different message. We’re going to try to make this message a little bit practical.

Uplifting stuff is great, but there is also the need for practical information. The problem with psychic things is that it is so so dependent on the mind that you can’t give a set of instructions like a book. These things are unlocked differently in every person. so we can’t even say what to expect.

So, getting there is a bit personal. However, we can give some common advice for when you actually get there…

There are some pretty universal laws when it comes to being a creator, and we’ll name these even though these names are just for human classification purposes…

By laws, we aren’t talking about if you break this law, you get punished. These are higher dimensional physical laws or theories that are “just how things work”, just like the laws of conservation of energy in a closed system and the no-cloning theorem in quantum mechanics. However, we did not discover them, since higher vibrational beings just tend to intuitively know these things.

However, when you are going from experiencing a reality like your own to becoming your creator god self, there is sometimes a period where you don’t know what you don’t know until it all comes back. A little insight can help smooth that transition.

Finally, we don’t want to give the idea these laws are immutable. Just as your laws of statics that define things like how billiard balls behave have limited application and have been already shown to fail in cases like high speeds, or very small particles, these laws do have loopholes, however they are much more universal than any physical laws known to science. For instance, where special relativity and general relativity break down, and where your standard models and string theory break down, these laws will still hold. In fact, these laws hold where there is no matter, no energy, and only consciousness.

There are also some laws you probably already know of, like reciprocity of energy, and effects of fear vs love. We’re going to try to present new concepts, even if some of these laws in some cases can be partially reduced to other laws you already know of.

Law One – The First Law of Control

* That which you control, will control you. The more control you have or exert over something, the more control it will exert over you.

Law One, part 2The Modified Law of Control – Power/dominance and responsibility

* The more power you have over something, the more responsibility you have.

Law One, part 3The Modified Law of Control – Freedom

* The more control you exert over something, the less freedom you have and the more you give away your power.

Law TwoThe Special Law of Control – Interference

* As a creator, the more you attempt to define the energies of a reality – that is, the more you interfere – the more drawn into that reality you will become, the more that reality will define that part of your consciousness, and the more PHYSICAL you become.

Law Two, part 2The Special Law of Control: veils

* As a creator, the more you attempt to define energies of a reality, the more veiled that part of your consciousness becomes

Law Two, part 3The Special Law of Control: Separation

* As a creator, the more you attempt to define energies of a reality, the more that part of your consciousness experiences separation consciousness.

Law ThreeThe Law of Free Will

* The higher vibrations a consciousness experiences, the less free will it has because the more universal that consciousness becomes. Increasing free will requires lowering vibration and increasing vibration requires letting go of some free will.

Law FourAscension

* Increasing vibration, that is – ascending – requires letting go of some control and giving up some free will.

Law FiveVibration and density

* Vibration and density are inversely proportional but independent phenomena. This one is difficult to grasp. All other things being equal, the more dense some expression of consciousness is, the more its vibration will be limited. However, there are usually other factors involved so from an absolute standpoint, you can’t say something will be low vibration simply because it’s dense.

So, after reading the laws above, you may be thinking, “Well great, we can become Creator Gods but the more we create, the more we are controlled by it, lose our power and freedom. So we can’t really create anything, can we?” Maybe the story of Loki comes to mind.

It’s important to understand these laws in a practical sense first. So let’s talk about creating a reality like Earth. To experience that reality as a creator god, you can just define the rules and let it spin up and as long as you “keep your nose out of things” then you can observe Earth without getting too drawn in. But if you start tinkering with Earth and interfering with it, then you get drawn in and start to lose some of your power. However, if you are simply observing and interacting very loosely, you have less free will related to the expression of Earth, and your role is simply to support the free will choices of the beings on the planet.

So, that brings us to the magical loophole of how you can create without becoming mired in your creations: Guiding.

Guiding is a practical way of dealing with the laws. Guiding means that you loosely interact to nudge things in the right directions. For instance, many entities that interact with mankind as channeled beings or helping the energies of Earth are guiding. One way to guide is to visualize the outcome, to communicate – whatever that means in specific case – your dreams and wishes, but take limited action to bring that result about, to trust in all-that-is. In a reality like your current experience of Earth, that takes a good deal of patience and wisdom. In more typical physical experiences that are looser, you can guide things much more easily and with much more rapid results.

What’s important to remember is going back to the original topic – that your experience of Earth is changing. Right now, the way people make things happen is to do and control. However, as your reality becomes less restrictive, and your collective vibration raises you will experience more freedom (and less rigid definition) of the structures that make up your reality. So, the ability to guide will increase and doing and controlling will not be effective. At that time, you will find yourself becoming more of the creator god that you really are.

With Love,
The Dragon


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