The Seven Sacred Flames

Transmission from the Heart of the Beloved Lord Lanto (Excerpt)

 channelled by Aurelia Louise Jones


Georgi Stankov

I decided to publish this excerpt because it discusses one more time the seven sacred flames (rays) that correspond to the seven human chakras as presented by Carla and the Elohim. There are many more flames that are associated with higher chakras. Upon our ascension we shall immediately acquire all these chakras and the corresponding flames that will enable us to become Masters of Creation.

Therefore, it is not necessary to deal with the additional five flames belonging to the upper 8th to 12th chakras, which all light warriors of the first and the last hour and new Logos Gods have already fully opened. As long as we dwell in physical vessels, the seven foundational flames are absolutely sufficient for our immediate creation and we should use them on a daily basis.

The message below explains also why the access to these flames was interrupted in the past by the higher spiritual hierarchies – they were misused in Lemuria and Atlantis for the wrong goals and these inappropriate creations led to profound disharmony with All-That-Is and the destruction of both civilizations. Now the misuse of these flames is blocked in the DNA-code of the new human template of Gaia 5, we created this year, so that only creations for the highest good of All-That-Is will be allowed to materialize.

This would say that you may not experience immediately the results of your creationary work if it is contaminated by still unprocessed tendencies of the ego-mind and the human psyche. But this is a learning process and the absence of immediate results should only tell us that we need to refine our thoughts and emotions much more as to become formidable Masters of Creation. Now!



From the great Hall of Illumination of the Royal Teton Retreat in the Rocky Mountain Range of Wyoming, I greet you with the Love of my heart and the Wisdom Flame that I AM.

Throughout the ages, I have indeed served that wondrous Golden Ray for so very long that I have embodied it fully and become it. When you think of the Sacred Flames, beloved ones, perceive their wonders with a sense of equality. There is not one that is better or lesser than the other; although each one holds a different attribute of the qualities of God, they are all equally wondrous and effective. Some of their qualities overlap, creating an energy field of Oneness. The seven flames are also part of the Earth curriculum about which you need to gain mastery and balance in order to qualify for your Ascension. Everyone who has ever ascended was required to master the attributes of the seven flames. 

In our teachings to humanity, we emphasize the seven flames, but in reality, there are many others. When you fulfill your Ascension, the twelve Sacred Flames and their corresponding chakras will be fully restored within you and you will be able to use them constructively with all of their numerous gifts in wondrous ways.

In the ascended state, as you continue to evolve your consciousness in the various levels of the fifth dimension, and later on, in the consciousness of still higher dimensions, you will discover many more flames and many more chakras will be added to your lifestream. In fact, it will never end; evolution continues on forever unto eternity. How many chakras do you think your Creator or Lord Melchizedek have?

Shortly before the destruction of the two major continents, Lemuria and Atlantis, most of the Sacred Flames were removed from the surface of the planet and taken inside the planet or to the etheric Temples of Light. With the removal of the flames, also came the deactivation of part of your DNA, the minimizing of the Threefold Flame of Life in the sacred chamber of your heart, and the temporary shutting down of the five Secret Rays with their corresponding chakras.

Because of the severe misuse of these rays and their chakras in the two continents mentioned above, it was decided by the universal and galactic Councils of Light that restrictions had to be imposed on humanity. From that time on, only seven chakras with their corresponding flames were left activated for the continuation of mankind’s evolution.

Many of you heard of the five Secret Rays and wonder what they are. Not too much has been mentioned about these rays by us because, although they are important and their energy is gradually being restored on the surface. The mastery of the God attributes they represent is not fully required until you get very close to the day of your Ascension. We do not want to confuse you with too many flames because the mastery of the first seven flames represents a big endeavor.

Once you have mastered the first seven flames, it becomes much easier to master the other five. Though they are unique in their own color, vibration and attributes, they are derivatives of the first seven. The stipulations were that until humanity wakes-up again to embrace their divine potential and the principles of Christ-hood, and when the level of consciousness has reached enough spiritual maturity for mankind to be trusted once more with this sacred energy, the knowledge for the right use of these flames will be reintroduced to Earth again. With the Ascension of your Earth Mother, those who have reached the level of spiritual maturity to become candidates for Ascension will benefit, in their own timing, from the return of their gifts.

That is the mastery you will need to attain as you walk through the initiations of the seven inner temples (see chapter 4—pages 97-101). Once you gain the momentum of Love, Wisdom and Power on all the flames and have fulfilled all the other requirements, you will be invited to take your place among the immortals with all the glory and attributes of a fully ascended master.

That day, beloved ones, will be the most wondrous day of your entire existence. For eons of times, you have incarnated here facing many challenges in most of your incarnations, always keeping the dream and goal to make it someday to the Ascension doorway. Now this opportunity is offered to each of you in this very incarnation! You never have to die again for most of you, unless you choose it. The time you have waited for, is now presenting itself to you! This is an invitation from us, the Chohans of the Rays and also an invitation from your Creator. We love you all so very dearly!


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