What is Going On?

Georgi Stankov, September 16, 2014


What is going on, many of you may ask yourselves in these last days. It seems as if all political conflicts and dramas the world over have reached a dead end and nothing seems to move forward anymore. This is the quality of the energetic frequencies in these last days before the old matrix fully collapses. It is the proverbial lull before the storm.

But make no mistake, beneath the surface tremendous strides are made. The cleansing of negative patterns goes with an enhanced rate and is about to peak at fall equinox. Especially in the night, the energetic waves are exorbitant and the intensity inhuman. I do not know how you feel, but I personally have given up any notion of a normal human being anymore. I am no longer in this reality and only my spirit screens the events from a higher, impartial position in order to detect the next crack in the Orion facade.

Most of the cracks are not reported in the MSM and these omissions reinforce the false impression of a painful stalemate, where the dark forces seem to prevail. Although nothing is further from the truth than this perception, the current stalemate is nonetheless very poisonous for the few intellectuals, who have lost hope of any positive change and have retreated from active social life. This was the topic I discussed today with Henry from Rochester, New York:

Dear Georgi,

What a beautiful message today for ‘Typical Attributes of the End Times’ both in German and in English!  These attributes have been prevalent, here in Rochester, for many months now; sometimes with even shootings and stabbings! The only time I go out of the apartment now is to go to the market, do my business, and rush home right away. The few of my friends have almost disintegrated into madness, so I avoid them for most of the time. They no longer want to hear about ascension, etc. only talking about their fears, war, and so-called prosperity. How sad.

The attacks from the evil ones are so prevalent now that I have to use the light saber at least ten to thirty times a day now. They attack mentally and with such subtlety that is impossible to sleep for more than 3 or 4 hrs. at time. Which is fine with me, as I don’t have to be anywhere or go to a job… So that is the update from upstate New York.”

Dear Henry,

I fully agree with you that these last days are extremely dense and we pay a huge tribute to have decided to sacrifice ourselves to the very end for the sake of humanity and endure all these dark attacks on us. Luckily they have no power over us anymore and we can protect ourselves with ease.

You are absolutely right that the intellectuals and the awakened ones are now in retreat and total depression (desperation) because they have lost hope for a true change, but first and foremost, because they do not believe in their power as creator gods, being trapped in a limited biological body.

This aspect now looms high on the intellectual horizon as even the famous journalist Pepe Escobar, whose articles I have published on several occasions, shares in the following interview with RT:


Hence I think that it is time to begin with a true change on the ground, before these wavering souls are fully lost for the ascension idea.”

The current End Times are indeed  a very treacherous environment for the human spirit and psyche. Only the toughest ones are not influenced by its poisonous miasms and are able to preserve the necessary clarity as to continue assessing the political events on the ground and put them in the context of the current incredible ascension dynamics without succumbing to utter despair.

This is where the vast majority of the light worker community got lost, and Jahn’s recent messages reflect this deplorable trend. But it is also true that the fields of God’s grace are still available to all those wavering candidates for ascension to the very last moment. How many will make use of them remains to be seen, but it is unlikely that their number will be big, rather very modest. But every saved soul is very precious in these last days. I shall publish today or tomorrow a new message from Jahn that addresses precisely this issue.

According to my assessment, the political events on the ground are moving rapidly in the right direction. EU has conceded the postponement of the implementation of the association agreement with Ukraine for another year and a half, which is a huge victory for Russia. Let us recall that the postponement of this agreement by the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Janukovich early this year led to the Western sponsored Nazi-putsch of the Maidan gangs, one day after the West guaranteed the political survival of this president and then triggered the mass murders of innocent people by CIA sponsored sniper attacks.

Since then Russia has given up on the EU and the USA as political partners, as all their promises and diplomatic agreements have turned out to be blatant lies and deceptions.

Now this very reason for the Ukraine crisis, the UE association agreement with Ukraine, has been postponed and most probably will never ever be implemented under pressure from Russia, notwithstanding its ratification today by both parties. What is proclaimed as a victory by the West, is a Pyrrhus victory, or rather a total defeat of the West in the Ukraine conflict.

The same holds true for the new law for an independent status of the Novorussian republics of Donetsk and Lugansk that has just been ratified by the Ukrainian parliament after six months of bloody civil war and numerous victims to prevent exactly this outcome. In both cases, the victory of the Novorussian patriots and insurgents, who are now fighting  the Anglo-Zionist invasion of Ukraine, is so dramatic that it outweighs anything I have seen so far in my 50 years of close observation of world politics.

This conflict was the undeclared Third World War of the Western Anglo-Saxon, Zionist Cabal on Russia,which represents the battle between the forces of darkness with those of the light, which we, the warriors of the first and the last hour, gloriously won last year on most upper 4D timelines and now finally on this uppermost mother planet, which will be the last one to experience the MPR, the ID split and our ascension.

The new hegemonial war, which Obama has just announced against ISIS in Iraq is another proof for the total fiasco of the western cabal. The new “coalition of the unwilling” which John Kerry was supposed to summon in Paris is nothing else, but a veritable Potemkin village (see also here by the chief war monger McCain). From the allegedly 30 countries that were announced to participate in this war, none has committed to active participation in the battles. And even Obama had to overrule his military commanders and not allow US boots on the ground. Not as a wise strategic decision of this terrorist-in-chief, but because the USA has no army at all, as nobody is a fool anymore to conscript to this murderous, criminal army.

So far even the US citizens, who collectively suffer from an incurable political cretenism, have learnt the simple truth of any war – that soldiers are no more than a cannon fodder for the dark ruling cabal to accomplish their heinous goals of enslaving humanity and reducing its population. This is the end of American patriotism as the source of most evil in this world.

The recent sobering awakening of the US masses to the huge militarization of their police in the last ten years, made them aware for the first time that they already live in a Western type of Gulag dictatorship and that their vastly proclaimed human rights and constitutional freedoms are only smoke and mirrors for the NWO.

Now even the EU has dropped its pseud0-democratic facade and want to ban thirty Russian journalists from visiting EU countries as their truthful reports contradict the bogus, war-mongering narrative of the Western Zionist MSM. The West has become a communist type of dictatorship all of a sudden and the masses are beginning to awaken for the first time from their deep slumber and see the truth. This trend will stipulate in the coming days.

And then comes the Scottish referendum for independence this week that will jolt the EU as no other event before against all intimidations of the dark cabal in London. Sovereignty of the people is the new slogan of the day and the dark cabal centers of power in Brussels, London, Berlin and Paris are panic stricken and overwhelmed by naked survival fears. And they know exactly why – their power is coming to an end and their desperation pushes them to commit suicidal actions – against each other and from time to time against us, the new Logos Gods and Regents of this and many other new worlds. In vain!

I have never experienced such a rapid disintegration of the old matrix since the fall of the Iron Curtain at the same time of the year, exactly 25 years ago and this time the might of the energetic dynamics of Change is billions time stronger, precisely because there are no visible upheavals of the masses that would have only imported energy into the current crumbling order.

This may sound as a paradox and to all alternative critical observers this is indeed a big paradox, to which they now constantly refer, thus only declaring their intellectual inability to grasp this rapidly changing reality. It can only be comprehended from a gnostic point of view adopting the multidimensional, transcendental approach of Creator Beings from the fulcrum of our Higher Selves.

Lets us hope that some of these critical experts will find their way to us before it is too late. Otherwise we must come to them as ascended masters and shake their beliefs to the core. Either way the God’s fields of grace are effective through our soul presence on the ground. And this suffices to win the last battle and ascend this planet safely to the 4D, while we shall merge with the Source in an incredible cosmic orgasm. Very soon!






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