The Treatment of AIDS in the New 4D Worlds

by Georgi Stankov, August 28, 2014

In my General Theory of Biological Regulation I have dedicated a lot of space on the aetiology and treatment of AIDS. I am the first scientist, who has elucidated the origin of this viral disorder, how it affects the immune system and how it can be effectively cured. There is also a separate comprehensive essay in German that deals with the pathology and treatment of AIDS.

Beyond this entirely medical approach from the new Theory of the Universal Law, I was always fully aware of the fact that this virus was created by the PTB in order to stifle the sexual revolution that was triggered by the flower power and the Hippies movement in the 60s. The dark elite and their masters, the archons from the astral planes, knew very well that sexually free human beings are also free in every respect, as any form of enlightened sexuality eliminates all the current conditions and measures of subliminal enslavement of humanity by the dark forces from the 4D and by their human stooges on the ground. Hence it is not a coincidence that I was involved in the organisation of the first AIDS Congress in Germany, Munich in 1987, when I began to realize the insidious lies and dark political agenda behind this engineered modern contagious disease.

Contagious diseases such as plague (pestilence, being one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse symbolizing plague) have always been used by the PTB and their stooges, the black men (deros from the unholy six) to create huge fears among humans and lower the frequencies of the incarnated human beings. Fear blocks the free flow of energy, especially the impulses of the soul that link the incarnated personality with the Source, while love opens all channels and allows the free flow of energy. This must be well known to you. And yet the obvious link to AIDS pandemic may not be that much clear to most of you.

It was obvious to me from the very beginning that AIDS was genetically created by the PTB in order to induce worldwide fear of contagion and suppress the free expression of love and sexual satisfaction. Human orgasm is the greatest gift of heaven to the incarnated, separated from the soul human being that enables him to connect in a natural way with the source, even when he lacks spirituality and medial abilities, by melding his ethereal fields and chakras with that of his sexual partner in a short moment of bliss and ecstasy and experience a synergistic, orgiastic opening of all body chakras.

This  sexually induced opening of all humans to their HS and the Source in a free expressed sexual behaviour and enjoyment would have offset all dark machinations and electro-magnetic radiations and manipulations, which the dark archons employed in the last somewhat 50 years to completely debase humanity and transform the people into a malleable mass of zombies, as can be seen today even on this highest timeline, notwithstanding the fact that many old souls have entered in the meantime the empty soulless human duplicates as walk-ins. This fact has also been confirmed by Babaji in his latest message.

Any effective treatment of AIDS must include appropriate medical treatment with immune-stimulating drugs such as Nystatin as to enhance the natural defence mechanisms of the body, which then eliminate or neutralize the HIV-virus in the body. This virus is so insidious, because it uses the natural regulation of the human immune system to grow, multiply and spread within the lymphatic system. It is a kind of a Trojan horse that ultimately destroys the host. This has been well explained in my book on “General Theory of Biological Regulation“.

Below, I have attached a recent channeling from the Dragon, whom I very much like, as he is always up to the point, no matter which topic he chooses to discuss, where all these aspects of the AIDS disease are confirmed one more time. Please observe at the end of the message that the Dragon announces the imminent resolution of this grievous medical problem for humanity. Apart from medical treatment, this solution should also involve an enlightened attitude towards this and other contagious diseases, including the role of sex in the evolution of mankind, which can only happen when the new Theory of the Universal Law is fully embraced and comprehended by the vast majority of humanity. And this spiritual revolution is about to happen any moment from now on as the Dragon also indicates in his message without mentioning any details, as his medium has no knowledge about this background.

However, a real cure of AIDS can only be accomplished under completely new energetic conditions in the new 4D worlds, which we have already created and which will substitute this side reality as soon as our ascension takes place and the MPR will be triggered by the detonation of the PAT Supernova on this uppermost timeline. This will also be the moment of the final separation of the new Golden Galaxy from this one and its ascension. This process is ongoing in full force since July and can be fulfilled any moment from now on. The huge shift and ID split to higher frequencies in the last 48 hours accompanied by most intensive, high voltage energy waves from the Source, which by the way are still ongoing and have been felt by many of you as you write to me, point to this final culmination of the ascension events. And here is the latest message of the Dragon on AIDS.


AIDS cure: The celebration that comes

Brian, the Dragon

Hi everyone,

This is the dragon. In the grand scheme of things, AIDS has impacted you for a very short time, but it has been devastating to your energy. At a time of sexual revolution, AIDS was one of things created to inhibit that progress. The impact it has had is second to none. It basically turned things 180 degrees and has caused a lot of harm, not just to the people that got sick, but the harm of fear.

When the word “create” is used, it can either mean created through thought manifestation, but not man-made, or can mean manufactured. The most accurate way to describe how AIDS came about is that it was manufactured. Obviously, this involved collective thought manifestation as well, but the manifestation was of a physical nature. It was harvested from another species and intentionally adapted for humans. It was created as a biological weapon, abandoned by the researchers due to the fact it wasn’t selective enough, but not destroyed. Someone with intentions to purge the world of the African race, and of homosexuality, picked it up and distributed it using a few individuals to spread the disease. It was ignored for a time because the people it targeted seemed to be unimportant and many even saw it as a solution to homosexuality. However, it jumped to others and now it strangles your society by the neck.

Humans have not always been so sexually repressed. There were societies that quite healthily – without disease or unwanted births – embraced it and flourished. These societies – especially in the Pacific descended from Lemuria – had lower birth rates than your present society and no sexual diseases. That was all due to their view of sexuality and lack of fear. However, that is only your most recent example. Most societies were like that if you go far enough back. The shift to sexual repression accompanied the shift to patriarchal societies, and a shift to city-dwelling. A shift to a matriarchal society is not something we’d suggest since it had its own issues. We are just giving a time-frame, and that time-frame is in the low thousands of years.

The collective – especially those incarnate – was not ready for a shift to open sexuality decades ago and responded in fear. Thus energetically facilitating the manifestation of the acts that would bring about this disease. This disease is therefore a direct a manifestation of humanity’s inhibitions and fear about sexuality.

We can tell you that the cure is not far off. It will accompany a collective shift towards sexual freedom, which is a continuation of the previous sexual revolution. Therefore, it will be a synchronicity. The events are mutually dependent on each other. This sexual awakening will be wiser and people will be more attuned to the emotional considerations, not just the ones of the flesh. There is never anything physically wrong with uninhibited sexuality, but there is a need for emotional awareness: for empathy and caring, for avoidance of attachment. Humanity is a bit wiser now. Not because of AIDS, but simply due to time and a maturing of views towards sexuality. As a result, there will also be less fear.

The time of the cure will be a celebration. We are smiling upon you all as we watch it.

With Love, The dragon

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