The Visit to the Radiant Rose Academy – October 29th, 2014

How the PAT Activated the Second Wave of Ascension Candidates on October 29, 2014 During the Greatest Ascension Shift Ever 

Carla Thompson and the Elohim, November 2, 2014

Dear Georgi,

The visit to the evening class at the Radiant Rose Academy was  an incredible experience (see also my energy update and the energy report of the PAT on this greatest ascension shift; note, George). You know, I was just thinking over the past week how I haven’t really had any deep mystical experiences lately!  Well, this experience definitely qualifies as one of those very special events!

I had arrived not really knowing what to expect, although I had access to the website over the previous few days.  I had sat down on three occasions to get a bead on what they represented, but was always interrupted and could not really assess the nature of their teachings. A good friend had sent me a video, with which I really resonated, so I thought I would experience the teachings first hand, and attend the class. I know you didn’t want to come in, but I knew somehow that you had a role to play.

I had thought that there was perhaps a chance that they were rather New Age, but this idea was quickly dispelled by the beautifully engaging souls that I encountered there, very genuine and open souls, ready to move forward in their evolution. The messenger, Usa, who channels the two ascended Masters, Asun and Akasha, spoke (channeling Asun) passionately about the students being Creator Beings! And how they must discover their power through their I AM Presence – their genuine connection to the God-Head, and their road to Freedom in the Ascension!   It was so refreshing to hear this!  I was just smiling my Mona Lisa smile from ear to ear!

I had been shown the way to this place, after St. Germain had told me that I would discover a deep connection to the Pink-Rose Flame of Cosmic Love.  Not knowing what was meant by this statement, I have been open to all opportunities that have presented and until this moment, I had not yet discovered this secret.  Now I honestly feel that I have arrived at where Saint Germain had foreseen me.

As soon as I entered the conference room, there was a noticeable low level of high frequency energy.  It stayed at a low level for about 30 minutes, then began to rise steadily in intensity.  Suddenly there was a huge shift, in a steady upwardly increasing fashion, with an intensity that I haven’t noticed for a long, long time. I felt Archangel Michael’s presence instantly with me, as the intensity suddenly rose sharply. Archangel Michael was quickly replaced by the energies of the Ascended Masters Asun and Akasha, who took their place in front of me. Their presence was so palpable that I had expected them to walk through the doors, right into the room!  But they remained in an excarnated state, right in front of me, the entire time.

Suddenly there was a palpable upward shift in frequency that left me paralyzed in my chair, where all I could do was listen to Usa, the messenger/channeler of Asun and Akasha, with my eyes closed, still smiling my Mona Lisa smile, feeling into these massive energetic shifts on the upward swing. There was a 45 minute time period, or more, where I could not move, and I was aware of many light warriors receiving the most critical information packets, not only at a conscious level, but also at a subconscious level. I knew something BIG was happening, including the fact that their templates were being merged with the new 4D template of the ascended masters, the template that we had brought in, in October. I am uncertain if they felt anything from a personal energetic point of view or not, but surely their Higher Selves knew what was taking place and of course they have now been opened to receive further teachings of ascended mastery, including new DNA activations.

When the class was over, I felt the energies fully around me still embedded within my fields. When you entered the room Georgi, I saw how pale you were, and I suddenly knew that we had brought this energy with us, to this dedicated group of light warriors, to assist in their opening and upward expansion in evolution towards the Source of All-That-Is. Of course I knew that it was much more than that, so I asked the Elohim for a message to clarify these events for us. Here is the message. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this event!

With love,

Message From the Elohim

We are the Elohim and we come now to confirm your experience of beauty and expansion, indeed, of Creation, into the Universe of All-That-Is!

This beloved group which is called the Radiant Rose Academy, creates a healthy and stable foundation for all light warriors of the Second Wave.  These are the Creator Beings who are moving beautifully along the path of ascension through active engagement and resurrection of the inner knowing of their divine I AM Presence, the knowledge which is indeed the foundation of expansion into the Ascension and into the Golden Age.

The I AM Presence is the foundational fulcrum from which all Creator Beings must begin their journey ‘back home’, to the Source of All-That-Is.

Remember, you are never separated from your I AM Presence!  However, certain habits pull you away from the I AM Presence, and certain habits draw you back to it! Of course, this group has clear, well-established standards on the absolute necessity of purification of the human vessel, through making available purely bio-available energetic foods, an approach which is indeed the foundation of a healthy body-mind-spirit essence. Rendering the physical body healthy enhances it’s ability to first sense the I AM Presence, and secondly promotes interest in discovering what the I AM Presence is all about…what it can do for you…and ultimately what role it plays in your sovereignty, and in your freedom in the ascension, your freedom from this high density experience in which you find yourselves.

The light warriors of the Second Wave are the up and coming ranks of light workers who may not have experienced any activation of their Light Bodies, through the Light Body Process (LBP). This is because it is not their mission yet to fully ascend directly to the Source now, but rather, to ascend first into the newly created worlds of the upper fourth dimension, where free energy is established, and a healthy societal foundation has developed into new supporting mechanisms for perfect health, including hands-on healing, sound and light therapy for healing of the energetic centres, the chakras, creative expression from within – through the power of the I AM Presence, and boundless joy in the living of a divinely perfected life.

The event you inquire about, which occurred during your visit to this Academy, was in the first place, a full-on integration of your newly created template, with the templates known as Asun and Akasha. There has been a melding of these three templates, and a new activation of this template within all light warriors of the Second Wave, those slated for the ascension into Fourth dimensional creation.

In the second place, the template-melding event above, triggered another broad-reaching event including the lifting, or the ascension, of the Second Wave candidates, to the uppermost timeline of this Mother Earth. It is initiated by a steady fall in density, frequency and timelines, which occurs over a relatively “short” period of time [ Georgi, you estimated this to be about 30 minutes ], prior to the flooding of the uplifting surges provided by the Source of All-That-Is.

As the surge increases, those with active third eye ability, are able to view de-construction from one timeline through to the next above it, as in your dual soul’s ability to “see” a swimming pool overflow it’s edges and the walls around it collapse inwards. The continued upward rise occurs as great numbers of Beings are lifted for the final destination of the upper fourth dimensional expressions. This energetic lift pushes them up from “underneath”, as their frequency expands to adapt to higher levels of expression. Finally, the great surge moves everyone up together, in one group, through the timelines towards the uppermost expression of Mother Gaia, now. This event was one of the most powerful, energetically condensed ascension moments in recent experience!  All move upward in wholeness toward the perfection in the ascension, now.

The dualistic way of thinking may classify ascension to the Fifth Dimension as superior to ascension to the upper Fourth Dimension, but this is simply not the case and we emphasize that every Creator Being has his own role, and his own path in which to manifest this role. There is to be no comparison between light warriors, as each has his or her own path, each holds his or her own agreement.  Every Creator Being is to be honoured by the other. Every Creator Being still has much to learn.

The event was a grand alchemical reaction where Source energies flooded in to Gaia, templates were melded, Light warriors of the First and Last Hour embraced this energy, and the light warriors of the Second Wave were pulled up higher in their levels of consciousness, further along in their physical healings, and opened their hearts to embrace further infusions of the divine rays of cosmic love.

The effects of this expansion will not be known instantly, for this work occurs across a multi-dimensional landscape of current and previous incarnations, creates a re-ordering of cellular memory, and many other dimensional expressions whereby illumination follows an evolutionary path that can be slow and extremely painful within this density.  Naturally, this “slow and extremely painful” proposition is related to the condition of your emotional bodies that now need cleansing and re-balancing, in order to embrace the loving I AM Presence of Self, so one can move into the full acceptance of the “Ascending Creator Being” concept, and fulfil One’s requisite role of service to assist Gaia in the ascension through personal evolution.

We are the Elohim, and we lovingly embrace all Light Warriors whose activities expand the expression of divine creation into the very heart of God-Source, through selfless service and dedication, with an absolutely sustained presence of non-judgment of all others, within the energy of unconditional loving kindness for all upon the road to Sovereignty and Freedom.


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